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December 14, 2015

Google adds new sharing and travel features into Inbox

by John_A

Not too long ago, Google spiffied up Inbox with the capability to bundle relevant trip information and quick access to up-to-date details. Especially for frequent travelers, this gave us the organization and efficiency we’ve longed for when the time came to start our trip.

Now, Google is complimenting that feature with the ability to share your trip summarizes with relevant parties. With one tap from your trip bundle in Inbox, you can let your friends and family know your travel plans and itinerary.


But that’s not all. Just in case Inbox didn’t log a relevant trip email (or you just want to add one in particular to that grouping), Google is throwing in a “Move to” email option for user control. Also, if you want to still be able to access the travel information offline, we’re getting a “view trips offline” option.

Another sharing feature Google is debutting in Inbox is the ability to quickly share memories. Clicking the “attachments” button will pop up your recent photos library, and it will let you attach multiple photos at once.


Pretty neat, huh? Inbox’s usefulness is evolving quite nicely. Google says that these new features will be rolling out over the next week.

Source: Google Blogspot

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