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December 16, 2015

[TA Deals] Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle is 97% off for only two more days!

by John_A


Are you looking to start a new career as web developer? Take web development up as a hobby? Then look no further! Our store, Talk Android Deals, is selling the Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle for just $29, a 97% discount. It’ll teach you everything you need to know about JavaScript and then some. If you’re looking to truly jump start web development as a career or hobby, the Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle’s 15 courses will give you a head start on the competition!

Here’s what you get with the Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle:

  • Dive into 15 courses on JavaScript & beyond
  • Learn how to build impressive applications w/Angular
  • Combine the Bootstrap framework w/ Angular to create elegant websites
  • Enhance Angular applications w/ Angular directives by adding functionality to your HTML
  • Explore unique JavaScript libraries such as D3.js to generate incredible visualizations
  • Improve the performance & efficiency of JavaScript code
  • Create reusable, agile workflows w/ Grunt
  • Develop mobile apps w/ Angular & Ionic which look and feel like native apps

The Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle normally retails for a whopping $1080. While it seems like a steep price, there’s a lot more content in here than your regular college course. But, for just two more days, we’re selling the coding bundle at 97% off, bringing the final price down to just $29, delivered digitally.

You definitely don’t want to miss out on this deal. It will truly change your life by teaching your marketable skills that are not only in high demand, but skills you can sell to an employer or client as well.

[Talk Android Deals]

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