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February 20, 2015

Virgin’s small-cell networks to improve 4G coverage in the UK’s biggest cities

by John_A

The UK government has been pretty vocal about carriers needing to improve network coverage in rural areas, but that’s not to say everything’s hunky-dory in some of the UK’s biggest cities. That’s why Virgin Media Business — the part of Branson’s empire that deals with broadband infrastructure and the like — is combining its fibre network with wireless expert Arqiva’s knowhow to improve 4G coverage in cities including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Bradford and Southampton. To do this, the pair will install small-cell technology (which, incidentally, EE is using to bring coverage to underserved rural regions) in “street assets” such as lampposts and CCTV cameras. These mini-masts will increase network capacity and improve 4G coverage in areas where buildings can get in the way of the signal. When the small-cell systems are up and running, the idea is carriers will pay Virgin and Arqiva to access them. That should be an easy sell, however, since they can immediately improve 4G services for their customers, no new infrastructure investment required.

[Image credit: EE]

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Via: ISPreview

Source: Virgin Media Business

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