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White Samsung Galaxy S II official: Coming 1 September



If you want your Samsung Galaxy S II to stand out from the crowd, but don’t fancy adding a physical QWERTY as per the AT&T variant, then how about a white version of the massively popular handset?

That dream (yes, dream) is now a reality as web rumours and leaked pics have led to official confirmation from Samsung. The Galaxy S II white edition exists and what’s more it’s going on sale in just over a month.

Simon Stanford, MD of mobile at Samsung UK and Ireland said: “Sales of the Galaxy S II have surpassed all expectations since its release in May this year. The arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S II white brings to market an incredibly stylish addition to our latest multi-award winning handset.

“The Galaxy S II is our slimmest, lightest, fastest and now whitest smartphone, the first device to offer Super AMOLED Plus screen technology, alongside the most advanced technical specifications including the latest Android OS and a dual core processor.”

via White Samsung Galaxy S II official: Coming 1 September – Pocket-lint.


Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1… fight!



We’ve seen it before, but not against one of its chief rivals: the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Now here they are, sharing a little table space — but not getting along too well. On one hand the Tab 10.1 is thin and light on its feet. On the other, the ThinkPad Tablet is large and would very much like to be in charge of your corporate lifestyle. Due to Honeycomb’s limited customizations, Lenovo’s tackling this angle thanks in large part to some enterprise- and stylus-friendly software, much of which the device comes with pre-installed. Join us after the break for a quick demonstration, plus a look back at our first hands-on with the thing.

via Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1… fight! — Engadget.


Galaxy S II finally lands on American shores for Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T



Well, its been a long time coming, but you fine folks living in the good ol U-S-of-A are finally getting blessed with Galaxy S IIs to call your own. Conspicuously missing from the party is Verizon, but Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T are all getting in on the Super AMOLED Plus action under the guise of the Epic 4G Touch on Sprint and just plain old Galaxy S II on AT&T and T-Mo. As we had heard earlier the Epic 4G Touch is sporting a slightly larger 4.52-inch screen as will the T-Mobile variant, while AT&T is sticking with the 4.3-inch panel found on the international model. Sprint customers will be first to get their shot at owning one on September 16th for $200, with AT&T and T-Mobile a little further down the road. Otherwise there are very few surprises here, with a 1.2GHz Exynos pushing Gingerbread and TouchWiz to each gorgeous screen. All are packing 16GB of internal storage and being pitched as 4G handsets — with WiMax on board the Sprint model and HSPA+ for T-Mo and AT&T. Ma Bells is specifically championing its variant as the “thinnest 4G smartphone,” which might have something to do with the smaller 1650 mAh battery inside the Epic 4G Touch is sporting an 1800 mAh pack.

via Galaxy S II finally lands on American shores for Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T – Engadget.


HTC My Touch 4G Slide hands-on (Camera edition)



HTC has been honing its camera skills for some time. We’ve had the HTC Sensation that brought a number of “image effects” to Android, while the EVO 3D has given us three-dimensional shooting and filming.

What if you want a camera phone that really does attempt to replace your point and shoot camera? HTC’s latest attempt at that answer is the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide that not only has the effects found on other HTC Android handsets, but a number of camera like features to impress as well.

via HTC My Touch 4G Slide hands-on (Camera edition) – Pocket-lint.


Nokia to retire Symbian in North America, going all-in on Windows Phone



We know that Symbian isn’t dying any time soon, but here in the US of A the little OS that couldn’t quite captivate our picky buyers will soon be mighty hard to find. Speaking with All Things D, Chris Weber, President of Nokia’s US operations, said “When we launch Windows Phones we will essentially be out of the Symbian business, the S40 business, etc.” That means no more full-price or business-focused devices in the US, and no more Symbian love. This is at least in part thanks to the failure of the Astound to find a solid foothold, but Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone offerings (like the Sea Ray) will at least follow in its footsteps, being sold with proper carrier subsidies and riding the wave of a giant advertising blitz. Will it work? According to Weber, it has to: “The reality is if we are not successful with Windows Phone, it doesn’t matter what we do.”

via Nokia to retire Symbian in North America, going all-in on Windows Phone — Engadget.


Apple now the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, Samsung checks in at number two



We make our own truth. That’s how IDC can come up with roughly the same numbers as fellow research firm Canalys and crown Apple the king, when its rival called Android top dog — it’s all about how you slice it. See, where as Canalys bundled all Android handset makers together, IDC has broken them up, which leads to a rather interesting twist — the largest smartphone maker in the world is now Apple. Cupertino’s growth of 141.7-percent in shipments year over year was enough to push it past Nokia (which slipped to number three) and Samsung (which climbed two spots to take the silver medal), while RIM and HTC rounded out the top five. That being said, no one is running away with the lead here, and Sammy’s continued stratospheric rise should keep Apple on guard. Check out the full report after the break.

via Apple now the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, Samsung checks in at number two — Engadget.


TouchWiz UX Update Now Available For Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi



Did Samsung just release an update on time? Yep. The TouchWiz UX update is available for all you lucky Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi owners out there. Just grab your Tab, hit Settings > About Tablet > System Updates and voila. What will you be trading your stock Honeycomb experience for?

  • Live Panel: Magazine-like widget view for immediate access to weather, social updates, email, news, photo gallery, all on the home screen. The visual layout of Live Panel is completely customizable for one-touch entry into each user’s most important information.
  • Mini Mode Tray: One-touch access to commonly used applications–Task Manager, Calendar, World Clock, Pen Memo, Calculator, Music–which overlay in a pop-up window on display screen for powerful multi-tasking.
  • Clipboard: Advanced copy & paste functionality allows Galaxy Tab 10.1 users to store photos, Web pages, YouTube links, etc., on the clipboard for easy sharing via email and social network sites.
  • Indicator Quick Panel: Quickly toggle on/off Wi-Fi, notifications, sound, brightness and settings in lower right hand corner of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 display.
  • Photo Editor: Rotate, crop and adjust colors on high quality digital images

For more on what you’ll be getting with this latest update I’ll refer you to the presser from the other day. Enjoy!

viaAndroidGuys ›TouchWiz UX Update Now Available For Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi


Sharp Galapagos A01SH 7-inch tablet gets official, launches in late August



The Galapagos A01SH 7-inch tablet has a slim LCD screen that measures 7-inches and has a resolution of 1024 x 600. The rear camera on the tablet is a 5MP unit and it has a 2MP front camera for video calling. It also has an internal modem supporting downloads at up to 42Mbps. The operating system for the tablet is Android 3.2 Honeycomb.

The little Android tablet has a very attractive design and looks really cool. The processor is a Tegra 2 dual-core from NVIDIA running at 1.2GHz. It also has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. Sharp claims the battery inside the tablet is good for about 7.5 hours of use. Pricing is unknown but with a launch only weeks away that price should get official soon.

via Sharp Galapagos A01SH 7-inch tablet gets official, launches in late August – SlashGear.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Keyboard Dock



The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (mark 2) goes on general release in the UK tomorrow (4 August – read our review here) and along with the tablet device itself, there are several accessories hitting the stores at the same time.

One of those is the Keyboard Dock, a sturdy, reasonably weighty keypad that has a slot and connector just begging to be coupled with the new Tab. It’s excellently built, has a full QWERTY key layout (naturally), but also carries some proprietary buttons to make navigation on the touchscreen device that bit easier.

via Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Keyboard Dock hands-on – Pocket-lint.


BlackBerry Bold 9900 vs BlackBerry Bold 9780

RIM has unveiled five new Blackberry 7 handsets – the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930, the BlackBerry Torch 9810, 9850 and 9860. All models will pack a QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen controls and the long-rumoured NFC connectivity.First confirmed at the companys BlackBerry World in Florida, the BlackBerry 9900 is the makers slimmest smartphone to date and throws a touchscreen into the mix, giving it a definite advantage over the brands existing flagship model, the BlackBerry Bold 9780. But how do the two phones compare in other areas and will it be worth an upgrade when the new handset hits the shelves. We took a closer look at the specs to see whats what.

via BlackBerry Bold 9900 vs BlackBerry Bold 9780 – Pocket-lint.

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