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BBC to reboot game-powered TV show ‘Time Commanders’

Ready for some more BBC nostalgia? Following the carnage of last weekend’s Robot Wars (a great reboot, in my opinion) the broadcaster is turning its attention to Time Commanders. The game show, which simulated historical battles, originally aired on BBC Two — first in 2003 with a 16-episode run, then with a shorter 8-episode series in 2005. Four contestants would band together and take on different roles; one pair would act as generals while the other co-ordinated troops on the ground. Throughout the show, a group of historians would analyse the team’s moves and compare the outcome to what happened in real life.

Each simulation was based on Rome: Total War, a strategy role-playing game developed by The Creative Assembly. The British studio will be returning to help with the new series — it confirmed as much on Twitter — although it’s not clear exactly which game will be adapted. (Probably not Total War: Warhammer.) The new series will be produced by Lion Television and shown on BBC Four. The premiere date is a mystery, however you can apply to be a contestant up until September 1st, indicating that the show is still in a pre-production stage.

The return of Time Commanders! Think you have the strategic expertise to redefine history in front of a TV audience?

— Total War (@totalwar) July 26, 2016

Given its long hiatus, the BBC is tweaking the show’s format slightly. Two teams of three will now appear in each episode, taking on a simulation pre-programmed by the show’s historical experts. They’ll then face each other in “one of history’s biggest battles,” presumably crowing some kind of victor each week. Honestly, we can’t wait. Time Commanders was a refreshing blend of historical documentary and game show, with Total War serving as a solid foundation. The RTS franchise has, of course, evolved since then, meaning new episodes should look and feel more immersive.

Via: Videogamer

Source: BBC, Total War (Twitter)


NFL Network and RedZone are coming to PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue just became much more enticing if you’re a fan of American football. Sony has announced that both NFL Network and NFL RedZone will be available by the time the regular NFL season kicks off this fall. It’s not clear what packages will include the channels, but you will get typical Vue features (such as a cloud DVR and simultaneous streams) and access through the NFL’s dedicated apps and websites. Combined with ESPN and other sports coverage on Vue, you may not have much reason to hold on to a conventional TV subscription if you’re all about the gridiron.

Source: PlayStation Blog


‘Star Trek: Discovery’ gets its first teaser at Comic-Con

At last, CBS is offering a glimpse of what its streaming-oriented Star Trek series will be like… if only just. The broadcaster used its San Diego Comic-Con panel to reveal that the show will be titled Star Trek: Discovery, and will revolve around the adventures of the crew of its namesake, the USS Discovery (no doubt inspired by the Space Shuttle of the same name). While the teaser trailer below shows only the starship in question, it’s enough to confirm that the visual language of Star Trek will remain intact when Discovery premieres in January.

Executive Producer Bryan Fuller didn’t dive into the specifics of the show at the panel. However, he noted that it’ll maintain the Star Trek legacy of optimistic, socially conscious tales while shifting to a more novel-like format. Don’t expect the classic formula where nearly every crisis is resolved by the end of an episode — as with many modern shows (especially online-only shows), there will strong incentives to go on a viewing spree. This is very much a Star Trek built for streaming services like CBS All Access and Netflix, where stories aren’t dictated by the limitations of conventional TV.

Witness the test flight of #StarTrekDiscovery, coming to #CBSAllAccess & CBS in January 2017

— Star Trek: Discovery (@startrekcbs) July 23, 2016

Via: Hollywood Reporter

Source:, CBS


Sky+ gains a Top Picks section and more binge-watching features

As the viewing habits of its customers change, Sky has overhauled its programme guide and planner to better serve shows that people want to watch. The company’s new box, Sky Q, built on that by introducing Top Picks, a human-curated catalogue of programmes and movies that are too hot to miss. Now it’s rolling out to more customers as part of a new Sky+ update that makes it even easier to go on a binge-watching spree.

The rollout will see Top Picks placed at the bottom of the Sky+ homepage and will serve content from premium channels like Sky Atlantic and Sky Movies. But that’s not all. Sky customers can also enjoy the new “Download Next” feature, which automatically downloads and queues up the next episode of a series viewed via Catch Up, Sky Box Sets, Top Picks, Kids or Sports. Sky says the feature will be enabled by default but can be switched off via the Sky+ Customise menu.

Continuing on the binge-viewing theme, Sky will enable its “Continue Watching” feature that lets customers pick up from where the left, much in the same way as dedicated streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Video. Sky hopes that with its wide array of Box Sets and other exclusive content, you won’t want to binge on content offered by its rivals. The new features roll out from today and are expected to be available in millions of Sky+HD homes by the end of August.

Sky+ Top Picks


CBS News is coming to Apple TV as a free app

If you’re a cord cutter who owns an Apple TV and is on the hunt for live news coverage, then you’re in luck. CBS News has launched an app for the streaming device that will provide 24-hour news programming. It also curates video playlists and news stories for users based on previously watched videos.

The app won’t require any sort of authentication, allowing anyone — with or without a cable subscription — to watch CBSN. It takes advantage of the 4th generation Apple TV’s Siri integration, letting viewers launch the live stream by telling Apple’s personal assistant they want to “Watch CBS News.” While the stream is playing on the top left-hand corner of your screen, users can also browse and bookmark related videos.

CBS launched its digital streaming channel back in 2014 and is only now releasing it on Apple TV. But the app has long been available on most mobile devices and connected TV platforms, such as Roku and iOS.

CBS is launching the news-focused channel just in time for its coverage of the Republican and Democratic conventions, which kicks off on July 18th and ends on the 25th.

Source: CBS


Create Netflix movie and TV show ‘mixtapes’ with Flixtape

If you’re looking for a weekend activity, Netflix has another option to guide your streaming habit. The company has a new Flixtape generator that takes a subject or phrase that you enter and compiles a mixtape-like playlist of three titles. You’re free to add more to keep the marathon going as well as re-order or nix the streaming service’s recommendations entirely for your own picks. Though the mixtape sentiment is there on the surface, when a TV show is selected, Flixtape lists the series as a whole, rather than specific episodes. It would be kind of like adding an entire album to the collection.

That being said, the tool is still handy for getting some suggestions. The list you see above was what I got when I asked for a baseball Flixtape. Not too shabby. A colleague typed in “I give up on life” and the results included ABC’s Scandal and the Netflix original Making A Murderer. Once you have the movies and shows selected and in the proper viewing order, you select an image from one of them to be the Flixtape cover, because the artwork is mandatory for this process. If you don’t want to make your own list, the service already has a few to choose from ranging from The Summertimes Flixtape to The Besties or Frenemies Flixtape. As always, once you have the final list, you’re free to share it on all those social channels for all the internet to see.

Source: Netflix


Samsung’s Serif TV is designed to blend in with your furniture

Other than size difference, most televisions on the market today look practically the same. With Serif TV, a sleek set that’s designed to blend in with your furniture at home or office, Samsung wanted to take a different approach. Earlier this month, the company announced that Serif TV would be coming to the US in August, after making its debut in Europe last year. We had the chance to see it ourselves at a launch event in New York City’s Museum of Modern Art, and walked away rather impressed.

The first thing that stands out from Serif TV is how it doesn’t look like any of the latest televisions. Rather than sporting a thin bezel, the Serif TV features a thick plastic frame that drew inspiration from the typography in the serif fonts. More specifically, a capital letter “I.” Serif TV was designed by the Bouroullec brothers, a pair of French designers who are known for their high-end furniture creations.

Naturally, the user interface had to be different than the one on Samsung’s other smart TVs. While it’s still based on Tizen OS, meaning it can run applications such as Netflix, the UI is much simpler here. As you turn the Serif TV on, you’re greeted with these options: TV, apps, speaker, photos and clock. Everything looks extremely sharp, thanks to the screen’s 4K resolution. Samsung says it is the best picture quality it’s ever put in a 40-inch TV.

What’s more, the TV has a removable back that’s made out of fabric, which is intended to keep the cables coming out of it relatively hidden. Speaking of, the Serif TV comes with three HDMI inputs and two USBs. For the US version of the TV, Samsung went with a 40-inch model, though we’re told the company could introduce larger models in the future, depending on how this one plays out. In Europe, for instance, Samsung also offers 24- and 30-inch variants.

It’ll be interesting to see people’s response to Serif TV in the US, but chances are it will definitely appeal to some. The Serif TV will be available next month for $1,499, with pre-orders for the white version now open on Samsung’s online store. Meanwhile, the blue one is being sold exclusively thorough the Museum of Modern Art.


Starz brings its streaming video service to Roku players

Starz has made its cord cutter-friendly streaming service available on just about every major device imaginable, but what if you have a Roku player? Don’t worry, you’re covered. Roku devices in the US now have a Starz channel that offers all the access you’d expect to the service’s mix of original programming (such as Outlander or Power) and movies like Inside Out. As usual, what you pay depends on how attached you are to traditional TV — it’s “free” if you already subscribe to to a participating TV provider, or $9 per month if you prefer to watch online.

Source: Roku Stream Blog


‘Battlefield’ could soon be coming to a television near you

The popular Battlefield video game series from Electronic Arts and DICE is currently being optioned as a television series by Paramount and Anonymous Content.

This doesn’t mean there’s absolutely, definitely going to be a show based on the popular shooter, but there’s a strong possibility, and Paramount TV president Amy Powell has nothing but good things to say about the franchise and its “incredibly dynamic narrative” and “loyal fan base.”

The minds behind shows like Mr. Robot and True Detective, Anonymous Content has some talented folks working on the project. Michael Sugar, who previously won an Academy Award for Spotlight, and Ashley Zalt of Anonymous Content, have been chosen to act as executive producers if things indeed move forward.

It’s unclear at this time what iteration of Battlefield is being optioned, or if it’s even a direct adaptation of one of the games. The most current addition to the franchise is Battlefield 1, which is scheduled for an October release this year. It’s the series’ first excursion to World War I, and it could make for the beginning of an excellent television series.

Via: The Verge

Source: DICE


Netflix will stream CW shows a week after their season finale

Last month, rumors began circulating that those CW shows that were streaming on Hulu would make it to Netflix a lot faster. Well, those reports were accurate as the streaming service and the CBS and Warner Brothers network made the deal official today. Starting with the upcoming 2016-2017 broadcast season, the decidedly comic-heavy slate of Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Jane the Virgin, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and more will debut on Netflix as complete seasons eight days after the show’s finale airs. And yes, the just-aired seasons that wrapped up recently will be available as well.

Hulu only offers the five most recent episodes of current CW seasons anyway, so if you’re not able to watch live or at least follow along, you’ll only have to wait a week to binge on entire seasons. The deal also includes new shows that are set to debut on the CW this year: Frequency, No Tomorrow and Riverdale. Previous seasons of the CW’s shows were already available on Netflix, but like series from other networks/studios, they typically took months to arrive on the streaming service. At least now you won’t have to wait nearly as long to find out what Oliver Queen and Barry Allen have been up to recently.

Source: Netflix (PR Newswire)


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