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January 8, 2018

Verizon Wireless is making international roaming free for Winter Olympics attendees

by John_A

Verizon Up members headed to the Winter Olympics just got good news.


Travelling internationally comes with all kinds of expenses you don’t usually associate with travel, and your phone is one of the big ones. International roaming is never not expensive, but it looks like Verizon Wireless is giving all of their customers headed to the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang a break by making it free for all of February. Well, mostly. There’s a catch — you have to be a part of Verizon’s rewards program and TravelPass service before January 28th.

Verizon’s rewards program, called Verizon Up, offers free movie rentals and gift cards to various places for every $300 you spend with Verizon. The good news is this includes anything you spend at Verizon, which means those of us with big family plans see the results of those rewards frequently. This special Winter Olympics bonus makes the TravelPass service you would usually pay extra for cost nothing for the month of February, but only for qualifying plans.

TravelPass pricing, and the free Winter Olympics offer along with it, are available to any Verizon Wireless subscriber with More Everything Verizon plans and any Unlimited plans. That covers a healthy number of users, but it’s also important that your phone be a WorldPhone. Fortunately all modern phones are considered WorldPhones by Verizon, but if you haven’t upgraded in a while you’re going to want to check with Verizon before you leave the country.


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