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February 25, 2014

Toshiba: TransMemory Pro USB 3.0 Flash Drive in 64GB and 128GB

by John_A

While cloud storage is easily one option for keeping all your information, photos and documents easily at hand, there is still a place and a use for physical storage devices. Just yesterday SanDisk announced a new 128GB micro SDXC card. Today we hear from Toshiba and their latest offering. The new TransMemory Pro USB 3.0 Flash Drive.

Toshiba TransMemory Pro USB 3.0 Flash Drive

The new Toshiba TransMemory Pro will come in a 64GB and a 128GB size offering and obviously utilizes USB 3.0 for speedy transfer. Toshiba states that the flash drive reads at speeds up to 222 MB/s and writes up to 205 MB/s. Obviously making it extremely snappy. Other benefits include built-in security software and encrypted password protection. It will also let you set up your own public and private partitions.

While this isn’t Android news specifically, the specs and the press release are definitely up the tech users ally and we thought some of you out there might be pretty interested to hear about this little beast. The drives say they are PC and Mac compatible, and we can only assume that using an OTG cable to an Android device would work as well. If we get our hands on one any time soon we will be sure to give it a test on few various devices.

Price wise is up there in the clouds for many with the new TransMemory Pro 64GB at $129.99 and the 128GB at $199.99. However, the price points are pretty on point for the capabilities and size compared to some others we have seen.

Anyone been waiting or looking for a exceptionally quick high capacity USB 3.0 flash Drive? The press release said they are available at, but I couldn’t find them yet.

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