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Amazon handing out over $140 in apps in a “Free app of the day bundle”

Looking to save yourself a ton of cash and get your hands on a ton of apps all at the same time? Well, Amazon is doing just that yet again. In the spirit of sharing the love for Valentine’s Day, at least that is what I assume they are doing this for, Amazon is offering […]

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Griffin iTrip AUX Bluetooth review

As someone who doesn’t own a car with built-in Bluetooth, I am somewhat jealous of those who can get in and connect quickly and painlessly. But, with that said, I’ve been able to work around the problem with the last few cars I’ve owned.

Be it a Bluetooth speakerphone with an FM transmitter or by plugging directly into the AUX port, I’m able to get by. The last few weeks, however, I’ve been using a Griffin iTrip AUX Bluetooth adapter to pair my phone to my car stereo.


For lack of a better way of describing, picture a car charger that has a 3.5mm headphone plug instead of a USB port. That’s essentially what you’re dealing with here.


I was impressed with how easy it was to take this out of the package and get rolling. All you really need to do is open up the Bluetooth settings on the phone and push the button on the adapter.  Once your device finds it, you’re good to go. Other than that, just remember to switch your car input to auxiliary mode when you plan to listen to your phone.

Should your device not automatically connect the next time you get in the car, simply press the button again. I had no issues connecting over a two week period.

Worth knowing

If there’s one drawback to putting this guy into my car’s power adapter it’s that I lose the ability to charge up my device. In cases where I want to use turn-by-turn driving directions or listen to extended periods of music, I like to juice up. Note that if you only have one spot in your car that you’ll have to pick what’s more important: Bluetooth connection or charging.


Along these lines, I ended up simply plugging my phone into the (included 2′) 3.5mm cable and directly into the stereo. As I saw it, I already have the cord dangling, why not go direct? This way I could also plug in and charge up the device, too.

Truth be told, however, it’s more convenient to get in and automatically connect. And, if you can tuck the cord away neatly you’ll be doing alright for yourself.

Price and availability

The Griffin iTrip AUX runs $49.99 which I find to be a little more than I expected. At $30-$35 I would have no reservations recommending one of these. But, at the current price I am somewhat reticent. I love the quality, easy setup, and convenience, but I would like to see a lower cost. Or, perhaps, find a way to offer the USB charging again. My advice, keep an eye on Amazon for price drops.

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New Qualcomm TV dongle hopes to challenge Chromecast


When Google first announced the Chromecast dongle, it was not clear whether it could compete in a world with devices like boxes from Roku or Apple TV. Google seems to have prevailed though with so many companies trying to emulate the success of the Chromecast. The latest example is a fiery red dongle that Qualcomm is working on that they are calling the 4K Streaming Adapter powered by their Snapdragon 800 processor and running a full version of Android alongside a wide array of wireless options.

The 4K Streaming Adapter is actually a reference design that Qualcomm hopes some other manufacturers will pick up on in developing their own solutions to market to customers. One of the keys to success in Qualcomm’s view is the inclusion of a full install of Android to give manufacturers flexibility on what is presented to users. This also means the dongle could support a full array of peripherals.

Another key difference Qualcomm is hoping exists with their version of a streaming stick is the inclusion of LTE antennas to go along with the normal WiFi chips. Qualcomm is including support for LTE-U, or LTE-Unlicensed, which gives users the ability to run a separate ad hoc LTE network separate from their carriers. This could provide a way for content to be delivered via LTE Broadcast that can even be customized based on geo-location.

Do you think a full version of Android and additional antenna options will give Qualcomm an edge in the TV streaming content stick market?


source: Slashgear

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Amazon Fire TV success celebrated with special Sling TV offer


Amazon has announced Sling TV is being added exclusively, at least for now, on their Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices. Sling TV joins FOX Sports GO and Flappy Birds Family with exclusive launches on Amazon’s streaming content devices. Amazon also announced selection of their devices by content providers has grown five time since launching in April 2014.

Vice President of the Amazon Appstore Steve Rabuchin describes the growth of games and apps on Fire TV as “tremendous.” To celebrate the growth and exclusive launch of Sling TV, Amazon is offering a free Fire TV Stick with the purchase of 3 months of Sling TV or $50 off a Fire TV, which is normally $99.

You can read the full press release from Amazon below.

Now Available On Amazon Fire TV: Sling TV, FOX Sports GO, and More

Amazon Fire TV selection up 5x since launch

Starting today, customers who purchase 3 months of Sling TV can now get a Fire TV Stick for free

Other popular game additions include Crossy Road, Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series, OlliOlli and Always Sometimes Monsters

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 12, 2015– (NASDAQ: AMZN)—Amazon today announced that Fire TV’s selection is up 5x since its launch in April, with 2015 best-of-CES Sling TV now available for download as well as other popular services and games such as FOX Sports GO, TEDWSJ Live, Crossy Road, and Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series.

“The growth of apps and games available on Amazon Fire TV has been tremendous since launch—selection is up 5x since April, and many popular titles such as FOX Sports GO and Flappy Birds Familyhave launched exclusively on the Fire TV platform,” said Steve Rabuchin, Vice President Amazon Appstore. “We’re especially excited to be one of the first platforms to launch the Sling TV app—we think Fire TV and Fire TV Stick customers are going to love it.”

To celebrate the launch of Sling TV—a $20 per month, Internet-based television service delivering live sports and entertainment from channels like ESPN, TNT and TBS—customers who purchase 3 months of Sling TV can now get a Fire TV Stick for free or opt for $50 off a Fire TV (normally $99)—order today at

Since April, multiple apps and games have launched exclusively on the Fire TV platform including apps such as FOX Sports GOFlappy Birds FamilyGame of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series andMinecraft Pocket Edition. In addition, publisher Devolver Digital has exclusively launched popular games on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick that have previously only been available for console and PC gaming including LuftrausersAlways Sometimes Monsters, and OlliOlli. Devolver Digital will bring six more games exclusively to Fire TV devices in the coming months including Gods Will Be Watching,Not a Heroand Titan Souls.

Here’s what developers are saying about the platform:

“The response since we announced Sling TV at CES has been overwhelming, and we’re excited to officially launch the service on a great platform, like Amazon Fire TV,” said Sruta Vootukuru, director, business development and operations, Sling TV. “Fire TV customers now have access to live sports, lifestyle, family, and news channels—all for $20 per month.”

“Adding FOX Sports GO to Amazon Fire TV is a great next step in enhancing our distribution and connecting with more sports fans,” said Clark Pierce, FOX Sports, Senior Vice President, Mobile and Advanced Platforms. “We’re thrilled to make FOX Sports GO available on Amazon Fire TV and expand our roster of platforms.”

“Working with many indie developers, we are always thinking about how we can expand the reach of their games,” said Harry Miller, Co-Founder at Devolver Digital. “Bringing our games to Amazon Fire TV was a no brainer, as it brings our much loved and unique indie games, to the large global audience that Amazon reaches.”

“Customers of all ages have loved playing Crossy Road on their mobile devices, but we wanted to allow them to play the game with a controller in the hand and take the fun to the biggest screen in their homes – the TV in their living room,” said Matt Hall from Crossy Road developer Hipster Whale. “Fire TV is a fantastic platform that was easy to develop for and allowed us to quickly achieve our goal of getting this game to the living room.”

Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick plug into your HDTV for easy and instant access to Netflix, Prime Instant Video, Hulu Plus, WatchESPN, SHOWTIME, low-cost video rentals, and much more. They also bring photos, music, and games to the living room. Learn more about Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick at and

About opened on the World Wide Web in July 1995. The company is guided by four principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking. Customer reviews, 1-Click shopping, personalized recommendations, Prime, Fulfillment by Amazon, AWS, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Fire phone, Fire tablets, and Fire TV are some of the products and services pioneered by Amazon.

Source:, Inc.

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Fleksy gets updated to version 5.2, brings new Extensions, bugfixes, and a Valentine’s Day theme


Fleksy has just announced an update to their popular keyboard replacement app, bringing it to version 5.2. This update includes bugfixes, a tweaked Themes tab, the ability to sync shortcuts with the cloud as well as a couple of new additions to their recently announced Extension function.

The first new Extension is called ‘Hotkeys’, and this allows you to specify a button that, when pressed, will insert a custom item which can be anything from an emoji, symbol, email address or even a frequently used phrase. You can choose to customize up to 7 different HotKeys, and it promises to be pretty useful. The other new extension is called ‘Color Pops’ that allows you to choose which color ‘pops’ when you press a key. Other improvements include automatic language updates when your device is charging and connected to WiFi.

Finally, if you’ve been trying to find a way to make your typing experience on your Android handset a more romantic experience, Fleksy has got you covered. On February 14, they are giving all their users a free Valentine’s Day theme, as well as releasing a new Extension called Heartpops, which will ‘pop’ a heart every time you press a key. If you’d like to give Fleksy a try, just click the link below to install the app on your device.

qr code

Play Store Download Link 


Source: Fleksy


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Here’s what a Galaxy Note Edge coated in 24K gold looks like


What could be more inviting than the standard Galaxy Note Edge? One plated in 24K gold, of course. Earlier today, a bunch of pictures appeared online showcasing the design of the Vietnam-exclusive handset, which has had its side frame, earpiece grill, volume rocker, and rear camera ring coated in gold.

Hit the break for the full gallery of photos.

13349_aabce2190820027844c336a13c31a975 (1)

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HTC Zoe updated for Lollipop with new highlight engine


HTC has released an update to the HTC Zoe highlights video app. Like so many apps getting updated now, the big visual change users will notice is the support for Android Lollipop and Google’s Material Design. As part of that support, HTC added in support for the Nexus 6 smartphone and the Nexus 9 tablet.

HTC took the opportunity to slide in a brand new highlight engine at the heart of the app. According to HTC, the new highlight engine enables new themes, new effects and transitions, and higher quality video. HTC also makes it possible to download and save Zoes to your device instead of everything living in the cloud.

HTC indicates they have revamped the Discovery Feed to help users find local content. As usual, the app updates also included performance enhancements and stability fixes. You can get HTC Zoe by using one of the Google Play download links below.


qr code

Google Play Download Link

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Samsung Galaxy S 6 will feature noticeable software changes


When the Galaxy S 6 is unveiled at MWC 2015 in a few weeks, the software behind the handset will be very different than any Samsung device before in history. Practically every Samsung device released to date has been filled with pre-installed apps from both the company itself or third-party providers. The company is known for its inclusion of ‘everything but the kitchen sink.’ The Galaxy S 6, though, will change that.

The upcoming flagship handset, according to SamMobile, will be free of an unspecified amount of pre-installed apps designed by Samsung; however, it is unclear which apps are not going to be pre-installed and which will remain. Of course, Samsung will presumably make them available in the Play Store for those that want to keep things within the company’s ecosystem. Either way, it seems like the many of the “S” range of apps (like S Health and S Voice) will not be found on the Galaxy S 6 upon powering it for the first time.

Instead, buyers of the handset can expect to see Microsoft services pre-installed — OneNote, OneDrive, Office Mobile (with subscription), and Skype. Satya Nadella is proving his commitment to other platforms by having the Galaxy S 6 showcase Microsoft services.

Here is a breakdown of user interfaces noted by SamMobile:

  • Samsung’s default keyboard app supposedly looks more like a mix between the keyboard on the Galaxy Tab S and the iOS keyboard.
  • More theming options are available
  • All Samsung’s apps are more colorful
  • You can select between 4×4, 4×5 and 5×5 icon layouts for the app drawer
  • The app drawer no longer supports endless cycling through the list of apps (meaning you can’t go back from the last page to the first without going back through the previous pages).
  • The music app still runs in full-screen mode at all times
  • The dialer app looks “green as grass”, or that’s what we were told.

Source: SamMobile

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In pictures: Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones

You want to see what the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones looks like, right? Well, we’ve literally just finished installing on our first batch of devices, but while we’re picking through it all we’ve got a bunch of images to show off what the new OS looks like.

From the new look Start Screen, to Cortana, Settings and more besides, check out our first look pictures in the gallery below.


Yezz to produce Project Ara modules


Yezz, a small mobile phone producer, has announced that they will collaborate with Google’s Project Ara to produce modules for the forthcoming device. Yezz does not specify any particular module they plan to produce for Project Ara. In their announcement, they indicate that they will establish “a viable module marketplace that will allow for optimum customization” which may be an indication Yezz will produce a variety of modules.

Yezz says they will have their first prototype modules for Project Ara on display at MWC 2015.

source: Yezz

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