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New AT&T plan makes it cheaper to share smartphone data off-contract

AT&T SIM card punched out

AT&T’s current Mobile Share plans can be quite expensive for families and small offices that don’t want to be tied to a contract. However, service is potentially more affordable through a new plan launching today. The tier starts at $130 per month with two off-contract lines for new customers (existing contract customers can also sign up) and 10GB of shared data, but it costs a more modest $15 per extra line instead of the regular $25; the carrier reckons that a family of four could save anywhere from $40 to $100 per month over the regular rates. You can go for more than 10GB of data if your clan craves extra bandwidth, too. It’s not clear if AT&T’s deal will be enough to lure families away from low-cost carriers like T-Mobile, but it’s certainly a better offer than before.

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Watch a fake flower blossom thanks to flexible 3D-printed materials (video)

Richard Clarkson, a student at New York’s School of Visual Arts, has used a combination of pneumatics and 3D-printed flexible-materials to create an artificial flower that “blooms,” and the result is pretty neat. When air fills a cavity in the rubbery petals, they expand and push outward against the harder center bulb, replicating how a real flower blossoms. Clarkson said he chose a flower for this experiment because he wanted to model something organic from an entirely non-organic process. Words really don’t do the art project justice however, which is why we’ve embedded a video of the installation after the break — check it out.

Blossom from Richard Clarkson on Vimeo.

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Source: Richard Clarkson, Core77


Microsoft eyeing Sundar Pichai as next CEO

A new rumor states that Sundar Pichai could be in the running to be the next Microsoft CEO.

It seems as though Microsoft hasn’t really been hunting for a new CEO as actively as they should be. But according to SiliconANGLE, they have their eyes on someone who would really do well in the company.

Sundar Pichai is Google’s senior vice president of Chrome, Apps, and Android. So when it comes to desktop and mobile software, he really shines. Not only that, but he has had his hands in development of Google Drive, Gmail, and Maps.

“Microsoft could really move the ball down the field with Sundar Pichai in creating a new open operating system model for cloud, mobile, and social” according to Dave Vellante, chief analyst at Wikibon. “The market has been looking for a CEO who can balance the role of leading the enterprise transformation while keeping that consumer momentum with xBox and reboot mobile.  Pichai is the total package of technology leadership and business acumen.”

In the past few years, he’s done amazing things for Google, and most notably, Android. It would be very surprising if he decided to leave, however this isn’t the first time we’ve head rumors of him taking off. When Pichai was offered an exec position at Twitter, Google supposedly paid him $50 million to stay.

We know that wherever Pachai decides to stay, he will do amazing things. No one knows if his decision will be about the quality of work or about the money involved. Google has some amazing times ahead of them, so hopefully Pachai realizes that and decides to stick around.

Source: SiliconANGLE (Via: Android Authority)

Image: Android Headlines

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Feedback Loop: Pebble apps, music services, Google happenings and more!

Welcome to Feedback Loop, a weekly roundup of the most interesting discussions happening within the Engadget community. There’s so much technology to talk about and so little time to enjoy it, but you have a lot of great ideas and opinions that need to be shared! Join us every Saturday as we highlight some of the most interesting discussions that happened during the past week.

Engadget Forums

This week, we discussed the best apps for your shiny new Pebble smartwatch. We also had an enthusiastic discussion over our favorite music services, speculated about what’s happening with the Google/Motorola/Lenovo deal, waxed poetic about the future of Nintendo and debated the benefits of 1080p and 4K televisions. Click past the break and read what fellow Engadget users like you have to say.

Pebble app recommendations

Wearables are all the rage right now and TgD pounced on a good deal, picking up a Pebble smartwatch earlier this week. He wants recommendations for useful apps he should download. Hop on over to the Engadget forums and let him know your picks. And don’t forget to check out our Pebble Steel review.

Share your favorite music-streaming service

In case you missed it, daninbusiness took a look at the many options for streaming music and shared the pros and cons of each. With so many providers, how do you pick which will have the privilege of delivering pure sonic goodness to your earholes? Chime in and tell us what your preferred music service is.

What’s happening at Google?

Earlier this week, Google announced that it would be selling Motorola Mobility to Lenovo. Frankspin wants to know: What’s going on with Google? Is it a case of buyer’s remorse, or is there some grander strategy at work? Share your analysis in the Engadget forums.

The future of Nintendo

Recently, there’s been speculation that Nintendo is planning on making games for smartphones. That rumor was quickly put to rest, but it’s left many Nintendo fans questioning the future of the company. Kris discusses where Nintendo is headed. What do you think the company should do to ensure its survival?

Purchasing a new television: 1080p vs. 4K

If there’s one thing we learned from CES 2014, it’s that the 4K invasion is coming, and no one’s going to stop it. However, is now the right time to get a 4K TV, or should you stick with a proven technology with loads more content? Engadget contributing editor TimSeppala tells us why he recently bought a 1080p model. What will your next TV be? Hit up the forums and let us know!

That’s all this week! Do you want to talk about your favorite gadget or have a burning question about technology? Register for an Engadget account today, visit the Engadget forums and start a new discussion!



Pebble’s smartwatch app store for iOS and Android arrives Monday

Pebble shipped its new all-metal “Steel” smartwatch earlier this week, and now reveals that app store updates for its iOS and Android companion software will roll out on Monday. Until now, wearers have had to hunt through a myriad of app developers and third-party sites to download new watchfaces or apps. Once the apps (and older Pebble devices) get updated and paired wirelessly over Bluetooth, you’ll only need a Pebble account and two clicks to load new software from a phone or tablet. Since the watch itself can only have up to eight apps loaded at any given time, easily managing the thousands of choices available is an important new feature. We took a long look at the store and its apps (including software from ESPN, GoPro and Foursquare) in our review of the Pebble Steel, owners should keep an eye on their mobile devices Monday for access.

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Vienna gallery to auction off alleged Apollo 15 camera used on the lunar surface

If you happen to be in Austria in March and have, oh, around $270,000 just lying around, you can get a memento from the Apollo 15 mission. To be precise, that amount might win you a 70-millimeter Hasselblad Electric Data Camera at a WestLicht Gallery auction in Vienna — one that James Irwin supposedly used when he walked on the moon in 1971. While NASA hasn’t confirmed its authenticity, gallery officials insist that the number 38 printed inside the camera is all the proof they need, as the images Irwin took were all labeled with the same number.

According to CollectSpace, though, the camera’s serial numbers are identical to a device sold at a New Hampshire auction in 2012. While a former NASA photographer was certain that that camera was part of an Apollo mission, it was never linked to Apollo 15 or to the eighth man to walk on the moon. So, even if 200 grand’s chump change to you, it may be best to take the gallery’s claim with a pinch of salt.

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Why vehicle needs Diesel Repair and performance? Do I need to go for professionals?

It is a good question and a common question asked by the car owner. Why my vehicle needs diesel repair, when it’s functioning good. The answer is to make your car drive smooth, with no hassle. Many diesel service technicians and mechanics say that we inspect the car before starting the actual work. It is good to hear this. They diagnose the problem before providing exact solution. The biggest questions by the owners are how I can know that my car was dealt with professional repairer. Many diesel companies serve different vehicles and they have best team to work on. They give the testimony of their diesel repair experiences. Diesel companies like Humble Auto Repair not only serve the service but also they have one-stop for all the diesel parts where you can check for the brand and quality before giving for repair.

How Diesel Service process works?

For the first instance, diesel service technicians inspect the vehicle.  They will check for the diesel engine to predict the problems or they will move further. The diagnosing part helps to overcome the problems before they arise. Other diesel companies are specialized in trucks and truck parts like diesel engines, usage of lubricant oils. If the product that your vehicle has and auto repair companies don’t have for replacement. A regular maintenance is completely needed to run the vehicle for the long run.  It is always good to know what all repairs falls under diesel repair

  • Full Service Repair
  • Diesel Emission/While You Wait!
  • All Makes & Models
  • Brakes
  • Electrical
  • Oil Changes
  • To reduce nitrogen oxide, it is good to go for urea injection systems

There are some other typical tasks includes in diesel repair, which needs a certified technician to deal with it:

  • Changing the lubricating oil
  • Changing the air filter
  • Changing the fuel filter
  • Bleeding the fuel system

Why my vehicle needs diesel repair

As an owner of the vehicle it is very obvious to encounter some of the minor problems while driving. However, the desire of the owner is to drive safely and give long run of service. To enjoy this continuity vehicles need tuning, repairs in gasoline engines and regular maintenance. To perform frequent oil changes and filtering in regular schedule times, it is advisable to visit the ASE certified technicians. Certified technicians give quality and professional service for all diesel repairs.  Visit the nearby diesel repair like humble auto repair. As similar to auto repair diesel also to be done in regular basis to avoid failures while driving. It is not only diesel repair is essential to the vehicle a complete auto repair which include diesel as well to be done for after certain kilometer drive to overcome the major problems.


Two years later, DirecTV customers can finally use Roku players to watch HBO Go

Even as HBO Go has launched on new platforms over the years, people who pay for TV service and HBO have occasionally found that their provider won’t play along. That’s been the case for DirecTV subscribers with a Roku ever since the app rolled out in 2011, but now things have changed. Customers started seeing the change Thursday and now the DirecTV Twitter account confirms subscribers can use their account logins on Roku. The Syfy Now app on iOS also has a fresh update that says it supports DirecTV accounts, while some users say they’ve been able to login to apps for History, A&E, and Lifetime, although that doesn’t appear to be officially available yet. Comcast Xfinity customers are the most notable remaining group still denied activations on Roku and Samsung Smart TVs, although the service does support Apple TV and Xbox 360. Will that ever change? After this move and the recent arrival of YouTube on the platform, here’s hoping Comcast, Roku and Time Warner can get together to keep the streak going.

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Source: DirecTV (Twitter), DBSTalk, Roku Forums


Top 6 Android Apps That Are Inspired From Old-School Arcade Games

As gaming technology continues to progress, retro arcade games have somewhat become irrelevant in the world of gaming. However, with the advent of tablets and smartphones, classic arcade games have now become a huge hit among gamers.  In this article, we have compiled a list of the best arcade-inspired apps for Android tablets and smartphones.

Android arcade games are nothing short of awesome. In the 1990s, kids played these exhilarating games that to kill boredom in a very energizing fashion. These games, though, were eventually overshadowed by console box gaming options and PC gaming.

In the age of tablets and smartphones, arcade games have made a comeback. Nowadays, smartphone and tablet user are able to enjoy playing a wide array of arcade games on their mobile device. As a matter of fact, these games are considered one of the biggest sensations in mobile gaming.

There are hundreds of thrilling Arcade games that you can load on your Android device. Without any further delay, here are the top six Android mobile apps that are inspired from arcade games:

1.       Coin Dozer 

Created by Game Circus LLC, Coin Dozer is a classic old-school arcade game that has now made its way to Android platforms. As an Android mobile app, this game has become one of the most played and downloaded games of all time. As expected, this mobile version is just as exciting and addictive as the original one.

Besides its rather engaging gameplay, this amazing Android app features astounding 3D graphics and stunning visuals as well. What’s more, it is available for free in Google Play store.

2.       PAC-Man championship Ed. Demo

Do you still remember PAC-MAN, the yellow dot munching dude on Arcade games? Well, he now resides in Android phones through the Android game called PAC-MAN Championship Ed. Demo.  If you are looking to relive some of your favorite childhood games, then make sure to load this app on Android device.

The rules and aspects of the game have not changed a bit. As PACMAN, you can still evade ghosts, and eat those colored dots.  Its graphics, on the contrary, has changed drastically, which is a good thing for gamers.

 3.       Tetris 

Although it was released as an arcade game in 1988, Tetris remains as one of the finest and most addictive puzzle games to date. It is a very simple game, but a challenging one nonetheless, which is why thousands of Android users have gone loco over this app.

4.       Bubble Pop 

Bubble Pop is a fairly popular retro game that a lot of people can definitely remember. It is not as challenging as Tetris, but it is a great time-killer. This game is ideal for short office breaks and bus rides.

5.       Superior Mario World

If you love Nintendo games, then you will surely love this one. For the younger audience, Superior Mario World is an exciting Android game that was inspired by Nintendo’s Superior Mario, which is a popular 1980s game that brought life to gaming. While the game’s graphics may not be good, it is still an addictive and thrilling game that you can play for hours.

6.        Touhou Bomberman 

Here’s another old-school game that you have most likely played in your younger days. As an Android app, Touhou Bomerman is truly a masterpiece. Even though this game is rather tough and challenging, it is very exciting and rewarding, especially when you reach the higher stages.

Like its original version, Touhou Bomberman allows to select your characters. In addition, there are a few modes for you to choose from. In this mobile version, however, your characters will be able to use special weapon, as your game’s status increases.

These are six of the best and most popular retro or old-school games available Google Play Store. Download these games, and relive some of the fondest memories in your childhood years!

It’s your turn!

If you have a few retro games in mind that you want to share, please share it to through the comments section below. Enjoy these classic arcade games, guys. Ciao!

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/

About the author:

Jimmy R. is a dedicated and savvy writer who loves to write about technology, health online, marketing, mobile games, social media networking and current events.  In his free time, he plays addictive retro Android games, such as Coin Dozer, Brick Breaker, Radiant and many more.


Star Command is available for free on Amazon, normally $2.99

Star Command is available for freeThere are literally thousands of games on Android, but very few of them involve spaceships and red shirts; and no, there isn’t a Star Trek game on Android yet. That game of course is Star Command, a management-cross-real-time-strategy game that includes facets from games like the Sims and Game Dev Story. Well, if you were ever put off by the game costing money (specifically $2.99), you have no excuse now as Star Command is available for free on Amazon right now.

We reviewed it late last year (which you can read here), and while there were a few things I could see required improvements, I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing it, particularly as it’s quite a unique experience on Android right now. Not many games have such a great art style, engaging gameplay and a story, which while short, was quite engaging throughout the campaign. It’s got my tick for a recommendation; the best thing about Star Command being free is that you get access to the entire game as there are no in-app purchases. So hit the links below which will take you to Amazon and to infinity and beyond! Oh, wrong movie…

Has anyone else played Star Command: what did you think of it? Let us know if you agree with our review.

Source: Amazon via Ozbargain

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