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Google Project Fi will no longer charge you for more than 6GB of data

We’re heading into an age of unlimited data, and while most of the major carriers have adopted an unlimited plan of some kind, mobile virtual network operators, or carriers that use other carriers’ networks, haven’t really embraced the concept just yet. Google, however, seems to be making moves to change that with Project Fi. In fact, the company just announced its new “Bill Protection” program that will cap the amount you’ll pay each month for data.

To date, Google Project Fi has adopted a $10-per-1GB rate for data. You basically tell Google how much data you think you’ll use each month, and then either get reimbursed for data you didn’t use, or you pay a little extra if you go over that amount. Bill Protection changes that a little — you’ll still pay $10 per 1GB, but if you go over 6GB of data, your bill will be capped at $60. Combined with the $20-per-month base fee for Project Fi, that means you won’t ever pay more than $80 in one month unless you choose to.

Google also notes that those who use more than 15GB of data may see a decrease in their speed. Less than 1 percent of Project Fi users currently use more than 15GB of data, though that could very easily change with cheaper access to that much data. You can also opt out of the slow data speeds by simply continuing to pay $10 per 1GB — though obviously that will get a lot more expensive.

Bill Protection also applies to group plans, though when it kicks in depends on how large your group is. Google has launched a calculator for that here, showing that it will kick in at 10GB for two people, 12GB for three, and so on.

The plan is different than other unlimited data plans, and in a way that could make it a lot cheaper. Why? Because on months where you don’t need as much data, you won’t have to pay for it. If you use 1GB in a month on T-Mobile‘s unlimited data plan, you still have to pay $70 for your plan. If you use 1GB on Project Fi, you’ll only pay $30 ($10 for the data, $20 for the base fee).

Bill Protection is rolling out today, and if you’re a Project Fi subscriber, you’ll see it show up in your next billing cycle. New subscribers may want to think about joining — Google is offering up to $120 off some of the phones that work on Project Fi for a limited time.

Update: Added Google pricing calculator for group plans.

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Samsung unveils special Note 8 for PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games

Samsung has unveiled a new special edition of the Galaxy Note 8 phablet, themed around the upcoming Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.

Samsung will be supplying 4,000 of the special Note 8s to all Olympians, IOC, and POCOG staff, with the Korean company hoping that the Note 8’s massive 6.3-inch screen, and included S Pen will allow everyone involved in the Olympic Games to “do bigger things,, and the incredible dual-sensor camera will help all of the athletes and workers involved in the games document this incredible portion of their lives.

The new design celebrates the Winter Olympics with an all-new shiny white glass back overlaid with the Olympic logo: five interconnected gold rings that symbolize the unity of the five continents, the world, and the Olympic Torch. A collection of PyeongChang 2018-themed wallpapers will also be included, and each device will also have pre-installed Olympic apps that Samsung hopes will be useful to each of the recipients of the special Note 8s.

“We’re proud to provide the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games Limited Edition to all athletes in an effort to help them to stay connected, capture and share one of the most memorable moments of their lives”

– Samsung CMO and Executive Vice President, Younghee Lee.

The Paralympians taking part in the Winter Paralympic Games haven’t been left out, either, and Samsung will also be supplying all of them with the same Note 8 special edition, with the addition of special Paralympics-themed case to commemorate the role that smart devices have played in assisting those with disabilities.

This isn’t the first time that Samsung has gotten involved in the Olympic Games. The company began sponsoring the games way back in 1988 when it entered as a local sponsor during the Seoul Olympic Games. Since then, Samsung became the Worldwide Olympic Partner in the Wireless Communications Equipment category at the Nagano Winter Games in 1998, and handed out over 12,000 special edition Galaxy S7 Edge devices to Olympians during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. The company has also sponsored the Paralympic Games since the Winter Vancouver Olympics in 2010, becoming a World Paralympic Partner.

These units will not be available to the public, being exclusively made for members of the Olympic and Paralympic family, but with Samsung also involved in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, you can be sure it has something planned for those games as well — so if you want to get your hands on a special Samsung device, it’s best to hit the track.

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Bitcoin’s value crashes and it’s taking other currencies with it

Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in 2017 has faced its biggest downturn in quite some time. Just over a month on from hitting its lifetime value peak of more than $19,000, it has now fallen to less than $10,000. Those who diversified their cryptocurrency portfolio aren’t safe from the crash though, as bitcoin’s downturn has been felt by all the major alternative coins.

Although cryptocurrencies have traditionally had rather volatile values, bitcoin’s has been near unprecedented over the past few months. It went from being worth $1,000 at the start of 2017, to $5,000 in November, to close to $20,000 just over a month later. It’s since fallen and has fluctuated between $12,000 and $16,000 in the weeks that followed, but today’s dip is the largest we’ve seen in some time.

At the time of writing, a single bitcoin is worth around $9,900, representing a fall of nearly $3,000 in the last 24 hours alone. The start of this latest crash took place on Monday, January 15, where it began to tumble from just under $14,000. It’s bounced up and down since then but slowly trended down to the low point of $9,430, according to Coindesk.

This latest drop has also pulled down some of the other most successful cryptocurrencies. Ethereum, arguably the No. 2 cryptocurrency in the world, lost more than 20 percent of its value in the last 24 hours, dipping to $870 per ether at the time of writing. Ripple has followed suit, with a near 25 percent correction and litecoin is at its lowest rate in months.

Some of this downturn has lead to some sad stories appearing on social media. Those who spent more than they could afford to lose during the December peak are now watching their investments dwindle and disappear. We would always recommend you do your reading before investing anything in something as volatile as cryptocurrencies, and only invest what you can afford to lose.

That said, not everyone has lost hope. If you look at segments of the web like the bitcoin subreddit, most simply see this as a great time to invest. Graph comparisons of bitcoin’s rise and fall over the past few years have shown that historic peaks are usually followed by seemingly catastrophic drops in return, only to gradually increase to new heights again in the following months.

Considering bitcoin hit a peak of $10,000 at the start of December, few long-term investors are concerned about a return to that still heady value.

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Watch ‘Maze Runner’ for cheap with the T-Mobile Tuesdays app

You don’t have to tell your date that you won’t be breaking the bank to take him or her to both dinner and the movies. In fact, with all the money T-Mobile will help you save, you might even encourage that order of dessert or extra popcorn. Thanks to the Uncarrier’s exclusive partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Film, T-Mobile customers will soon be able to score $4 tickets to five of the most highly anticipated films of the year. Beginning Tuesday, January 23, subscribers to the mobile service provider will be able to get cheap tickets to the opening of Maze Runner: The Death Cure. And then throughout the rest of the year, you’ll be able to look forward to more $4 tickets to Red Sparrow, Deadpool 2, Alita: Battle Angel, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Like all of T-Mobile’s freebies, these tickets can be claimed through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, and then redeemed using the Atom Tickets app. This isn’t the first time these companies have joined forces. In 2017, T-Mobile also teamed up with both Twentieth Century Fox Film and Atom Tickets to give customers discounted entry to War for the Planet of the Apes in theaters. This offer proved to be such a success among T-Mobile Tuesdays fans that the Uncarrier is expanding its partnership with both the film studio and the ticket service. Indeed, T-Mobile noted, movies are the most popular deals on its giveaway app.

“In 2017, we served up over 63 million awesome freebies and deals to Un-carrier customers through T-Mobile Tuesdays,” John Legere, president and CEO at T-Mobile, said in a statement. “Now, we are bringing this year’s biggest blockbuster movies from Twentieth Century Fox Film just to say, ‘Thank you for being a customer.’”

To claim your discounted ticket, you need to grab it first from the T-Mobile Tuesdays app on January 23, then redeem it through the Atom Tickets app by January 28. You’ll be able to watch the actual Maze Runner: The Death Cure film when it debuts on January 26. Plus, throughout the year, T-Mobile will be offering lucky customers trips to attend premieres and other VIP experiences (though those will be in much shorter supply than $4 tickets).

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AT&T and Verizon’s speeds start to recover after launch of unlimited data

The mobile world is going unlimited, and that’s largely seen as a very good thing for consumers as we continue to stream videos from Netflix and connect to more and more smart devices. It’s a bit tough on carriers though. According to a report from OpenSignal, which monitors and reports on networks, the likes of AT&T and Verizon have been feeling the pain of their unlimited data plans, which were launched almost a year ago.

The report notes that unlimited plans do come with a performance hit, and in August OpenSignal’s State of Mobile Networks report mentioned that Verizon had seen an average drop of 2Mbps in LTE download speeds. AT&T’s average speed was down by 1Mbps. Now, however, it seems like things have changed a little — and for the better.

After six months of measuring decreases in LTE speeds, OpenSignal now says that both Verizon’s and AT&T’s speeds have leveled out — and Verizon’s speeds have even started going back up. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’ve fully recovered — on the contrary, the speeds were still far lower in November than they were in February.

But what about Sprint and T-Mobile? They’ve been doing great. T-Mobile‘s average speed was around 3Mbps faster than Verizon’s in November making it the fastest network out there, and while Sprint’s speed is still much lower than anyone else’s, it has been closing the gap significantly.

All this to say — now that Verizon and AT&T have stopped the plummetting of their data speeds, it will be interesting to see if that can make a comeback.

There are a few reasons why unlimited data plans affect overall data speeds. With more customers on unlimited plans, more data is being used — and greater demand on a cell tower causes the network to slow down. It’s kind of like a highway — the more cars there are, the slower the traffic goes.

What carriers need to do in the future is basically increase the bandwidth on their networks, and that’s very likely to happen given the rise of 5G networks and the fact that more and more people are getting plans with more data allowances. All the major networks are in the process of deploying their first 5G networks, with AT&T recently touting that it will be among the first to bring the new tech to consumers.

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Neuroscientists use electrical pulses to brain to curb Tourette syndrome tics

For more than two decades, neuroscientists have been buzzing the brains of patients suffering from a number of neurological conditions. The technique has been used to treat tremors in Parkinson’s patients and experimentally studied to lessen the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The approach, known as deep brain stimulation (DBS), involves a brain implant that emits electrical pulses with the aim of correcting certain neural activity that can cause these disorders.

Now, researchers from around the world have teamed to study the effects of DBS on Tourette syndrome, sharing what they learn through a public registry and database.

Through a DBS procedure, surgeons implant a small device into a patient’s brain. The device sends electrical pulses to targeted areas where it’s intended to interfere with unusual neural activity.

“The brain has a group of circuits that communicate among various regions, and what we do is insert a little straw into the brain … and on that straw are contacts,” Michael Okun, chair of neurology at the University of Florida and one of the coordinators of the registry, told Digital Trends. “We introduce electricity into these circuits so we can drive the circuit in one direction or another. If done carefully, this can often see improvements in patients with different symptoms like tremors, stiffness, and, in the case of Tourette syndrome, tics.”

The collaborative approach taken in the recent research allowed its participants to review many times more data than they would have individually. Even the most experienced centers are limited to just a few DBS trials each year, according to Okun, so the joint project gets more eyes on more data.

“By pulling the data together from investigators all over the world, we can begin to examine the outcomes,” Okun said. “It’s only when we have enough data that we can guide the field as to what the next steps should be.”

The researchers recently published a paper detailing their results in the journal JAMA Neurology. It provides a 12-month review of 171 patients from 31 institutions across 10 countries, and shows a 44 percent reduction in Tourette-related tics. Side effects in just over a third of patients included slurring of speech and tingling sensations.

Okun noted that he and his team focus mainly on patients with the most severe cases of Tourette syndrome. And he stressed that people suffering from Tourette syndrome seek other therapies before turning to surgical route.

“We don’t want people to think this device is for everyone,” he said. “If you have Tourette syndrome, you should be trying all medicine and behavioral therapies before you try a surgical option.”

But through their work, Okun and his collaborators hope to identify regions that can be specifically targeted to provide more efficient and personalized treatment.

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What color LG V30 should you buy: Black, silver, blue, violet, or red?


Which of the five LG V30 colors should I buy?

The LG V30 nominally launched with two colors, Aurora Black and Cloud Silver, but in the weeks and months since it was released we’ve seen other colors either break exclusivity and move to new markets or be introduced altogether. Now, we have five different colors to choose from … well, sort of, depending on where you live and what carrier you use. Those restrictions aside, we have Aurora Black, Cloud Silver, Moroccan Blue, Lavender Violet and Raspberry Rose.

I think we can all agree those are some great names, but which one is right for you? Unlike some companies, LG has quite a bit of variation in the colors so you have a wide range of interesting options with little overlap in their styles. Here’s a look at all five colors, and a few notes to keep in mind when you’re choosing which one to buy.

LG V30 in Aurora Black

The Aurora Black V30 is classy, simple and stealthy. Black glass combines with shiny black metal to create a sleek look similar to many other glass-and-metal flagships of the same color. You don’t get much flair here aside from the shiny metal accents, but that’s just fine if you’re someone drawn to this blank color style

Who is it for?

If you’re all about keeping things simple and under the radar, Aurora Black is a great choice. Maybe you’ll let a brighter or more colorful case jazz things up a bit later, but out of the box you’ll be able to keep it clean. Unlike most black phones the black V30 doesn’t seem to hide scratches any better than any other color, perhaps on account of its subtly lighter coloring and light texture on the back.

LG V30 in Cloud Silver

Using the word “silver” is a little bit of a misnomer, as the Cloud Silver V30 really is more of a mirrored finish. Both the back and polished metal sides are an extremely light silver color that reflects much of the colors in its surroundings to give a unique look depending on the angle you see it from. It’s flashy, literally, and it’s a good antithesis to the Aurora Black color.

Who is it for?

Cloud Silver is for someone who wants their phone to stand out, even if they don’t buy a flashy case for the phone. It’s super-reflective and will always catch your eye. Just keep in mind that it’s also a bit more susceptible to showing smudges and fingerprints.

LG V30 in Moroccan Blue

Moroccan Blue is a great middle ground between the black and silver color options. Its deep blue color doesn’t catch your eye at a glance, but is clearly differentiated from the black color as it slightly shifts in the light between blue, green and turquoise. The blue metal sides stand out far more than the black ones, but aren’t eye-searing bright like the silver finish.

Who is it for?

There aren’t that many shiny blue phones out there, so from that perspective Moroccan Blue is a great choice to feel like your V30 is differentiated. But it manages to stand out without the extreme reflectivity of the Cloud Silver color, meaning you don’t have to worry as much about scratches or fingerprint smudges showing.

LG V30 in Lavender Violet


Forget about the whole “violet” bit of the name, the Lavender Violet V30 really should be just “lavender” as it perfectly describes this color. It’s not far off from the Cloud Silver, but with that subtle hint of lavender or light purple to set it off. In darker light it can start to look a bit like a light blue, and in bright sun it’s almost like the Cloud Silver color. But it’s very unique in any case, as there really aren’t many phones out there rocking purple of any shade.

Who is it for?

If you can get your hands on it, the Lavender Violet V30 is for someone who wants to stand out … subtly. It isn’t as shiny and reflective as Cloud Silver, nor as ostentatious as Raspberry Rose — but it’s clearly different from any other phone color out there right now.

LG V30 in Raspberry Rose

The Raspberry Rose color is the one that launched the latest after the V30 was first introduced, and for some it was worth the wait. It’s a gorgeous combination of different reds, and ambient lighting sets off different parts. In bright light it’s more of a light red raspberry, almost approaching a deep pink, but in the dark it’s more of a deep rose or garnet color. The shiny metal sides are the most visible of the bunch when looking at the phone from the front, so you never forget how sweet the back looks.

Who is it for?

This isn’t just a Valentine’s Day gift, it’s a great color. The varying shades of red stand out from a crowd, and you probably won’t want to cover up this phone with anything but a clear case — you bought it for the color, so show it off! Being a relatively limited edition device this is likely the most rare V30 color you’ll see, so there’s a bit of value in that as well.

Regional and carrier differences matter

Despite being a big name in phones, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a market where the V30 is available in all five colors. Between various regional, country and carrier deals, you’re only likely to have access to two or three of the five, if you’re lucky. In the U.S., you basically just have black or silver, and most carriers will offer only one or the other. Looking unlocked and global you get access to blue more often in addition to black and silver, but if you want violet or red you’ll have to live in one of a handful of countries.

As is often the case, there’s typically more downside than it’s worth to import a phone from a different region just to get a specific color. Yes, they look cool. And yes, they’re far more exclusive. But make sure to do your research, as international phones from other regions are less likely to have the radio bands you need for your country, and in most cases you won’t have access to that phone’s warranty anymore. Unless you’re getting a great deal or simply care about color above all else, take a look at what colors are officially available where you live and go from there.

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Best icon packs for Android


Without icon packs, we are left with chaos.

App icons are different shapes, different sizes, different color schemes and follow different design guidelines. Samsung’s icons look different than Google’s icons, look different from Microsoft’s icons, look different from every other developer’s icons. They are messy. They are awkward. They need to be brought under control. And until Adaptive Icons are implemented consistently and required for all third-party apps, that’s where icon packs come in.

Icon packs bring control. Icon packs bring consistency. Icon packs bring classiness. Even if you’re not into custom themes, you should use an icon pack. A good icon pack can help you find your apps more quickly, can help make your phone look and feel less cluttered, and they just look better. And whether you want an icon pack that stands out or blends in, we have the best icon packs right here for your pleasure and consideration.

  • Whicons (free) is one of what I like to call the Randle Holy Trinity. Whicons is a simple matte white icon pack that plays well across a wide variety of themes and wallpapers, and if you download nothing else from this list, download Whicons! The masking with Whicons for missing icons is excellent, too, should there be any holes in your app drawer.
  • Zwart (free) is the yin to Whicon’s yang, and as such it’s the little black dress of the icon world. If Whicons doesn’t go with your wallpaper, odds are pretty good Zwart will suit it instead. Using Whicons and Zwart together in a yin/yang style can make for a sophisticated theme all on their own.
  • Golden Icons (free) is a bit more luxurious, adding not only color but a shiny metallic bevel to the icon pack. I wish there was a silver pack to mirror it, but I’ll take what I can get, and Golden Icons is as good as a gold icon pack gets.

    best-icon-packs-whicons.jpg?itok=TUxAZ13best-icon-packs-zwart.jpg?itok=XL1JPx6hbest-icon-packs-golden-icon.jpg?itok=Bnc Whicons, Zwart, and Golden Icons

  • Noctum ($1.50) is a greyscale icon pack with a slight blue hue and a beautiful disposition. Ever since I used it for my Blank Panther theme, Noctum has remained a constant on my phones for use with dark themes, monochrome themes
  • Oscuro ($0.99) is a dark icon pack with the Teardrop shape that’s been popping up with Adaptive icons and a downright ridiculous number of supported icons. The black teardrop icons include transparent cutouts, allowing the wallpaper to show through the icons in fun ways.
  • Lines (Free, $1.99) is the best of the wireframe packs on Android right now, and if you’re aiming for an icon pack that lights up as few pixels as possible, this is your pack. Lines has a great and growing selection of icons, but it could stand to update the Google Play icons.

    best-icon-packs-noctum.jpg?itok=XcctHKTObest-icon-packs-oscuro.jpg?itok=OCKEqdgHbest-icon-packs-lines.jpg?itok=Oqoqz8gL Noctum, Oscuro, and Lines

  • Ombre ($1.99) features a more whimsical shape than the standard squircles and squares, having icons of varying shapes rest above a consistent rectangular shelf. This pack is both dark and vibrant, and it features plenty of alternate icons alongside an icon mask to help keep your app drawer consistent.
  • ELEV8 ($1.99) takes Ombre in a lighter direction, switching dark accents and more outlandish colors for more traditional, bright hues and paperwhite accents.
  • Unicorn ($1.99) is full of blues, purples, pinks, and bright, bright whites to make your home screen feel a bit more like a rave.

    best-icon-packs-ombre.jpg?itok=IA9Tz8D2best-icon-packs-elev8.jpg?itok=Ijwcjf_Jbest-icon-packs-unicorn.jpg?itok=QaIsTiE Ombre, ELEV8, and Unicorn

  • Emptos ($0.99) is a transparent icon pack for users who want icons on their screen, but don’t want them covering up the wallpaper. The clear squircle backers all the wallpaper to shine through, which white shapes keep the icons easily identifiable.
  • Pireo ($0.99) keeps everything consistent inside circular icons, evoking the icons of a Pixel or Android Oreo in a flat, colorful, and sensible design.
  • Urmun ($0.99) adds a bit of depth to its icons with shallow shadows and original shapes, and the standard color palette used here allows the icon pack to work with a wide array of wallpapers.

    best-icon-packs-emptos.jpg?itok=FxScXY4ebest-icon-packs-pireo.jpg?itok=zzsSz0svbest-icon-packs-urmun.jpg?itok=iT-IKGPr Emptos, Pireo, and Urmun

  • Glim (Free, $0.99) is a pack we’ve turned to time and time again for Material icons, especially when seeing to color-match icons to a wallpaper or theme. Glim’s color variants and the wide variety of alternate icons ensure that you’ll be able to patch any holes in your app drawer.
  • Sunrise (free) is another icon pack with a wide variety of color variants and alternate icons, though this pack uses color for accents to its white icons. This allows the icons to remain easily identifiable while meshing with a wider array of icons.
  • Moonrise (free) is a flips the script from Sunrise, using color to accent dark grey icons. Because this pack uses grey instead of black, this is a dark icon pack that can still play well with black wallpapers and themes.

    best-icon-packs-glim.jpg?itok=3cKO57lsbest-icon-packs-sunrise.jpg?itok=WPmL8Yibest-icon-packs-moonrise.jpg?itok=OkTroB Glim, Sunrise, and Moonrise

Looking for something else in an icon pack? Not to worry; there are thousands and thousands of icon packs out there to try! Which icon packs do you keep coming back to? Tell us in the comments!

Updated January 2018: We’ve more than doubled the icon packs on our list, and cleaned things up a bit.


Today only, save up to 40% on BIC essentials you’ll be buying at some point anyways

The easiest decision you’ll make all day.

Today only, Amazon is offering up to 40% off BIC office supplies. The items included are things like pens, pencils, and highlighters. You know you’re going to need them at some point, whether it’s for restocking your home office, or grabbing school supplies. Now’s the time to buy and avoid paying full price…or running out when you need them the most.


Some notable items:

  • Gel-ocity 8-pack Fashion Retractable Gel Pens – $4 (was $8)
  • Marking 36-pack Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers – $11 (was $25)
  • 4-pack Roller Glide Deco Roller Ball Pens – $4 (was $7)
  • Xtra-Sparkle 24-pack Mechanical Pencils – $3 (was $7)
  • 24-pack Brite Liner Chisel Tip Highlighters – $4 (was $12)
  • Magic Marker 24-pack Dry Erase Markers – $18 (was $33)

Note that some of these items are add-ons, meaning they will ship with qualifying orders over $25.

See at Amazon


Google announces finalists for 2017 Indie Game Contest

According to Google, these are the best indie games you should have played in 2017.

After the success of Google Play’s inaugural Indie Game Contest last year, which shone a light on the best indie games released in 2016, Google has released the list of 20 finalists for the 2017 prize.

The contest was open to any independent studios working out of the 31 eligible countries operating with less than 30 full-time employees who released a game in the Google Play Store in 2017.


These are the 20 finalists for the 2017 award, presented in alphabetic order:

  • A Planet of Mine
  • Bridge Constructor Portal
  • Bury Me, My Love
  • Captain Tom Galactic Traveler
  • Core
  • Fern Flower
  • Flat Pack
  • I Love Hue
  • Jodeo
  • Kami 2
  • Kenshō
  • No More Buttons
  • Old Man’s Journey
  • Radium 2
  • The Big Journey
  • The House of Da Vinci
  • The Office Quest
  • Unbalance
  • Undervault
  • Yellow

The finalists will have an opportunity to showcase their games at the final event on February 13 at the Saatchi Gallery in London, UK. The top 10 games will be featured in the “New Indie Highlights” collection in the Google Play Store, while the top three teams will receive vouchers for marketing services, tickets to 2018 Google I/O, and of course the glory of creating one of the coolest games of 2017.

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