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May 31, 2014

Whatcha Playing?: CLARC by Golden Tricycle

by John_A

Whatcha Playing

This is the first of hopefully many weekly articles, where I exclusively play one game for an entire week and tell you the readers what I think of the game and we can discuss it in the comments. This week I played the game CLARC by Golden Tricycle.

Whatcha Playing

What the game is about?
Spoil free as best as I can. You play a robot that is tasked to fix things around a robot filled factory. As you’re trying to do job you run into a damsel in distress, this is where the game takes a page from the movie Wall-E. The best part of the game to me is the humor which always seemed to put at least a smile on my face.

Whatcha Playing

What type of game is it?
CLARC is a top down view platform puzzle game that has both slow and fast paced puzzles. What do I mean? For one example of the slow part of the game is it will give you a puzzle that lets you take your time and think it over. As you progress in the game some puzzles are a race to stay alive, sometimes literally.

Whatcha Playing

Who is this game for?
This game is for those who like to think ahead while sometimes thinking on their toes. If you are a fan of games like Zelda for the puzzles and less for the action this game is for you. If you liked the movie Wall-E this game is also for you.

Whatcha Playing

Even though I was not able to beat the game in a week I enjoyed my time with it. This is one that I would recommend to anyone that either wants a change of pace or just something fun yet at time frustrating to play. Also a side note the game developer also made a lite version of the game for a try before you buy experience. Let me know what you think about this game in the comments as well as any questions and also whatcha playin for this week.

Google Play Link: CLARC Lite, CLARC

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