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February 28, 2014

DotEmu Celebrates 7 Years with $0.99 Game Sale on Another World and Others

by John_A

While a developer name might now stand out to everyone, the titles that they have brought to Android most certainly should DotEmu has been brought us classic titles such as R-Type, Raiden Legacy, Another World and Double Dragon Trilogy. I am sure many of those classic gaming titles stand out in our more seasoned veterans minds.

DotEmu Game Sale Double Dragon Trilogy, Another World To celebrate DotEmu’s 7th birthday, they have opted to place a number of their titles on sale for $0.99 for 7 days. That is a win for us for sure. While some games receive the half off treatment, R-Type is $0.99 versus the usual $1.99, you can find bigger discounts on Raiden Legacy, which is $0.99 versus the usual $4.99. No matter how you slice it, discounts are a nice way to thank the end users for keeping them in business for 7 years.

The sale is taking place on Android and iOS, so if you are a dual wielding person or family, make sure to let them know. Here us a quick clickable list and the discount amount for you to grab just the right game, also, you can just navigate to DotEmu’s developer page and see them all.

I am not sure why R-Type II and Gobliins Trilogy didn’t make the cut though. Either they are delayed in updating on the Play Store, or they just aren’t on sale.

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