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Olloclip’s new lenses attach quickly to your iPhone 7

Now that there are new iPhones with revised cameras, many smartphone photographers are going to want new Olloclip lenses. Thankfully, they’ve arrived… and Olloclip didn’t just tweak the connectors and call it a day. Its new Core, Active and Macro Pro lens sets not only have improved optics (“premium multi-element coated glass,” Olloclip says), but an improved interchangeable lens system. Called Connect, it separates the frame on your phone from the lens housings. This lets them quickly attach to and align with your iPhone’s camera, even if you have a screen protector. You should spend less time swapping lenses and more time shooting, in other words.

The lenses themselves aren’t a revolution, but they’ll cover most of your photographic needs. The $100 Core Lens kit includes fisheye, 120-degree wide-angle and 15X macro lenses that prioritize flexibility above all else. You can get it with a protective case for $120. The $80 Macro Pro set includes 7X, 15X and 21X lenses for extreme close-ups, while the $120 Active Lens bundle includes both a 2X telephoto lens and a 155-degree ultra-wide lens to capture those outdoor adventures.

You can pre-order all of the lens kits today ahead of the planned early November launch. You may want to choose your lenses carefully if you have an iPhone 7 Plus, however. There’s no mention of taking advantage of the Plus’ longer-range secondary camera — you’re not going to combine that extra zoom with Olloclip’s other optical tricks.

Via: Mashable

Source: Olloclip (PR Newswire)


Of course EE’s hyping wireless headphones on iPhone 7 day

EE’s Add to Plan scheme lets anyone taking out a two-year smartphone contract walk away with accessories in exchange for a couple of extra quid tacked onto their bill each month. Launched last year, EE today announced a slight change to the T&Cs. Instead of the cost being spread over 18 months and customers paying a premium for the convenience, they’ll now square it away in 11 and pay out no more than the retail price. A wider product range will soon be offered, too, including wearables from Fitbit (from £8 per month), smartwatches and Samsung’s Gear VR headset (also £8 per month).

What EE is pushing above all else, though, is wireless headphones from the likes of Beats, Bang & Olufsen and Skullcandy, which’ll be available through Add to Plan from £3 per month starting September 16th. Interesting timing on EE’s part, given it’s new iPhone day and many a rumour has suggested Apple is dropping the 3.5mm headphone jack this handset generation. Coincidence? Almost certainly not.

Source: EE


Logitech’s new mouse works with three computers at once

If you’ve ever used more than one computer at once, you know that juggling extra mice can be kind of annoying. Logitech thinks it doesn’t have to be: the company has just announced a new mouse designed specifically for folks who use more than one computer at a time. Okay, maybe that’s a small segment of the population — but for the right person, the M720 Triathlon could be a godsend.

The $70 Triathlon’s chief trick is its ability to connect to three devices simultaneously — allowing users to switch between machines with the click of a button. The mouse can connect with Logitech’s Unifying Receiver, or directly over Bluetooth, and boasts compatibility for Windows, Mac OS, Chrome, Android and Linux. It also claims to last for up to two years on one AA battery. Not bad. Too bad it doesn’t come with an equally versatile keyboard

Source: Logitech


Incipio just bought headphone maker Skullcandy

You probably don’t see Incipio as more than the company who made your phone case or external battery pack. However, it’s quietly becoming something of an accessory powerhouse: it owns brands like Braven and Incase. And now, it’s getting even bigger. Incipio is paying $177 million to acquire Skullcandy, best known for its ostentatious (if not usually top-rated) headphones. The move not only gives it a dedicated headphone brand, but dips its toes into the waters of gaming gear thanks to Skullcandy’s Astro Gaming badge.

Incipio tells The Verge that the deal won’t erase the Skullcandy brand, so it’ll likely retain much of its identity. However, don’t be surprised if this leads to devices that Skullcandy wouldn’t have otherwise made on its own, or crossovers where some of Skullcandy’s influence rubs off on Incipio’s other gadgets. Either way, the accessory world could look very different in the near future.

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Source: GlobeNewswire


PS VR Aim Controller promises 1:1 precision for virtual shooters

The PlayStation VR headset might not be the only new PS4 accessory you’re grabbing this fall, as Sony unveiled this add-on for use with the game Farpoint. The PS VR Aim Controller picks up where the PlayStation Move shooting attachment and Sharp Shooter left off a few years ago, promising direct 1:1 tracking — wherever you point the controller, your in-game gun points the same way. Farpoint is a PS VR exclusive and developer Impulse Gear is already claiming it enables “things in Farpoint that just are not possible in a standard FPS game.” We’ll hopefully have a chance to judge that on the E3 show floor this week, but first you can check out a trailer below.

Follow all the news from E3 2016 here.

Source: PlayStation.Blog


LG G5’s VR headset, 360 camera and other accessories hit the US

When LG announced its modular G5 phone last month, it also revealed a line of “Friends” companion devices to go along with it (See what it did there?). Included in the lineup are the 360 VR headset, 360 Cam, the Harman Kardon-powered Tone Platinum audio headset and the Cam Plus camera grip. While the phone itself is already available in the US, these gadgets that the company intends for you to use with the handset were not until now.

LG says that the major carriers in the States will offer these add-ons or you can purchase them directly from the company. The Cam Plus module that adds a grip, camera controls and takes advantage of the G5’s modular design is the most affordable of the group at $70. If you’re looking to nab the VR headset, Tone wireless audio headset or 360 Cam, be prepared to hand over $200 for each of those. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of the BB-8-like Rolling Ball, but LG did note that more third-party companion devices were on the way.

Source: LG (PR Newswire)


Otterbox’s new case lets you use accessories without removing it

Ah yes, phone cases. A necessary purchase if you’re accident prone or tend to drop your handset on the regular. Unfortunately, adding that accessory usually makes for a headaches whenever you try to use another mobile add-on like a thermal camera or lens clip. Typically, you would have to remove your protective case before you could use any of those other gadgets. Well, Otterbox is looking to rid you of that frustration with the new Universe system and it’s swappable “accessory modules.”

On the back side of the phone case, there’s a slot that allow you to attach add-ons like a super compact speaker, Square reader or additional memory. The full line also includes things like Olloclip lenses, a Seek Thermal camera, tripods and more that can all be used without having to take you phone out of the main case. Otterbox’s Universe system is available May 29th for iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus with the case itself priced at $50. There’s a collection of 15 accessories that work with the case that are available at launch, except for the Goal Zero battery which will arrive in June. Here’s the full list and pricing info:

  • Square contactless and chip card reader: $50
  • Olloclip 4-in-1 lens: $80, includes fisheye, wide-angle, 10x and 15x zoom options
  • SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive: $60-$120, available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities
  • Nite Ize Steelie vent mount kit: $40
  • Goal Zero slide battery: starting at $60, adds a full charge to your iPhone
  • Manatee Works StingRay barcode scanner: $95
  • Seek Thermal compact camera and case: starting at $249
  • Influx WiFi booster: $40
  • PolarPro Trippler tripod: $50
  • PolarPro Stance compact tripod: $30
  • PolarPro PowerPack removable battery pack: $50
  • PolarPro Beat Pulsar wireless mobile speaker: $60
  • PolarPro Fisheye wide-angle lens: $30
  • PolarPro Trail Blazer armband: $35
  • PolarPro Stash Slim mobile wallet: $20, stores cards on the back of the case

Best LG V10 cases

The LG V10 is a great phone for a lot of reasons. Chief among them, the V10 looks very nice and feels very sturdy thanks to its stainless steel frame and rugged plastic back cover. The device can take more than a few hits, but of course you probably don’t want to tempt fate and walk around without any sort of protection for your investment.

LG V10 Hands On-12See also: 6 problems with the LG V10 and how to fix them21

Even stainless steel can be scratched and nicked, so if you’re looking for some good cases for the LG V10, you’ve come to the right place. We have a selection of cases for all tastes and budgets, from minimalist clear ones to rugged creations designed to take a beating. Let’s get right to it.

Ringke Fusion Crystal Clear Bumper For LG V10

Ringke Fusion Crystal Clear Bumper For LG V10
Crystal clear protection! Introducing the Fusion Crystal Clear Bumper for the LG V10. A well rounded case that that is both slim and sturdy. Its construction can prevent scratches, bumps and drops. The back case allows you to see through the elegance of your smartphone. Perfect fit that with precise cutouts on all ports and buttons for easy access on all features. Innovative technologies such as Anti-Static Elements also prevents your phone against dirt and dust.

Spigen Slim Armor Protective Case for LG V10

Spigen Slim Armor Protective Case for LG V10
Innovative Air-cushion technology! Introducing the Slim Armor Protective Case for the LG V10 by Spigen. Authentic protection from an authentic brand of cases. This case will protect your smartphone against daily damage such as scratches, bumps, scuffs and shocks. It is made with premium quality polycarbonate exterior and TPU interior. Precise cutouts on all ports and buttons for easy access to all functions of your smartphone. Slim and simple yet protects.

LK Luxury Wallet Flip Case For LG V10

LK Luxury Wallet Flip Case For LG V10
Protect your smartphone with this stylish leather case. Introducing the luxury wallet flip case for the LG V10 by LK. Impact protection and tear resistance material provides total protection against scratches, scuffs and sudden impacts. Easy access to all ports and buttons for convenience. Built-in credit card slots and holder function so you can take your card or your money with you. This leather case is fingerprint and dust resistance.

Spigen Slim Armor Protective Case for LG V10

Spigen Slim Armor Protective Case for LG V10
Setting the boundaries of case design! Introducing the Slim Armor Protective Case for the LG V10 by Spigen. A slim armor case offering an excellent drop protection for your smartphone. Made from high quality polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane material that is both sturdy and strong. Its 2 in 1 construction protects your smartphone against drops and impacts by absorbing and dispersing shocks. An air cushion technology has been designed for this case providing total protection. Brushed metal back design to give that sleek look.

Verus Minimalistic Crystal Bumper For LG V10

Verus Minimalistic Crystal Bumper For LG V10
Combining function with practicality. Introducing the Minimalistic Crystal Bumper for the LG V10. Let your phone shine its natural beauty with this transparent back case. A simple yet protective case that can prevent scratches, bumps, scuffs and sudden impacts. Covering all four corners and includes raised edges in front to protect the screen from scratches when laid face down on surface. Precise cutouts give you full access to ports and buttons for convenience.
Impact-resistant dual layer construction from premium TPU and polycarbonate.

Obliq Flex Pro Bumper Protective Case for LG V10

Obliq Flex Pro Bumper Protective Case for LG V10
Best choice case for the best smartphone today! Introducing the Flex Pro Bumper Protective Case for the LG V10 by Obliq. Premium case that is made from high quality Thermoplastic polyurethane that protects your smartphone from scratches, bumps, scuffs and sudden impacts. Fully compatible with LG V10 fingerprint scanner feature. All ports and buttons have precise cutouts for convenience. Added texture at the back and side to provide excellent grip.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case for LG V10

Spigen Rugged Armor Case for LG V10
A Robust appearance without any bulk. Introducing the Rugged Armor Case for the LG V10 by Spigen. Pushing the boundaries of design and technology, Spigen cases are crafted and articulated with a mindset on maintaining the highest quality standard. Made from premium thermoplastic polyurethane material that is able to protect your smartphone against scratches and drops. Singled TPU Construction yet maintains a slim profile with flexible and sturdy material. Textured pattern, glossy accents and an Air Cushion Technology. All cutouts fit precisely for unhindered use and comfort.

What do you think of our best LG V10 case list? which is your favorite V10 case?


Best USB-C portable battery chargers


While the USB Type-C standard has yet to find mass adoption in the mobile world, 2015 saw a decent uptick in the number of devices embracing such technology such as the OnePlus 2, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 6P. Things aren’t going to slow down any in 2016 either, as we anticipate that many other major manufacturers will be jumping into the fray, offering Type-C ports on their flagship, and even mid and low-end phones and tablets.

One of the biggest downsides to the new standard however, is that you have to either buy a ton of adapters so you can keep using your chargers, portable batteries, and other microUSB accessories — or you have to start over again from scratch. If you already have invested heavily into power packs and other accessories, going the former route might make the most sense. That said, a portable battery charger designed for USB Type-C has its advantages over using an adapter with one designed for microUSB. First, charging speed will be much faster with a Type-C connection. Second, less adapters and other cables to bring along with you.

It’ still very early days for USB Type-C portable battery chargers, but a quick look at Amazon turns up about a dozen or so options. Below we listed just five that we felt were worth highlighting due to their brand recognition, as well as their positive ratings and reviews.

nexus 6p vs samsung galaxy note 5 aa (26 of 26)See also: Best Android phones (January 2016)432

Anker PowerCore+ 20100 mAh

The Anker PowerCore+ packs 20100 mAh and is comes in at $50.99 on Amazon. Along with the 10 LED capacity indicator, the PowerCore+ has 2 USB ports outputting power at 2.4A each, and a USB Type-C port. Included in the box is the power bank, a USB to USB Type-C cable which is used to quickly charge the power bank, a travel pouch, and a micro USB cable. Keep in mind that you don’t just charge the power bank using type-C, there’s also Type-C output, meaning you can charge your Nexus 6P (or whatever have you) from the battery charger as well.

The Anker PowerCore+ is also utilizes a number of special technologies to help ensure the best experience possible, such as PowerIQ, a proprietary technology used to replicate the charging protocol of each device to ensure safe and efficient charging. VoltageBoost is another proprietary technology that detects cable resistance in order to provide a steady charge. It is worth noting that Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 is not supported with this one however.

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CHOETECH 10400 mAh


The CHOETECH 10400 mAh portable battery pack can be yours for $31.99 on Amazon. The pack has two USB ports, one of which is compatible with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 technology. The USB Type-C port is compatible with a variety of devices such as the Macbook, Nexus 6P, and Pixel C. Included in the box, is the power bank, and a USB to USB Type-C cable. The warranty lasts for 18 months. The device can be charged via micro USB and by USB Type-C.

At half the capacity and only about $20 cheaper, the CHOETECH might not seem as impressive as the Anker, but it’s lighter size/weight and the offering of Quick Charge 2.0 support still make it worthwhile.

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RAVPower 20100 mAh


The RAVPower 20100 mAh External Battery pack is offered for $59.99 on Amazon. The battery pack is a simple black box with a four dot LED battery indicator. The battery pack has a micro USB port used to charge the battery pack, a USB 3A Type-C port, a USB port capable of supporting Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0 technologies, and an iSmart USB port.

The iSmart port is used for devices that have been identified by RAVPower, and is optimised on a device by device basis. There’s certainly plenty of juice here too, as 20100 mAh is enough juice to power a Galaxy S6 close to 5 times, and an iPhone 6S nearly 8 times. The pack has overcharge and circuit protection to protect your devices from the very thing that keeps them running.

While the RAVPower is the more expensive than the first two options, it’s big battery combined with Quick Charge 2 and 3 support make it a pretty compelling option.

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Talentcell 10400 mAh


The Talentcell 10400 mAh power bank the least expensive device on the list, at just $26.99 on Amazon. The power bank is charged via micro USB 2.0 and has a USB Type-C port, a full sized USB port, and an LED flashlight. Included in the box is the power bank and a male to male USB Type-C. This power bank supports a variety of Type-C devices other than the 12 inch Macbook, and can charge up to two devices simultaneously.

If you are looking for the cheapest option out there, the Talentcell fits the bill, and is still relatively well reviewed. Of course, there’s something to be said for brand recognition and trust, so if that’s a factor for you — you may be better off considering one of the previous power banks.

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iVoler 10000mAh


Once again, a lesser known brand name but the ivoler is aggressively priced at $31.99, making it a tad more expensive than the Talentcell. The ivoer 10000 mAh offers one standard USB port and one Type C that supports up to 5v 3a. While the iVoler doesn’t have Qualcomm quick charge support, it does claim to offer rapid recharge capabilities that lets it top off many devices from 0% to 100% in around 3.5 hours or less using Type-C.

Personally, we’d probably pick the TalentCell over this one, but it never hurts to have a few more options.

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Any other solid options you are aware of that didn’t make it onto our list? Give us a shout in the comments and we’ll be sure to take a look.


Infernal Innovations CD player magnetic phone mount: review

Ever since the first cell phones hit market companies have been making vehicle mounting systems. More recently those mounting systems have become less expensive and less permanent. Infernal Innovations has many innovative products, but in this review, I will be focusing on their CD player magnetic phone mount.

CD player magnetic phone mount overview

The  concept of Infernal Innovations CD player magnetic phone mount is simple. Use the existing CD player slot in your car to mount your phone. The best part is that you don’t have to remove the CD from the CD player to use it. The worst part is that you can’t remove the CD without removing the magnetic phone mount.

CD player magnetic phone mount
CD player magnetic phone mount
CD player magnetic phone mount

The mount contains 4 powerful magnets that grip a metal plate that can be attached to the phone using several available methods. All you need to do it place the phone on the mount where the metal plate is attached to the phone.

CD player magnetic phone mount setup

The setup is fairly easy. First attach the metal plate to your phone. If you have a phone with NFC and/or wireless charging, you’ll want to make sure that the plate is affixed below the coils or the plate will interfere with NFC and wireless charging operation. The plate can be attached either directly on the back of the phone, inside your phone’s case, on the outside of the case, or if your phone has a removable back, you may be able to mount the plate inside the back cover. To affix the metal plate, simply remove the adhesive cover and stick it where you want it.

In my case, I use a Zerolemon removable battery that adds a lot of weight to the phone. In order to have a good grip on the phone, I needed to mount to the plate to the outside of my phone case. This worked out very well.

The only other thing you need to do is attach the mount to the CD player slot. To accomplish this, all you need to do is insert the mount in the CD player slot and depress the lever. If there mount feels loose, there are 3 included rubber spacers to allow it to fit any CD player almost universally.

CD player magnetic phone mount usage

One of my concerns going into the review was whether the mount would hold my heavy phone with the plate mounted at the bottom. After setting everything up, not only did it hold up my phone, but the magnets were sufficiently powerful to hold it in a landscape position as well as portrait. In a portrait position, the phone did not move at all, even when hitting bumps. In a landscape position, the phone would drop ever so slightly after my car would hit a bump, but it took several bumps before I had to adjust the phone back up.

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In a portrait position, I never had to readjust the phone. It stayed upright the whole time.

CD player magnetic phone mount
CD player magnetic phone mount
CD player magnetic phone mount

Needless to say, I was rather impressed with how strong the magnets on the mount were. Not only did they hold my phone in position, but they did it with a huge extended battery adding a ton of weight and they did it with the plate mounted at the bottom of the phone instead of the middle, which is where they recommend the plate be mounted. This means that you don’t have to sacrifice your NFC and/or wireless charging to have the convenience of a magnetic mount.

The convenience is really the selling point of a magnetic mount. All you have to do is place your phone on the mount when you get in your vehicle and remove it when you get out. It’s that simple. No fiddling with adjusting the mount or anything. Just place and go.

4 out of 5 stars

Overall this is a great solution for mounting your phone in  your car. You don’t have to fiddle with suction cups or worry about one of your AC vent being blocked and the phone takes a whole 3 seconds to attach to the mount. There are only two downsides with using this type of mount. The

There are only two downsides with using this type of mount. The first I already mentioned. It takes up your CD players slot. The other downside is that not all vehicles have a conveniently placed CD player. If your CD player is mounted too low, it will cause you to take your eyes off the road

The other downside is that not all vehicles have a conveniently placed CD player. If your CD player is mounted too low, it will cause you to take your eyes off the road and reduce your reaction time. Plus not all vehicles have a CD player. If you fall into either of the latter categories, then you should look into a vent or suction cup style mounting system.

Luckily Infernal Innovations also has vent and suction cup magnetic mounting systems. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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