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July 7, 2018

OtterBox Symmetry Clear Incredibles 2 case for Galaxy S9+ review: Your phone’s superhero

by John_A

Is a superhero enough to save a troubled case?


OtterBox’s case offering is more diverse than ever, and we’re taking a look at one of the more peculiar options for the company. It’s the Symmetry Series Clear case for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, and this variant features a pretty special guest.

OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series Incredibles 2 case for Galaxy S9+


Price: $54.99

Bottom line: This case is great for collectors who happen to be fans of The Incredibles, but if you’re in need of solid protection with no annoying quirks, we’d advise looking elsewhere.

The Good

  • Great Incredibles artwork
  • Slim profile
  • Amply-sized port cutouts

The Bad

  • Button covers are stiff
  • Edges of case are unattractive
  • Pricey

See at OtterBox


OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series Incredibles 2 case What I like

Here’s something a bit more playful than I’m used to from OtterBox. The company partnered with Disney to make promotional versions of the Symmetry Series Clear cases for The Incredibles 2, and the artwork is awesome. The case I received featured Mr. Incredible, but there’s also one with Elastigirl.

Installing the case was a simple task: just put one corner of the phone into the case and gently push the phone into the others at its edges. You’ll have to use an amount of pressure that teeters the line of uncomfortable, but the Galaxy S9+ is built well enough to withstand that.

Once I got it on, I immediately flipped the phone around to check out the main attraction. The print of Mr. Incredible against a city line backdrop is quite nice. The boldness of it all will immediately draw eyes to your phone when its backside is visible. And with this being a clear case, the rest of the scene is filled in with the natural color of your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+. It looks great on the back of my black Galaxy S9+, but more exotic finishes may clash a bit with the strong shade of red featured on Mr. Incredible.

When it comes to executing its primary function — that is, protecting your phone — it performs excellently. The fact that it has raised edges means your display’s most vulnerable shatter points will never suffer a direct impact, which should minimize your risk in most scenarios. Those bumper portions are a bit thick to help with that goal, but the rest of the case remains thin enough to keep it pocket-friendly.

The Symmetry case has all the cutouts you’d expect. The holes around the USB-C and 3.5mm headphone ports offer enough room for most of your auxiliary gadgets and cables to have a comfortable fit.


OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series Incredibles 2 case What I don’t like

One of the most important factors of a quality case is button feel, and this is one area I feel the Symmetry Clear came up short. The buttons on my particular unit feel a bit too stiff for my liking. It requires me to use an amount of force that just barely crosses the threshold of annoying, and since I use a lot of gestures with the Power and Bixby buttons it hurts the overall experience.

I also feel the need to point out just how unattractive the case’s edges are. This isn’t at all a knock on OtterBox, but an unfortunate byproduct of the material being used. Clear plastic and silicone just don’t look good when the material has to be this thick, and it makes the Galaxy S9+ an eyesore when viewing it from the front.


OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series Incredibles 2 case for Galaxy S9+

Fans of The Incredibles will certainly want to consider this case to feed their lust for the series, but I don’t know if even Mr. Incredible’s presence is enough to fight the crimes on display here. It’ll protect your phone just fine, but it does so at the expense of attractive aesthetics. Factor in the button issues and it’s hard to recommend the Symmetry Clear series.

out of 5

I’m not totally in love with the Symmetry Series Clear, but you could do a lot worse. And diehard Incredibles fans are still going to pick this particular model up, right? Right.

See at OtterBox

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