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HTC Pyramid emerges from the mists of speculation with a 1.2GHz dual-core, 4.3-inch screen, T-Mobile 4G

First Sprint got a 4G-capable, 4.3-inch Android phone from HTC, then this January AT&T (Inspire 4G) and Verizon (Thunderbolt) received promises of the same. Is T-Mobile feeling left out? It might not be for long, as the rumor mill has just churned out a rather mighty 1.2GHz dual-core beast of a handset and is ascribing it to the Magenta network for a launch some time around May or June. We’re hearing it’ll come with qHD resolution (960 x 540, just like the Atrix 4G) and the SOC within will be that famedSnapdragon MSM8260 that Qualcomm teased briefly at CES a couple of weeks ago. Lending credence to this scuttlebutt is the fact that both TmoNews and Android and Me found sources affirming the Pyramid’s existence, leaving us only to wait and wonder about what we can do with a device of its kind.


Aava Mobile reportedly set to reveal Medfield-based Android / MeeGo phone at MWC

Eager for a way to forget about Moorestown? We wouldn’t be shocked if Intel was in the same camp, and if this here rumor pans out, it could be Medfield acting as the amnesia at Mobile World Congress. If you’ll recall, Intel briefly showed off a Medfield-based phone late last month, and now we’re hearing that Aava Mobile — the same company responsible for a WoW-crunching Moorestown demonstration at Computex — is poised to release a real stunner in Barcelona. Slashgear has it on good authority that Aava’s second-generation Core design will be officially rolled out in a matter of days, complete with Intel Inside, an 8.9mm-thick chassis, Android and MeeGo. You read correctly — both mobile operating systems will be supported. It’s said that Aava doesn’t actually plan on hawking these to consumers; instead, they’ll be shuttled off to developers in order to promote its integrated ACPU and modem platform. Hard to say if the shell we’ll (hopefully) see at MWC will remain final, but you can bet we’ll be digging for more once the show floor opens.


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