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Away from the television? Here’s how you can watch Super Bowl XLIX


This year’s Super Bowl will be televised by NBC and the broadcaster has about eleven hours of coverage planned on the day of the game. On NBC at 1:00pm EST, the broadcast network will air Super Bowl XLIX Pregame with kickoff at 6:30pm EST. Then, NBCSN will carry a lengthier NBCSN Sunday Sports Report once the game completes and the Lombardi Trophy is raised. Now, all of this is aired on television and more than 100 million people will tune-in; however, some either cannot be in front of the television or prefer other means of viewing.

Hit the break for alternate viewing options.


The go-to online viewing option for most is NBC Sports Live Extra. The service is available on the web and tablets. The NBC Sports Live Extra stream will begin an hour before the pregame show starts on NBC, so online viewers will have a bit of a jump. Worried about your television provider not being eligible or not having one at all? Breathe a sigh of relief. For the Super Bowl, NBC is waiving the requirement to sign in. By the way, I have had a pretty good experience streaming NBC Sports Live Extra on a tablet.


Things are very complicated for people seeking to watch the Super Bowl on their phones. The NFL Mobile app will stream the game, but only for Verizon customers that have the More Everything plan. Verizon customers without it can pay $5 per month for streaming access. Don’t worry, we’re confused by that decision too.


And, at the very least, you can Cast the NBC Sports Live Extra stream from your Chrome browser to a display with an HDMI port. Ideally, those with access to only a computer or Chromebook would do this. On the web and in its app, NBC Sports Live Extra does not have a dedicated Cast button. This option was almost required last year because FOX Sports Go did not (and still does not) have an app in the Play Store.

Not a fan of Katy Perry or Lenny Kravitz performing at half time? The alternative will be watching YouTube for its very own halftime show. Oh, and yes NBC has the rights to stream its halftime show online. For the 2012 game, NBC was not able to do so.

To recap, remember that NBC Sports Live Extra is for web and tablet viewers while the NFL Mobile app handles Verizon customers.

Who will win tomorrow — the New England Patriots or Seattle Seahawks? Lets us know in the comments!

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HTC to miss Android Lollipop 90-day deadline update for flagship devices

When Google announced Android 5.0 Lollipop everyone instantly began to wonder when their device would receive the next version of Android and more importantly how long the carrier or manufacturer would delay it while they applied their layer on the software. HTC were quick off the mark to promise that the update would be delivered to HTC devices within 90-days of Lollipop being released to the public.

However, Mo Versi of HTC has issued a statement via the HTC web site to let owners of carrier versions of the One M7 and One M8 know the update is not going to happen and indicates that HTC decided to opt for ensuring the “rollout is right” even if it means missing the target date.

For those with unlocked devices, you’ll still be getting Android Lollipop pretty soon, if you haven’t already gotten it, but unfortunately with HTC not having given a timeframe for carrier-locked devices to receive Lollipop, the future looks a bit bleak at the moment.

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Sony Entertainment Network is merging into the PlayStation Network

Sony is preparing to launch a new music streaming service called PlayStation Music in collaboration with Spotify that will drop in Spring 2015. Music Unlimited will be shutting down wherever its available by March 29, 2015 will be replaced by PlayStation Music.

As a final token of appreciation, Sony is giving 30-day free access to the currently active subscribers until the service comes to a halt beginning February 28, 2015. About the new PlayStation Music, the sign up process will indicate users to link their PlayStation ID with their existing Spotify account and will be available on PlayStation 3 & 4 as well as some Xperia mobile devices.

From the Sony PlayStation blog:

The new service will launch initially on PS4 and PS3, as well as Xperia smartphones and tablets. You’ll of course be able to listen to your favorite playlists – including existing playlists from current Spotify users as well as Spotify curated playlists – and enjoy the service on all of Spotify’s supported devices.

PlayStation Music featuring Spotify will be launching in 41 markets including U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil. In order to keep the symmetry alive, Sony’s Video Unlimited service is also being rebranded as PlayStation Video with no real tie ups or partners.

Source: Sony

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TheChive Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone apps have returned

A couple of weeks after the official Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone apps for TheChive were removed from their respective download stores, the app have quietly reappeared and are available once again.


Samsung Gear VR is to blame for the Galaxy Note 4 not having Android 5.0 Lollipop


Owners of the Galaxy Note 4 are probably wondering where the Android 5.0 Lollipop update is. The device is the newest to be released by Samsung and the software launched right around the same time as the Galaxy Note 4. Apparently, Oculus is to blame. The company behind Samsung’s Gear VR is busy adjusting the kernel specifically for the headset.

Source: @Faryaab

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How to watch the 2015 NFL Super Bowl XLIX for free on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Super Bowl XLIX kicks off on February 1, 2015 at 3:30pm PT, 6:30pm ET. If you don’t have tickets and aren’t there to watch it in person, the next best thing is to watch it on as large a TV set as you can find, with as many friends, beverages, and snacks as possible. If you can’t get home, to a friends, or to a sports bar, however, there are several ways you can watch on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac — or on your Apple TV via AirPlay. Thanks to rights and exclusivity agreements, it varies by region and even by carrier, but here are your options!

In the U.S.

The National Broadcast Company — NBC — will be streaming Super Bowl XLIX for free via their iPad app and website. For anyone with an iPad or Mac in America, or any Americans traveling but still on a U.S.-based VPN, those are your go-to game options.

  • Free for iPad – NBC Sports Live Extra app – Download now
  • Free for Mac – NBC Sports Live Extra site – Visit now

If you’re a Verizon customer, you can also stream Super Bowl XLIX via the NFL mobile app, provided you plan supports it. (And it wonder why we dislike you so much, carriers!)

  • Free with some Verizon plans – NFL Mobile — Download now

Outside the U.S.

If you’re not in America, you still have several options for getting access to Super Bowl XLIX. Not all of them, however, are free.

  • You can buy the NFL Gamepass.
  • If you’re in Canada, and have a cable subscription, you can watch via on your Mac.
  • If you’re in the U.K., you can watch via on your Mac or Sky Go on Mac or Sky Now for iOS.

If you know of other places and ways to watch, please add them in the comments!

Super Bowl commercials

If your favorite part of the game is the commercials that go between the plays, or if you live outside the U.S. and can’t get the blockbuster spots, you can catch up with them for free on YouTube.

How will you be watching the Super Bowl?

I’ll be watching the Super Bowl gathered around a TV or projector with friends, good drinks, terrible food, and a whole lot of fun. No matter where you are, let me know — where will you be watching and who will you be watching with?


Carriers just torpedoed their strongest argument against net neutrality

Federal Communications Commission Proposes New Open Internet Rules TimeDotCom

Several months ago, AT&T threatened the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that they were thinking of withdrawing from the upcoming spectrum auction if the FCC imposed rules that didn’t allow carriers like AT&T to purchase and hoard significant chunks of spectrum. According to AT&T, these restrictions “might” not allow them to purchase enough spectrum to make the investment worthwhile.

As AT&T has warned us on multiple occasions the last few months, the issues of net neutrality and Title II classification were going to “lead companies to stop investing in new network capacity.”

Additionally, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo has made it a point to tell everyone that classifying broadband access under Title II would be “an extreme and risky path that will jeopardize our investment and the development of innovation in broadband Internet and related services.”

So, let’s see how correct both AT&T and Verizon were when it came to the recent spectrum auction:

The FCC’s AWS-3 auction really brought in the cash… After 341 rounds of bidding closed yesterday, the total price tag apparently came to $44.899B, nearly four and a half times the reserve price and twice what observers had been expecting. – TelecomRamblings

The auction was the first major sale of spectrum by the FCC in over six years.

  • AT&T spent $18.2 billion for 251 licenses
  • Verizon spent $10.4 billion for 181 licenses
  • T-Mobile US spent $1.8 billion for 151 licenses
  • Sprint didn’t participate


So, essentially, AT&T and Verizon are full of it whenever they complain to the FCC about net neutrality and it’s effect on network investment. In fact, as the Wall Street Journal notes, AT&T paid the most for a single license by spending $2.8 billion for one license in New York City.

The bottom line is that there is no reason that these companies will stop investing in network expansions. Net neutrality has proved no deterrent to network investment.


MacIT conference puts out call for speakers

Out of the ashes of Macworld Expo rises MacIT, which is set to happen this July in Santa Clara, Calif. MacIT has actually been part of the Macworld Expo conference curriculum for the last several years, but now it’s getting a chance to shine on its own. If you’re interested in presenting at the event, the show’s organizers have recently posted a call for speakers that you might want to heed.

MacIT is the world’s premiere event for “Deploying Apple in the Enterprise” focused on helping Fortune 1000, Global 50, and Higher Education and Governmental organizations find success with the emerging issues of putting iOS and OS X tools to work in their organizations. The goal for MacIT speakers is to help organization’s solve their most pressing problems and position their IT group for the challenges of tomorrow, with the content they deliver.

Speakers in the MacIT Conference should focus their proposals on the new challenges that iOS and OS X deployments present. Content should be unique to the MacIT audience, not refurbished from other events people have spoken at.

Past MacIT events have featured sessions on encryption, deployment of iOS and OS X technologies, DNS, e-mail, automation, App Store license management and more. You can view some sessions on YouTube.

The deadline for submitting speaker proposals is February 27, 2015. MacIT takes place from July 14-16 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Source: MacIT


TeamViewer and Opera Mini latest apps to go unpublished on Windows Phone

Call it a trend or just many coincidences, but two more apps appear to have been removed from the Windows Phone Store over the last few weeks.

The traditional PC and Mac remote viewing app TeamViewer and Opera Mini, an alternative web browser, are both no longer available to users.

TeamViewer is the odd one as they had a big re-launch of their version 10 software back in November. The company appeared to be quite eager to support Windows and Windows Phone, which makes their app removal quite odd.


HTC’s Lollipop update won’t reach every One phone on time

HTC One M8 in gold

HTC hasn’t always had success upgrading One users to the latest version of Android within its promised 90-day window, and history is unfortunately repeating itself with Android 5.0 Lollipop on the way. The phone maker is now warning that “some carrier versions” of the One M8 and M7 won’t get Lollipop by the expected February 1st deadline. Reportedly, Google’s rush to fix Lollipop (which emerged, shall we say, less than polished) gave HTC little time to both finish its own update and put it through the usual provider testing routine.

You might not see the update all that soon, either. In the US, it still hasn’t reached the certification stage with the big four carriers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon). At least some UK users report seeing the new software, but there’s no handy chart to detail progress. As you might guess, the only surefire way to get Lollipop right now is to own a One M8 developer edition, Google Play Edition or unlocked model — otherwise, you might have to make-do with last year’s software for a while longer.

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