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Slow data connection? Chrome has your back

A slow data connection still plagues us from time to time. Sometimes it seems like in those instances we critically need information, that’s when we happen to be in a weak signal area – leaving us to waste our precious time sitting and waiting.

Well, Google found a way to alleviate those frustrating situations. Images on webpages are often the culprit in the bulk data retrieval that occurs when loading a page, whether we want to see them or not. Therefore, Google is adding an option in the mobile Chrome browser called Data Saver mode.

The idea behind Data Saver is pretty simple. With the option enabled, Chrome will scan the speed of your data connection. If it’s slow, Chrome won’t load any images in your web browsing. If you want to override it, there will be a “Load Images” button on the bottom of the webpage.

After the page has loaded, you can tap to show all images or just the individual ones you want, making the web faster and cheaper to access on slow connections.



Google says that the feature will be first available to Chrome users in India and Indonesia, but will roll-out to “additional countries in the coming months.” Does Data Saver mode sound like something you’ll really benefit from?

Source: Google Blogspot

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AT&T and Samsung up the ante with a 64GB Galaxy S6 Active

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active might not be the most beautiful of devices in the world, but it certainly gives active users a lot more peace of mind then the all glass devices that Samsung has put out this last year. The Active line is one of the few remaining carrier exclusive devices on the market with AT&T holding the device line. I am not sure it would be all that popular on other networks, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt the slumping sales of Samsung to expand the water-resistant powerhouse. The downside of the S6 Active, at least in my eyes, was that Samsung and AT&T only offered it with one storage option, 32GB. While that is more than enough for most, those of us who utilize our devices actively in the middle of no where for photos, videos and movies, are left a bit short on space. It looks like a new storage option is making its way to the public though with a 64GB variant that has appeared on AT&T’s website.

Galaxy S6 Active 64GB

Price wise you are looking at $299 on a new 2-year contract, but those are dead really. On NEXT 24 expect $23.17 per month, NEXT 18 at $28.96 per month and NEXT 12 at $34.75 per month. Opting for the NEXT with down payment you will pay $209.00 up front and $17.36 per month. That all equates to a grand total of $694.99 for the 64GB version which is $100 more than its 32GB little brother. Additionally it appears that all three colors, White, Grey and Blue will be produced.

Source: AT&T Via AndroidAuthority

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House of Marley launches new REBEL Bluetooth headphones, get them now for $69

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The House of Marley have added a new set of Bluetooth headphones to their ever-growing line of products today with the REBEL’s.  The REBEL line takes all the signature sound of the Roar wired line of headsets and makes them wireless. The affordable REBEL features housings made of blended materials based on bio-mass and eco-plastics to ensure a balance of durability and environmental sustainability. All of which are part of the House of Marley’s company values. They pack in a rechargeable lithium-ion battery rated for 8 hours of continuous playback, wireless controller to switch songs, integrated mic to take calls and use voice commands, removeable in-line mic cable and Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP stereo audio. The 40mm moving coil drivers deliver 15Hz – 22kHz frequency response for clear, long listening sound.

“We took the essentials of our Roar wired headphones and gave them a lift with Bluetooth convenience to create REBEL,” said Sam Vanderveer, senior vice president and general manager of House of Marley. “We wanted to make a headset that is affordable and still deliver the quality and sustainable craftsmanship our audiences have come to expect from House of Marley. REBEL BT embodies both these qualities—and does it with style. We’re very proud to introduce this headset.”

The ear pads are Luxe padding and the Regrind silicone rubber headband helps keep these new headphones comfortably on your dome.

The new REBEL BT line is available for purchase today for a very affordable $69.00 and come in Black, Grey or Navy. Personally, the Grey looks the best to me. Check them out at House of Marley and grab a pair or two for the holidays.

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Lenovo’s ThinkPad P40 Yoga is a hybrid PC with pro-level power

Lenovo’s existing ThinkPad Yoga hybrids have some power, but they’re probably not your first choice for heavy-duty graphics work when they’re saddled with integrated video. Thankfully, you now have a beefier option: Lenovo is introducing the ThinkPad P40 Yoga, its first 2-in-1 laptop with workstation-level 3D hardware. It still folds back into a tablet (or tent, or presentation mode), but its Quadro M500M chipset should be speedy enough to handle 3D modelling and other GPU-heavy tasks. You’ll have greater control over those images, too, thanks to an included pen that promises both 2,048 levels of pressure and specially-tuned software that reportedly gets closer to the “pen to paper” feel. Slideshow-344704

Source: Lenovo


Instababies: People are naming kids after Instagram filters

When it comes to deciding on a baby name, you could go with a family name. Or, like several couples did in 2015, you could look to your cellphone photography habit for inspiration. According to BabyCenter, some of the hottest trends in baby names shared monikers with Instagram filters. Yes, really. The site says that names of the photo-sharing apps presets were extremely popular this year for newborns, with Lux being the top choice. Additionally, Ludwig, Amaro, Reyes, Hudson and Kelvin all rose up the popularity rankings for boys while Juno, Valencia and Willow were routinely picked for girls. The site says it gathered its name popularity and trend data from 340,000 parents from around the world to compile the stats. Here’s to hoping the trend continues in 2016 with babies named Lo-Fi, Inkwell and Nashville, because the internet.

[Image credit: Shutterstock]

Via: Time

Source: BabyCenter


Researchers confirm Humpty Dumpty really can’t be put together again

Researchers at the Federal University of ABC, in Brazil, have made a major breakthrough: they’ve confirmed that thermodynamic processes cannot be reversed, even in a quantum system. This revelation not only explains a fundamental aspect of our universe but could also influence how quantum computing systems are designed.


Source: Physical Review Letters


Motorola’s Moto 360 Sport is coming to the U.S. on January 7 for $299


Alongside the second-generation Moto 360 at IFA 2015, Motorola announced a variant of the hit smartwatch for the fitness-minded folks out there. It was called the Moto 360 Sport, and up until now, the wearable has been completely MIA. But today, thanks to a new posting on Motorola’s Official Blog, the company has finally given us pricing and availability details on the new watch.

The Moto 360 Sport will be available in the U.K. and France on Friday, December 18th. U.S. customers will need to wait a bit longer, as the watch won’t be available on Motorola’s website until Thursday, January 7th starting at $299. On Sunday, December 10th, the 360 Sport will be available in Best Buy stores across the nation and in the new Moto Shop in downtown Chicago. The company says the watch will also launch in Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico and Spain sometime in the new year.

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The Moto 360 Sport has essentially the same specs as the Moto 360 proper, with a few added features thrown in. It comes with a silicone band, a built-in GPS that works with Motorola’s Moto Body application, and a new feature called AnyLight which will allow you to see things much more clearly both indoors and out. The company says the display works just like a normal LCD display when using it indoors. But outdoors, it will reflect natural sunlight, making the screen much easier to read.

If you’d like more information or to sign up for updates, head to Motorola’s website for all the details.

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Moto 360 Sport set to launch later this month in the UK with the US shortly after

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The fitness centric variant of the Moto 360, dubbed the Moto 360 Sport, isn’t a totally new device from Motorola. However, it is finally getting a launch date set after being shown earlier in the year alongside the Moto 360 2nd gen device. the Moto 360 Sport still brings all the wonderful things that the Android Wear toting brothers offer, except it isn’t geared towards being the traditional watch you wear to work and dinner parties.

Instead, the Moto 360 Sport is constructed of a durable silicone which doesn’t absorb sweat and is resistant to fading and staining. It carriers a IP67 water-resistant rating which clears it as being completely protected against dust and protected against immersion between 15cm and 1 meter. Although, Motorola is quick to note that it is not water proof. The Sport carriers a 1.37-inch LCD-based round AnyLight display that is designed to give you optimal viewing indoors and outdoors. It carries a pixel density of 263ppi with a resolution of 360 x 325. You will also find built-in GPS to track your workouts along with the usual accelerometer, gyroscopes, ambient light sensor, and vibration motor.

Official additional spec details:

•AnyLight Hybrid Display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3
•45mm diameter case, 11.5mm thick
•Weighs 54g
•300mAh battery (full day life with mixed ambient use)
•Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz quad-core processor
•Adreno 305 graphics with 450MHz GPU
•4GB storage
•512MB RAM
•Bluetooth 4.0
•Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
•Heart rate monitor
•Dual digital mics

The Moto 360 Sport will launch in Black, White and Flame Orange. As for pricing and availability, well, those in the US wanting to put one on their Christmas wish list will miss out. The Moto 360 Sport is set to launch in the UK and France on December 18th. The US will be seeing the device live on January 7th through with a price tag of $299. On January 10th is goes to other locations such as Best Buy and the Moto store in Chicago. Motorola will be pushing the device to Brazil, Canada, China and Mexico later next year.

Source: Motorola

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Facebook’s Instant Articles come to Latin America

Facebook’s Instant Articles haven’t been available in many parts of the world so far, but that’s improving today. The social network’s speedier, simpler reading feature has launched on iOS devices in Latin America, initially pulling in content from 40 sites across Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. You’ll have to wait until sometime in the “coming weeks” to catch up on news from your Android phone, but there’s now at least one way to keep up with Interactive Sport and Telemundo while you’re scanning your Facebook feed.

Via: The Next Web

Source: Facebook (translated)


Details of FBI’s National Security Letter revealed for the first time

The FBI has been secretly tracking user information without judicial oversight since 2001. Ever since the Patriot Act’s controversial expansion of the Bureau’s authority, tens of thousands of National Security Letters (NSLs) have been issued every year without warrants or evidence of probable cause. The content of these letters, accompanied by a gag order that prevents the recipient from ever talking about the information demanded, have stayed under wraps until now. In a recent landmark ruling from the federal district court, a gag order imposed on Nicholas Merrill, owner of an Internet service provider, has been lifted in full for the first time. Even though the court’s ruling invalidated the FBI’s gag order in September, following procedures the contents of the NSL only became public this week.

Source: The Hill

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