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Headphone and wireless speaker deals of the week: 2.12.14

Whether you prefer those on-the-go tunes to bump from on-ears, in-ears or a wireless speaker, today’s smattering of discounted audio tech covers all of those bases. There’s a range of price options too, suiting those that happen to be on even the tightest of budgets. The lowest Engadget Global Score on today’s list? That would be 84. Pretty solid. So, dive in on the other side of the break and take a gander at a collection that’s eager to outfit your streaming habit.

Just window shopping? No worries. Join us and add the gadgets you’re shopping for to your Want list; every time there’s a price cut in the future, you’ll get an email alert!

Jawbone Big Jambox

Price: $215
Regular Price: $300
Engadget Global Score: 88
Buy: Amazon

If you don’t mind your Bluetooth speaker draped in white, you’re in luck. Jawbone’s larger wireless option sees an $85 price cut — so long as you opt for the White Wave color pattern. While it does pack improved sound quality over its smaller sibling, it isn’t quite as easy to pack away for a day trip due to that increased stature. However, the current price tag is on par with the 90-day low and you can see how those two models measure up using our Compare tool.

Logitech UE Boom

Price: $180
Regular Price: $200
Engadget Global Score: 84
Buy: Amazon

Unlike the Jawbone entry on today’s deals roundup, four color options are available on the UE Boom that’s also nabbed a $20 discount. Black, blue, green and red hues are included in the mix — which is a bummer if you happen to favor the pink or white schemes. Here, you can expect solid performance for such a compact unit, keeping portability at the forefront. Willing to hold out a bit longer? Our Price History tool shows an additional savings of $40 twice in the last three months, so we could be seeing that $140 price tag return.

Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear

Price: $200
Regular Price: $230
Engadget Global Score: 90
Buy: Amazon

Sennheiser’s Momentum On-Ear headphones take several cues from the pricier leather-clad Momentum over-ears, like its overall comfort and classic design. In fact, we were so smitten with the aesthetics here that we saw fit to include the pair in Distro’s Eyes-On section last year. Create your own Compare and see how these cans fare versus the best available options right here.

Klipsch Image S4i

Price: $55
Regular Price: $100
Engadget Global Score: 85
Buy: BuyDig

Fancy in-ear headphones for listening on the go? Klipsch has had a firm grasp on those accessories for quite some time and this Image S4i set is no exception. Great sound quality, respectable noise cancellation and a comfy fit all arrive at less than $100. There’s an in-line remote too — if you’re into that sort of thing. While the $45 price cut is attractive, we’re seeing a bit more savings in the past 90 days.

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NYC’s first touchscreen subway maps are ready to guide you through the boroughs

It’s been a long, long time since New York City revealed its plans to implement a smart maps solution across its subway system. But despite a few delays here and there, it looks as if the project, lead by design firm Control Group and the MTA, is finally beginning to bear fruit. As Gizmodo reports, the first batch of touchscreen subway maps are now ready to be used in some parts of The Big Apple. So far, MTA has installed 18 of these 47-inch panels within Grand Central Station, but the idea is bring them to more underground platforms in the next few months.

After spending time using one, Gizmodo describes the maps software as “sluggish” and “choppy,” but that’s not to say the kiosks don’t do what they’re expected to — which is to be a helpful tool for commuters. For example, you can easily find how to get from point A to point B, as well as see when the next subway train is due to arrive at the station, among other things. And hey, even though this won’t be for everyone, we have no doubt it’ll come in handy for quite a few people.

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Source: Gizmodo


White House unveils guidelines for protecting critical systems against cyber attacks

The White House front lawn

The US government clearly knows a thing or two about internet security when it deals with (and dishes out) cyber attacks on a regular basis, and it’s now ready to share that wisdom with others. The White House has just announced the Cybersecurity Framework, a set of voluntary guidelines that organizations can use to fend off digital assaults on critical infrastructure, like power plants. The NIST-developed Framework tells newcomers where to begin, even if they’re outside the US, and it can help experienced outfits educate their partners. American organizations that want further help can also sign up for a program that gets them in touch with federal agencies. The guidelines don’t represent surefire protection, but they could reduce the chances that hackers will find gaping holes in the US’ virtual defenses.

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Via: PCWorld

Source: The White House


Analyst Predicts ‘iAnywhere’ OS X and iOS Combo Platform Despite Apple’s Public Dismissal

Apple is working on a platform that combines OS X and iOS to boost iPhone and iPad sales, according to J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz (via CNET). He believes that a combo operating system, which he has termed “iAnywhere,” would work in tandem with an iOS device docked to a secondary display, running as a full-blown computer.

“While not a new idea, our global tech research team believes Apple could be on the cusp of introducing a new category with iAnywhere, a converged MacOS-iOS operating system that allows an iPhone or iPad to dock into a specially configured display to run as a computer,” Moskowitz said. “In our view, this category would be a leapfrog event, potentially jumpstarting iPhone and iPad growth as well as peripherals and cloud-based software and services sales.”

Other PC and smartphone manufacturers have experimented with dual operating systems and other hybrid solutions. Samsung, for example, introduced the ATIV Q, an Ultrabook capable of running and switching between both Windows 8 and Android 4.2.2. Motorola experimented with a docking solution for its Atrix 4G phone, but no manufacturer has thus far combined a dock with a converged mobile/desktop operating system.

motorola-atrix_dock-main-lgMotorola’s Atrix Dock
Moskowitz believes Apple could introduce iAnywhere sometime in the next 12 to 18 months, but during a recent interview with MacWorld, Apple executives Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi explicitly said that convergence between iOS and OS X was an “absolute non-goal” for the company.

“To say [OS X and iOS] should be the same, independent of their purpose? Let’s just converge, for the sake of convergence? [It’s] absolutely a non-goal,” Federighi said. “You don’t want to say the Mac became less good at being a Mac because someone tried to turn it into iOS. At the same time, you don’t want to feel like iOS was designed by [one] company and Mac was designed by [a different] company, and they’re different for reasons of lack of common vision. We have a common sense of aesthetics, a common set of principles that drive us, and we’re building the best products we can for their unique purposes.

While Schiller and Federighi noted iOS and OS X would share a common sense of aesthetics and design principles to make it easier for customers to switch between iOS devices and Macs, the two operating systems would remain distinctly “different in those things that are critical to their essence.” Given the executives’ strong stance on convergence, it seems unlikely the company has plans to debut the iAnywhere system Moskowitz has outlined.



25 gorgeous wallpapers for your Android (February 2014)

Looking to change up your Android home screen? It doesn’t get much easier than swapping out the wallpaper; it’s one of the quickest ways to breath new life into the mobile experience.

We’ve gone through Google+ and other wallpaper resources to put this gallery together for you. What you’ll find below is a mixed bag with no real theme. In a nutshell we simply liked what we saw, saved a copy, and present them to you here.

As widgets and icon packs continue to get better all the time, some of these wallpapers will make for a gorgeous backdrop.


Please note that we do not claim ownership of any of these images. If you see something here that should not belong or is your own work, please let us know. We don’t want to get anyone in trouble and will be happy to swap the image out for something else.

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LG G2 Mini Teased on LG’s Facebook Page, Feb 24th Announcement Date

MWC LG G2 Mini Mobile World Congress is fast approaching and now is the time for various company’s to start teasing what they will be unveiling. We see everything from little hints in press invites to meetings, to teasers on YouTube to images posted through their various social channels. While they don’t always lead to what we suspect sometimes, they are usually pretty darn close. LGs photo that went up on their Facebook page hints at a new device and then shows it. Obviously the image is hinting towards the LG G2 Mini.

The image offered up a tag line of “Experience the MINI.Mobile World Congress. 2014-02-24″. It is pretty clear that LG will be showcasing the LG G2 Mini in just 12 days. Not a lot is really known about this little guy though. Talks put it at a 4.7-inch display, which would be mini compared to the 5.2-inch big brother. The image does show that it will have a fingerprint scanner on the back.

I just hope LG doesn’t go the route that many of the other mini variants have. I can live with a screen resolution and battery reduction, but I would like to LG pack in the same hardware to a smaller frame like Sony did with the Z1 compact.

Source: Facebook Via 9to5Google


Oyster now offers all-you-can-read children’s books, including Disney titles

Oyster's children's books section

Got a kid with an insatiable appetite for books? You may want to sign up for Oyster, then. The subscription e-book service has just launched a children’s section, giving young readers all the titles they can handle. The deal also brings Disney Publishing to Oyster’s catalog, so little ones can keep up with the adventures of Mickey and crew on their iPads. Parents who want to foster digital literacy at an early age — or just need a fresh source of bedtime stories — can learn more at the source link.

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Via: GigaOM, The Verge

Source: Oyster


Report: A new Apple TV is on the way, pending a deal with Time Warner Cable

If sources who spoke with Bloomberg News are correct, a new Apple TV could be “introduced” as early as April. Apple is currently in talks with Time Warner Cable, among other programming partners, to add video content to the set-top box before releasing the next version.

The third-generation Apple TV came out just over a year ago, and while it’s received software updates, both the design and selection of content haven’t changed much since the original launched in 2007. Bloomberg‘s sources echo earlier rumors, saying the next-gen model could include a reworked interface that allows for easier navigation between different types of content. Naturally, there will also be a faster processor in Cupertino’s fourth set-top box. Just don’t get too set on that spring timeframe; though Apple may unveil the new product in April, sources say the release would coincide with the holiday season, depending on the company’s progress in securing partnerships with TWC and others.

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Source: Bloomberg News


Engadget HD Podcast 385 – 2.12.14

Olympic fever is gripping the nation, but Ben seems immune. Perhaps he hasn’t discovered short track speed skating, a sport that Richard enjoys for its Michael Bay-like pace and frequent wipe outs. Comcast is even delivering its online coverage of the action in Sochi to its Xfinity TV subscribers, and the wintry sport is dominating prime time slots across the board, leaving Must See TV content a bit sparse. The one thing that is burgeoning, though, is the Xbox One’s upcoming content projects. With Bonnaroo concert access from your couch and an exclusive Nas biography series in the works, things are looking up for Microsoft’s new console. All this and more is packed into this week’s edition of the Engadget HD Podcast, so settle in and head to the streaming links for a piece of the action.

Hosts: Richard Lawler, Ben Drawbaugh

Producer: Jon Turi

Hear the podcast:

05:44 – Time Warner reveals how much money HBO makes, and why it’s not splitting from cable yet
12:07 – Amazon Prime snags ‘Archer’ and five more Fox series, launches 10 free pilots
15:43 – Hulu Plus adds new and classic CBS shows, boosts Kids offering with Fraggle Rock spinoff
19:01 – You can now relive the Beatles’ US invasion on your Apple TV
23:52 – Xbox One is getting a biographical show about Nas, of course
25:49 – With Xbox, you can enjoy Bonnaroo from your couch
27:29 – Xbox One’s first major update split in two, launching in February and March
30:42 – Xbox One’s second big update focused on multiplayer ahead of Titanfall’s March arrival
33:03 – Sony sells its VAIO PC business, is splitting TV arm into a separate company
37:36 – LG cuts the price of its curved OLED TV to a vaguely reasonable $7,000
38:55 – Comcast’s Xfinity On Demand now sells Warner Bros. movies and TV shows
45:09 – Comcast is bringing its online Olympics coverage to Xfinity TV subscribers
55:23 – Must See HDTV for the week of February 11th: Winter Olympics, House of Cards

Get the podcast:

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Contact the podcast:

Connect with the hosts on Twitter: @Rjcc, @bjdraw

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Video Shows Discovery of Steve Jobs’ Lisa Mouse Inside 30-Year-Old Aspen Time Tube [Mac Blog]

National Geographic Channel show Diggers last year unearthed a time capsule containing a piece of Steve Jobs memorabilia that’s been buried for 30 years. A video obtained by CNET shows the excavation and opening of this renowned canister.


(Credit: Mike Durkin)

The time capsule, known as the “Aspen Time Tube”, was buried in 1983 by the organizers of the International Design Conference. Steve Jobs gave a famous talk at the event and donated the Lisa mouse that he used for the presentation. That mouse, along with other articles were placed in a 13-foot tube and buried in an Aspen field.

Organizers planned to dig up the cylinder in 2000, but they couldn’t find it after a major landscaping project altered the layout of the area. With help from National Geographic and Diggers, the time capsule finally was located last September and brought to the surface. Inside the tube was the Lisa mouse still in its original bag and in excellent condition. Also included in the tube was a script from NBC’s Hill Street Blues TV show, a Rubik’s cube, and a Kodak Instamatic camera.


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