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June 27, 2018

What do you like the most about Google’s Pixel phones

by John_A

This is why the AC forum community loves their Pixels so much.

Although Google’s Pixel series was faced with some initial backlash from Nexus loyalists, it didn’t take long for most everyone to realize that Google had crafted something special with the original Pixel and Pixel XL. The phones offered the best Android experience around, and when you added that together with the stellar camera, solid displays, etc., you ended up with a fantastic package.

Google improved even more on these strengths with the Pixel 2 series, and when the Pixel 3 comes around this October, we’re anticipating more of the same great things.

Why is it though that so many people are enthralled with the Pixel lineup? Phones like the Galaxy S9, LG G7, and OnePlus 6 are far more enticing in some regards, but even so, Google’s Pixel phones remain unshaken.

We decided to check in with our forum users to see what they had to say on the matter, and these are a few of the responses:

06-22-2018 08:30 AM

I think the camera is very good. My pictures come out quite well.

Battery is always a trick question; no one has the exact same setup and use patterns. However, I am a light to medium use case, and I can get through a day easily.

Speakers are ok. Not bad, not great….just ok.

No issues.

I love the device. I like how there is very little bloatware unlike many of the other OEMs, and…


06-22-2018 09:08 AM

The camera is great! I don’t know about the battery life for the XL but the regular Pixel was good enough for a day of use for me, but I’m not a heavy user. The speaker quality is decent.


06-22-2018 02:48 PM

The wife and I each have XL’s….. These things are amazing.

Still as good as day one.

We did not buy a XL2, as these are still like new. And do not intend to buy a XL3.

These are as fast and smooth as the day we got them (1st day they were available). I have never had to reset or monkey with either one due to lag or other phone bull@hit.

I would get another in a heartbeat


06-24-2018 01:42 PM

Switched to the OG Pixel XL from a LG V20. I’ve always been very outspoken about wanting a swappable battery and additional (SD Card) storage. but…

I switched to project Fi and my Verizon branded V20 just isn’t going to work on Fi. So I bought a couple Refurbished Pixel XL’s off Amazon and I am amazed.

I loved the V20 camera for all its bells and whistles. With Gcam+, it takes excellent…


Now, we’d love to hear from you — What do you like the most about Google’s Pixel phones?

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