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Future iPhones Could Use Samsung’s Industry-First LPDDR5 DRAM

Samsung today announced it has completed functional testing and validation of the industry’s first 10-nanometer class 8-gigabit LPDDR5 DRAM.

Samsung says the prototype chip boasts a data rate of up to 6.4 Gbps, which is 1.5 times as fast as the LPDDR4X DRAM used in the iPhone X and other flagship smartphones. The chip also features an all-new sleep mode and other features that reduce power consumption by up to 30 percent.

AnandTech has a good overview of the chip’s technical details, but from a higher level, this development could result in future iPhones having even faster, yet even more efficient, memory. That would translate to maximized performance and extended battery life, which is good news all around.

Samsung said it plans to begin mass production of its next-generation DRAM lineups, including this LPDDR5 DRAM chip, but didn’t specify when. LPDDR5 is said to be so cutting edge that the JEDEC standards group has not yet finalized the specifications for it, so it could take some time.

Apple currently sources DRAM from multiple suppliers, including Samsung, SK Hynix, and Micron, varying by iPhone model.

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Fourth Beta of tvOS 12 Now Available for Registered Developers

Apple today seeded the fourth beta of a new tvOS 12 operating system to developers for testing purposes, two weeks after releasing the third beta and more than a month after introducing the new software at the 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference.

Designed for the fourth and fifth-generation Apple TV, the tvOS 12 developer beta can be downloaded onto the Apple TV using a profile that’s installed through the Xcode software. Subsequent betas can be downloaded via the software update mechanism on the Apple TV.

tvOS 12 introduces support for Dolby Atmos sound, which was activated in the second beta. Apple says that iTunes will be home to the largest collection of Dolby Atmos-supported movies anywhere this fall. Customers that have previously purchased movies that gain Dolby Atmos support will see free upgrades to their titles, much like the rollout of 4K support.

Building on single sign-on, a new zero sign-on feature will further simplify the cable authentication process. With zero sign-on, the Apple TV can detect a user’s broadband network and automatically sign them into supported apps they receive through their accompanying cable subscription.

Zero sign-on will be available for Charter Communications customers this fall and will expand to additional cable providers in the future.

Aerial screensavers now include location information and there are new screensavers captured in collaboration with the International Space Station. According to Apple’s release notes, location information for aerials should be available as of beta 4.

Other improvements tvOS-related improvements include AutoFill passwords from iPhone, an Apple TV Remote automatically added to Control Center on the iPhone or iPad, and Apple TV support on Home control systems like Control4, Crestron, and Savant.

tvOS 12 is available for developers and public beta testers to work out bugs and other issues ahead of a fall public launch.

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Apple Releases Fourth Beta of New watchOS 5 Operating System to Developers

Apple today seeded the fourth beta of an upcoming watchOS 5 update to developers, two weeks after releasing the third beta and more than a month after introducing the software at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

To install the beta, you’ll need the proper configuration profile, which can be obtained through the Apple Developer Center. Once the profile is in place, the watchOS 5 beta can be downloaded using the dedicated Apple Watch app on the iPhone by going to General –> Software Update.

To update, the Apple Watch needs to have 50 percent battery, it must be placed on an Apple Watch charger, and it has to be in range of the iPhone. It would be wise to install the beta on a secondary device instead of a primary device given that this is an early version of the watchOS 5 software that still has bugs to be worked out.

watchOS 5 is a major update to watchOS, introducing Activity Competitions so you can compete on workouts with friends, Walkie-Talkie with push-to-talk functionality for quickly communicating with the people you talk to most, and auto workout detection to make it easier to start and stop workouts if you forget.

Other new features include an improved Siri watch face with support for third-party apps through Siri Shortcuts, a dedicated Apple Podcasts app, new Workout types that include Yoga and Hiking, new features for runners, WebKit support for viewing some web content on Apple Watch, and enhanced notifications, which will make notifications on the Apple Watch interactive.

Early software betas often introduce new functionality, so we’ll update this post if anything new is found in the fourth beta of watchOS 5.

watchOS 5 is only available to developers and will not be provided to public beta testers (because there’s no way to downgrade Apple Watch software), so non-developers will need to wait until the software is officially released in the fall to try it out.

The watchOS 5 update runs on all Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3 Apple Watch models, but it is not available for the first-generation “Series 0” Apple Watch models.

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Apple Seeds Fourth Beta of iOS 12 to Developers

Apple today seeded the fourth beta of an upcoming iOS 12 update to developers for testing purposes, two weeks after seeding the third beta and more than a month after introducing the new software at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Registered developers can download the new iOS 12 beta from Apple’s Developer Center or over-the-air after installing the proper certificate.

iOS 12 introduces major updates to the iOS operating system, with Apple revamping the system from top to bottom to make iPhones and iPads, especially older models, faster and more responsive.

On the iPhone X, there are new Animoji characters along with “Memoji,” which are customizable, personalized Animoji that can be used both in Messages and in FaceTime. Messages and FaceTime have also gained fun new camera effects, and Group FaceTime support allows for calls with up to 32 people.

Siri is smarter in iOS 12 with a new Shortcuts feature that lets you create custom automations using first and third-party apps that can be activated with Siri, with Shortcuts able to be created with the beta version of the Shortcuts app that was introduced earlier in July.

Apple also built a comprehensive set of time management and monitoring tools into iOS 12 with Screen Time, allowing you to keep track of just how much time you’re spending on your iPhone and iPad. App limits can help you cut back on iOS device usage, and robust parental controls are included for families.

Updated Do Not Disturb options make turning off notifications and distractions easier than ever, and a new Do Not Disturb at Bedtime feature cuts down on nighttime interruptions.

Group Notifications make incoming notifications easier to view and manage, while a new Instant Tuning feature lets you tweak your notification settings right on the Lock screeen on a notification-by-notification basis.

Apple News has a new Browse feature, the Stocks app has been redesigned, iBooks has been overhauled with a new look and a new name – Apple Books – and Voice Memos has been revamped with iCloud support and an iPad app.

ARKit 2.0 introduces new capabilities like shared experiences that let two people see the same AR environment on separate devices, and persistence, which allows AR experiences to be saved across multiple sessions. There’s also a new Measure app for measuring objects using AR capabilities.

iOS 12 includes a revamped and rebuilt Maps app that uses a new Apple-designed Maps engine that will display foliage, pools, buildings, pedestrian pathways, and other map elements more accurately. The new Maps also includes significant improvements to traffic, real-time road conditions, construction, and more, plus it will enable Apple to push out changes and fixes more quickly.

The revamped Maps app is available in the San Francisco Bay Area during the beta testing period, and when iOS 12 launches in the fall, it will expand to all of Northern California. From there, Apple will continue rolling it out to additional U.S. locations across late 2018 and 2019.

Tons of other small tweaks and features have been added to iOS 12, so make sure to check out our dedicated roundup for additional detail on what’s new in iOS 12.

Early betas of new operating system updates always introduce tweaked features and new functionality, and we’ll be outlining what’s new in the fourth beta below. We also rounded up all of the changes that were introduced in the previous betas, beta 2 and beta 3.

iOS 12 is available for developers and public beta testers, with a public launch planned for the fall alongside new iPhones.

Update: According to Apple’s release notes for beta 4, there are several new issues with features like Screen Time, the App Store, and Siri Shortcuts. Apps in the App Store might fail to download properly the first time, and the cellular signal status bar on the iPhone X could be inaccurate while on the Lock Screen or Home Screen.

Screen Time usage data and settings may not sync between devices, with Apple recommending a restart to fix the issue.

Siri Shortcuts may not work while using CarPlay, could result in an error message on HomePod, may not be restored from iCloud backup, may not work if a device is locked, and SiriKit queries could be delayed or result in an error message.

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The MediaTek A-series aims to bring premium features to budget phones

Qualcomm may have recently unveiled its 700-series chipsets, but the competition is just heating up. MediaTek is unveiling a new series of chipsets too — the MediaTek A series. It has also announced the first product in the new series — the MediaTek A22.

Like the Qualcomm 700-series, the A-series is targeted directly at companies building so-called “affordable premium” devices — or devices that aren’t as expensive as flagship phones, but still boast many of the same features. To that end, MediaTek says the “A” stands for “Advanced.”

Under the hood of the MediaTek A22, you’ll find 4 A53 2GHz CPUs, along with an Imagination GE8320 GPU, which isn’t as powerful as what you’ll find in MediaTek’s flagship Helio P series, but should still deliver plenty of power for the price in the phones that this chip will show up in. It’s not all about processing power either — the chip also offers support for dual cameras of up to 13 megapixels + 8 megapixels, or a single camera of up to 21 megapixels. It also supports a display with a resolution of up to 1,600 x 720 — which makes it clear that this chip is targeted toward lower-end handsets.

The A22 offers a top level of connectivity too. It boasts Bluetooth 5.0, along with Cat-7 4G LTE, dual-SIM support, and more. It also supports Google’s Neural Networks API and facial recognition, meaning it should support many of the modern features, such as face unlock, that customers expect on newer phones.

While the MediaTek A-series could compete with the Qualcomm 700-series, for now it seems as though the new series is aimed at being slightly lower-cost. MediaTek says the A-series is really aimed at handsets in the $100 o $250 range, though that will depend on the region. In fact, there’s already one handset slated to include the new chip. It’s the Xiaomi Redmi 6A, which will cost around $100 — though there’s no word yet on whether it’ll be available in the U.S. or not.

It’s likely we’ll see the MediaTek A-series pop on a number of phones over the next year or so, but as is usually the case with MediaTek chips, those phones may be more sold in Asia than in the U.S.

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Spilled water on your laptop? Here’s how to fix it


So, you’ve spilled something on your laptop. Whether you put your glass down too close to your computer, or were using it to play music at a party and your Elaine dance didn’t go as planned, you may be reading this article frantically on your phone while trying to figure out how to save your precious laptop from the liquid you just spilled on it.

It’s important to note that if your laptop gets wet, time is of the essence. You must turn it off, unplug it, and remove the battery at once. Every second counts. Do not bother to take the proper steps to turn it off, either – go ahead and press that power button until your machine shuts down. If you haven’t done that yet, stop reading and do so now before following on with our tutorial below, and accept the hard truth that your computer will be out of commission for a few days.

In case of wet-laptop emergency

Step 1: Remove all components that are easily detachable. Unplug your mouse and any cables, and remove any flash drives and DVDs. Leave your laptop bare.

Step 2: Dry the outside of your machine. Open your laptop as far as it goes, hold it upside down, and wipe dry any wet surfaces that you see with a towel or another lint-free absorbent fabric. The type of liquid matters: Water is the least corrosive, while sugary and alcoholic liquids are the most harmful. Either way, the goal is to mitigate their effects as much as possible by drying the computer immediately.

Step 3: At this point, we’d recommend you take advantage of the warranty if it’s still applicable, or take your machine to a repair shop.

If you don’t want to have a professional take a look at it for you though, there are some more steps you can take to try and dry your machine out. Note though, that neither Digital Trends nor the author accept any responsibility for damage caused to your machine from taking it apart.

Break it down

While laptops of years gone by made the process of opening them up and removing components easy, that’s not really the case with modern day laptops. We wouldn’t recommend doing much to them unless yours makes the process relatively painless, as it’s easy to damage a laptop by taking it apart and the last thing we want to do is make the situation worse. That said, here are some steps you can take if your laptop allows it.

Step 1: If you haven’t already, remove your battery. This can be achieved by pressing a switch or button on the underside of your laptop.

Step 2: If you’re concerned about liquid leaking through the whole system to components like your memory and storage drive, you can remove those too. In some laptops you’ll find panels that allow for their removal on the underside. In most cases you’ll need to use a Phillips screwdriver to remove them. With the memory, press the side clips to eject each stick. With the solid state drive or hard drive, you’ll likely need to undo more screws to free it from the frame. Be sure to carefully detach it from the power and data connection ports or cables.

Step 3: Examine each component you’ve removed to check for any sign of wetness or corrosion. Any wet parts should be dried, but if the liquid is anything other than water, you’ll want to wipe it off (you can use a cotton swab) with 99 percent isopropyl alcohol – this will dissolve gunk without causing damage and evaporate without leaving residue.

Step 4: Once you’re done, you’ll want to leave everything alone to air-dry for two to three days in a warm, dry area. Remember that a fan will hasten the drying process. Do not use a hair dryer, as this could cause static problems. Once you’ve picked your machine apart and given the components time to dry, you can follow the instructions in reverse to put your laptop back together and see if it works.

Hopefully, all will be well, but if not you’ll want to take it to a repair center.

If your laptop cannot be taken apart

What if you have a Surface Book 2 or MacBook or any another laptop that refuses to be taken apart? This situation drastically reduces your options, so you’ll have to take it to a repair center.

Between the time that liquid is spilled on your keyboard and the time that you take it to the store, here’s what you can do: Hold your machine upside down, wiping dry any visible wetness with a towel.

Then, lay it down on a dry surface – an excellent option is a large bag of rice because rice is absorbent enough to help draw out any liquid that made its way inside through the crevices of your keyboard. Use a big bag, a lot of rice, and place it all in a warm, dry room. Feel free to turn on a fan to speed the process along until the time when you can carry your laptop to a repair store.

Waterproofing options

To safeguard your laptop in the future, we’d recommend investing in a silicone or clear plastic keyboard cover, a waterproof laptop skin for the top and bottom halves of the case, and a waterproof laptop screen protector. You can also carry your laptop around in a great laptop bag. Be careful not to cover any ventilation holes, however, and use scissors to cut the skin if necessary to ensure that your ventilation holes are left free.

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Lumen measures metabolism, creates personal nutrition plan with a single breath

Lumen — an Israel-based digital health and wellness company — has officially launched its new device to help with weight management out of beta. With a single breath into the device, users are provided with a personalized nutrition plan to help lose weight and achieve fitness goals.

At first glance, the Lumen looks a bit similar to a breathalyzer — at the top, there’s a mouth-piece to breathe into in order to populate results. Every morning, you’ll take a breath into the device and the companion app will you show you information like your daily goal for carb consumption, along with meal and snack recommendations.

To help keep you on track, the Lumen app comes with a “food search” feature that allows you to look up certain foods to find out how many carbs each contains. For additional help, the app allows you to submit photos of your meals to nutritionists for feedback in order to get an expert opinion.

But how does it work, exactly? The Lumen uses Respiratory Exchange Ratio, which is the preferred method for determining metabolic fuel. By taking a single breath, the Lumen measures the carbon dioxide production and oxygen uptake of a user’s breath in order to calculate how much energy is being burned from carbohydrates or fat.

From there, the Lumen curates a personalized plan for you to follow without having to constantly log your food intake or activity each day. Using artificial intelligence that adapts to your nutritional patterns and behavior, the device is meant to teach you about your body — specifically carbohydrate to fat ratio insight and when it’s best to use an energy source to receive maximum results.

Lumen partnered with design firm Frog on the device. Both companies wanted to step away from wearables and fitness trackers to create a unique device that can still help you maintain your health on-the-go — without being strapped to your wrist or body 24/7. The Lumen is designed to be small enough to fit into your gym bag or handbag to allow you to check your metabolic data throughout the day.

For example, you can breathe into the Lumen before going on a run after work. If you’re low on energy, it’ll notify you and let you know to eat a high-carb snack both before and after the run — it will also provide you with potential options you can eat.

“It was important to us that when it comes to energy sources in the body, Lumen not only educates users, but also validates those measurements. They can count on them being scientific, accurate and personal, providing an easily digestible step-by-step guide to harness that analysis and actively lead healthier lives,” Dror Ceder, Lumen CPO and CMO, said in a press release.

The Lumen is currently available on Indiegogo until for $179 — its “Super Early Bird” price until August 25. At full retail price, the Lumen will cost you $300.

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Best Prime Day Kid & Toy Deals: Games, Action Figures, Lego, School


It’s never too early to start your holiday shopping, seriously. From Lego kits to figurines, board games, card games, and more, there are going to be tons of deals that you can stash away in your closet ahead of the holiday madness so that you can sit back in December and relax instead of going crazy.

Some of these kits are down to new all-time low prices, while others are on sale for the first time in ages. Be sure to check them all out, before the prices are gone.

See all the best Prime Day dealsPrime Day Live Chat

All Kids & Toy Deals

From Nerf blasters and Lego sets to Disney Princess dolls and baby strollers, this section features kid necessities and toys for all ages. We’ve already seen a slew of exciting toys on sale in the past few days, making now a perfect time to start stashing toys away for Christmas.


Razor E100 Electric Scooter



Save $45

Go for a ride at a great price with this electric scooter.


Tegu 8 Piece Pocket Pouch Magnetic Wooden Block Set



Save $11

This 8-piece set of magnetic wooden blocks is 20% off with Prime during Prime Day.


Cozmo the Robot



Save $32

This robot can express hundreds of emotions and is discounted by $30 for a limited time.


Save up to 40% on select toys

This limited time offer is discounting toys at varying price ranges for kids of all ages.

Amazon has been teasing its millions of deals for a little bit already, but we’ve yet to see any specifics about what products would be on sale or what prices they would be at. While revealing its back to school and college deals, Amazon has also given us a nice peek at some of the deals we can expect to see on Prime Day.

From everyday items like pencils and calculators to shoes, shower caddies, TVs, and laptops, Amazon will have a little bit of everything that people will need.

Back to School

For those going back to school, Amazon will be offering $30 off the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet, $40 off the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet, and $20 off the Echo Dot Kids Edition. There will also be discounts of 30% on select STEM toys, 30% off on office products from Amazon’s own brands like AmazonBasics, 50% off kids apparel from popular brands, and 40% off denim styles from Levi’s and The Children’s Place.

Off to College

And those who will be heading off to college can take advantage of 32-inch smart TVs for $130, 40-inch TVs starting at $195, up to 35% off on select monitors, routers, and laptops, along with 40% off on SanDisk’s most popular memory products. To get your dorm room set up nicely, Amazon will have 30% off computer accessories, bath towels, bedding, office chairs, lamps, and more.

The Tuft & Needle mattresses are going to be up to 25% off, and Cozy’s sack bean bags will be up to 30% off. To help get you through the long nights there will be discounted Keurig K-Cups, Contigo West Loop travel mugs, and you’ll be able to add extra control to your room with some Etekcity Wi-Fi smart plugs.

Amazon is also offering teens ages 13 through 17 years old to acquire their own Amazon login under their parents account to shop independently. Parents will be able to approve purchases, set spending limits, and share all their Prime benefits with the kids at no additional cost. Those heading off to college can sign up for a free 6-month trial of Amazon’s Prime Student.

The Thrifter team is going to be covering ALL things Prime Day, and you won’t want to miss out. Sign up now to have tips, tricks, deals, and more delivered right to your inbox.


How to configure audio toggles in Android P

From vibrate toggles to DND, we’ve got you covered.


Whether you’re at a nice dinner or in a quiet waiting room, few things are as embarrassing as having your phone sound off at full volume because you got a phone call or Twitter notification.

For the times when you want to make sure you only get a small vibration for anything that comes up or you just want to silence notifications entirely, it’s important to know what you’re doing.

Android P introduces a few changes to the way this is handled, so without further ado, here’s what you need to know about managing your audio and notification volume in Google’s latest update.

Quick note — the steps shown below are based on a Pixel 2 running Android P. The core elements should remain intact for your device, but depending on the manufacturer, things could look slightly different from phone to phone.

  • How to toggle mute/vibrate
  • How to use Do Not Disturb

How to toggle mute/vibrate

First off, let’s talk about how to toggle mute/vibrate.

In Android P, the volume rocker on your phone now defaults to control your media volume. This is a change we’re happy to see, but it does mean you can no longer silence your ringtone by holding down the volume button.


Thankfully, there are a couple ways to go about this.

On one hand, pressing volume up/down once will show a pop-up on the right of your screen. From here, you can tap the icon above the volume level to cycle between vibrate, silent, and your ringtone being enabled.

Alternatively, Android P introduces a new gesture called “Prevent ringing.” With this, pressing volume up + the power/lock buttons at the same time will automatically turn on vibrate-only.

To turn this off or customize its action:

Open Settings.
Scroll down and tap System.
Tap Gestures.

Tap Prevent ringing.


At this page, you can choose whether this button combination toggles vibrate, mute, or does nothing at all.

How to use Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb has been a powerful feature in Android since it was first introduced with Lolipop, but it’s always been something of a complicated beast to tackle. With Android P, Google’s trying to simplify its UX once again.


Unlike Oreo that has three separate DND modes (Total silence, Alarms only, and Priority only), Android P reduces these to just one Do Not Disturb mode.

You can enable it by swiping down the Quick Settings panel and tapping the Do Not Disturb toggle, and if you hold down on it, you’ll be taken to a settings page where you can change its behavior, exceptions, and schedule.

The controls here are mostly the same as they were in Oreo, allowing you to have DND automatically turn on at a certain time, whether or not you want calls to be excluded, and much more.

Have any questions?

Have any extra questions? Let us know down in the comments below!

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals amazon-logo.pngprimedaylogolarge.png


Lowe’s 10% Off Sitewide

If it’s at Lowe’s, it’s 10% off. You’ll also get a free Google Home Mini if you spend $150 or more.


Anker 3-foot PowerLine Lightning Cables (3-pack)



Save $5

Replace your old cables with these shiny new ones at a great price.


The Wife Between Us: A Novel (Hardcover Edition)



Save $8

This bestselling novel has gained wild popularity recently, which is why you should buy it while it’s on sale.


TP-Link Kasa BR30 multi-color dimmable smart bulb



Save $15

Save some money and color your hanging lights.

  • Top Deals
  • Amazon Devices
  • TVs
  • Smart Home
  • Unlocked Smartphones
  • Kitchen
  • Audio & Headphones
  • Gaming
  • Home Improvement / DIY
  • Everyday Essentials
  • Kids & Toys
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion

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Best Smartphone Prime Day Deals: Phones, Cases, MicroSD, Accessories

Regardless of whether you’re in the market for a new unlocked phone to carry around daily or a charging cable for your existing phone, Prime Day is sure to have a ton of deals for you. From Amazon’s lineup of Prime-exclusive devices to charging hubs, cables, car mounts, and Bluetooth accessories from companies like Aukey, Anker, iOttie and more, there are tons of deals you won’t want to miss out on.

See all the best Prime Day dealsPrime Day Live Chat

All Unlocked Smartphone and Accessory Deals

Prime Day has brought a ton of price drops to phones and the accessories you use with them, and the Thrifter team has gone through each one to make sure that each one listed below is actually a good deal.


Anker 3-foot PowerLine Lightning Cables (3-pack)



Save $5

Replace your old cables with these shiny new ones at a great price.


Moto G6 64GB unlocked smartphone



Save $90

This is a smartphone that is here for today and today only. Don’t miss it.


Samsung Qi fast charge wireless charger stand



Save $36

This charger works with both Android and iPhone smartphones, and works especially well with Android phones that have Fast Charge enabled.


Razer Phone 64GB memory gaming phone



Save $176

This is the best discount we’ve seen on the phone, so be sure to take advantage of it.


LG V35 ThinQ 64GB unlocked smartphone



Save $300

Not a normal deal. Prime Day only and $300 off the price.


iOttie Car Phone Mounts

Your phone deserves a safe place to hang out in your car while you’re driving, and this may be one of the best ways to do it.


Prime Day Deals in Unlocked Cell Phones

Phones like the Huawei Mate 10, Honor 7X, and Essential Phone are included in this limited time sale.


Moto X4 Prime Exclusive Phone



Save $150

There’s no more lock screen ads, but you do have to deal with a few extra apps to save some money.


SanDisk Prime Day Storage Sale

Whether you need an SD card, SSD for your computer, or a flash drive, this one-day sale has you covered.


Huawei Mate 10 Pro



Save $300

High-end unlocked smartphones can be quite expensive, so when you can save $250 you shouldn’t miss the opportunity.


Essential Phone



Save $220

Buying an unlocked phone is the best way to purchase a phone these days, but that can get expensive. When you find a deal on one, you’ll want to act quickly.


BlackBerry KEYone



Save $100

The KEY2 is now official, but if you’re looking for the KEYone, this is the best deal we’ve seen.

Stop buying from your carrier.

Unlocked smartphones have become far more popular in the past few years, and if you are looking to treat yourself to a new one, Prime Day may be just the time to do it. We have already begun seeing a bunch of deals hit, and there will be some good phone deals to come as well.



The BlackBerry KEYone has dropped $100 ahead of Prime Day, bringing it down to $399.99. There is both a GSM and CDMA variant of this phone, so you’ll want to make sure you buy the correct one for the carrier you’re on. The KEYone features a full QWERTY keyboard, 4.5-inch display, Snapdragon 625 processor, 32GB of internal storage and 3GB of RAM. It has a 12MP camera on the rear and a microSD card slot to expand the storage if needed.

See at Amazon


Huawei will have a pair of devices available during Prime Day at up to $300 off their regular retail prices. The biggest price drop will be on the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, which will be available for $499.99. It originally lists for $800 and has only dropped as low as $550 in the past. It features a 6-inch 18:9 display, massive 4000mAh battery, 128GB of internal storage, 6GB of RAM, and a wonderful dual-camera setup on the back.

See at Amazon

If you’re looking to spend a little less, the Huawei Mate SE may be the choice for you. It normally sells for $250, but for a limited time, it will drop to $219.99. This is the lowest we’ve seen this device drop in price since its debut in March. The Mate SE has a 5.93-inch 18:9 display, a 3340mAh battery, 64GB of internal storage, 4GB of RAM and a 16MP main rear camera. There’s also a 2MP rear camera to complete the dual-camera setup, and you can add a microSD card if you need more storage.

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Huawei’s sub-brand, Honor, will have two of its popular models on sale during Prime Day as well with up to $100 off the original price. The Honor View10 will see the biggest savings, and its price will drop down to $399.99. It’s sold at $500 since its release, which wasn’t all that long ago. It has a 5.99-inch 18:9 display, a 3750mAh battery, 128GB of internal storage, 6GB of RAM and has a microSD card slot. It also has a beautiful 16MP/20MP dual camera setup.

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The already-affordable Honor 7X is getting a $30 price cut, which will see it drop down to just $169. At this price, it’s hard to recommend anything else. It has a 5.93-inch display, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, and a dual camera setup on the back.

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Prime-exclusive phones

Amazon hasn’t yet revealed the exact savings, but based on previous Prime Day events, it’s safe to assume Amazon will be offering some type of discount on various devices in the lineup. This year alone the assortment has expanded big time and Amazon removed the lock screen ads in favor of some pre-installed apps. Be sure to check out the full lineup of Prime-exclusive devices if you want a great device and don’t mind a few extra apps being installed on it to save some money.

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Other deals

As we get closer to Prime Day there will be more deals available. we will be updating this page with more deals as they become available, so be sure to bookmark this page to keep an eye on.

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