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Listen in: Jimmy Page hosts livestream for unreleased Led Zeppelin tracks

Rock music group Led Zeppelin performing

Plans to reissue Led Zeppelin’s first three albums with unreleased tracks were first detailed back in March, but today Jimmy Page is offering the masses a sneak peak. At 3:30PM ET (7:30 GMT), the guitarist is hosting a listening party to premiere cuts from the vault at L’Olympia in Paris — the venue where the band performed in October 1969. Audio from that particular show will ship as bonus content for the new deluxe edition of Led Zeppelin. On June 3rd, that LP along with remasters of Led Zeppelin II and Led Zeppelin III (both with its own audio extras) will hit shelves. And stream from Spotify, we’d surmise. The trio marks the first three releases in the reissue cycle that’s set to include the group’s entire catalog, boasting vinyl options and a super deluxe box set of the whole lot. Looking to tune in? Hop down after the break to do just that when the time comes.

[Photo credit: Charles Bonnay/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images]

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Source: Led Zeppelin (YouTube)


Steam In-Home Streaming now beams PC games to any room of your house

It has been in beta since mid-November, but Steam’s In-Home Streaming is now available to all. Folks who have a fleet of computers at home can link ‘em up and then remotely install and play PC games just like you were sitting at your desk. As you might expect, this also enables access to titles on machines running other OSes — like OS X, Linux and SteamOS, of course. You’ll still have to wait a bit to nab up a Steam Machine, but if you’re champing at the bit to give it a go, all the info you’ll need to get start awaits via that source link.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 in Copper Gold comes to all major carriers on May 30

Galaxy S5 Gold

For all of the tastemakers out there, the Samsung Galaxy S 5 is coming to the U.S. in a brand new glimmering shade on May 30th.  Sporting metallics this summer is a fashion-forward trend and the Galaxy S 5 is getting a new look by launching in Gold on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless (through select indirect retailers), and U.S. Cellular. 

The Galaxy S5 is still made of plastic, but now comes in Gold and doesn’t look terrible.  Will you be picking one up? Let us know!

Source: Samsung

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Moto X+1 codename and US carriers leak


The infamous @evleaks has done it again and this time it concerns Motorola’s upcoming flagship, Moto X+1.  Below is his tweet:

Motorola Moto X+1 goes by codename Victara, and — no surprise here — is slated for sale by all four national carriers.

No details have leaked as far as specs, but I am sure it will come with many customizing options like its little brother, the Moto X.  Motorola has slated the device for a late summer debut, so there is plenty of time for more rumors and pictures to leak out.

Via: Pocketnow Soucre: Evleaks

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Apple Pulls Top Free iOS App ‘Weed Firm’ from App Store

weed_firm_iconReleased earlier this month, somewhat controversial iOS game Weed Firm quickly shot to the top of the App Store charts for free apps. The game centers around a marijuana business, with the player controlling a character responsible for all aspects of growing and selling the product.

Just as quickly as it arrived, Weed Firm has disappeared from the App Store, with the game’s developer, Manitoba Games, tweeting yesterday that the game would be removed for “a few days” to address “a few maintenance things”. That may not be the complete story, however, as Manitoba Games has posted a note on its website (via CNET) noting that the removal “was entirely Apple’s decision, not ours.”

The developers don’t share Apple’s specific justification for the removal, claiming that while there may have been some objections to “illegal activities”, Apple must have simply thought it was “too good” of a game as there are a number of other marijuana-themed apps available in the App Store.

We guess the problem was that the game was just too good and got to number one in All Categories, since there are certainly a great number of weed based apps still available, as well as games promoting other so-called ‘illegal activities’ such as shooting people, crashing cars and throwing birds at buildings.

The Android version of Weed Firm has also been removed from Google Play, but the developer claims that this is due to an issue with the app’s publisher rather than any action by Google.

Manitoba Games promises that Weed Firm will be returning to the App Store shortly, although some of the more controversial aspects of the game may need to be toned down given the close scrutiny Apple will undoubtedly give the app upon review.

Apple maintains a list of review guidelines for App Store submissions, but as part of the document’s broader themes the company also reserves the right to reject “any content or behavior that we believe is over the line”. As such, Weed Firm may simply have been a borderline case that garnered a second look as it soared to the top of the charts. But exactly what changes Apple will require of the app’s developers in order for Weed Firm to return remain to be seen.


Motorola contest pegs the price of a Moto 360 smartwatch at $249

Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch showing the weather

If you’ve been at all interested in Motorola’s Moto 360, the biggest question has likely been the price: how much will that swanky circular smartwatch set you back? Not that much, if you believe the company’s rules for a watch face design contest. The legal details set the average retail value of a Moto 360 at $249; that’s as much as a relatively posh smartwatch like the Pebble Steel, but less than the $300 you’d pay for tech-laden wristwear like the Gear 2. Before you start budgeting for a timepiece, though, remember that this still isn’t official. While Motorola’s figure gives at least some idea of what to expect, we wouldn’t rule out a higher price tag when the Moto 360 reaches store shelves.

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Source: Motorola (Google Drive)


SmartThings brings a truly connected home closer to reality

The connected home is an inevitable reality, but it’s a market still in its infancy. SmartThings wants to be at the forefront of this expanding realm and today it’s announcing a number of updates and initiatives that it thinks will give it an unquestionable lead. The first piece of the puzzle is an updated app with a streamlined UI that exposes more functions and simplifies the setup process. For the company the new apps is about trying to polish the rough edges further and remove the last few obstacles to adoption. It will also give more exposure to third-party developers by making Labs, which was debuted at CES, far more visible. The new app is available today on iOS, but Android users will sadly have to wait until early June to enjoy it. But this is just a small part of a much bigger effort that marks the official launch of the “SmartThings Platform.”

Reducing the clutter and noise for consumers is essential, but so is empowering its over 5,000 developers and hardware partners. SmartThings is looking to take the app store approach to the whole thing. While you’ll still be able to manually control your switched or set up your own automated triggers, the focus will be on pre-programmed recipes. Those will be sorted in a number of different ways to simplify discovery, for example you can browse by device, action or the type of alert your looking for. Surfacing these apps is the first of a two pronged attack, the second is find hardware solutions to the problems you’re looking to solve. So, if you want to get a notification when someone walks down the driveway the app will point you to a compatible motion detector if you don’t already own one.

The final element is a certification program that will launch with over 100 approved devices and will also apply to apps. Devs can even submit apps for approval with a single click from within SmartThings developer tools. It will let the company guarantee a level of compatibility to all customers and quietly move away from producing its own hardware. And, the fewer resources it spends on building sensors the more it can throw at building a truly consumer friendly connected home platform.

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Russia invests in homegrown tech with Visa and Mastercard out of the picture

Credit cards

America’s sanctions against Russia have already had an impact on high-level space and satellite projects, but it’s clear this is just the beginning of the growing technological separation between East and West. Ordinary Russians are starting to be affected too, especially now that Mastercard and Visa are forbidden from processing many of their credit card transactions. According to Bloomberg, the Kremlin sees the disappearance of US-based financial services as a “betrayal.” It’s looking to wean the country off foreign banking services, starting with a law that would allow all state employees (more than 20 million people) to be paid via a totally new, homegrown card platform.

As a result, the country’s central bank predicts a surge in demand for Russian-made microchip cards. And, if more citizens start to look internally for alternatives to American products and services — such as Yandex instead of Google — then many other Russian companies will stand to benefit from sanctions. Consumers may potentially benefit too, from cheaper prices or better control over their data, especially now that Facebook is required to store all information about its Russian users within domestic datacenters. In the long-term, however, they’ll also run the risk of being left on a technological island, or perhaps in an isolated bloc with China.

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Source: Bloomberg


Oculus VR and Palmer Luckey being sued by CTO’s former employer

Oculus VR and co-founder Palmer Luckey are being sued by Zenimax Media and id Software, the former employer of Oculus VR chief technical officer John Carmack. The suit claims that John Carmack, while employed by id Software (owned by Zenimax Media), stole and misappropriated “trade secrets relating to virtual reality technology.” The suit was filed in Texas (where id Software is located), and follows up on legal claims Zenimax was already making public. For its part, Oculus VR denied Zenimax’s claims in a followup response, which stated, “There is not a line of Zenimax code or any of its technology in any Oculus products.” Oculus CTO John Carmack openly worked with Palmer Luckey in the lead up to the Oculus Rift’s tremendously successful Kickstarter campaign, and Carmack eventually joined the company full-time last year.




Next Android looking to change navigation buttons


The next version of Android, whether it be 4.5 or 5.0, is possibly looking to change up the look of the interface a lot more than the subtle changes from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean to KitKat. We’ve already seen the leaks of their redesigned stock icons, code named “moonshine”, and now we’re seeing a different navigation bar



The typical home button has been replaced with a Google logo, providing evidence that Google is looking to integrate their services even further into Android, like they have with KitKat’s Google Now Launcher. The multitasking logo is a bit different as well, and the only reason I can think of why is because of possibly how Google is going to list your recent apps menu. We’ve heard rumors before that Google is looking to change the Android UI completely, so perhaps multitasking will be a whole different thing in the next Android.

While I am a fan of Google changing up Android and integrating Google Now more, I’m not sure how I like the idea of having the Google logo as my home button. However it’s too soon to tell what they really have in store for us so I will be my judgment at bay.


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