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T-Mobile One is the carrier’s new unlimited data plan

T-Mobile has offered an unlimited data option for a while now, using it as a big differentiator between it and AT&T and Verizon. But now, it sounds like the carrier is going to do away with data buckets entirely and offer one plan that includes unlimited talk, text and data. It’s called T-Mobile One, and it’ll be available to current and new customers as of September 6th.

CEO John Legere announced the new plan this morning in a video blog, saying that he wanted to get rid of the confusion and huge number of choices that the other carriers currently offer. But, as is often the case with wireless plans, there’s a lot of fine print here in the new plan to be aware of.

The big catches for T-Mobile’s new plan come down to two things: tethering and video streaming. The T-Mobile One plan includes “unlimited” tethering, but only at 2G speeds. That’ll make it essentially useless. If you want to use LTE speed when tethering, you’ll have to pay $15 per month for 5GB of data.

Video is even more complicated. While T-Mobile is offering “unlimited” data, they’re throttling all video down to 480p standard definition resolution. If you want to use your data to watch high-definition video, it’ll cost a whopping $25 per line, per month. If you’re signed up to one of T-Mobile’s current unlimited plans, you can watch video in HD — though the company had been defaulting everyone to lower definition video. You have to actively switch on HD video if you want to get things in a better resolution. But with this new T-Mobile One plan, you’ll have to pay through the nose if you want to watch HD video.

T-Mobile’s new plan isn’t even really any cheaper than its existing offering. If you get four lines, it’ll be only $40 per line, but sign up for less and you’ll be paying quite a bit. A single line is $70 a month, less than the $95 it currently costs. Two lines is $120, $20 cheaper than the existing option. Additional lines after that are $20 each.

These changes come at the end of a month that saw AT&T and Verizon both revamp their data offerings. Both carriers added more data to their various plans, but those plans also cost a bit more now. Verizon also added some limited carryover data as well as the option to throttle your data speeds if you go over your limit rather than pay an overage charge. Not to be outdone, Sprint is also in the process of announcing some new plan details on Twitter right now.

One big question is whether or not T-Mobile’s old plans will be available or whether T-Mobile One will be the only option going forward for new customers. T-Mobile says it won’t be eliminating its existing Simple Choice plans right now, but it expects T-Mobile One to be its main offering going forward. So that likely means the existing Simple Choice unlimited plan that includes more tethering data and HD video playback will be going away soon.

Update: This post has been updated to reflect more details on T-Mobile’s new pricing structure.

Source: T-Mobile


T-Mobile Introduces $70 Unlimited Data Plan, But HD Video is $25 Extra

T-Mobile has introduced a new plan called T-Mobile ONE [PDF] that offers unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data for $70 per month. A second line can be added for $50 per month, while up to six more lines can be added for an additional $20 per month each. The total cost for a family of four, for example, would be $160 per month.

T-Mobile ONE has some caveats to consider. First, unlimited video is limited to 480p standard definition for all services, with unlimited HD video available for $25 per month extra per line. Additionally, tethering is limited to 2G speeds, with 5GB of high-speed tethering available as a $15 add-on.

T-Mobile’s existing Simple Choice plan with unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data costs $95 per month and includes unlimited HD video and 14GB of LTE tethering. The carrier also offers 2GB, 6GB, and 10GB of 4G LTE for $50, $65, and $80 respectively. It is unclear if these plans will be retired September 6 for new customers.

T-Mobile also clarified that, as with its Simple Choice plans, customers using the most data — specifically the highest 3 percent — may see their data traffic prioritized behind other users once they cross a threshold of around 26GB of data during their billing month. The carrier noted that throttling will only occur at specific times and places where there is network congestion.

The new plan includes usual T-Mobile perks such as Simple Global, Mobile Without Borders, Wi-Fi Unleashed, Stock Up, and T-Mobile Tuesdays. T-Mobile will also pay up to $650 in early termination fees to customers who switch over from AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint through its Carrier Freedom program.

T-Mobile ONE will be available for new postpaid customers on September 6, while new prepaid customers will be able to get the plan “in the future.” Existing customers have the option to keep the Simple Choice plans they have or switch to T-Mobile ONE. The plan costs $5/month extra per line without AutoPay enabled.

T-Mobile follows in the footsteps of new data plans from AT&T and Verizon.

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HTC’s Nexus phone efforts show up at the FCC

If there was any doubt that HTC is working on at least one Nexus phone this year, the FCC (and a handful of leaks) just erased it. The regulator has received an HTC filing for smartphones that will be explicitly branded as a Nexus — a letter says you’ll find the user manual on Google’s Nexus page. The entries don’t really show the devices or say exactly what they can do, but the hardware should have full network support for all major North American carriers and beyond. Not that there’s much mystery as to what one of those devices looks like, as you’ll soon see.

Leaks from both Android Police and @Usbfl on Twitter show photos of what’s believed to be the 5-inch Marlin, the smaller of two Nexus devices that HTC is reportedly making this year (the other is the 5.5-inch Sailfish). They line up with a previous render AP made based on a source’s description, and support earlier rumors that both HTC Nexus devices would have a metal-and-glass design, not just the larger one like last year.

Assuming the images are accurate, they also suggest that earlier spec leaks are on the mark. Whether you choose Marlin or Sailfish may depend entirely on your preferred screen size. Both would have a higher-end Snapdragon processor (most likely the 820 or 821), 4GB of RAM, a 12-megapixel rear camera, an 8-megapixel front shooter and at least 32GB of built-in storage. Logically, 2015-era perks like a rear fingerprint reader and USB-C would carry over. There’s still no definitive release window for either Nexus, but they won’t necessarily launch at the same time as the Android Nougat upgrade arrives. Most likely, you’ll have to wait until sometime after LG unveils the first Nougat phone on September 6th.

The 2016 HTC Nexus looks like a cross between the Nexus 4 & iPhone with glass and fingerprint scanner on the back.

— nexus (@usbfl) August 14, 2016

Via: The Next Web

Source:, Android Police, Usbfl (Twitter)


T-Mobile drops the HTC 10 after less than three months

HTC just can’t catch a break. The company’s smartphone sales are down, fuelling consecutive quarterly losses. To bounce back, HTC needs its latest flagship, the HTC 10, to pick up steam — and fast. But that’s unlikely to happen now that T-Mobile, one of the biggest carriers in the US, has quietly dropped the Android handset. It’s not clear exactly when the smartphone disappeared from store shelves, but a Reddit post has it pegged at July 21st. That’s only two months since the phone went on sale at the so-called “un-carrier.” The more worrying part is that barely anyone seemed to notice.

The HTC 10 is a phone the company can be proud of. The aluminium shell (one we’ve grown fond of since the M7) is supported with a fairly clean Android experience and some decent hardware under the hood. The camera is greatly improved too, although it doesn’t offer quite the same picture quality as the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Still, it’s a phone that stands shoulder to shoulder with the LG G5 and other Android flagships. But, it would seem, a solid all-rounder just isn’t enough. Especially when OnePlus has a similar offering for almost a third cheaper.

Look hard enough and you might find a HTC 10 gathering dust in a T-Mobile store. These “limited quantities” are just that, however, and won’t be replenished in the weeks or months ahead. It’s a blow for the Taiwanese manufacturer — to survive, it’ll need to bank on sales coming from other carriers and countries. Otherwise, there’s always the next phone (maybe a new One A9?) provided HTC has the financial reserves to make it.

Via: Reddit, Android Police


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 costs at least $850 in the US

Pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 7 have started in the US, and it’s clear that you’ll be paying a pretty penny for Samsung’s pen-toting flagship phone. The best deals among major carriers are at Sprint and T-Mobile, where the Note 7 will cost $850 if you buy it outright — it may be wiser to go with the installment plans ($35 monthly for 2 years at Sprint, $33 per month with $70 down at T-Mobile). AT&T will sell you the new Note for either $880 outright or $37 per month for 2 years, while our overlords at Verizon offer it for $864 up front or $36 per month over 2 years.

At least you’ll get perks for ordering early. As a general rule, carriers are offering a free Gear Fit 2 or 256GB microSD card if you pre-order. AT&T will also give you a free Gear S2 or 99-cent Galaxy Tab E if you’re willing to subscribe to a data plan for that second device, and it’s continuing a promo where buying a second qualifying Samsung device will score you $695 in bill credits. In T-Mobile’s case, you can choose a year’s worth of Netflix as your freebie if shows are more important than fitness or storage. While your bank account might be hurting by the time you leave the store, you might not have to go accessory shopping at the same time.

Via: Mashable

Source: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon


T-Mobile adds Apple Music, Fox Now and more to Binge On

T-Mobile’s adding a whole bunch more entertainment services to its ‘Un-carrier’ plans today, meaning lower data bills for customers that just can’t bear to switch off Quantico while out and about.

New services joining the Un-carrier program include ABC, Fox Now, Apple Music and a whole host of others, including some more specialist providers like the sign language channel DPAN.TV. In total there are now more than 100 different entertainment services available, a four-fold increase from its launch eight months ago.

It might be growing at quite a clip, but not everyone is so happy about it. Researchers at Northeastern University say that Binge On doesn’t live up to the hype and regularly falls below minimum service standards, such as maintaining a minimum 480p resolution.

Net neutrality supporters also argue that Binge On flies in the face of the FCC’s Open Internet Order by making some video services more attractive than others. T-Mobile subscribers probably care less though, ’cause hey, they’ve got free Pokemon Go data for a year too.

Company president, CEO and enigmatic front-man John Legere says that over 765 million hours of video have been streamed for free so far and that it’s a winning formula for businesses and users, as it’s free to both.

Source: Business Wire


FCC chief asks telcos to offer free robocall blocking services

Tom Wheeler, head honcho at the Federal Communications Commission, has fired off letters asking the country’s biggest communications providers to offer robocall blocking services for free. The FCC is still fielding a barrage of complaints from people sick and tired of robocalls a year after it passed a proposal that should have helped the situation. If you’ll recall, the commission made it perfectly legal for carriers to block automated calls before they reach subscribers back in 2015. Unfortunately, telcos are still reportedly telling customers that they have no authority to those calls. As a result, they still make the up the biggest number of complaints filed with the agency.

Wheeler wrote on the commission’s website:

“In regard to the Commission’s expectations that carriers respond to consumers’ blocking requests, I have sent letters to the CEOs of major wireless and wireline phone companies calling on them to offer call-blocking services to their customers now — at no cost to you.”

According to Consumerist, he sent the letters to AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Verizon. The ball is now in their court, and it’s up to them to grant the chairman’s request.

Wheeler also sent letters to intermediary carriers, companies that connect calls from internet services like FiOS to carriers’ lines. He asked them to retain the original caller ID info for calls made through those services, since spammers and scammers typically spoof their phone numbers. Consumerist says the letters asked those companies to create a list of local entities regularly impersonated by robocallers. That would make it easy to flag and block suspicious calls, especially those made from outside the United States.

Via: Consumerist

Source: FCC


T-Mobile is giving away free ‘Pokémon Go’ data for a year

T-Mobile has been watching you play Pokémon Go, and it knows you’re guzzling data every time you head out to catch Pokémon. That’s why the next T-Mobile Tuesday is poised to offer unlimited data for Pokémon Go through August 2017.

The Un-carrier is keeping an eye on this massive global phenomenon, and wants to help you get out there and be the very best like no one ever was. Along with your year of free Pokémon data, you can also claim a free Frosty, a free Lyft ride up to $15 and 50% off of certain accessories via T-Mobile, such as battery packs so you can keep the game going long after your battery has succumbed to incessant GPS usage.

A handful of lucky winners will win free trips to anywhere in the US to go Pokémon hunting, while 250 others will receive $100 to spend on Pokécoins, the in-game currency of Pokemon Go. If you happen to miss claiming your year of free data, the offer will last all the way through Tuesday, August 9th. You should start seeing these offers in the T-Mobile Tuesday app tomorrow.

If you do happen to take advantage of this lavish offer of free Pokémon Go data, make sure you’re responsible and don’t fall victims to robbers or throw Poke Balls in the Holocaust Museum. Be safe and respectful!

Source: T-Mobile


MetroPCS to Offer iPhone on Prepaid Plans Beginning in Florida

T-Mobile today announced that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be available in “select MetroPCS stores in Florida” beginning tomorrow, July 1, with a nationwide rollout expected to launch soon. T-Mobile acquired MetroPCS — which is a prepaid alternative to traditional subsidized carriers — back in 2013, but this will mark the first time Apple’s iPhone will appear as an option on MetroPCS’ plans.

MetroPCS is the flagship prepaid brand of T-Mobile US, Inc., and a leading provider of unlimited talk, text and data plans with taxes and regulatory fees included – there are no surprises, period. MetroPCS offers the freedom and convenience of an affordable, no-contract wireless service, riding on T-Mobile’s blazing-fast nationwide network.

Specifically, the prepaid carrier will offer the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus for its customers, available at the price points of $649 and $749, respectively. MetroPCS will also offer the 4-inch iPhone SE for $349 and the iPhone 5s for $199.

Today’s news comes over two years after T-Mobile said that it was “very interested” in bringing the iPhone to MetroPCS, without giving any hint as to exactly when it would make the move. Although owned by T-Mobile, MetroPCS runs as its own, separate brand from T-Mobile’s “Un-carrier” services.

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T-Mobile will offer unlimited data for European travel

T-Mobile is continuing its practice of proving to everyone why it should be worthy of the “Un-carrier” moniker. This time around, the company is offering unlimited data with up to 4G LTE speeds throughout Europe for the rest of the summer.

If you’re planning on traveling overseas this summer, you’ll be able to catch up on all your shows and stay in touch with family without worrying about running out of data, just as you’ll be given a free hour of Wi-Fi via Gogo domestic flights — if they happen to offer it, that is. This offer extends even to Verizon and AT&T customers, so if you haven’t quite been convinced that T-Mobile is the carrier for you after all this flash and showmanship, you can at least reap some of the benefits for the weekend.

T-Mobile has also announced that its customers will be able to roam without special charges in Belize going forward, so if that happens to be one of your destinations as you get away for vacation, you’ll hopefully be paying significantly fewer fees, for that area of your trip at least.

T-Mobile is bent on proving its worth by giving its customers special rewards and promotions, though previously they were more focused on goodies and deals (even stocks) rather than expanding data or alleviating charges. It should be interesting to see where it aims next when it comes to pulling in customers.

Source: T-Mobile


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