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February 22, 2014

The Importance of Social Media in Today’s Restaurant World

by John_A

Social media has come a long way since its beginning and it has grown into its own entity.
Most people use social media in one way or another each day for a variety of reasons. There are now more social media sites than ever before and they can be accessed from computers or mobile devices. People use these sites in order to communicate with family and friends, update the world on what is going on in their life, and just to pass the time and have fun.

More businesses are also turning to social media sites. These sites offer the businesses something print ads, TV ads, and radio ads can’t; they allow the companies to build a more personal relationship with customers and potential customers. When people feel as if they are able to communicate with a company and ask questions directly to them, they feel heard and as if they are going to be able to count on that company more than others. When you see a business being involved with their social media page and talking back and forth with customers, doesn’t it give you a better feeling about that company? Many people feel this way as well. A business who isn’t taking advantage of social media is missing out on a great advertising opportunity.

How has Social Media Changed the Restaurant World?

Restaurants are now able to become more than simply a place people go to in order to enjoy a quick meal and it’s all thanks to social media. Now, they have become places where customers feel they have a connection to. This is due to the fact that the customers are invited in to enjoy a more personal connection to the restaurant. Often, pictures of the staff in their restaurant uniforms, current happenings and other information can be posted on social media. When you are connected to an eating establishment on a social media site you will feel almost as if you are a part of the family. When you go to eat at that restaurant it will be more familiar to you and this makes the experience more comfortable.

It also helps if the restaurant you are connected to on social media is very good about responding to others. This lets you ask questions and make comments knowing a member of the staff is reading what you are saying and paying attention. If you have any concerns or even good ideas you want to suggest to the company, it’s nice to know you are actually being heard.

Social Media Helps Restaurants Know What the Customers Want

A restaurant can put all the survey cards they want on their tables or offer them in other ways, but the truth is nothing is going to let the restaurant really learn what customers want the way social media will. When a restaurant wants to know how an idea is going to be perceived, all they need to do is post it on their social media pages. Soon, there will be hundreds and possibly even thousands of responses from customers who have something to say on the matter.

Restaurants can also get new ideas from reading the postings and suggestions from their customers. This is a good way for them to learn about certain problems they may have been oblivious to before. That means they can resolve a problem they normally may not have learned about for a long time. Social media has become a fantastic resource restaurants should be sure they are getting full use out of.

Restaurants can Keep Customers informed of Special Promotions

Restaurants can use their social media site to update customers on specials, events, or new menu items. This is a free form of advertising.

Customers who are looking for a Good Restaurant can Check Social Media

If you want to find a good restaurant you can also turn to social media and look at the response a restaurant in your area seems to get online. This will let you see if it has a large following or unsatisfied customers.

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