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OxygenOS 2.1.4 arrives on the OnePlus One


oneplus oxygenos

For a while there, it looked like the OnePlus One had received its last update. Although owners of the smartphone have been squeaky wheels for ages now, an OxygenOS update seemed like a distant pipe dream. Today, however, the clouds parted as a post on OnePlus’s forums announced the long-awaited arrival of OxygenOS 2.1.4 on the OnePlus One.

The company boasts that OxygenOS 2.1.4 offers a clean user experience unencumbered by bloatware. However, this version of the OS will vary slightly from the OnePlus 2 variety. MaxxAudio’s proprietary sound technology and any relevant applications won’t be making an appearance, neither will the manual camera mode and RAW format compatibility. Naturally, the devs have left off the fingerprint support, since the OnePlus One lacks the hardware. There’s also no screen temperature slider.

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On a more positive note, you will be getting a slew of features you’ve been missing out on. Dark Mode and accent colors can be used to personalize your device, and there’s a nice selection of custom icon packs to boot. You’ll also have Marshmallow-esque App Permissions control.

Of course, you’ll need to download this update and manually flash your device since both the smartphone and the operating system are community sourced projects. No OTA for this. Check out the official announcement for links to the download and instructions.

OnePlus also offers these final words of caution, their formatting not ours: “Please note you will lose all your data. Also, do not try to flash this build through TWRP. You will most likely lose your radio and IMEI which means a trip to our customer support. It won’t lead to thermonuclear war but just don’t do it.

What are your thoughts regarding this spiced up version of OxygenOS hitting the lonely-but-not-forgotten OnePlus One? Tell us what you think in the comments below! Also, let us know how your experience with your OnePlus device has been so far.

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Microsoft officially launches Cortana on Android


After a few months of beta testing, Microsoft has finally launched its Cortana digital assistant application on Android. Microsoft launched a closed beta test for the app back in July, then opened it up to the public later in August. Now the voice assistant is available for all to download from the Google Play Store.

With Cortana on Android, you’ll be able to set location and time reminders, track packages, and get all kinds of information and answers whenever you need it. And if you own a Windows 10 PC, Cortana will help you out even more. The voice assistant will allow you to send text message replies from your PC, which will definitely come in handy for many users out there. If you’ve been using Cortana beta for the past few months, there aren’t really any notable new features that come along with this stable release.

Cortana-for-Android-4See also: “Hey Cortana” may give “OK Google” a run for its money on Android21

Additionally, Microsoft has announced that Cortana will be included in the OnePlus One’s upcoming Cyanogen OS 12.1.1 OTA update later in December. This means Cortana on the OnePlus One will be able to toggle network modes, power down your phone, and even turn on Quiet Mode. OnePlus One users will also be able to say “Hey, Cortana” from any screen (even from within another app) and the voice assistant will answer. Other Android users can use this functionality as well, though they need to be in the Cortana app or on their home screens.

Cortana is now available in the Play Store, so hit up the link below if you’re interested! Have you been using Cortana? If so, how are you liking it?

Download Cortana from Google Play


OnePlus unveils new exchange offers for India

oneplus_reglobe_buyback_blog_official (2)

OnePlus has started an exchange program for prospective owners of OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, and OnePlus X smartphones in India. The exchange program teams up with ReGlobe to make two routes available to users, so individual device owners can elect to make their swap using whichever is more convenient for them.

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To qualify for the exchange program, the user has to register their old smartphone on OnePlus’s website or the ReGlobe dedicated page. Note that not all devices are exchangeable. From there, they can decide on which method to use to get a new phone in their hands. The Buy First, Sell Later method involves users selecting a smartphone online. ReGlobe will then send the user an invite code for the device and set up a pick-up service to retrieve the old handset once the invite code has been used. After using the invite code, the user will be sent to a page where they can redeem insurance for the service and apply to receive an Amazon Gift Card in the amount of their old phone’s worth.


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Those who choose the Sell First, Buy Next option sell their smartphone to ReGlobe first (as the name implies) and receive an Amazon Gift Card or cash as payment for their device. Choosing cash, however, makes them ineligible for the extended warranty or free insurance ReGlobe is offering. With cash or card in hand, the user is then free to purchase their new device.

This exchange option is only open through the end of 2015, so if you want to take advantage of it, act this month!


OnePlus Android Marshmallow update is coming in Q1 2016

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Seems like today is a good day to announce your plans for an Android software update – after ASUS announced their plan, OnePlus has chimed in to say that their OnePlus Android Marshmallow update is coming in Q1 2016.

Detailing their plan, OnePlus says OnePlus 2 owners can expect their update to Android Marshmallow to include the standard API for fingerprint scanning that Google has cooked up, getting rid of the method that OnePlus included in OxygenOS at launch.

For the OnePlus One, OnePlus will be releasing a Cyanogen OS update in the Q1 window, but won’t be releasing an OxygenOS update until “time allows” – that’s kind of a bummer for people who have come to love the even more stock feeling of OxygenOS.

However, that’s not as much of a bummer as owning a OnePlus X. Despite being OnePlus’ latest device release, the OnePlus X wasn’t given a timeline in OnePlus’ forum post, with the only promise of this being “we will update you on a time frame at a later time”. At the very least, OnePlus is on the case, so keep your eyes and ears open for more news in the near future.

What do you think about OnePlus’ strategy for rolling out Android Marshmallow updates? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: OnePlus via The Verge

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OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 will get Marshmallow in Q1 2015

oneplus 2 vs oneplus one aa (13 of 27)

OnePlus announced on its forums a rough timeline for the Marshmallow update for its three smartphones.

The original OnePlus One will receive its serving of Marshmallows sometime in Q1 2016, via Cyanogen Inc. Despite the public breakup between OnePlus and Cyanogen, Steve Kondik’s company continues to support the OnePlus One with updates, as per its original commitment.

Kondik recently revealed that Cyanogen targets a release for CyanogenMod 13 (based on Android 6.0) by Christmas. However, this tentative ETA refers to CyanogenMod, the community project, while the commercial Cyanogen OS 13 will only follow suit in 2016.

Concerning its semi-official Oxygen OS build for the OnePlus One, OnePlus said it will offer an update “when the time allows.”

android 6.0 marshmallowSee also: Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates roundup – November 12, 201559

Moving on to this year’s devices, founder Carl Pei said that the OnePlus 2 will get a Marshmallow-based build of Oxygen OS in Q1 2016. Pei specified that the update won’t bring a custom fingerprint API, as some users have requested; instead, the firmware will make use of Google’s standard fingerprint sensor API, which is built into Marshmallow.

As for the new OnePlus X, OnePlus is not ready to offer any information at this point.

OnePlus – like other Android OEMs – found itself in an embarrassing situation early this year, when it failed to deliver on its promise to bring Lollipop to the OnePlus One within 90 days of its official launch. This time around, Carl Pei and the team seem to be taking a cautious approach, which can’t hurt the young company, by Pei’s own admission.


Android Marshmallow coming to OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 in Q1 2016


OnePlus is set to roll out out Android Marshmallow updates to the OnePlus 2 and the One in the first quarter of 2016. A OnePlus staffer announced the company’s software update plans today through the official OnePlus forum.

The first one among the lot to get Android Marshmallow’s sweetness will be the OnePlus One since it runs CyanogenMod and the custom ROM maker has already started working on the next software update. OnePlus’s own Oxygen ROM will get updated a bit later, which means that the OnePlus Two and some OnePlus One devices (running the Oxygen OS) will be the next in line to get the software update.

The new update will use standard Marshmallow API for the fingerprint sensor, the OnePlus post revealed.

“The OnePlus 2 will also be updated in Q1, and the update will include the new standard Marshmallow API for the fingerprint sensor. We’ve heard requests for us creating an API for the current fingerprint implementation in OxygenOS, but have decided against this since we’re switching over to the standard Android M implementation soon,” it read.

While the company has refrained from saying anything about the timeframe of Android 6 updates, we are guessing the OnePlus X may have to wait till the second quarter of the next year for it.


Source: OnePlus

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Elephone Vowney is the latest in unlocked Androids you should pay attention to

oneplus_two_1Smartphones are more popular than ever with some 355.2 million smartphones shipped worldwide in just the third quarter of 2015. That’s an insane number of devices. Many of these shipments are going to emerging markets where stretching a dollar is extremely important. Phones like the Moto E and Moto G have shown that making phones as cheaply as possible that also deliver decent performance can sell in droves.

The Moto G is the E’s big brother. It’s marginally more expensive ($179 vs. $149), and has specs to make it one of the best price vs. performance phones on the market. With the explosion of phone sales in India and China, the Moto G is the most popular phone in the 100+ year history of Motorola, selling out everywhere it could be bought.

Another segment of phones that have an extremely bright future are $300 – $400 phones that have specs like full priced flagships. Companies like OnePlus have started to push into the US market selling their mid-range priced, flagship spec’ed OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 phones on nothing but specs and price, no advertising. OnePlus doesn’t pay for advertising and relies only on word of mouth and the tech press to get the word out about their phones. This allows them to sell them close to cost and employ the economies of scale.

In mature and subsidized markets, we now have a wide range of operators offering equipment installation plans (EIP), as well as early trade-in options. At the same time the number of unlocked/off-contract offerings has increased significantly and it’s slowly starting to resonate with consumers. Within these markets these moves will put pressure directly on Android OEMs with offerings that are greater than $500.”

Ryan Reith, IDC Program Director

We’re starting to see the biggest smartphone manufacturers take notice. Motorola recently released their Moto X Pure, their flagship for 2015, through online sales only. Not only that, but the Moto X Pure is only $400. A flagship phone from one of the biggest smartphone companies at that price would have been unheard of only a few years ago. Phones like the Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3, Asus Zenphone 2, and OnePlus 2 are making great strides in this space and now Motorola is taking notice, and trying to take over.

New Kid on the Block

Elephone is one of the most interesting examples of this new trend. Like many others, Elephone produces phones with great specs that are sim unlocked so you can use them on any carrier you want. The newly announced Vowney is one of the best spec’ed phones on the market, period. Regardless of price. Add in that it starts at $300 and you have a recipe for potential market disruption.

For $300 you’ll get a phone with a 2K display. That, off the bat, is impressive. The display features 95% NTSC color saturation and 535PPI on the 5.5″ panel. The specs only get better with 3GB of RAM, 32GB of base storage (micro SD expandable), and a 4,000mAH battery.


The phone is powered by an octa-core, 2.2gHz, 64-bit chip from MediaTek. MediaTek are known as more of a budget processor company, but they’re making serious gains in the power department. There’s a 21MP Sony sensor around back for the main camera, which can shoot 4K video, and auto-focuses in 0.3 seconds. The front facing camera is an 8MP shooter, that goes toe to toe with almost every flagship out there in terms of megapixel count.

If all of that isn’t enough, you get a fingerprint scanner that unlocks the phone in 0.1 seconds and dual 4G sim card slots. Companies like Elephone are making it easier than ever to purchase their phones by offering them on their own online stores and shipping to all parts of the world.


To give you some perspective, the iPhone 6S Plus with 128GB of storage from T-Mobile is $199 up front then $31.25 a month for 24 months, for a grand total of $949, more than three times the price of the Vowney.

What does the future hold?

We can only hope phones like the Elephone Vowney continue to push major manufactures to put out cheaper and better phones. Owning an iPhone is a status symbol at this point, especially in markets like China, South Korea and Japan. That will likely never change. But, for those who are more focused on price for performance, phones like the Elephone Vowney, and offerings from Meizu, Xiaomi, and Huawei will offer a fantastic option for a fraction of the price.

Huawei’s shipments are up an amazing 60% from last year. Huawei is one of the biggest phone manufacturers in the world already, and their focus on mid-range and budget phones is only growing it into a company that has a global reach. It’s no coincidence that Google wanted to partner with them on one of 2015 Nexus devices.

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OnePlus One Cyanogen security update arriving by way of OTA


A new CyanogenOS update is on its way to the OnePlus One, aimed at solving a few bugs along with fixing security holes. If you haven’t received the OTA yet and want to get it as soon as possible, there’re manual updates available for the device.

The OTA zip file is a meager 18MB in size, however, some OnePlus One owners are saying that it’s failing for some reason. In that case, you can download and install the full 600MB ROM and Fastboot zip.

The update is surprising considering the current company relationships between OnePlus and Cyanogen. However, it’s nice to see that the users aren’t getting punished for the small feud between the two. OnePlus is still hard at work on its Oxygen OS for the OnePlus One, but it still isn’t ready for prime time just yet.

Has anyone gotten the update yet? Any noticeable changes?

source: OnePlus Forums
via: Android Police

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The OnePlus X makes an appearance, full details leak

The third phone from OnePlus has reared its head. The OnePlus X, the little brother to the OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 appeared on OppoMart this morning, revealing specs and a picture of the device.

The OnePlus X will run $249, making it the cheapest offering from the company that focuses on low cost, high performance phones. The X will be powered by the same Snapdragon 801 processor as the One last year, and will be clocked at 2.5GHz. The rest of the specs are below.

OnePlus X
Processor Snapdragon 801, 2.5Ghz
OS Oxygen OS based on Android 5.1
Display 5″, 1080p, 2.5D glass
Storage 16/64GB
Main Camera 13MP
Front Camera 8MP
Battery 2450mAh
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n

The OnePlus X will use a Micro Sim and have two SIM slots, be unlocked for worldwide use (although you can’t use it on on CDMA carriers), and will be offered in multiple colors, according to OppoMart.

OnePlus X page

We recently saw the X pass through TENAA (the Chinese certification office) and we’ve been getting teasers on social media so the launch looks eminent. We’ve seen October 29th throw around several times.

Do you think that OnePlus can disrupt the budget market with the OPX? Let us know what you think about the new device with a flagship processor from two years ago.

Source: OppoMart via TheTimes

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OnePlus teaser suggests that the OnePlus X will be unveiled on October 29th

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News about the OnePlus X has been circulating quite a lot lately and it appears that OnePlus is ready to unveil the device come October 29th. Posting an image on its OnePlus India Facebook page, the giant “X” light installation in the photo can only be referring to the OnePlus X which is said to be a device that favours its design over specs. We’re interested to know where the device is going to be made available and how much it’s going to cost, though early indications suggest it will be around the $249 USD mark.

oneplus xBased on previous rumours and leaks, the OnePlus X should be a 5-inch device with a 1080p display, powered either by an octa-core MediaTek processor or Snapdragon 801 (which powered the OnePlus One). A 13MP camera on the back, 8MP front camera, 3GB RAM and 2,450mAh battery make up the rumoured spec list. If the tiny battery is anything to go by, the OnePlus X isn’t looking like a device for the hardcore Android fans as the OnePlus 2/OnePlus One were – we’ll see how OnePlus presents the device come October 29th.

What do you think about the OnePlus X? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Facebook via Phone Arena

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