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Toshiba: TransMemory Pro USB 3.0 Flash Drive in 64GB and 128GB

While cloud storage is easily one option for keeping all your information, photos and documents easily at hand, there is still a place and a use for physical storage devices. Just yesterday SanDisk announced a new 128GB micro SDXC card. Today we hear from Toshiba and their latest offering. The new TransMemory Pro USB 3.0 Flash Drive.

Toshiba TransMemory Pro USB 3.0 Flash Drive

The new Toshiba TransMemory Pro will come in a 64GB and a 128GB size offering and obviously utilizes USB 3.0 for speedy transfer. Toshiba states that the flash drive reads at speeds up to 222 MB/s and writes up to 205 MB/s. Obviously making it extremely snappy. Other benefits include built-in security software and encrypted password protection. It will also let you set up your own public and private partitions.

While this isn’t Android news specifically, the specs and the press release are definitely up the tech users ally and we thought some of you out there might be pretty interested to hear about this little beast. The drives say they are PC and Mac compatible, and we can only assume that using an OTG cable to an Android device would work as well. If we get our hands on one any time soon we will be sure to give it a test on few various devices.

Price wise is up there in the clouds for many with the new TransMemory Pro 64GB at $129.99 and the 128GB at $199.99. However, the price points are pretty on point for the capabilities and size compared to some others we have seen.

Anyone been waiting or looking for a exceptionally quick high capacity USB 3.0 flash Drive? The press release said they are available at, but I couldn’t find them yet.


New Moto X and Smartwatch Confirmed, MotoMaker Headed to More Countries

Looks like a simple Q&A at Mobile World Congress with Motorola executives about the state of Motorola after the news that Lenovo would be attempting to acquire, them turned into quite a bit of other news. The panel consisted of Rich Osterloh, Steve Horowitz, and Mark Randall, and they were ready to talk about plenty of other things.

During the Q&A it came out that a new Moto X will arrive “late” summer 2014. This seemingly confirms the information that one of our sources proved that a new flagship Motorola phone wouldn’t be seen until late Q3. Along with the next Moto X, they also revealed that they are indeed working on a smartwatch that will be released later this year. No specifics were mentioned.

Motomaker coming to Europe, new Moto X Q3It isn’t all that surprising that there is another Moto X in the works. It is still a highly sought after device and one that is loved immensely by end users. What would they need to do to make the next one even better? Well, we know that Google kept Project Ara, the module building device building blocks. So that is out. Lenovo of course has some pretty spectacular little bits of tech that could make its way over all while keeping the basic stock-ish Android approach with the added benefits of what Motorola did with the current Moto X. I wouldn’t mind seeing two variants. A 5-inch version and another 4.7-inch version. We will just have to wait and see what they are doing in a few months.

The smartwatch side of things is a whole different story. If they take the same customizing approach to it as Moto Maker does, it could be pretty interesting. Of course it will all rest on what direction they take things. Rick Osterloh made a statement regarding the smartwatch, “We are working on a watch that will be available this year. We aim to address consumer issues like style & battery life. Battery life is big one. The new Galaxy Gear 2 upped their battery life to 3 days from 1.5. Where as we have the Martian Notifier battery at 5 days and the Cogito hitting 1 year. Varying degrees of smartwatch approaches of course. One thing I personally don’t want to see is a proprietary watch that is only compatible with Motorola devices, but I am sure that is exactly what will happen.

The last bit of great news to come from the Q&A session was aimed at Moto Maker its self. The guys confirmed that the customizing ordering tool will be launching in Europe in Q2. Specifically the UK and Germany to start and then will expand. Droid-Life also mentions Mexico.

Not a bad little Q&A after all.

Source: Engadget via Droid-Life

img: Laptopmag


Sony Xperia M2 gallery

Sony debuted its latest Android smartphone experience along with the Xperia Z2 this week in the form of the Xperia M2. It’s quite the handset, indeed, and looks very much like other Android’s out of the Sony neck of the wood. Here’s a small gallery of images of the upcoming device from a variety of angles.


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Tip: Use Nova Launcher to Access Google Now

Although most devices are now moving to the onscreen navigation keys there are still some devices which rely on hardware keys. Take the Samsung Galaxy S4, for example.

Unfortunately, if you have hardware keys, simply swiping up from the “Home” button to access Google Now just isn’t possible.

However, if you’re using Nova Launcher, which we previously covered, there is a quick tip which will enable you to assign a swipe gesture to the App drawer button to replicate this functionality.

1.  From your homescreen, long press on the “App Drawer” button.
2.  Select the option for “Edit.”
3.  Next to Swipe Action, select the “None” text.
4.  A separate page will pop up. On the top, hit “Apps.”
5.  Scroll down until you find “Google.”
6.  Select it.
7.  Under the Edit Shortcut menu, hit “OK.”

It’s as simple as that! Simply swipe up on the App Drawer button and it will fire up Google Now.

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Sony Xperia Z2 gallery

Sony’s got a brand new flagship smartphone and tablet on the way and both look wonderful on paper. But what about in the real world?  Are they as gorgeous on the outside as they in a press release? You tell us! Check out the following gallery of images of the upcoming Xperia Z2 Tablet from a variety of angles.



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uNu Unity Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review


Modern smartphones are often judged by their ability to hold a charge, and are regularly criticised for just how long you have to have your device plugged into the wall. With smartphones becoming more feature-rich with bigger screens and better cameras, the charge is becoming an increasingly difficult manufacturing challenge to master, with phone makers often left with a trade-off between a bigger battery and keeping the device small.

uNu have addressed the battery concerns associated with modern smartphones with their Unity Battery Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4. The case has a built-in battery so effectively doubles the capacity and life of your Samsung Galaxy S4.



The uNu Unity Battery Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a relatively simple design and comes in 3 parts. First there’s the battery which fits into your device and your existing battery hooks into. Your device then sits in a new bezel with a new back and it all clips together very well.


This is your new device – encapsulated in a protective casing encompassing two batteries. Access to all the ports is retained, and easily too. Charging is exactly the same as normal, since your old battery hooks into the new one so they feed off each other, which means both get charged simultaneously, and I didn’t even notice an increase in charge time, despite charging two batteries.


The uNu case is very well made, with the Galaxy S4 sitting nicely in the case with very little movement. If anything it was too snug, as it took some force and wiggling to actually get the device into the case.

And then comes the biggest factor with the case, and it was always going to be the killer feature. It’s not the design, or whether it makes your battery last longer, or even if it’s aesthetically pleasing. It’s just how much fatter does it make your nice slim Galaxy S4.

Obviously you’re effectively doubling the width of the device by adding another battery, and my initial reactions out of the box was that I didn’t like it. I bought the Galaxy S4 actually over the HTC One because I liked how it felt in my hands and the thinness of the device was a major plus point. To completely compromise this is a big deal, but surprisingly after only around an hour of use, I now actually prefer the feel of the device in the uNu Unity Case.


The uNu Unity case has a natural curve to it, which makes it extremely nice when sitting in your hand. By adding that additional thickness to the device, it oddly makes it feel more usable. The Galaxy S4 is thin, I mean really thin, and sometimes that can compromise usability by making it seem fragile. By adding a centimetre or two to the thickness it makes the device feel more solid – something I really liked about the case.

Naturally as well as the increased battery life, which we’ll get onto in a moment, it adds alot of protection to your device.



With such an increase in the thickness of the device, you want a hell of a lot of added functionality for that compromise, and the uNu Unity Case certainly delivers. The battery life is simply incredible. It is now 20:00 and I have had the device on since 06:00 this morning. During that time I have been playing Spotify for the 4 hours travelling I do, plus GPS whilst navigating Google Maps and playing Ingress, together with all the syncing going on with my Gmail and Facebook etc. and it’s still sitting at 56%.

I can deal with a few extra centimetres for that kind of result.

With these track results, you’d be looking at easily 2 days of heavy use before charging, and probably close to 4 days on light use. Those sorts of figures in a modern day smartphone are just unheard of, so uNu really knocked it out of the park here.

Of course, to accompany this, you have the added protection it physically gives your device, which is a nice peace-of-mind to have.



I have been pleasantly surprised by the uNu Unity Battery Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 as I am someone who usually doesn’t entertain the idea of such a case, simply because I like the slim profile of my device. However, I have been completely turned by just how nice the uNu case feels to hold, and also the benefit adding another battery gives. I can finally not worry about staying next to a socket on the train ride home incase I run out of juice.

The uNu Unity Battery Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is available for $69.95, and I promise you it will certainly impress you.

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OS X update closes networking security hole, brings more FaceTime features

Just days ago, Apple released an update for iOS that closed up a web networking security hole, and today Macs running OS X Mavericks have gotten similar treatment. The update to 10.9.2 doesn’t explicitly list the SSL vulnerability patch among its updates in the download notification, but we’ve confirmed its presence with Apple. The update also brings along a slew of other security fixes as well. And, if you aren’t running Mavericks just yet, Apple tells us not to fret, for separate security updates tailored to other affected versions of OS X will be coming along shortly.

Along with the peace of mind knowing your laptop is more secure than it was yesterday, the update also delivers FaceTime audio calling and call waiting to desktop voice chats, plus iMessage is getting the power to block folks from sending you messages. Naturally, 10.9.2 also brings various audio, Safari and email bug fixes, too. The update’s available now, so don’t let us keep you from it. Stay safe, folks.

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Oral-B’s smart toothbrush wants to fix our dumb hygiene habits (hands-on)

Were we expecting to find a Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush here at MWC? No, we weren’t. Did we physically put it to the test, after a long line of other exhibition goers? No, we certainly did not. However, we’d be more than pleased to show you how the Oral-B’s SmartSeries 7000 might earn its keep. As you’re about to see, the $220 gizmo can do plenty of things that normal toothbrushes can’t.

The 7000 is about the same size and weight as any other fancy electric toothbrush (if a bit heftier than its crowdfunded rival), and is compatible with any ol’ Oral-B brush heads you may have in your medicine cabinet. It’s handsome enough, but really: it’s a toothbrush, not a fashion statement. Anyway, as soon as the toothbrush and your phone have forged a connection over Bluetooth, firing up the 7000 will start a countdown to oral cleanliness in the companion smartphone app.

You (or your dentist, if you’re the responsible type) can add and tweak those timers as desired, though the default timer will have you scrubbing different areas of your mouth for two minutes. In case the sheer boredom of brushing your teeth for that long is too much to bear, you can also thumb through a stream of news articles or local weather reports (no, really) to help you hang in there. Turns out, just furiously mashing those bristles into your teeth isn’t great either, so the timer will blink red if you’re pressing too hard.

Oh, but the fun doesn’t end once you’re gleaming. The 7000 sends over your personal brushing data to the app, where it’s turned into pretty graphs and accolades for prolonged brushing. Your dentist can specify certain areas you should focus on while brushing too, which appear during the countdown to keep you moving in all the right ways. And if you don’t have a dentist to meet regularly? The app will find and list local ones, though you’ll have to deal with all that insurance stuff on your own (unless you live in Europe, but let’s not get into that).

Matt Brian and Sharif Sakr contributed to this report.



Motorola confirms Moto Maker service coming to Europe in Q2, starting in the UK and Germany

We’ve seen and heard plenty from most of the main players here at MWC, but one company has remained eerily quiet, until now. Motorola’s situation has changed significantly in recent weeks, and that change of plans has taken attention away from hardware releases, and back onto how it plans to reinvent itself post-Google. But, there is news. Rick Osterloh, SVP Product Management has just announced that its popular Moto Maker service will be coming to Europe in Q2. First in the UK and Germany, but more countries to follow. Mark Randall, SVP Supply Chain & Operations also revealed that while its Texas plant will continue to handle the US side, they are exploring options for Europe. This could involve a mix of local sourcing, or order merging with standard orders from Chine. At the very least, if you weren’t happy with the default color options it launched with, there’s hope for you yet!

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Motorola: ‘We’re working on (another) a watch too’

Well, well well. Guess who’s back in the watch game? Motorola. Of course, it already did the watch thing, but Rick Osterloh, SVP of product at the firm, has just confirmed that the company is working on another smart watch, and it will be coming in the next few months. At a press conference at MWC, Osterloh commented that the problem with current watches is that no one wants to wear them (hear that Samsung?), and it’s a problem they are tackling head on. It also might not just be another straight up sports watch this time, with Osterloh asserting that “it’ll solve some real user problems.” Good looks and brains? Surely not.

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