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[TA Deals] Save 86% on a lifetime subscription to VPNSecure

vpn secure

If you’re in the market for a VPN, you can secure a lifetime subscription to SecureVPN at 86% off its list price. This VPN offers a ton of useful features, including encrypted network traffic, unlimited bandwidth, and support for up to five devices at a time.

On the privacy side of things, SecureVPN also doesn’t keep any logs of your activity and does an excellent job of hiding your IP address and location.

While a lifetime sub for SecureVPN would typically cost $450, this deal offers the service for just $59. That’s a full 86% off, and you’ll never have to worry about recurring fees or anything expiring.

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Google announces 9 new Android Wear watch faces from iconic designers

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Google’s blog has announced 9 new Android Wear watches faces that have hit the scene from some iconic designers. Some you may know, others you may never have heard of. Don’t beat yourself up, I have never heard of any of them. Apparently they are all a big deal though. Regardless of your knowledge base in the designer world, we are gaining access to 9 new watch faces that are designed by names that mean something in some circles and they all free to pick up through the Play Store today.  Some are classy, some are colorful and some are fun. Most offer choices in their settings from the print choice in the Ted Baker to the rock walls from Melissa Joy Manning.

Android Wear

  • Ted Baker: Reveal your sophisticated side with ten gorgeous designs.
  • Melissa Joy Manning: Rock a different birthstone for every month of the year.
  • Vivienne Tam: Watch Opera Girl twirl, take a selfie, and more.
  • Nicole Miller: Stay on track and in style with Nicole Miller’s pop art.
  • Y-3: Sport the styles of Yohji Yamamoto, inspired by the beauty of human movement.
  • Mango: Add instant chic to any outfit with this ready-to-wear watch face.
  • Zoe Jordan: Free your time of clutter with the clean lines of modern design.
  • Harajuku Kawaii!: Express your playful side with this adorable and vibrant watch face.
  • ASICS: Motivate yourself to stay active with the help of your fitness buddy.

Direct yourself to the Play Store for all the new listings and give a couple of them a shot. There might be something in there that scream “THIS IS ME 100%!”.

Play Store link

Source: Google


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Google’s Now on Tap gets more helpful for the holidays

With Android Marshmallow, Google debuted a super useful feature called Now on Tap – an efficient way to ping a search from any screen. It enhances the power of the search giant and gets us to the information we need that much quicker.

As it typically goes with new features, there’s lots of room for improvement. With the holidays in full swing, Google made a couple updates to Now on Tap to make it a valuable assistant during this busy time.

For instance, if we’re traveling or picking up a family member who is, we can simply toggle Now on Tap to quickly ping the flight status.


Or we can quickly check the status of gifts we’ve ordered. From the package’s confirmation email, you can toggle Now on Tap to get the tracking details.

The great thing about Now on Tap is that it overlays the search information on top of the app you’re currently using. Just dismiss the results to go back to what you were doing.


Google says it’s adding in a Share button to the results “over the coming days”. Also, the following language packages are available with Now on Tap: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Korean. Of course, more languages and features will be added later.

Source: Google Blogspot

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Spotify will reveal your ‘Star Wars’ soul mate

With three days to go before the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Spotify has become the latest company to piggyback on the marketing bandwagon. The streaming service is giving users the chance to see which character, new or old, has the same taste in music as you. All you need to do is visit the stand-alone website “Spotify Star Wars,” log in, sit back and hope for the best. The site analyzes listening data and assigns you a character based on your most visited artists. The character-match algorithm is a little nonsensical, though. For example, if you’re into teen pop, you’re paired with Luke Skywalker, or if neo soul is your thing, Padme Amidala is your girl. The parallels are difficult to predict.

Not surprisingly, Spotify isn’t the first service to offer Star Wars themed marketing tie-ins. Just weeks ago, Google teamed up with Disney, allowing you to side with the light or dark side of the force. Once you select your allegiance, the site changed all of your Google services, from Maps to YouTube status bars, in order to reflect your Jedi choices. Regarding Star Wars’ latest takeover of Spotify, five dollars says if you like electronic music, you’re getting a droid.

Source: Spotify


Facebook helps you find highly-rated local businesses

Facebook is putting those business ratings you’ve been entering on its Pages to work. With a new Professional Services portal, the social network lets you search for the highest-rated businesses if your area in a variety of categories. When you need to find a contractor, plumber, doctor, event planner, mechanic or dog groomer (just to name a few), the new Facebook page is ready to help.

By offering this new search tool, Facebook is taking on the likes of Angie’s List, Yelp and others that also compile user ratings and feedback for local businesses and services. Selecting one of the categories will display businesses in order of their rating (out of 5 stars) along with a snippet of a customer review. There’s also a map on the results page, so you can see exactly what part of town each option is located. Under the map, you’re also given a list of nearby cities, in case you can’t find a solid choice where you live.

Additionally, there are more than just the few categories you’re presented with on the main page. Once inside, the search tool can be used to find restaurants, bars and more — not just a range of professional services. And as you might expect, the results list pulls in details from Pages like websites, contact info, hours of operation and more. If you want to give it a shot, the directory is ready to accept your queries.

Via: Search Engine Land, TechCrunch

Source: Facebook


Outlook for iOS now supports 3D Touch

Microsoft’s Outlook for iOS has quickly become one of the platform’s best options for managing your inbox, and today it got a handy new feature: 3D Touch support. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users can now press on the home screen icon to reveal options for quickly sending an email, adding an event to your calendar, or jumping straight into your calendar view. It doesn’t seem that any 3D Touch gestures have been added anywhere else in the app, though — you’re limited to these quick actions from the home screen.

In a decidedly less useful nod to the classic days of offices gone by, Microsoft has also gone ahead and made it easy to print emails and full conversation threads directly from the message view. The days when it made sense to print emails have long since passed, but if you’re someone who really still needs to deal with dead paper, the feature is there waiting for you. Just make sure you consider the environment before hitting print.

Via: Microsoft News

Source: iTunes Store


ConnectSense Review: The Smart Outlet Offers Two HomeKit-Enabled Sockets and a USB Port

Now that HomeKit’s been available for several months, more and more HomeKit-enabled products are popping up. When HomeKit first launched in June, there was only one smart plug available (the Elgato Eve), but now there are a handful to choose from. ConnectSense is the latest company to develop a HomeKit-enabled plug, debuting its Smart Outlet in October.

I went hands-on with the new ConnectSense Smart Outlet to see how it measures up to similar HomeKit products that are available for purchase.


Unlike the other intelligent HomeKit-compatible plugs on the market, the Smart Outlet from ConnectSense combines two outlets in one simple device, with an additional USB charging port for charging an iPhone or iPad. To connect to the iPhone and other HomeKit devices, the Smart Outlet uses Wi-Fi and connects to a home Wi-Fi network.

The Smart Outlet plugs into any traditional outlet in the home, fitting into either the bottom or the top socket. Plugged into the top socket, it fits neatly over an in-the-wall outlet, and while it sticks out about an inch, it’s largely unobtrusive thanks to a simple design. It can also be plugged into the bottom socket of a standard wall socket, but its shape does not allow it to leave the top socket free for use, so there’s no real reason to use it that way.

Made of a smooth white plastic with curved edges, the Smart Outlet has an attractive no-frills design and a decent build quality, but I’m not entirely sure it feels like an $80 product.

Each socket in the Smart Outlet is treated as an individual HomeKit product, so devices plugged into the Outlet can be controlled separately. On the left side, there’s also a USB port for charging iPads and iPhones, but this port can’t be controlled via Siri or through the app.

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Google Now on Tap gets new features, now supports French, Spanish and four other languages

Google Now on Tap review

Google Now on Tap hasn’t taken the world by storm the way some of us had anticipated, but new features may make it more compelling over time.

Just in time for the holiday rush, Google is adding functionality to Now on Tap and support for six new languages.

If you receive a text message with a flight number, you can now long press the home button to get flight information, like arrival time or any delays. The same works for parcel numbers, potentially saving you some time and a few clicks.

Google Now on Tap reviewSee also: Google Now on Tap quick look8

Now on Tap also gained the ability to show news articles for certain terms. Google offered as an example Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau and fighter Ronda Rousey. Simply hold down the button and Now on Tap will give you a few related news and the option to do a full news search.

Google launched Now on Tap for English users only, but that changes today. Users that set their devices to French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian or Korean can now enjoy Google Now on Tap.

Google’s blog post on the new feature also mentions the addition of the handy screen share button on the Now on Tap bar that we’ve first seen last week.


Deal: Striiv Fusion can track your activity and display notifications for only $53.99


There’s plenty of wearables and activity trackers out there, but very few of them can strike a balance between functionality, build quality and price. If they are not too basic, they are expensive, or they are ugly. Looking for the right activity tracker? Lucky for you, the AA Deals Store currently has an offer on a great wearable.

The Striiv Fusion is usually priced at $100, but right now you can grab it for only $53.99. And you are not getting some cheap product here; this is actually a rather cool activity tracker.


Aside from offering 3 extra bands in multiple colors, the Striiv Fusion happens to look great with its minimalist design. But don’t mistake its simplicity for incompetence. This thing can track your steps, calories burned, distance traveled and active minutes. It even continues working while you replenish that energy by measuring your quality and amount of sleep. And when it’s time to wake up it will alert you with vibrations.

But the best part is that the Striiv Fusion also has a smart touch to it. The display can showcase notifications, including text messages, emails, incoming calls, weather and more.

Buy the Striiv Fusion from the AA Deals Store


Gold Nexus 6P Special Edition selling on eBay for $2000

When the Gold colored Nexus 6P Special Edition finally landed in Japan on the 12th, it immediately sold out. Within 24 hours however, it was back in stock and has been readily available for anyone interested here to purchase at their leisure. In our piece, it was suggested, in an almost comedic fashion, that keen sellers on eBay might seek to charge $2000 for the elusive product. It seems that amusing musing has actually become a right reality:

eBay Nexus 6P Gold
Hong Kong based seller, bq_store is offering the Nexus 6P Special Edition for $1999.99 with free international shipping. Curiously the actual wording “Special Edition” is nowhere to be seen on the listing itself, thus it’s unclear as to if it is in fact, the Japanese variant, or if the Gold color is also being released in Hong Kong. More than likely, it is the former of the two possibilities.

Gold colored devices, for reference, are often highly sought after in Asia, especially China. While the West often views the color option as tacky or superfluous, clearly customers in other parts of the world have a very different opinion. There are two separate auctions currently running by the seller, each with 2 devices in stock bringing the cumulative total to just 4.

Nexus 6P Special Edition in stock

It is unclear just why $2000 was selected as the purchase price, however a quick perusal through bq_shop’s other listings reveal that other hard to find items are of similar list prices, including the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 LTE listed at $1,963.99. Indeed in the past the seller has also set this ball-park figure when listing other items that have not been widely released and thus he has an almost “exclusive” offering.

The question is, are you willing to pay that much? Chances are that within the next few days or weeks, sellers in Japan will begin to offer the phone as well, presumably for a somewhat more “reasonable” price. But perhaps it doesn’t even matter anymore, as Google now lists the Nexus 6P in Gold on its American store front, which has prompted speculation that the color will soon become a fourth option and thus not “special” in the slightest.

nexus 6p review 2 aa (28 of 30)

On that final note, it’s worth pointing out that just because the color is now listed does not necessarily indicate it will be released. Japan to this day has never received the Sand colored Nexus 9 yet the color option has been listed on the Google Store Japan product page from very early on. With the 6P however, it was added later thus there might indeed be something to hope for.

So, what do you think? Would you be willing to part with a giant wad of cash for the ability to purchase the Nexus 6P in Gold?

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