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Unknown Samsung tablet receives Wi-Fi and Bluetooth certification


Another day another Samsung device it so seems. Earlier today we received word that an unknown Samsung tablet received Wi-Fi and Bluetooth certification.

The unknown Samsung device registered with model number SM-375S. Judging from the leaked listing, it has an 8-inch display and shipped out of country for testing purposes. It then notes that all devices are set to be destroyed following the conclusion of their evaluation. Each handset is marked with a $103 value indicating it’s a budget tablet, most likely a new member to Samsung’s low-end Galaxy Tab series.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth certification(s) are among the first tests to take place in a device’s attempt to hit the market. That means there’s still plenty of room for leaks to go around before any official unveiling or launch. Perhaps we’ll find out more at CES 2016. For all the details on the test results, check out the gallery down below.


Via: GadgetzArena

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Samsung execs said to blame struggles on lack of software expertise

It would be unfair to say that Samsung alone is struggling in mobile: There’s evidence that the smartphone industry in general is suffering a slowdown. That said, despite being a huge name in tech, the Korean giant has certainly seen its share of challenges, like being forced to cut prices to compete with various Chinese upstarts. If a new report from Reuters is to be believed, though, some former and even current company executives are privately chalking up the company’s mobile woes to more than just stiff competition.

Speaking anonymously to the news agency, these sources point to Samsung’s relative lack of experience in software development, especially after years of selling “boxes,” according to one exec. “There’s a lot of distrust of top executives who can actually implement stuff that is more of a software and services offering,” one source told Reuters. In particular, sources apparently point to Samsung’s rapid launch — and closure — of both its Milk streaming service and ChatOn messaging app. Indeed, too, our own reporting has revealed that Samsung hired a well-regarded UX firm to help design its user interfaces — an odd move, when it has the manpower to theoretically design its Android skins in-house.

With that being said, it’s worth noting that Google and Microsoft, which do have roots in software, are also quick to shutter unpopular apps. And while it’s worth asking if certain services such as Milk or ChatOn were innovative or strong enough products to begin with, it’s hard to fault Samsung’s decision to continue pumping money into them if they weren’t proving popular with users. Lastly, as Reuters notes, despite a tough market Samsung remains the world’s top smartphone maker, so perhaps its decline has been exaggerated in the first place.

Source: Reuters


[Deal] Save over 20% on the Phonejoy GamePad 2 Bluetooth Controller

Gaming on mobile devices has become increasingly more popular over the last couple of years. Obviously there’s a large gap between mobile gaming, and desktop or console gaming, however people are wanting better games on their mobile devices. Developers have noticed the trend and have started releasing full-fledged games that aren’t designed for 5 minutes at a time.

While playing these games, it can be difficult to get used to all the controls in order to play the game correctly. That’s where Bluetooth controllers come into play. Today’s deal is for one of the Bluetooth controllers that have taken the market by storm and started off through a KickStarter campaign.

The PhoneJoy GamePad 2 is one of the various Bluetooth controller models available for your mobile devices today. With a compact, portable mode, the GamePad 2 easily nestles away when you’re on the go and not playing on your devices. However, the GamePad 2 is also extremely convenient to take out of your computer bag when you’re in a position to start playing some real games.

  • Expands to three times its original size
  • Fits most any smartphone or tablet (iPhones & Androids)
  • Includes 12 powerful stainless steel springs
  • Packs three different navigation & play modes
  • Delivers up to 14 hours of play time on one charge
  • Charges quickly via USB cord
  • Supports the ability to connect your smartphone or tablet to your TV via MHL to play on the big screen

Normally priced at almost $80, you can head over to the AndroidGuys Deals page and pick up the PhoneJoy GamePad 2 for only $59.99. While the GamePad 2 isn’t the cheapest Bluetooth controller on the market, try to remember and think about what you’re getting with this portable device.

You can find this, and many other great tech bargains through our Deals page. Backed by Stack Commerce, there are daily promos, giveaways, freebies, and much more!

AndroidGuys Deals Page: PhoneJoy GamePad 2 Bluetooth Controller

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Watch LeBron James’ training on your Gear VR

Did you get a shiny Gear VR headset as a gift? If so, you already have something new to try with it. Oculus, Samsung and Uninterrupted are launching Striving for Greatness, a 12-minute Gear VR “experience” that shows what training is like for basketball superstar LeBron James. As with the Patriots’ football practice, this probably isn’t going to go too deep — the teasers hint at a look-at-how-good-my-life-is vibe. All the same, it’s worth a peek (in the Oculus Store or Milk VR store) if you’re a hoops fan eager for some more immersion. Slideshow-350669


Valve’s gaming platform is experiencing a Christmas disaster

Valve’s Steam platform is giving players access to people’s private accounts. As per reports, when players log into their accounts for details, they’re able to access someone else’s information including email addresses, credit card details and previous purchases. What makes this security lapse more critical for the gaming platform today is that the site was in the middle of its winter sale with a large number of people buying online.

While the problem hasn’t surfaced for all users on the website, many have reported being able to access random accounts this afternoon. The reason for the security blunder isn’t clear yet. But as per the most recent update on Reddit, the company is “working on it.”

Source: Kotaku

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