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Amazon shaves up to$80 off Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HDX models

Just in time for Valentine’s Day 2014, Amazon has discounted the price of its popular tablet, the Kindle Fire HDX. Effective immediately, and for a limited time, you can score the Kindle Fire HDX 7 for $199.99, a savings of $30 off the normal asking price. The larger Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 has a temporary price cut, down $40 to $339.99 while the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is listed at $189.99. At $80 less than its usual price, it’s one heck of a bargain.

It is not clear when these prices will go back up so act fast!

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Olympic Athletes Requested to Cover Apple Logos During Opening Ceremony Because of Samsung Sponsorship

NewImageOlympic athletes are being asked by Samsung to cover any Apple logos on their devices during the Parade of Nations at the 2014 Winter Olympics opening ceremony because Samsung is a lead worldwide sponsor of the Games.

The report, from a Swiss site (via Slashgear) [Translate], does not go into much detail on the request, but reports it as a condition of Samsung’s sponsorship. From Slashgear:

Olympics sponsor Samsung is reportedly dropping Galaxy Note 3 smartphones in athletes’ goodie-bags, though the gift comes with a catch: a supposed ban on any other device branding, iPhone or otherwise, during the opening ceremony.

Olympic athletes are controversially banned from mentioning any non-sponsor products during their time at the Olympics, including on social media and clothing.

All accredited competitors, coaches, trainers and officials are required to abide by Rule 40 of the Olympic Charter, preventing athletes from mentioning any non-Olympic sponsor companies. Athletes breaking Rule 40 can be punished with “removal of accreditation and financial penalties” or even total disqualification. The IOC has said on numerous occasions that protecting sponsors is of paramount importance because, without them, there could be no Games.

It’s not entirely clear if this “Rule 40″ was used as the reason for the ban on competitor logos. MacRumors has reached out to the United States Olympic Committee, the International Olympic Committee, and Samsung for comment but has yet to receive any response.



Long-time Google employee Susan Wojcicki is the new head of YouTube

TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013 - Day 2

Introducing the new head of YouTube: Susan Wojcicki, former SVP of ads and commerce at Google, who boasts some serious connections in the tech sphere. Mountain View has confirmed the news, and the outgoing YouTube head Salar Kamangar will reportedly work on other projects within the company.

Truly, few Google employees can claim roots as legendary as Wojcicki’s; she was hire number 16, who famously rented her garage in Menlo Park to founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Oh, and it just so happens that her sister, 23andme founder Anne Wojcicki, was married to Brin until late last year. Sound like a soap opera story line? Maybe so, but Susan’s new role at YouTube could help strengthen the video service’s ad revenue strategy. In an email statement shared with Re/code, Google CEO Larry Page said:

Salar and the whole YouTube team have built something amazing. YouTube is a billion person global community curating videos for every possibility. Anyone uploading their creative content can reach the whole world and even make money. Like Salar, Susan has a healthy disregard for the impossible and is excited about improving YouTube in ways that people will love.

“Improving YouTube” will likely entail new ad formats — possibly some that move away from the TrueView in-stream commercials you’re used to skipping after five seconds. With the TrueView model, advertisers only pay when their spots are viewed. YouTube reportedly brought in $5.6 billion in ad revenue last year, and Wojcicki will no doubt be focused on pushing up those numbers.

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Engadget HD Podcast 384 – 2.5.14

Engadget HD Podcast 378 - 12.11.13

While the Northeast is suffering through some heavy weather, Ben is getting ready to enjoy Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 on Blu-ray, from a significantly sunnier locale. Regardless of your local forecast though, there’s definitely a deluge of HD news and content to catch up on. After all, the recent Superbowl pulled in a live streaming record and was a testbed for NFL content services, which didn’t necessarily make the grade for cord-cutting football fans. There’s plenty in store this week, so don’t miss out. Just head on down to the streaming links below for this week’s episode of the Engadget HD Podcast.

Hosts: Richard Lawler, Ben Drawbaugh

Producer: Jon Turi

Hear the podcast:

08:36 – Super Bowl 2014 ad roundup: ’80s stars raid a RadioShack, bears dance with Ellen and more
16:18 – The NFL’s new digital network is a step forward, but still not what cord-cutters want
22:49 – Google finally opens Chromecast SDK, invites developers to get hackin’
25:30 – AllCast Android media streamer and Chromecast are friends again now that the SDK is here
29:12 – Chromecast, Google Play, Nexus 5 and Google Wallet had a very good 2013
32:55 – Aereo stops taking new customers in New York
35:40 – Two years later, DirecTV customers can finally use Roku players to watch HBO Go
37:57 – Amazon may raise Prime subscription pricing in the US
41:23 – Japanese companies testing 360-degree VR broadcasts for live events
46:00 – Netflix passes bill for the third season of House of Cards
50:18 – Must See HDTV for the week of February 3rd: Walking Dead and Winter Olympics

Get the podcast:

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Contact the podcast:

Connect with the hosts on Twitter: @Rjcc, @bjdraw

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Gaming deals of the week: 2.5.14

For those folks out to nab up a bit of fun this week, we’ve compiled a few gaming deals that will certainly lend a hand. From the latest Call of Duty installment to a 17-inch gaming laptop, we’ve got a variety of picks to suit a range of gamer sensibilities. Browse the options we’ve selected just past the break.

Just window shopping? No worries. Join us and add the gadgets you’re shopping for to your Want list; every time there’s a price cut in the future, you’ll get an email alert!

Alienware 17

Price: $1,600
Regular Price: $1,800
Engadget Score: 87
Buy: Amazon

We gave the Alienware 17 high marks for its gaming performance, solid keyboard/trackpad and build quality. What didn’t we like? Well, we found this 17-incher to only last about three hours into a Battlefield 4 marathon before needing a charge. See for yourself how this beast matches up with the best gaming laptops available with our compare tool.

Nintendo 3DS XL

Price: $170
Regular Price: $200
Engadget Global Score: 82
Buy: Amazon

Nintendo outed the larger version of its 3DS handheld back in 2012, and now it’s now available at $30 less than original sticker price — if you don’t mind the red/black color scheme. The larger screen is the key feature here, but the in-hand feel and improved battery life (under certain conditions) are also welcome improvements. According to our price drop tool, the $170 price tag is on par with the 90-day low for the most part. Want to hold out for a bit? You can keep an eye on the 3DS XL to save a few more bucks by adding it to your Want list.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Price: $39-$40
Regular Price: $50
Buy: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC

Released back in November ahead of the new console launches, the latest installment of the CoD franchise dropped $11 on Xbox 360 and PS3 — one dollar less than the PC and Wii U options. Our pals over at Joystiq gave the title 3.5 out of 5 stars (PS4 version).

Ion iCade Core

Price: $13
Regular Price: $100
Engadget Global Score: 84
Buy: Provantage

How about an arcade-like feel for your iOS gaming exploits? Ion’s iCade Core can do just that. The device doesn’t have the retro stylings of the first-gen iCade, but we were quite pleased to find that it worked as advertised. Of course, a modest $13 investment is a minimal risk to give the device a shot. This price is consistent with the lowest we’ve seen in the last three months, thanks to our trusty price drop tool.

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booq Mamba Courier 15″ review

The booq Mamba Courier 15″ bag (grey) is a neatly crafted messenger bag with equal parts versatility and style.


Click to view slideshow.

The 15″ Courier is very roomy and has compartments for pretty much anything you would carry on a daily basis. You can tuck your umbrella, notebook, laptop, tablet, charger, and more inside this bag – all at once.

Build Quality

The build quality on this messenger bag is amazing. I found it to be extremely sturdy and would certainly rank it among the best built bags I’ve spent time with. You can tell that this isn’t your standard run-off-production bag just by the textures and durability.

Lost & Found

Just in case you misplace your booqbag, (something you should never do), booq includes a Terralinq ID. So, if a kind enough stranger finds your booqbag and want’s to do the sincere and proper act of returning to the owner, Terralinq works with the finder and contacts you through a special website available on the bag and booq’s site.


Point blank, this is one of the best messenger bags that I’ve ever used. I have no reservations about recommending this to anyone in the market for a high quality durable messenger bag. The booq mamba courier 15″ is priced at $125.00, I believe that the cost is well worth the quality and care that your bag receives.

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Apple to Use ‘Stepped Battery’ Technology from LG Chem for iWatch

Apple will use lithium-ion batteries supplied by Samsung SDI, Tianjin Lishen Battery, and LG Chem for its upcoming iWatch, reports The Korea Herald. LG Chem in particular produces stepped batteries that are said to offer both greater longevity and greater flexibility, as they can be made in a variety of shapes.

lgbatteryLG Chem’s Stepped Battery, courtesy of Android Central

“Apple will utilize LG Chem’s stepped battery since it offers better longevity than others and can be applied for different shapes,” a source said, declining to be identified.

A stepped battery is similar to a traditional lithium-ion battery but it also includes an extra ridge or “step” on the back that increases the battery’s capacity. According to LG Chem, the design boosts capacity by 16 percent, which results in three extra hours of battery life in the LG G2 smart phone. Apple would, of course, need to use a much smaller battery, but such a design could help it eke out extra longevity.

Battery life is said to be one of Apple’s major iWatch developmental issues, with a report from last year suggesting the company was seeing just one to two days of battery life in prototype devices. Another January report indicated Apple is still having trouble reaching its target goal of four to five days of battery life.

Along with its efforts to increase battery life, Apple has also been experimenting with a number of effortless charging methods that could make it easier for consumers to charge their devices on a frequent basis. Inductive charging, for example, would allow the iWatch to be charged wirelessly, alleviating the need for a traditional cable charging method. The company has also investigated solar and movement-based charging, but it is unlikely these technologies will be included in the iWatch.

Apple’s iWatch remains in the developmental stages, but the company reportedly has a multitude of employees working on the device. It has hired a number of health and fitness experts in recent months and it appears that the device could include an array of battery-intensive functions and health sensors. It is unknown when the iWatch might be released, but recent reports have suggested that late 2014 could be a target goal, possibly alongside iOS 8 and the next-generation iPhone.



Steve Jobs wanted Sony VAIOs to run Mac’s operating system

If Steve Jobs had gotten his way, that VAIO in your lap could’ve been running OS X, Apple’s operating system. It sounds like fiction, but consider the source: former Sony president Kunitake Ando. The revelation, which stems from an interview Ando gave to Japanese journalist Nobuyuki Hayashi in 2011, highlights the close relationship Jobs reportedly shared with Sony’s co-founder Akio Morita — a relationship that led Jobs to make an exception to Apple’s walled off ecosystem. And according to Ando, it was on a 2001 golf trip in Hawaii that Jobs decided to surprise Sony executives with a version of Mac OS X running on a VAIO, four years before the Intel transition was made public.

As we all now know, that Apple/Sony partnership wasn’t meant to be. For Sony, the proposal was simply a case of bad timing, as it ran counter to not only the success the VAIO line was experiencing at the time, but also the wishes of its engineering team. After having spent so much time optimizing VAIO for Windows, Ando says Sony’s engineering team saw OS X on VAIO as a diversion of resources and were “opposed [to] asking ‘if it is worth it’.” It was because of these two factors that Sony never pursued the prospect of Mac-compatible VAIOs any further.

While we’ll never know the impact Mac-compatible VAIOs would’ve had on Sony’s bottomline today, the news does come at an odd time for the struggling Japanese tech giant. Recently, its VAIO PC division’s been surrounded by rumors of a possible sale; rumors Sony isn’t exactly dismissing as inaccurate. And with Sony now looking to home entertainment and gaming as two key areas for growth, that potential sale seems right in line with the company’s current strategy.

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Amazon now indulges in your GI Joe fan fiction

Cobra Commander and Viper from GI Joe

Admit it — as a kid, you got a little tired of the GI Joe team winning the battle in every cartoon episode. Wouldn’t it have been nice if Cobra emerged victorious now and then? Thankfully for you, Amazon has just given you the freedom to rewrite your childhood memories: it has reached a deal with Hasbro to sell GI Joe fan fiction in Kindle Worlds. And if you didn’t spend your youth watching animated soldiers, you’ll be glad to hear Amazon has also scored licenses from Warner Bros. and Valiant Entertainment. The arrangements let you post stories set in Veronica Mars, the Pretty Little Liars spinoff Ravenswood and new Valiant comics like The Lizzy Gardner Files. Amazon’s expansion still leaves just 20 Kindle Worlds to choose from, but it should please anyone who wants to give Cobra Commander his due.

[Image credit: Pat Loika, Flickr]

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Newegg’s $50 Premier is like Amazon Prime, but without the video streaming

While Amazon’s debating whether or not it should hike Prime subscription fees in the US, now its decision may have to take into consideration a potential competitor. This morning, Newegg introduced Premier, a $50 shipping service that aims to cope with the likes of Amazon Prime. For that yearly fee, Newegg promises to get stuff to your doorstep in three days or less, as well as a number of other benefits including no restocking fees, free returns and dedicated customer service. You will, however, miss out on the Instant Video streaming offered through Prime, but this also means you’ll end up saving $29 per year — which is something that could make sense to folks who are already subscribed to Netflix. Or, there’s always Newegg’s free option, Super Eggsaver; just be prepared to wait a lot longer for your online purchases to arrive.

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