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One M9 won’t see many aesthetic changes, new videos and images prove it


Over the weekend new press renders arrived to the web, showing off the HTC One M9 in what allegedly was its final form. For those that had been hoping that Evleaks’ claim of a true redesign was right, the latest images certainly made the idea less likely. Still hoping that the One M9 doesn’t end up looking near-identical to its predecessor? Unfortunately, the latest batch of news is here to dash all your dreams.

Earlier today, Upleaks brought a few new images that helped further cement the idea that the One M9 will be a pretty minor update in terms of aesthetics. If images above aren’t enough for you, the leaker has now introduced three videos that should destroy any shred of doubt that remained. The new videos show off Sense’s new location-based app widget, the Sense theme engine and give us a clear look at the phone’s design. If this really is the M9 – as all signs now point to – that means the phone won’t be ugly by any means, but it won’t exactly see a major jump forward in design either.

Is there any chance that this phone isn’t the M9? Rumors have swirled around the idea of an upgraded M8 that offer a better camera and will fit into the mid-range segment, but considering the leaked images have “M9” on them, we’d say it’s pretty much guaranteed that the latest version of the HTC One really is sticking closely to the M8’s looks. That or HTC is doing the best trolling job the Internet has ever seen.

What do you think? Okay with HTC pulling a Samsung-like move of sorts, or does HTC’s lack of changes make you less excited for HTC’s latest flagship? As a curious side note, it seems that @upleaks is currenly not on Twitter anymore, though we have no clue as to why the page has seemingly been removed.


Toshiba Canvio AeroCast; The portable wireless hard drive with Chromecast support

Toshiba Canvio AeroCast; The portable wireless hard drive with Chromecast supportBuild QualityEase of UseBattery lifeSoftware / AppPacks plenty of storage1 TB of storage space Includes cable and wall charger connects to multiple devicesApp ruins the esperiencePoorly designed appHard to navigate UISlower than expected speeds3.5Overall ScoreReader Rating: (0 Votes) I am a self proclaimed storage junkie. […]

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Top 10 tips and tricks for Google Maps on Android

Google Maps is a powerful tool, so make it work for you with some of these clever tips and tricks.

Google Maps

If you haven’t noticed by now, we’re lined up a pretty great series of getting to know Google Maps. We’ve covered everything from the basics down to more intricate uses, and now we wanted to round up the top tips and tricks for using Google Maps on your Android.

Some of these are big time savers, while others simply give you more options in configuring Maps to work the way you want it — in any case they’ll help you be a master of mapping on your Android.


New renders of HTC One M9 surface in advertising pieces


A few days ago some renders of the HTC One M9 surfaced that appeared to show the device from just about every angle. Twitter tipster @upleaks has now posted a couple marketing pieces that show the device and likely confirm the accuracy of the early leaked images. One of the images was prepared for Qualcomm to help highlight the use of their Snapdragon processor in the smartphone. The other image is for use in an Asian market.

The new renders appear to confirm the continuance of the telltale speaker grills on the front of the HTC One M9, similar to previous HTC flagship iterations. Likewise, we see in one of the images the back of the smartphone revealing the single, larger camera sensor instead of the Duo Camera configuration the HTC One M8 has.

More renders are likely to surface over the next few days as we get closer to the official unveiling at MWC 2015.


source: @upleaks (1), @upleaks (2)

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Leaked HTC One M9 videos confirm new cameras and software tricks

HTC One M9 promo video snippet

If HTC was hoping to keep at least some of the One M9’s details a secret, it’s going to be sorely disappointed. Well-known tipster @Upleaks has posted three promo videos that reveal… well, just about everything. They confirm that the M9 will have a much higher-resolution 20-megapixel camera at the back, as well as an UltraPixel (likely 4MP) front cam for your low-light selfies. You’ll also get Dolby surround sound from the One’s signature BoomSound speakers. And that’s just the hardware — there’s plenty on the software side, too.

The updated version of Sense shown in the leak isn’t as dramatic a shift as you might have seen in the past, but there are definitely some noteworthy features. There’s support for customizable themes, a widget that shows apps based on location (think context-aware launchers like Aviate), a new photo editor with effects like double exposure, and the ability to share media through three-finger swipes. There are still a few elements left to the rumor mill, like availability and the exact choice of processor (likely a Snapdragon 810), but it’s safe to say that HTC’s March 1st event will largely be telling you things you already know.

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Source: @Upleaks (Twitter)


iOS and Android Combine for 96.3% Smartphone Market Share in Fourth Quarter

The latest numbers from research firm IDC reveal that the smartphone market continues to be a largely two-horse race between iOS and Android, which accounted for 19.7% and 76.6% market share in the fourth quarter respectively. The mobile operating systems combined to dominate Windows Phone, BlackBerry and all other platforms with 96.3% market share during the three-month period ending December.

IDC Q4 2014 Smartphones
iOS increased 2.2 percentage points to 19.7% during the fourth quarter over its 15.1% market share in the year-ago quarter, while Android experienced a marginal year-over-year decline as its market share slipped from 78.2% to 76.6%. Apple shipped a record-breaking 192.7 million iPhones during 2014 on the strength of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, while overall Android device shipments on the year surpassed the 1 billion mark.

IDC Q4 2014
Android and iOS continue to dominate the smartphone operating system race, resulting in a smaller battle between Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Firefox OS and less popular platforms for third place. Windows Phone and BlackBerry were the closest runner-ups to iOS and Android, claiming 2.8% and 0.4% market share in the fourth quarter respectively to close out 2014. All other platforms held 0.6% market share on the year.


RooCASE Video Review: Hands-On With Four iPhone 6 Plus Cases [iOS Blog]

With hundreds of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases on the market, it can be difficult to find the perfect solution for your needs, managing the fine line between enough protection and too much bulk. Popular casemaker RooCASE has some promising options that may suit those of you looking for full body protection, which we’ve outlined in the video below.

We went hands-on with the RooCASE Skinny Slimm, the Glacier Tough, the Gelledge, and the VersaTough. Prices below are Amazon prices, which are somewhat cheaper than the price points listed by RooCASE.

Of the four cases, the Skinny Slimm is RooCASE’s answer to a minimalistic case, leaving the thin design of the two devices largely intact while offering protection. The Skinny Slimm protects the rear camera of the iPhone, but doesn’t have a lip around the front to protect the screen when facedown on a surface like a table.

The Skinny Slimm is available on Amazon for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus at prices that start at $7.98. There are a range of different color options available.

The three other RooCASE options offer full protection for the iPhone, with varying amounts of bulk. The Glacier Tough case offers complete iPhone protection with a built-in screen protector and it has a clear back so you can still see your iPhone. It’s not too thick, but it leaves ports open except for the Lightning port, so it’s not resistant to dust and water. The Glacier Tough case is available for the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6 in a range of colors from It’s priced at $18.98.

RooCASE’s VersaTough is another full case that offers a bit more protection than the Glacier Tough. It doesn’t have a clear backing and it feels a bit bigger, but it has a solid design with a TPU backing and a built-in screen protector. It also leaves ports open, with the exception of the Lightning port, but volume and power buttons are covered. The VersaTough case is available for the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6 from Amazon for $17.98

We also took a look at the Gelledge case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, another full-protection offering, but we were unimpressed with how difficult it was to get on to an iPhone, the unresponsiveness of the screen due to the built-in screen protector, and the difficulty of pressing the volume and power buttons. For that reason, we recommend choosing one of RooCASE’s other options over the Gelledge.


Report: New Galaxy S6 handsets to see price hike, S6 Edge will suffer from supply constraints


With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge right around the corner, the rumor mill is really beginning to pick up speed. We’ve heard everything from the S6 sporting Sony’s IMX240 camera sensor, multiple forms of wireless charging compatibility, and we even have a purported released date for the handset. Adding two more to the list, a few new rumors are surfacing from Ars Technica about the cost of the devices, along with possible supply constraints.

According to one of Ars’ sources from a European mobile carrier, the Galaxy S6 Edge will be constrained by supply due to manufacturing problems with the curved display. Now, this doesn’t seem like a big surprise since this is the company’s first mass market foray into the curved screen world. The Galaxy Note Edge was the company’s first device with a curved screen, but Samsung told us at launch that it was almost a “proof of concept” and that they weren’t planning on making as many units as the Note 4. With that said, the majority of the leaks and teasers we’ve seen so far are centered around the S6 Edge, so it seems as though Samsung is pushing the new Edge device just as much as the S6. In fact, the source also claims that around one third of S6 devices shipped by the company have a curved screen, so this may be a big problem for Sammy if they plan on selling a ton of these handsets.

If this next rumor is true, though, it will be hard for many people to afford the new S6 handsets. For the non-curved Galaxy S6, the source claims that the handset will be sold for €749 ($849), €849 ($963), and €949 ($1,076) for the 32GB, 64GB and 128GB versions. The curved version will run at a $100 premium for each price point, adding up to €849 ($963), €949 ($1,076), and €1,049 ($1,189) for the 32GB, 64GB and 128GB variants respectively. These are the prices that the carriers will have to pay for the devices before subsidies come into play, but the report claims that the unlocked devices will be priced similarly. For comparison, the unlocked Galaxy S5 launched for €650 ($650) last year.

It has been long-rumored that Samsung will utilize premium materials in the construction of the Galaxy S6, so we really can’t say we are too surprised if a price increase does occur. Of course, we really can’t say how much of a premium the GS6 will command over past-gen Galaxy S devices until word officially arrives from Samsung.

What are your thoughts on the rumored price increase? If the S6/S6 Edge is everything it’s cracked up to be, would you pay over $1,000 for a handset?


All Canadian carriers now rolling out Lollipop update for HTC One (M7)


HTC Canada shared today that they have released the update to Android Lollipop for the HTC One (M7). The update is heading out to all Canadian carriers. If you are in Canada and have the HTC One (M7), you should see a notification letting you know the update is available. If you want to manually check for the update, you can go to Settings -> About device -> Software update -> Update on your smartphone.

source: MobileSyrup

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