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How to make your device theft-proof and recover it if stolen

If you are reading this, you are either looking to make sure you can recover your device if it gets stolen, or are desperately trying to find a device that is already stolen. In today’s world, we are so heavily dependent on our smartphones for communicating, surfing the web, paying bills, shopping and taking pictures, that losing it becomes a nightmare of sorts. Well, worry not and read on to make your device theft proof or even recover it in case it has been stolen.

Like they say, prevention is better than cure, so here’s what you can do to protect your Android phone against theft.

  • Set a screen lock

Would you ever willingly hand over all your personal data to a stranger? Obviously not! So, set a difficult password to protect it. I understand that it might seem like a chore having to unlock your handset every time you get a notification, but a minor habit adjustment will go a long way in protecting your device.

To set a screen lock, go to Settings>Security>Screen lock, then choose one option out of Pattern lock, Pin lock and Password lock.

  • Keep your phone’s GPS on

Smartphones are called smart for a reason, and one of those reasons is that they can provide time and location information through satellite based global positioning system (GPS). If you have been making the mistake of disabling GPS to save your phone’s battery like I did, it will become very difficult for you to locate your device if it is lost.

You can enable your phone’s GPS by going to Settings>Location>Location on>High accuracy

  • Never turn off mobile data

Avoid turning off your phone’s data so that your phone can stay connected to the internet even when you are away from a Wi-Fi network. Your device needs an internet connection in order to report its location to Android Device Manager as well as various other tracking apps.

To turn on your mobile’s data, go to Settings>Wireless and Networks>Mobile Data>Turn on

  • Turn on Android Device Manager

Before you can use Android Device Manager, you have to enable it on your device and associate your device with your Google account. If more than one person uses a tablet, only the tablet owner can turn on Android Device Manager.

To enable Android Device Manager go to Google Settings>Security>Android Device Manager and turn on Remotely locate this device

  • Install an anti-theft app from Google Play

You never know when a thief is going to target your phone. It is better to install a reliable anti-theft app from Google Play such as Avast Anti-Theft or Lookout Security so that you can locate, remotely operate and recover your device if it gets stolen.


Here is how to recover your stolen Android phone

  • Android Device Manager

It is Google’s official mobile device recovery tool that you can easily access by logging in to Android Device Manager from your computer. By simply entering your Google account credentials, you can track your phone’s location, make it ring loudly, remotely lock and wipe data within 30 seconds of being connected to the internet.

  • Plan B

If you had not installed any tracking app before losing it, you can try locating your phone through Plan B. Just download it from Google Play on any other Android phone and you are good to go.

  • Go to cops

If all the above methods have failed to yield any results, you should go to the nearest police station and lodge a complaint. You will require your phone’s IMEI number and if you don’t already have it, check your lost phone’s box. Make sure that you report the theft quickly and once you do so get a copy of it.

  • Call your service operator

While police officers may or may not help in finding your mobile device since they are not obligated to do so, you can call your cellular network’s customer support for further assistance. Once you provide them with the copy of your police complaint, they will be able to locate your phone through IMEI number. You should also get your SIM card blocked to make sure that your mobile number is not used in criminal activities.

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NVIDIA deploys 2.2 update to Shield Tablet

Today, NVIDIA has come out with the software upgrade 2.2 for the Shield tablet.

Firstly, with the update, there is more support for streamed PC games, including Lego Harry Potter Years 5 to 7 and GRID 2. You can check out what games are added every week on #SHIELDTuesday.

Standby battery life has been improved, especially when the WiFi is turned on.

Charging performance has also been improved, and the device now supports more high performance chargers.

The UI is more responsive, and NVIDIA has made memory optimizations and a graphics corruption resolution to the Shield.

Lastly, the tablet supports SHIELD Hub 4.1, which includes GameStream multi-controller support.

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Catching Fire, digital ebook free on Google Play

The Hunger Games second book, Catching Fire is free right now in the Google Play store.  One of the most successful trilogies in history, has been watched and read by millions.  If you’re the type who thinks books are better than movies, and have not read the book yet,go get it in the Play Store. The book normally costs $12.99 and anyone with a Google account can download the book to read on your Android device.


Link – Google Play

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Verizon reportedly adding a $60 prepaid plan with 2.5GB of data on March 1st

Verizon logo

Verizon has never really been great at offering the most extensive line of prepaid plan options to its customers, but according to some of Phandroid’s inside sources, the company is set to unveil a new prepaid plan soon. Starting March 1st, Verizon is reportedly adding a new $60 smartphone prepaid plan that will get customers unlimited talk, text and 2.5GB of data per month. This new plan is in addition to the $45 prepaid plan that gets users only 1GB of data per month. While this new plan isn’t officially confirmed yet, take a look at the image below for more proof:


If you’re still using a basic phone plan, the post also notes that Verizon will retire their current $35 and $45 basic plans, and will replace them with one plan to (hopefully) satisfy everybody. The new plan will be $35, and will give users unlimited talk, text and 500MB of data per month. For comparison, the old (current) $35 plan only gives users 500 minutes of talk per month.

This news comes after Big Red quietly increased their $45/month prepaid data allotment to 1GB. Additionally, Verizon has made some changes to their postpaid lineup, as they recently discounted most More Everything plans by $10.

Now, these new changes aren’t particularly groundbreaking, but they should be nice changes for prepaid customers looking to score some extra data for cheap.


Google adds 12 additional countries to its list of supported Play Store Merchants


Google has today broadened the international availability of its Play Store Merchant accounts by adding 12 new countries to the mix. Developers in Bahrain, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Honduras, Jamaica, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Panama all now have the ability to apply for a Merchant account.

For those unaware, Merchant accounts are designed exclusively for developers to enable them to receive payment for premium apps through Google Play. Prior to today’s announcement, developers in the above twelve locations were only able to list apps for free.

So, if you’re a developer based in one of the newly-supported countries and want to register for one of these accounts — hit the source link below.

Source: Google

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Third HTC One (M9) wallpaper appears online


Earlier today, notorious leaker @LlabTooFeR released the second stock wallpaper from HTC’s upcoming flagship smartphone of 2015, the One (M9). However, it appears that’s old news already, as he just took to his Twitter profile to share yet another background.

Hit the break below to see the third image in all its glory.


Source: Twitter

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[Bug Report] DROID Turbo won’t ring when receiving calls and goes straight to voicemail


I know it’s hard to imagine, but some smartphone owners actually do make and receive phone calls with their devices. If you’re a DROID Turbo owner though, unfortunately you might find yourself waiting and waiting for that girl or boy to call you back.

Turns out there is some sort of bug that prevents the Turbo from ringing when receiving a call and it goes straight to voicemail. I stumbled up on this when a friend, who owns a Turbo, was asking if I knew of a way to fix it. It turns out that many other users are experiencing the same issue.

It seems to be software related since not everyone has the problem out of the box. For some, everything was fine for the first couple of months and then the problem arises, and for others, the problem started as soon as their first week with the phone. Verizon customer support can’t offer a solution other than blame Motorola and suggest a fix is coming.

If your DROID Turbo is experiencing the issue, here are some of the things that you can do to help alleviate the issue.

  1. Power off and Power back on – Everything will be fine after a reboot, but unfortunately not much more than a day, if that.
  2. Dial *73 to turn off Call Forwarding – I know you probably didn’t turn on Call Forwarding, but for some reason, it’s possible your Turbo either thinks it’s supposed to forward calls or the software is inadvertently putting it in Call Forward. Where it’s trying to Forward to, I have no idea. This fix is much like option (1) in that it’s likely to be a short-lived aspirin and you might find yourself dialing *73 several times a day.
  3. Replace your SIM card – One person that I know of tried this and things were okay for up to two weeks. Still not an absolute fix, but this might be better than powering off your phone and/or dialing *73 five times a day. Just head into your local Verizon store and ask for a replacement SIM and they should give it to you.
  4. Ask for a replacement device – Since this is either a software or hardware issue, this is likely not going to help. However, there are users that aren’t experiencing the issue so it might be a decent option. The only downside is that you might receive a refurbished unit instead of a shiny new one.

When Motorola and Verizon will fix this issue is anyone’s guess. We can only assume that it will happen with the Lollipop update, but I often wonder why carriers and manufacturers wait for so long to fix something so crucial as this? It’s possible that they still don’t know what’s causing it. Let’s hope the fix comes sooner rather than later.

If you’re a DROID Turbo owner, please let us know if you’re experiencing this issue or not. If so, have you found a better solution?

sources: Verizon Community (1) (2)

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Google could offer a Google+ extension called Tablescape soon, a place for sharing foodographs


I know many of you like taking pictures of your food and sharing them because I see them regularly on Twitter and Google+. If you’re one of those people, you will be happy to know that Google might soon offer something just for you called Tablescape. It’s a place for sharing foodographs.

It appears to be some sort of extension to Google+, similar to the Photos app. What I mean is that it would be a separate app on your mobile device, but it will actually be part of Google+ just like Photos is.


As you can see from the images, Tablescape looks a lot like Google+ so I am wondering how it will work. Will all food posts just automatically congregate to the Tablescape app? How is really different than just sharing a picture of your pork chops the current way on Google+?

I guess we will have to wait and see. In fact, we might never find out. It’s being tested right now among Googlers, but that doesn’t mean that it will ever get released.

source: Androide Libre
via: Android Police

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Possible pricing for LG Watch Urbane appears on retail site


The LG Watch Urbane, the all-metal, all-luxury big brother of the G Watch R, was announced earlier this week, but without pricing and availability details.

Today, a product page on appears to have some more information on the forthcoming smartwatch.

While an availability date is not yet announced, the site lists the Watch Urbane for $368.99 and is currently accepting pre-orders.

We’ll get you more on the device as a release date nears, but this is all that’s known for now.

Source 1: Mobile Fun 1 / Mobile Fun 2

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HTC’s vice president of product management hints at new Android update in March


We’ve seen some rumors on Android 5.1 already, and now we’re getting hints from Mo Versi, HTC’s vice president of product management, that the update is on its way.

After being prodded by a Twitter follower on when a bug in the Google Play Edition of the One M7 would be fixed, Versi responded by tweeting, “It’ll be tied to Google’s next MR, which is in March. Thanks.”

This could be hinting at the forthcoming Android 5.1, and it’s nice to have a bit more information from a more reliable source. Of course, the tweet’s content is open for debate and leaves room for interpretation, but this tidbit is what we’ve got to work with for now.

Source: @moversi

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