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How To: Install the Nokia X App Store

As you all may be aware, Nokia is now making Android smartphones, although they have a very Metro UI look and don’t have access to the Google Play store.

The Nokia X, X+, and XL, all lower-end devices to extend the reach of Microsoft’s services, run Nokia’s own store to get apps on the devices.

If you if you want to check out the Nokia Store, you now can thanks to a leaked APK and here’s how:

  • Head over to XDA and download the lastest NStore APK at the bottom of the first post
  • Place the apk file on your device or better yet, visit XDA from your device and download the file
  • Using a file browser, locate the file and open it
    • Make sure that you ‘Allow Unknown Sources” in your security settings
  • Install the Nokia Store as you would any application
  • Open the Nokia Store and take a look around

By downloading and installing the Nokia Store, you really don’t gain anything other than Nokia’s own apps and services such as HERE Maps and Mix Radio. Please also note that the app may be unstable and buggy because the devices are not out just yet.

I had no problems downloading and installing the Nokia Store, but for some reason, I wasn’t able to download any apps. On my Nexus 4, it downloads the app then fails when it tries to install.


via XDA

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Apple Compiles iOS Development Resources in New ‘Designing Great Apps’ Hub [iOS Blog]

Apple is making it easier for developers to find the resources they need when designing their iOS apps. The company added a new “Designing Great Apps” hub to its developer website that includes both videos and documentation on iOS user interface design, transitioning to iOS 7 and more.

Exceptional user experience is a hallmark of Apple, and a distinguishing feature of apps built for iOS and OS X. Review the resources below to learn how to build the polished, engaging, and intuitive apps that Apple customers have come to expect.

The content in this section is a compilation of existing material that Apple pulled together specifically for its developers. The documentation is available to read without restriction, while videos, which are pulled from previous WWDC developer sessions and iOS 7 Tech Talks, require a developer account to watch.

Quality apps are the hallmark of the iOS App Store, which had over one million iPhone apps and over 500,000 native iPad apps as of January 2014. iOS owners are active in the App Store, spending over $1 billion and downloading almost three billion apps in December 2013 alone.



Apple Sold $1 Billion in Apple TV Boxes in 2013, Cook Says ‘Difficult to Call It a Hobby’

During Apple’s annual stockholders meeting in Cupertino today, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that Apple sold more than $1 billion worth of its Apple TV set-top box in 2013, putting sales at close to 10 million units for the year.

This is a roughly double the 5 million it sold in fiscal 2012, which was double its Apple TV sales in 2011. Cook has traditionally called the Apple TV a “hobby”, but said today that “it’s a little more difficult to call it a hobby these days”. Horace Dediu created a chart showing the impressive growth of Apple TV sales over the past several years, making it the fastest growing device in Apple’s hardware lineup.

It has been repeatedly rumored that Apple is working on an improved set-top box and also a full-fledged television set. A new set-top box is expected to be introduced in the next couple of months, though it’s unclear when the device itself would go on sale. A recent report said Apple would be introducing an SDK for Apple TV application development with an accompanying App Store launching to the public later in 2014.

Apple also launched a sale on the Apple TV at the company’s online and retail outlets in the U.S., giving out a $25 iTunes Gift Card with purchase of the $99 device — an unusual move for the company which only rarely offers sales on its devices.



Apple Handles 40 Billion iMessages and 15 to 20 Million FaceTime Calls Daily [iOS Blog]

imessage.jpgDuring today’s annual stockholders meeting, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that 40 billion iMessages and 15 to 20 million FaceTime calls are made daily. That number suggests iMessage has grown exponentially over the course of the last year as usage numbers were at two billion messages per day in January of 2013.

As of mid–2013, Apple had 320 million iCloud accounts with 900 billion iMessages sent, a number that would be significantly higher today, taking into account 40 billion iMessages a day.

In comparison, popular messaging service WhatsApp, which was just purchased by Facebook, processes 50 billion messages per day. BlackBerry Messenger users on Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry phones send and receive upwards of 10 billion messages per day.

iMessage and FaceTime have become increasingly important messaging services for Apple over the course of the last year, and the company recently enhanced FaceTime with FaceTime Audio for both iOS devices and Macs, putting the video service on par with other apps like Skype.

During the meeting, Cook also announced impressive Apple TV sales numbers topping $1 billion and said the company had not lost its “innovative DNA.”



Apple’s new US promo gives Apple TV buyers free $25 iTunes gift cards

Apple TV

Color us intrigued. Apple seldom offers discounts on any of its devices outside of Black Friday, and yet it just launched a short, US-only promotion (PDF) that gives Apple TV buyers free $25 iTunes gift cards to jumpstart their media libraries. There’s no major strings attached — you just have to buy the device between now and March 5th to get the bonus credit. It sounds like a solid deal, but you may not want to rush to the store right away. The promo comes hot on the heels of rumors of a next-generation Apple TV, which suggests that the crew in Cupertino may be clearing out inventory ahead of a new model. If you’re not worried about owning the latest and greatest, though, it’s a tempting offer.

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Via: 9to5 Mac

Source: Apple (PDF)


Nissan’s camera-equipped rearview mirror provides a clear view in low light

Nissan's smart rear-view mirror

Rearview mirrors aren’t always as useful as you might like — bright headlights, weather or a basketball team in the back seats can make it tough to see what’s behind you. None of those should be a problem once Nissan’s new Smart rearview mirror reaches cars, though. The peripheral blends a traditional mirror with both an LCD and a rear camera that compensates for bad lighting. Flick a switch and the camera system takes over, giving you a clear view of traffic no matter the road conditions. The smart mirror will first show up in the ZEOD RC Le Mans racer, and Nissan plans to make it an option for everyday cars starting with Japan this spring. Drivers worldwide will get it in 2015. That’s just the start of the automaker’s plans, however. Since the smart mirror is as effective as a large rear window, Nissan expects the technology to influence car design; you may see more aerodynamic vehicles now that there’s less need for glass.

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Via: SlashGear

Source: Nissan


DotEmu Celebrates 7 Years with $0.99 Game Sale on Another World and Others

While a developer name might now stand out to everyone, the titles that they have brought to Android most certainly should DotEmu has been brought us classic titles such as R-Type, Raiden Legacy, Another World and Double Dragon Trilogy. I am sure many of those classic gaming titles stand out in our more seasoned veterans minds.

DotEmu Game Sale Double Dragon Trilogy, Another World To celebrate DotEmu’s 7th birthday, they have opted to place a number of their titles on sale for $0.99 for 7 days. That is a win for us for sure. While some games receive the half off treatment, R-Type is $0.99 versus the usual $1.99, you can find bigger discounts on Raiden Legacy, which is $0.99 versus the usual $4.99. No matter how you slice it, discounts are a nice way to thank the end users for keeping them in business for 7 years.

The sale is taking place on Android and iOS, so if you are a dual wielding person or family, make sure to let them know. Here us a quick clickable list and the discount amount for you to grab just the right game, also, you can just navigate to DotEmu’s developer page and see them all.

I am not sure why R-Type II and Gobliins Trilogy didn’t make the cut though. Either they are delayed in updating on the Play Store, or they just aren’t on sale.


MOGA Working on New Bluetooth iOS 7 Game Controller [iOS Blog]

MOGA today announced that it is working on a successor to its original MOGA Ace Power iOS 7 game controller, sending out a teaser image that depicts a controller with a new Bluetooth-compatible design.

The original MOGA Ace Power was compatible only with the iPhone due to its need to connect to the phone’s lightning port, but it appears the second version will utilize Bluetooth instead, connecting to both the iPhone and the iPad much like the SteelSeries Stratus.

MOGA’s first controller was criticized for both its poor build quality and its high price tag, two issues that have plagued all of the iOS 7 controllers released thus far. It is possible that with more time to work on the hardware, MOGA’s second controller could have a substantially better build quality.

Aside from Bluetooth connectivity, it’s hard to discern much about the new controller based on the teaser image. Like its successor, it has dual analog sticks, a d-pad, and a set of action buttons.

MOGA plans to unveil its new controller at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, which begins on March 17.



Amazon offering seven free apps today including Wreck-It Ralph, Wheel of Fortune

Amazon is giving away a bundle of games today as part of its Free App of the Day program. Instead of just one title, Amazon is offering up seven games at no cost. As always, you can opt to download any or all of the games listed. Normally retailing at about $17, it’s a nice way to get your weekend started

  • Wreck-It Ralph (Kindle Tablet Edition)
  • Ski Safari (Kindle Tablet Edition)
  • LUMI
  • Buddy & Me
  • Sonic Jump
  • Gravity Guy
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • HorseWorld 3D: My Riding Horse
  • Where’s Tappy?

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The week’s best Android rumors: Project Ara, Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, Amazon Music, and more


Project Ara

Google’s modular phone concept “Ara” could debut in 2015 with a price tag that starts at a mere $50, reports Time . Allegedly, the company developing the devices is set to finish up a working prototype over the next few weeks. Consumer sales could start as soon as Q1 2015.

Galaxy Note 3 Redux

An updated version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could debut later this year with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor. According to SamMobile , the device would feature the LTE CAT 6 connectivity (300Mbps) demonstrated at Mobile World Congress this year.

Galaxy Gear to Tizen

galaxy_gear_six_720According to Tech Radar the OG Galaxy Gear will be receiving new life and will be updated to Tizen OS. The five-month old smartwatch will basically be stripped of all traces of Android and replaced with the new OS, which the new Samsung Gear 2 models run. Surprising, the Tizen firmware UI looks no different than the Android-based firmware.

Amazon Music Streaming

Amazon could be rolling a music service into its Prime account, says Recode . Purportedly, Amazon is “engaged in more serious talks” with record labels and may debut the feature later this year. Much like it does with movies and television shows, Amazon could reward Prime members with access to music.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime

Remember the rumors about a so-called Galaxy F flagship series for 2014? Remember the other rumors about the Galaxy S5 coming in two form factors with one being a premium experience? Well, those two stories seem to be converging, if the latest chatter is to be believed. Set to arrive in May, the so-called Galaxy S5 Prime will be a luxury experience of the Galaxy S5 and is operating under the code name of Project F.


one_plus_boxEarlier in the week we shared news about OnePlus’s new phone the One and how they received their first prototype unit that’s now undergoing testing . The same day the announcement came out (Tuesday), evleaks  posted a photo of a OnePlus box, so maybe this is the box that said device came in?

MediaTek CPU’s

A leaked MediaTek roadmap surfacing  this week tells us the chipmaker has multiple new processors on the horizon. Details include a 1.5GHZ hexa-core CPU, 2.2GHz octa-core CPU, and 1.7GHz 64-bit octa-core CPU. All three are expected to be released and integrated later this year with production coming in the months after.

T-Mobile LG L90

A leaked photo from evleaks tells us that T-Mobile is among the U.S. carriers expected to offer the recently announced L90 smartphone from LG. Pricing and launch details are unclear.

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