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Volkswagen Group to collaborate with self-driving firm Aurora Innovation

Volkswagen Group is upping its commitment to developing and improving self-driving technology. So much in fact, that Volkswagen and dedicated firm, Aurora Innovation, announced a new strategic partnership where both companies will work closely together, on autonomous driving tech.

“Our vision is ‘Mobility for all, at the push of a button.’ This means that we want to offer mobility for all people around the world,” said Volkswagen Group’s Chief Digital Officer, Johann Jungwirth, in a statement. “Mobility also for children, elderly, sick and visually impaired people, really for all. ‘At the push of a button’ stands for simplicity and the easiness of use.”

“In the future, people can of course use our mobility app or digital virtual assistant to hail a self-driving electric vehicle to drive them conveniently door-to-door, or use our Volkswagen OneButton which has GPS, connectivity and a compass, as a small beautiful key fob with maximum convenience.”

The new collaboration hopes to accelerate Volkswagen Group’s development of Self-Driving System, or SDS, for the company’s future line of automobiles. The aim is to offer “Mobility-as-a-Service,” or a platform that offers drivers and Volkswagen customers a unified system and network that customizes individual experiences, offering other assistive services in tandem with autonomous driving. The duo also seeks to refine and improve current interfaces and aspects of connected driving app suites and autonomous driving technology, to make a world-class user experience for others to follow.

Volkswagen Group and Aurora have been working together more closely than ever over the past six months, integrating Aurora’s self-driving system with the German carmaker’s Machine Learning and AI technology. Future Volkswagen platforms will utilize Aurora’s system, including all sensors, hardware, and software. So that means like any other suppliers, Aurora will be responsible for self-driving VWs of the (hopefully) near future.

From there, the company envisions ways to utilize the platform, and whatever data collected from it, to improve traffic flow, reduce pollution, and traffic fatalities in urban and rural areas.

“Our priority at Aurora is to make self-driving cars a reality quickly, broadly and safely, and we know we will get there faster by partnering with innovative automakers like the Volkswagen Group,” said Aurora CEO Chris Urmson. “This partnership establishes a deep collaboration using Aurora’s self-driving technology, and together we will bring self-driving vehicles to market at scale.”

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Nuance to display latest A.I.-based features for car connectivity at CES

Software developer Nuance announced it will be showcasing some new artificial intelligence (A.I.-powered) capabilities for its latest Dragon Drive automotive platform. Basically, the company is working on a new software universe that focuses to “transform the automotive experience,” by introducing a new range of smart home and in-car infotainment integration, and other virtual assistants. The company was just awarded the CES 2018 Innovation Award.

Dragon Drive is essentially Nuance’s vision for a unified smart home, smart car, and smartphone integration that allows users to have far more immersive connectivity when driving around. The idea is to use A.I. to offer drivers and passengers more personalized experiences.

Nuance’s systems are already found on more than 200 million cars on the road today, spanning 40 languages, in known brands like Audi, BMW, Daimler (Mercedes-Benz), Fiat, Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Hyundai, SAIC, and plenty more.

For instance, Dragon Drive has adaptive capabilities where it “learns” the preferences of individuals by habits. Thus, it adjusts settings for in-car functions like the entertainment system, the sat-nav and points of interest, live news feeds, and other in-car functions like heating and air conditioning. It also offers multi-passenger interaction by utilizing voice biometrics and advanced audio processing to recognize different passengers. So when one occupant expresses discomfort in saying the interior is too hot or too cold, Dragon Drive will adjust their climate control individually to compensate, without affecting any of the other occupants — as long as multi-zone climate control is equipped in the vehicle.

So if you’re familiar with the convenience and memory saving capabilities for drivers and individual occupants found in vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, you can thank Nuance for such features. It can adjust many parameters of the car by habit and use, and saves the preferences according to whoever’s driving.

Nuance’s latest systems specifically boast the use of A.I., which is said to offer a new and unprecedented level of personalization.For example, Dragon Drive offers “gaze detection,” which allows drivers to interact and gain information on places outside the car just by looking at them.

Drive by a restaurant that just opened a few towns over? The Dragon Drive system will detect your interest and inform you accordingly on your integrated smart network.

Dragon Drive also functions as a personal assistant, offering drivers up-to-date information regarding their car ownership. Need to check on the status of your car lease or utility bills at home? No need to be in front of a computer, tablet, or smartphone, as Dragon Drive provides such information wherever you go, so that you’re always in the know.

“The car is quickly rising to become the leading A.I. platform, especially with the future of connected and autonomous vehicles upon us,” said Arnd Weil, senior vice president, automotive, Nuance Mobile. “Utilizing a combination of conversational A.I. with in-car sensors and data, we’re able to create greater awareness, understanding, and ultimately intelligence for the automotive assistant, creating a truly holistic and seamless user experience for drivers.”

Nuance will be displaying its latest developments in a fitted Chrysler Pacifica at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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From VR to A.I., smart cities poised to dominate the conversation at CES 2018

The Consumer Technology Association and financial firm Deloitte have made a major investment at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CTA) to highlight smart cities technology and encourage attendees to explore the solutions presented by this emerging sector.

Companies that are pioneering new solutions include major brands like Bosch, Ford, Nissan, and Ericsson. They and others will be on hand to explore new opportunities in smart transportation, smart grids, public safety, cybersecurity, health care, artificial intelligence, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and more.

This year, more than 11,000 square feet of the show, which is held annually in Las Vegas, will be dedicated to The Smart Cities Marketplace, presented by the CTA, the industry’s trade organization, and Deloitte. It will feature smart city-enabling technology and solutions. Other exhibitors demonstrating the potential for smart cities technology include the European Commission, the Holland Startup Pavilion, and the cities of Berlin, Quebec and Las Vegas.

A myriad of topics

Session topics will include “Energy Consumption and Distribution in Smart Cities,” “Paving the Way for Connected Emergency Vehicles,” and “Consumer IoT [Internet of Things] Changing the Game for Emergency Responders.” Other sessions will examine how smart cities can leverage sensor networks, human intelligence, and data gathering to create and share actionable intelligence, which is being used in smart cities for everything from smarter emergency response to parking programs.

“Smart Cities at CES 2018 and our related conference programming are a natural extension of the show’s focus on innovation,” said Steve Koenig, senior director for market research with the Consumer Technology Association to the HuffPost. “CTA projects global spending on smart cities will reach $34.35 billion by 2020, so we think it’s important to have a dedicated conference program and exhibition focused on this global initiative. This remarkable growth will influence tech industry growth, change the way we think about cities and address global ills. We want to help our attendees gain a better and more comprehensive sense of this trend and help encourage the continued development of smart cities.”

5G technology

The hot topics related to smart cities that will be explored at CES 2018 include topics like equitable innovation and inclusivity, electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure expansion, cybersecurity, and microtransit.

However, the subject that is currently burning all the oxygen in the room when it comes to smart cities is 5G technology. While most consumers think this emerging telecommunications standard will simply mean faster smartphones – Qualcomm has already hit a speed of 1 gigabyte per second (Gbps) – the technology can have a transformative effect on smart city grids. Research suggests that smart city solutions applied to traffic management and electrical grids could produce $160 billion in savings and benefits through reductions in energy use, traffic congestion, and fuel costs.

Qualcomm, Baidu, Verizon and SDxCentral are set to discuss “Mobile Innovation: How 5G Will Enable the Future” at CES 2018. This keynote session will explore how 5G networks can enable innovations like self-driving vehicles, AR and VR, breakthroughs in health care, IoT data applications, and more. U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao will also headline the Smart Cities event.

“The tech community is committed to and passionate about changing lives for the better, and smart cities have the potential to address the need for more sustainable and livable cities around the world, said Koenig. “With the Internet of Things as a foundation, technologies such as automated street lighting, smart energy meters, parking assistance apps and sensors have the ability to make cities safer, more efficient, and more accessible. The United Nations projects 66 percent of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050 — so now is the time to harness technology’s potential to improve urban life.”

Real-world potential

The real-world applications of smart cities technology are as diverse as the needs of any given community. Kansas City, Missouri-based Site 1001 uses core building information, building systems, and sensor data in combination with a machine learning engine to analyze building operations and produce efficiencies.

Multinational firm Connecthings operates a global network of beacons in public spaces to transform massive urban points of contact and locations such as train stations, airports and public venues into smart, connected hubs that communicate with the smartphones of citizens and visitors. By analyzing and broadcasting smart cities data, the company can help smartphone users improve their daily commute, alert them of emergencies, and more. The company has set up more than 60 smart cities in Europe and South America, and is currently expanding into the U.S. with projects in Austin, Texas, and New York City.

List, a research institute of France-based CEA Tech,will demonstrate its new multitask deep neural network algorithm called Deep Manta, which is capable of performing advanced and efficient real-time analysis of video streams. The algorithm is a real-world demonstration of a new category of artificial intelligence called multitask deep learning that targets visual object recognition in smart cities.

The applications may be diverse but the goal is the same — to leverage artificial intelligence and data analytics to correlate the information collected from digitally connected people, devices, vehicles, transportation facilities, and other sources to make the urban experience more efficient and user friendly.

“We are witnessing firsthand cities worldwide exploring the opportunities holistic smart city initiatives can create for the public and private sectors, and for the people that live in increasingly connected urban corridors,” said John Skowron, principal for Deloitte Consulting LLP and global smart city leader. “Across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, city planners, entrepreneurs and business leaders are working in collaboration to make the promises smart cities hold a reality.”

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‘Alexa, sell me something!’ Amazon may explore digital advertising in 2018

Negotiation with several household product sellers indicate that Amazon may be bringing paid advertising to Echo devices, possibly as soon as this year. According to CNBC, insiders have revealed that negotiations between companies like Proctor & Gamble and Clorox include discussions of preferential product placement in searches.

Amazon responded to the CNBC report on January 3 with a statement via email that they have “no plans to add advertising to Alexa,” according to Slate.

So far, ads and promotions on Echo and related devices have been restricted to the third-party skills. Streaming music services have ads between songs, or when you get a daily news roundup. If you order a pizza, Alexa may tell you what promotions are currently available. Other than these rare occasions, Amazon doesn’t allow any advertising at all.

If implemented, the marketing would involve inobtrusive product placement via targeted suggestions, like promoted search results on websites. With Alexa’s voice output, however, these top-line search results could be more effective, as consumers have gotten savvier and often simply scroll past the promoted results on a Google search.

Another approach would utilize the user’s history to suggest specific products. For instance, a consumer who recently purchased a particular brand of toothpaste may get a suggestion to try the mouthwash from the same manufacturer.

The smart speaker market is a new frontier for advertisers, and it will be a dominant household presence in years to come. Business Insider projects that Amazon will sell more than 70 million smart speakers by 2025. One thing that won’t happen is unprompted or irrelevant ads blaring from the speaker without interaction, as Amazon knows that emulating cable TV or terrestrial radio would just alienate its growing consumer base

Amazon is a dominant force and currently enjoys a 71 percent share of the smart speaker market, and brands will have to devise new ways to showcase their products in the non-visual interactive medium.

Doug Rozen of the media agency OMD told CNBC that advertisers will be walking a fine line between informative and intrusive. “We have to come up with the right monetization opportunity,” he said. “But it can’t get in the way of what we are trying to use these devices for.”

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Learn coding, design and more with a lifetime subscription to Stone River Academy for $85!

Choosing a specific career in the field of app development, web design, and 3D-animation can be tough — each is a growing field with high demand for specialists, and you have many interests. What if you want to learn them all? How can you afford the education needed for each career, and where will you find the time to go back to school?

Stone River Academy might be the answer you’re looking for; they’ve put together what can be likened to a complete tech-education bundle. Courses for all levels of knowledge are available, and you can learn at your own pace; course availability stays open indefinitely thanks to a lifetime subscription. Master app development, web design, 3D-animation, coding languages, and more. You have the ambition and you can squeeze time into your busy schedule, but how can this be affordable?

Enter Android Central Digital Offers. Right now, we’re offering this lifetime subscription with over 110 courses and over 2000 hours of content for only $85. That’s no mistake — that’s a 99% discount off the regular $11,000. You’re essentially paying a one-time fee to be enrolled for life. No matter what comes in the future, you’ll be already set up to tackle it. Talk about a head start.


There are a ton of courses to choose from, but each course is broken down into a comprehensive curriculum to help keep things sorted. Learn programming languages like Java, Python, and CSS, as well as the ins and outs of game development tools like Unity 3D. Not only will you learn development, design, and programming, you’ll also acquire the skills needed to carve a career in the tech industry.

Do you want to always keep on top of current tech trends? With a lifetime subscription to Stone River Academy, you’ll always have access to the latest courses — yes, new content is added all the time. Thanks to the broad range of content available, you might even discover a hidden interest. Imagine the possibilities available to you for only $85. The need for all sorts of specialists in the tech industry is high — why not get started today on a new career?

See at Android Central Digital Offers


Share your New Year’s Resolution in this weekend’s comments thread

Where we all resolve to chill out after a week of work.

I hope everyone had a great holiday, and the transition back to work after a few weeks of slacking off on the clock isn’t being too difficult. Sometimes the ramp up back to normal after the holidays can be horrible. And by sometimes I mean all the time.


Around here that means getting ready for CES and all the crapjunkcool things that will totally be awesome and not suck that come with it. We’ve got the regular crew on the way to the festivities and the rest of us are ready for the 2am emails from companies with news to share, and it’s always a rush to get things done (and done well) this time of year. I’m hoping to see some cool non-Android tech stuff in addition to the news about coming products or software from the companies we’re used to seeing it from, and have my fingers crossed that this year we will finally be able to buy our own authentic General Atomics Mr. Handy. Don’t judge, I have grass that won’t cut itself.

Since it’s a new year and the time to make promises to ourselves, it would be cool to share them here. I promise to eat more leafy green things and fewer things that also eat leafy green things. It’ll be tough because I loves me some rare meat, but if it gets my doctor and my wife to bug me about it less it will be worth it. Oh, the live longer part is kind of cool, too.

What about you? Share the things you’re going to do or not going to do in the comments!


Score a free set of USB-C cables with the purchase of this $12 wireless charger

Here’s a combo you won’t want to miss.

RavPower currently has its fast wireless charger on sale for just $11.99 when you use a coupon code during checkout. To sweeten the deal a little more, the company is also bundling in a free set of Micro-USB cables or USB-C cables, depending on your preference. All you have to do is add the wireless charger and the cables of your choice to your cart, then enter the coupon code. Be sure to pick the correct code from below based on the cables that you opt to pick up.


  • Micro-USB Cables + Fast Wireless Charger – $11.99 with coupon 6RZO9E96
  • USB-C Cables + Fast Wireless Charger – $11.99 with coupon BA2XLTT6

If you were to purchase the cables and charger separately, you’d be paying over $20. The pad itself normally sells for $15, so being able to pick that up at $12 is a great deal, then you add in the free cables and it makes it instant purchase worthy!


The best dishwasher

By Liam McCabe

This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter, reviews for the real world. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter’s independently chosen editorial picks, it may earn affiliate commissions that support its work. Read the full article here.

After putting more than 100 hours of research into 210 models over three years, we’ve learned that most dishwashers are good cleaners. But getting one that’s quiet, reliable, and easy to load is also worth paying a little more. That’s why we think the new Bosch 300 Series SHEM63W55N is the best dishwasher for most people right now.

How we picked

Dating back to 2014, we’ve investigated 210 dishwasher models. To find the best, we considered only models with the must-have features that experts told us to look for:

  • Nylon-coated racks
  • A soil sensor. Also known as a turbidity sensor, it tells your dishwasher to extend or end the cycle depending on how much gunk is floating in the wash water.
  • A stainless steel tub

We also prioritized dishwashers with these features:

  • Flexible racking. We looked for height-adjustable racks, folding tines, and a third rack for utensils and cooking tools.
  • Quiet operation (ideally less than 45 decibels)
  • A good reputation for reliability and customer service

Some features or performance metrics seem important—like capacity, energy efficiency, or cleaning performance—but are actually so similar from model to model that they’re not worth fussing over. We also didn’t pay much attention to drying style: both heat-dry and condensation models have their advantages, and we have recommendations for both types.

Our pick: Bosch 300 Series SHEM63W55N

Photo: Bosch

We think the new Bosch 300 Series SHEM63W55N is the best dishwasher for most people. Its racks are more spacious and easier to load with all shapes and sizes of dishes than other models at this price. Bosch makes some of the most reliable dishwashers, and the customer service is more helpful than average. Operating at 44 dB, it’s so quiet that most people will barely be able to hear it running. The one-hour wash-and-dry option is unique at this price. It also has an extra-dry option, which is supposed to help dry plastic, a common shortcoming of condenser-dry dishwashers.

The racks are the 300 Series’s biggest advantage over its competitors. They’re larger, more adjustable, and easier to load than the others, thanks largely to the V-shaped third rack tucked at the top of the tub. It also has a handy height-adjustment feature on the middle rack that can create space for taller items.

Also great

Photo: KitchenAid

The KitchenAid KDTM354ESS is another great dishwasher that’s better at drying plastic than our main pick. Some people also think it’s better at neatly holding cereal bowls. And at 44 dB, the KDTM354ESS is the same volume as our main pick. However, it might be less reliable than the Bosch 300 series. Its racks aren’t quite as versatile, either, and it’s missing the third rack entirely.

The KDTM354ESS has a heat-dry option, which is its most obvious difference from our main pick. If you have a lot of plastic dishes and want them to be bone-dry right at the end of a cycle, the heat-dry option (labeled as ProDry on the control panel) can do that. On the downside, it uses more energy than just letting moisture evaporate and drip off the dishes.

Budget pick: Maytag MDB4949SD

Photo: Maytag

The Maytag MDB4949SD is a basic but effective dishwasher that costs a lot less than our other picks. It has no third rack, runs noticeably louder, and may leave more leafy debris on your dishes. But it’s usually the cheapest dishwasher with all the basic, must-have specs, including a stainless steel tub for relatively low noise and faster drying, nylon-coated racks for gentle handling, and a soil sensor to ensure that cycles run until they’re finished. However, unlike our main pick, the Maytag MDB4949SD has no third rack or a height-adjustable upper rack.

Upgrade pick: Miele Classic Plus G4976SC

Photo: Miele

If you’re willing to pay more for an extra-durable dishwasher from a premium brand, check out the Miele Classic Plus G4976SC. Miele dishwashers are known to last about twice as long as typical dishwashers. The G4976SC in particular is the most affordable Miele model with a stainless finish, a third rack, and a short-cycle option. It also has an adjustable middle rack, a few sets of folding tines, and a short-cycle option. It runs at 46 dB, slightly louder than our top pick but still quiet enough that it’ll be hard to hear it from one room away. It’s a condenser-dry model, though it actually draws in cold air from outside the dishwasher to speed the process. However, some people find that the racks struggle with some American-style dishes, and it’s expensive compared to our top pick.

An also-great 18-inch dishwasher: Bosch 300 Series SPE53U55UC

Photo: Bosch

We scoped out about 20 compact dishwashers and think that the Bosch 300 Series SPE53U55UC is the best bet if you need an 18-inch dishwasher. It’s a lot like a narrower version of our main pick, just without the third rack. It does have the great nine-position adjustable upper rack, and some folding tines, which makes it more flexible than most compact dishwashers. Overall, it holds about half as much as a full-size model can, and uses a bit less water and energy. It’s a condenser-dry model with a filter. We expect the cleaning performance to be just as effective as the standard, wider version.

This guide may have been updated by Wirecutter. To see the current recommendation, please go here.

Note from Wirecutter: When readers choose to buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn affiliate commissions that support our work.


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The best Honor View 10 cases to keep your midrange monster beautiful

The Honor View 10 is a powerful midranger with flagship specs, a humongous display, and a killer camera. It’s likely to be one of 2018’s hottest phones, and is capable of competing with the OnePlus 5T for the title of best midrange phone. But it’s not invincible, and if you want to keep your flagship-killing superstar safe from damage, then you should seriously consider a case to keep it protected. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the best Honor View 10 cases that you can buy right now.

TopACE Clear Gel Case ($9)

What’s the use of protection if it obscures the view of your phone? Picking the right case that balances protection with good looks can be difficult, so why not take an easy route with a clear gel case. The clear TPU material is soft and grippy, while also providing shock-resistance and protection against harder threats to your phone. It’s thin and adheres closely to your device, great if you don’t want to be constantly reminded of its existence — and since it’s completely clear, you can still see the design of your Honor inside. This is a great choice if you want your phone protected, but don’t want a bulky case.

Buy one now from:


ZeKing Clear Gel Air-Cushion Case ($8)

Standard gel cases might not cut it if you want a touch more protection from falls and drops. This case from ZeKing is made of soft TPU that’s grippy, provides protection from scratches and scrapes, and is completely clear, not obscuring the view of your phone. Where this case differs from the previous is the addition of air-cushions at each of the phone’s corners. These corners protrude out from the case, providing extra protection against drops and shocks, because the corners are far more likely to hit the ground first in a fall. Thanks to the soft material, shocks are transferred away from the phone, helping to mitigate as much of the damage as possible.

Buy one now from:


SunGuy Clear Hard Bumper Case ($8)

Another clear case, but with a crucial difference. Made from a combination of TPU and hard polycarbonate (PC), this case protects your phone with a ring of soft, absorbent TPU around the phone’s edges, and around the camera lenses, along with a clear, hard back PC panel that protects your phone from more direct damage. The TPU on this case is thinner than other gel cases, thanks to the solid inner core of PC, and a raised edge helps to protect those protruding camera lenses. The clear PC panel on the back protects against scratches and allows your phone’s style to shine through. We have to say — it just looks really good, making it a great choice for the fashion conscious.

Buy one now from:


Avidet Scratch-Resistant Hard Case ($8)

Tired of all the TPU on show? Then this slim case from Avidet might tickle your fancy. It’s made from hard PC, so it comes with all the scratch-resistance and protection against direct threats that a hard case can offer, though the lack of an absorbent material may make it slightly less useful against drops and shocks. Still, it’s better than nothing, and the flex in the PC material should mitigate some of the damage. The back panel of the case is textured, providing a surface that’s resistant to fingerprints, dust, and dirt, as well as giving your fingers more to grip on the rear side of your phone. It’s a cool and stylish thin case.

Buy one now from:


KuGi Ultra-Thin Leather-Style Wallet Case ($6)

Wallet cases are ubiquitous for a reason — they’re useful, protective, and they look really good. So it’s no surprise you’ll be able to find one for your Honor phone. This case from KuGi is made from a synthetic PU leather (you’re going to struggle to get real leather for this price), and the material is tough, long-lasting, and really easy to keep clean. An inner TPU case holds your phone in place and keeps the sides protected, while the PU leather cover wraps around it to ensure the best possible coverage. When in use, the front cover folds around the rear of the device and can act as a handy kickstand for easy media-viewing on the go. Simple, elegant, and stylish.

Buy one now from:


Yoodi Shock-Absorbing Rugged Case ($9)

Want a bit more protection and not afraid of a more rugged case? Made from flexible and durable TPU, this rugged case from Yoodi has a unique style with the addition of a textured leather-style back panel that affords extra grip, while the bottom panel mimics carbon fiber to complement the cool, futuristic look of your Honor phone. The TPU bumper around the edges, as well as the fitted button covers, help to keep your device protected and dirt-free, and a raised edge around the outside of the case keeps your phone elevated from surfaces. The soft TPU material helps to prevent damage from shocks and drops, and the sleek black style looks great. If you’re not afraid of a bulkier case, give this a go.

Buy one now from:


Armor-X Shockproof Utility Case ($25)

Another option for those who want good protection for their phone, Armor-X‘s cases are aimed toward more active users, who need their phones to survive outdoor activities. This shockproof case is made from absorbent TPU, and comes with an attachment for Armor-X’s X-mount system, so it can be attached to a carabiner clip, a bike mount, arm-band, car mount, and loads more. It comes with a belt clip that can be rotated to make a kickstand and a carabiner clip to let it hang. If your phone needs to be as adaptable as you, then this case, combined with the X-mount system, could be the perfect accompaniment to your Honor View 10.

Buy one now from:


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