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Bubble Mania Valentine’s Day offers 300 levels of cute and colorful bobble popping


Just in time for the annual holiday for sweethearts and crushes comes another surefire hit from the gang over at TeamLava Games. Themed around the fast-approaching holiday, Bubble Mania Valentine’s Day is shooting up the charts, racking up the downloads. Why is this one trending? Spend a few minutes with it and you’ll see why.

They say:

Love is in the air, and the Bubble Wizard LOVES kidnapping babies in bubbles! Foil that watery warlock’s antisocial scheme and have some affectionate fun in Bubble Mania Valentine’s Day! The best bubble shooting puzzle adventure game! Defeat the Evil Bubble Wizard and rescue baby critters! Shoot bubbles and match 3 or more to pop and drop your way to victory!

  • Sweet NEW ISLAND with fun and flowery puzzles!
  • VALENTINE’S DAY ART sets a lovely matching mood!

We say:

Although this one is themed around Valentine’s Day we can see ourselves playing well into the year. High replay value comes in the ever-popular three star rating system; tons of cute, clever, and colorful animations keep the game moving right along.

What starts out as a familiar take on bubble popping becomes increasingly more difficult and yet, somehow, more fun along the way. Power-up, boosts, and rewards allow for you to go back through old levels and rack up new top scores.

If you’ve ever played Restaurant Story, Pet Shop Story, Fruit Splash Mania, or Cupcake Mania then you know what sort of quality you’re in for.

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How to fix a blown loud speaker in an iPhone 5c

If the loud speaker in your iPhone 5c is not working, producing distorted sound, or cutting in and out, it is more than likely blown. If you’re out of warranty, a DIY iPhone repair for this particular problem is relatively simple. It’ll take you less than 45 minutes once you have the parts in your hands and will cost a fraction of the price of a new iPhone. And if you need help, that’s what we’re here for. We’ll show you where to get the parts and tools you need, and how to replace a blown loud speaker all on your own!

What you need to replace an iPhone 5c loud speaker

You’ll need some tools and parts in order to repair your iPhone 5c. If you’re in the United States or Canada, we highly recommend checking out eTech Parts as we’ve had lots of good experiences with them and know their customer service is out of this world. All the links below will route you to the direct item you need on eTech’s site.

  • Replacement loud speaker – Buy now
  • Suction cup – Buy now
  • 5-point security screwdriver – Buy now
  • Standard #000 Phillips screwdriver – Buy now
  • Spudger tool – Buy now
  • Razor blade – Buy Now
  • iSesamo Opening tool (not necessary but awesome for prying up cables and getting under adhesive) – Buy Now

1. Power off your iPhone 5c

Before performing any repair on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch you should always remember to power it off. Simply hold down on the Power button until you see Slide to Power off. One you’re sure your iPhone is turned off, proceed to the next section.

2. Remove the two security screws on both sides of the dock connector

There are two security screws that secure the screen to the frame and they sit on each side of the dock connector. Use your 5-point security screwdriver to remove them. They are both the same size so it’s okay if you mix them up.

3. Remove the display assembly

  1. Place your suction cup slightly above the Home button assembly and secure it to the screen.
  2. Holding the iPhone in place with one hand, gently pull upwards on the suction cup until you free the bottom of the screen. You should now be able to use your fingers to slowly raise up the screen and expose where the front assembly is connected to the logic board.
  3. Remove the four screws holding down the shield that covers the display cables. To do this, use your #000 screwdriver. These screws are different sizes so make sure you keep them organized in a way you can remember for re-assembly.
  4. Once all four screws are removed, carefully remove the shield and set it aside.
  5. Now use your spudger tool in order to remove the three cables shown in the image below.
  6. The display assembly should now be free from the body of the phone. Go ahead and set the display assembly aside.

4. Disconnect the battery

We don’t need to completely remove the battery for this repair but it’s always a good idea to disconnect the battery before removing and replacing internal components in order to prevent a short from occurring.

  1. Remove the two screws holding down the battery cable using your #000 Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Gently lift the battery shield out of your iPhone 5c and carefully set it aside.
  3. Use your spudger tool to carefully pry up the battery cable.
  4. That’s it. We don’t need to go any further. Just remember to keep track of the shield and what order the two screws came out.

5. Replace the blown loud speaker

Some of the images below show the battery and logic board completely removed. You do not need to remove these components for this particular repair. Just simply follow the steps below.

  1. Carefully peel up the adhesive shown in the photo below using your pry tool or iSesamo opening tool taking care not to tear it. This cable works in conjunction with your home button. It does not come completely out. You only want it to be detached from the speaker enclosure.
  2. Now remove the three screws shown in the photo below using your #000 Phillips screwdriver.
  3. The speaker enclosure can now be lifted out of your iPhone 5c. Just take care not to snag the dock or logic board when lifting it out.
  4. Notice that there is an adhesive contact on the speaker housing itself. If you order a replacement from the parts I’ve linked above, the new one comes with this in tact. If you ordered elsewhere, you’ll need to check and make sure this is in place. If it isn’t, you’ll need to peel it off the old enclosure and place it on the new one, or the speaker will not function properly.
  5. Replace the loud speaker with the new one and replace the three screws you removed earlier, taking care to put them in the right order.
  6. Replace the adhesive bit that goes to the Home button making sure it secures to the new speaker enclosure. You can use a tiny bit of double sided tape cut down if you need to.

6. Re-connect the battery

  1. Re-connect the battery cable that you pried up earlier.
  2. Replace the battery cable shield.
  3. Replace the two screws holding the battery cable down using your #000 Phillips screwdriver.

7. Re-connect the display assembly

  1. Carefully reconnect the three cables running from the display assembly to the logic board.
  2. Reposition the metal shield that sits over the three cables and replace the four screws that hold it in place, remembering where each one came from — they are all different sizes.
  3. Line up the top of the screen carefully and make note of the teeth that line up to the top of your iPhone 5c’s frame. Once the top of the display is lined up, carefully snap down the remainder by moving your fingers along the edge.

8. Replace the security screws on each side of the dock connector

Once you are confident that the display is seated correctly again, use your security screwdriver in order to replace the two screws on either side of the dock connector.

9. Test the new loud speaker

Once you’ve turned your iPhone 5c back on, it’s time to test the speaker enclosure. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Play some music and make sure it sounds the way it should
  • Place a call and test toggling between the earpiece and speakerphone
  • Have someone call you to ensure your iPhone 5c rings correctly
  • Test system sounds in the Settings app
  • Plug in some headphones and make sure sound transfers between the two correctly

If all of the above checked out okay, you’re loud speaker is good to go again!

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Xbox One tackling spammers with March system update

While the February Xbox One update has just rolled out to consoles around the world, we’re already hearing news on what’s set to be included in the March update. Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra has made some comments on Twitter regarding the ever increasing Xbox Live messages spam many are experiencing and what’s being done about it.


Corning’s new glass will approach sapphire in scratch resistance

Corning_Gorilla Glass

As phone makers look for ways to make their devices stand out in the crowd, sapphire shapes up to be the next big thing for protecting our precious devices from accidents and scratches. Of course, Corning, maker of the omnipresent Gorilla Glass, begs to disagree.

To counter the rise of sapphire, Corning is working on a new variety of glass that is very hard to shatter and approaches sapphire in terms of resistance to scratches.

“We told you last year that sapphire was great for scratch performance but didn’t fare well when dropped. So, we created a product that offers the same superior damage resistance and drop performance of Gorilla Glass 4 with scratch resistance that approaches sapphire,” said a company executive at a recent Corning’s investor meeting. The new type of glass is known for now as Project Phire.

Corning gave little details about Project Phire other than to say that it would become available later this year. It’s not clear whether the new glass will be marketed as Gorilla Glass 5 or will be a distinct product line. Corning will definitely need to generate excitement around Phire in order to compete with sapphire, which has become a genuine buzzword in 2014. Another important aspect will be price, though the high costs of sapphire give Corning room to go upscale.

Also known as corundum, synthetic sapphire (like the naturally occurring gem) is extremely resistant to scratches and abrasions. Diamond and moissanite (silicon carbide) are the only naturally occurring minerals that are stronger than sapphire, which has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale.

While extremely hard, sapphire is prone to shattering, and it’s also expensive to manufacture, even though prices have been going down over the past years. Even with these drawbacks, phone makers have shown interest in the material. Apple famously invested hundreds of millions in a joint sapphire manufacturing venture that ultimately failed, and sapphire has been used on a handful of niche Android devices like the Kyocera Brigadier or the Magical Mirror X5 from Taiwanese company Desay.

If Corning manages to marry the shock resistance of Gorilla with the sheer hardness of sapphire, it could have a winner. With that said, unbreakable screens remain a dream for now, though design trends favoring anorexic profiles are partly to blame for that – while Gorilla glass becomes stronger with each generation, manufacturers prefer to use ever thinner sheets, keeping overall resistance the same.


Project Spartan browser images emerge from leaked Windows 10 build

We’ve seen plenty of images leak out this past week of Windows 10 for phones, but the same source has also now released a host of images of Microsoft’s all new Project Spartan web browser. Reportedly taken from build 10009 of the Windows 10 Technical Preview, they give us our first proper look outside of a Microsoft event at Spartan.


[GUIDE] How to set up Smart Lock on the LG G3

Android Lollipop has brought in a whole raft of neat new features, one of which I find extremely useful on a day-to-day basis: Smart Lock. Smart Lock allows you to unlock your device when an approved (or “trusted”) Bluetooth device or NFC tag is near, a combo that is particularly suited to smartwatch and smartphone […]

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T-Mobile Lollipop OTA for HTC One M8 landing on Feb. 9


We are officially in full swing for OTA updates of Android 5.x Lollipop for a number of flagship devices. Last week was post after post of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 receiving the update, and now we get to inform you that the T-Mobile branded HTC One (M8) will start receiving the update this coming Monday, February 9th.

The news comes via a quick tweet from Mo, who says that T-Mobile has received the required Technical Approval for the update. While this does not offer a specific game plan or roll out schedule, the exact words “OTA to start on Monday” are still magic to the ears of those HTC One (M8) owners that have been holding their breath waiting for their shot at Lollipop.

Lollipop statue Android Google

As with the other carriers and unlocked editions, your HTC One (M8) will run Sense 6 along with the Material Design goodness of Android 5.0 Lollipop.

The update has taken a little longer than HTC’s promised 90 days from official Lollipop release to reach handsets. Now that it is arriving, you’ll at least have a few weeks to play with it before you get to decide if you’ll keep it, or upgrade hardware to the anticipated new HTC One (M9).

What aspect of Android Lollipop are you most looking forward to on your T-Mobile HTC One (M8)?



Researchers say treadmill desks make you smarter

Every week, a group of scientists publish a study that arrives at a ker-azy, headline-grabbing conclusion. Unfortunately, it’s easy to just report on these studies as if they were handed down as truth by St. Albert, the patron saint of scientists. That’s why we should take this Canadian study, published in Computers in Human Behavior, with an obligatory pinch of salt. According to its conclusions, you see, people who work at a treadmill desk aren’t only healthier, but are also significantly smarter.

The test involved 18 students from the Montreal area, of which 9 were asked to read some text and answer dummy emails sat down, while the remainder did the same while using a treadmill desk. After a 10 minute break, the participants were then wired up to an EEG machine and asked true-or-false questions about the text and emails that they were meant to be reading.

The researchers found that the treadmill desk group were 34.9 percent more likely to answer a question correctly than the sitting counterparts. The walkers also believed themselves to be paying more attention to their work, and the EEGs demonstrated that the group was showing more signs of attentiveness and better memory retention compared to their static comrades.

But does this study tell us anything about our own working environments? As you know, this Engadget editor has waxed lyrical about the benefits of standing desks before, and we’ve covered the topic pretty extensively. The physical health benefits are clear, but we’re not sure you could take a copy of this study to your boss to demand they fork out the $1,000 just to improve your brain performance by a third. After all, that’s why there’s a free coffee machine out in the hall.

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Source: Computers in Human Behavior


Oh snap: Motorola chief suggests Samsung, like Nokia and Blackberry, will fade away in the future

In case you haven’t heard, Motorola has had a great quarter. While it hasn’t yet translated to profit for its now-parent company Lenovo, it’s innovation and growth is almost back to Motorola’s heyday, and people are starting to take notice. But with the rise of multiple manufacturers, including Motorola, there has to be someone who […]

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Corning working on even more durable damage-resistant glass

corning-gorilla-glassCorning has announced that they plan on bringing a new type of scratch and damage resistant glass to market later this year, improving on the extremely durable but slightly scratch-prone Gorilla Glass 4. This new glass, called Project Phire, combines the durability of Gorilla Glass with the scratch resistance of sapphire, which should theoretically make for some of the most rugged smartphone displays we’ve seen yet.

Corning didn’t give out much else as far as details go, but you can expect this new glass to be used pretty heavily in the smartphone market. Currently, Corning supplies glass to tons of major manufacturers, including Apple and Samsung, and they have a pretty strong presence in the growing smartwatch segment of the market, too.

Are you excited for a more durable glass to start being used in smartphones?

source: Cnet

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