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Study suggests e-cigs trump patches for quitting smoking

Electronic cigarette

E-cigs or vaping as it’s often called, is not only more acceptable as far as stink factor and convenience go, but may now finally be considered a real tool in the quest to kick the habit. Fans of vaping have always claimed that this was the case but there’s never been a real study to back them up, and let’s face it, “we think it is” is a bit vaporous. Researchers from the University College London, followed some 6,000 people’s efforts at quitting between summer 2009 and February 2014. The adjusted results suggest that e-cig users were 60% more likely to succeed than those trying nicotine replacement or quitting cold turkey. Of course, all of these people have had to find their own path or program, seeing as the e-devices aren’t a recognized method to most in the health industry. Perhaps now we’ll start to see programs put together tailored to help smokers butt out. While this research does bode well for the e-cig industry, bear in mind this is only one study and we’ve yet to hear anybody weigh in on the health concerns. By the by, we expect a study claiming the exact opposite findings from the nicotine patch people to land in three, two, one…

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Spyglass beefs up iOS navigation with augmented reality for the great outdoors

Sure, you can use the regular maps available for iOS to get around, but those who trek around the wilderness need a bit more muscle. Well, Spyglass offers just that, employing all of the sensors Apple’s devices house and tossing in a bit of augmented reality for good measure. The app overlays compass, GPS and location info on top of visuals captured by an iPhone camera or the map itself. There’s also a load of more advanced navigation tools for in-depth tracking — options that include a hi-tech viewfinder (HUD), milspec compass, gyrocompass, tactical GPS, speedometer, altimeter, rangefinder, sextant and more. Real-time tracking based on the location of stars, the sun and the moon is possible too, as is the ability to save waypoints for the return trip. You can also save specific spots for later, snap pictures with the data overlaid and employ one of a dozen different coordinate systems ranging from civilian to military. Sound too good to pass up for that next mountain excursion? Spyglass is available now via the iTunes App Store for $3.99.

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Microsoft reportedly axed a smaller Surface

We’d surmise that a few folks were disappointed then Microsoft’s Surface event concluded earlier today. Rumors swirled that the “small gathering” tease meant a more compact version of Redmond’s tablet was imminent, but instead the festivities focused on a larger 12-inch pro model. Now, Bloomberg reports that a more compact model was on tap before being nixed ahead of its official debut. The report states that CEO Satya Nadella and EVP Stephen Elop concluded that the device didn’t offer enough pizazz to differentiate it from the options that are currently on the market — smaller Windows-powered slates from the likes of Dell and others. MS engineers had reportedly been working on the so-called Surface mini alongside Qualcomm for the better part of a year before the plug was pulled ahead of final approval.

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Box for Android App Updates in a Big a Way with Redesigned UI and More

The cloud storage company and app, Box, has just pushed out a pretty major update to the app for Android today. The update moves the app to v3.0 and with a whole number move comes a whole new experience. Finally Box has updated the UI to make cleaner and more polished, not to mention a bit more functional. Going through the old and new app clearly shows a big difference. Lets take a quick look at some of the changes below. All the images on the left are after the Box 3.0 update and the images to the right are the previous app.

Box for Android Update (7) Box for Android Old (2)Nothing huge in the left slider, but the removal of the blue bar is pretty nice.

Box for Android Update (11) Box for Android Old (4)The overflow menu has a cool new animation for the popup an it certainly looks quite a bit better than it used too.

Box for Android Update (8) Box for Android Old (6)The image gallery got an overhaul as well that makes viewing images much faster and when you are scrolling through you images you get a ’3 of 144′ or whatever image you are on in the folder. You can see w quick demo of the new features and look in the New Box 3.0 promo video below.

I dig the ‘swipe’ for action on a particular folder or file. The new update also works seamlessly with OneCloud apps that you might have installed also, which allows you to sign contracts, annotate reports and more. The OneCloud app gallery is native inside Box.

The last little bit of information is that box is extending the MobileIron AppConnect to Box for Android. Now IT admins can deploy Box straight to employees devices with AppConnect policy controls including specific passcode locks and file saving restrictions.

As an added bonus Box has also announced a partnership with LG. Box will come pre-loaded to the new line of G series devices and will be offering new and existing Box customers 50GB of storage for free for one year. This deal also applies to current LG device owners, with the exception of the nexus line.

“Mobility and the cloud are revolutionizing the way businesses and individuals connect, collaborate and stay productive,” said Ramchan Woo, Director of Product Planning at LG Mobile of LG. “We’re incredibly excited to partner with Box and offer our customers a simple, yet powerful solution for sharing and accessing content from LG smartphones and tablets wherever work may take them.”

More detailed info can be found on the Box for Android blog. You can also pick up the Box for Android app through the Play Store.

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OS X 10.9.3 Boosts Maximum VRAM of Recent Retina MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Models [Mac Blog]

OS X 10.9.3, released last week, boosted the maximum VRAM used by the Intel HD 5000/5100/5200 graphics chips used in the most recent 2013/2014 MacBook Airs and Retina MacBook Pros.

First noticed by French site Mac4Ever [Google Translation], updating to 10.9.3 increases available VRAM from 1024MB to 1536MB, boosting the size of the shared memory, possibly to further improve 4K performance on certain machines.

The change can be seen in the Graphics/Displays section of the System Report accessible via About This Mac. Apple has not yet updated its support page to reflect the new VRAM limits, continuing to list 1GB of system memory as the maximum. The update was also not mentioned in the 10.9.3 release notes.

The 10.9.3 update, available via the software update tool in the Mac App Store, also included enhanced support for 4K displays and restored the ability to sync contacts and calendars between Macs and iOS devices over USB.

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Waterfield Designs Debuts ‘Mac Pro Go Case’ for Transporting 2013 Mac Pro [Mac Blog]

Waterfield Designs today introduced its new Mac Pro Go Case, a bag designed to transport the 2013 Mac Pro and necessary accessories. Created from padded ballistic nylon, the case is designed to fit snugly around Apple’s newest desktop computer.

The case cushions the Mac Pro with both internal padding and a plush liner, and there’s a heavy duty plastic plate to protect the bottom of the computer. An accessories pocket able to hold add-ons like a mouse, cables, and power cord fits on top of the bag and a side pocket has room for an Apple wireless keyboard.

Mac Pro Case by WaterField Designs

Just in time for the Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC14), WaterField Designs introduces the Mac Pro Go Case to keep the Apple powerhouse Mac Pro and accessories safe in transit. Perfect for travelling gamers, developers, video editors and any others who take their systems with them, the rugged case holds just about everything–the Mac Pro and Apple wireless keyboard plus computer accessories: a mouse, cables and power cord.

At 7.5 inches in diameter and 12 to 14-inches tall, the Mac Pro Go Case can be carried using a nylon grab handle or a removable suspension shoulder strap.

The Mac Pro Go Case, which comes in black to match the Mac Pro, can be ordered for $129 from


iWork for iCloud Updated With Interactive Charts, Improved Collaborative Capabilities

iWork for iCloud received an update today, adding a range of new features to Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, further boosting the real-time collaboration capabilities of the apps. It is now possible to collaborate with up to 100 people (previous limit was 50) on a single document and users are also able to create 2D and interactive charts in all three apps.

Larger documents, up to 1GB in size, can be edited, and larger images up to 10MB in size can be added to documents. Chart formatting is now available in all three apps, and there are new color options.

Keynote has also gained the ability to show and hide slide numbers, while Numbers now supports alternating row colors in tables and the ability to export to CSV. Pages supports exporting to ePub, object layering, and inserting and editing inline tables.

The iWork for iCloud software is available to all users for free, and it can be accessed through Apple’s website.


Spotify-based service puts an end to lousy coffee shop music

Soundtrack Your Brand's Spotify for Business service

Chances are that the music at your local eatery sucks. If the owners aren’t just piping in elevator music or radio, they may be using CDs or internet stations. Soundtrack Your Brand has a better solution: it just launched a Spotify-based (and partly Spotify-funded) service that’s designed for public venues. The current platform lets companies stream an unlimited amount of music in five locations, with scheduled playlists and offline support; you won’t have to hear the same song every day at the coffee shop, even if its internet access cuts out mid-cappuccino.

The service is currently limited to Sweden, where it costs 349 Kronor ($53) per month. An upcoming 799 Kronor ($121) option will cater to larger outlets. There’s no word on a US deployment, but here’s hoping that it comes soon — if you’re like us, you’re probably a little tired of the recycled tunes at your favorite establishment.

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Verizon’s next-gen voice service still planned for this year, will come with video calling

Verizon Beats Estimates as Wireless Users Increase Spending

Verizon and AT&T, the two largest mobile operators in the US, have spent the last couple years in a race to deploy next-generation voice technology known as Voice over LTE (VoLTE). With its announcement last week, AT&T was the first to deploy the fast-speed VoIP network, but don’t count Verizon out of the race quite just yet: executives explained to us today that it’s still on track for nationwide deployment sometime this year.

Considering AT&T launched VoLTE last week, it appears that Verizon may be experiencing a few setbacks. (Of course, Verizon originally promised its network would be ready by 2012, so we’d argue that setbacks are nothing new for VoLTE deployment.) However, execs pointed out that its competitor’s offering is currently limited to just a few markets and devices, whereas Verizon will launch VoLTE nationwide from the very beginning. Nationwide availability will be crucial to the network’s success, as calls using the new tech can’t fall back to CDMA when you leave LTE coverage.

Unfortunately, the company won’t say specifically when this year we can expect the new network, but we were told that when it’s ready, several devices will be VoLTE-capable either through purchase or an over-the-air update. Fortunately, Verizon confirmed that its network will be interoperable with any of its VoLTE-capable competitors — since you’ll only be able to enjoy richer call quality when both callers have compatible devices, this means the service won’t be exclusive to in-network conversations.

The company also tells us that it will offer FaceTime-like video calling as soon as VoLTE launches, which means that you’ll be able to activate the service directly from your phone’s dialer, and you’ll be able to easily switch back and forth between video and audio-only calls. Additionally, it’ll also launch HD Voice by leveraging AMR-WB, a wide-band speech standard that’s already used by T-Mobile for its high-def voice service.

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LifeLock pulls its wallet apps, deletes data in light of security worries

wallet with a padlock on it

Wallet apps are typically more convenient than trying to keep tabs on a slew of identity and payment information yourself. However, that assumes that the apps are secure in the first place — and unfortunately, LifeLock is learning this the hard way. The ID protection firm has both pulled the LifeLock Wallet mobile app and deleted user data after learning that its tool (based on recent acquisition Lemon Wallet) “may not be fully compliant” with payment card security standards. While there’s no sign of a breach, the company says that it would rather play it safe and only restore the apps once people can trust them “without question.”

The move will have big consequences if you’ve poured a lot of data into LifeLock Wallet. You may have to dig out cards that you could previously afford to leave at home, and you won’t be recovering any receipts if you tossed out their paper copies. However, this is a potentially wise gesture to protect customers who might not otherwise realize that their data is at risk. It may also be necessary to avoid a run-in with the government, for that matter — LifeLock has to meet certain security requirements following a 2010 FTC ruling that the company both misled customers with fear-driven marketing and didn’t do enough to secure identity information. In that sense, the move is as much about saving the company’s skin as your own.

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