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February 21, 2015

Samsung Teases Front Stereo Speakers

by John_A


Samsung’s Norwegian site has posted some rumors that have been floating around the web about the much-awaited  Samsung Galaxy S6. The rumors have to do with the build design, from dual front-facing speakers (a la HTC One), metal body (a la HTC One), and a curved screen (a la Galaxy Note Edge).

While most of these rumors are most likely false, it is still worth thinking about and maybe getting excited over. As an HTC One user, one of the most beneficial design features on the device is the front-facing speaker. The ability to watch a video or play a game and actually hear it loud and clear is a fantastic part of the user experience. The metal body is most likely a design premium that may shrink the profit margin for Samsung this year, and may sacrifice some security against drops for looks. Lastly, the curved screen is most likely not going to happen due to it being a niche feature at this point in the tech world, but an optional Edge model would be a very neat addition to Samsung’s already enormous product line.

What do you think about the rumors? Are you anxiously awaiting March 1st? Leave a comment below and let us know about your plans in regards to the Galaxy S6.

Source: Samsung

Via: Sammobile

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