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February 25, 2015

Google Play Music now allows up to 50,000 songs to be uploaded

by John_A


Google Play Music has now increased the total upload capacity to 50,000 songs. This was previously limited to 20,000 songs. The service is still free, so you will not need a subscription to All Access in order to make use of this nifty feature.

This essentially means that you won’t need to store music natively on every device you own and can upload it to the cloud so as to make it easier to play whenever convenient, regardless of what device you are using. We must say, 20,000 songs was a lot to begin with and raising the limit to 50,000 makes it even more extravagant.

If you haven’t subscribed to the free song upload service from Google, now might be a good time to do so. You can find the complete instructions on signing up for this service below (from Google’s support page):

  1. Sign in to Google Play Music with your Google account – Go to your computer and visit Sign up if needed.
  2. Claim your free storage – If you’d like to try the Google Play music subscription service too, click “Get Started”. Otherwise, click “No Thanks” to continue with the free storage.
  3. Add your music collection – The setup process will guide you through adding the Chrome app, which provides seamless uploading. You can choose to simply upload your entire iTunes library or select other music folders. You can upload 50,000 songs for free.
  4. Access your music at any time on multiple devices – You can stream or download music to your Android, iPhone, or iPad for easy offline listening. It’s also all available on the web when you’re on your computer

Source: Google Play Music
Via: Android Headlines

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