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WSJ: Apple Expects Lower-Priced LCD Models to Represent Majority of iPhone Sales in Upcoming 2018 Lineup

Apple is widely rumored to introduce three new iPhone models in September, including a second-generation iPhone X, a larger version dubbed the iPhone X Plus, and a lower-priced but lesser-featured version.

Given the iPhone X Plus is expected to have an OLED display, like the iPhone X, it would be reasonable to assume that the majority of iPhones that Apple plans to manufacture in 2018 will be of the OLED variety. According to The Wall Street Journal, however, that might not be how things play out.

The report cites sources involved with Apple’s supply chain who claim that Apple now expects LCD models to make up the majority of iPhone sales in its upcoming lineup, expected to be released this fall.

Apple initially wanted roughly equal production of iPhone models with LCDs and OLED displays, but now plans to make more of the LCD model, referring to the rumored lower-priced, lesser-featured 6.1-inch iPhone, as it supposedly anticipates strong customer demand for the more affordable X-like model.

It’s not entirely clear if “LCD models” will include iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone SE models, which will likely remain for sale alongside the 2018 iPhones, and would certainly help tip the scale towards LCD.

The Wall Street Journal says Apple’s plans are a “sign of consumers’ sensitivity to the price of smartphones,” citing analysts who believe demand was weaker than their initial forecasts for the iPhone X “due mainly to its price tag.” The flagship device is priced from $999 in the United States.

The report adds that Apple will likely retain at least one lower-priced, LCD-based iPhone in its 2019 lineup too, rather than shift entirely to OLED, to ensure customers have an affordable option to choose from.

A report out of Korea last month said Apple will switch to OLED for all of its 2019 iPhones, a claim that some analysts had already cast doubts on.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, now with research firm TF International Securities, expects the next iPhone X to start at $800-$900, the so-called iPhone X Plus to start at $900-$1,000, and the 6.1-inch iPhone to start at $600-$700 in the United States, with orders for all three beginning in September.

Kuo has previously said the 6.1-inch iPhone will have a nearly edge to edge display, with a notch for Face ID, but with tradeoffs, including an LCD instead of OLED display, an aluminum frame rather than stainless steel, no 3D Touch, and a single-lens rather than dual-lens rear camera system.

If accurate, many customers may indeed opt for what is essentially a budget iPhone X, with a $300 to $400 cheaper price tag. That doesn’t mean the current iPhone X was too expensive, though, as in February, Apple said it was the “top selling iPhone” every week since it launched in early November.

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Apple Teams Up With Oprah Winfrey to Create New TV Shows

Apple has formed a multi-year production partnership with Oprah Winfrey to create shows for a new video subscription service that is in the works, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Apple and Winfrey did not share details on the kind of content that she plans to create, but in a statement, Apple said it would team up with Winfrey to “create original programs.”

Apple today announced a unique, multi-year content partnership with Oprah Winfrey, the esteemed producer, actress, talk show host, philanthropist and CEO of OWN.

Together, Winfrey and Apple will create original programs that embrace her incomparable ability to connect with audiences around the world.

Winfrey’s projects will be released as part of a lineup of original content from Apple.

Apple has signed deals for dozens of original television shows, ranging from ranging from science fiction series “Amazing Stories” to podcast-based drama series “Are You Sleeping” to cartoon series “Central Park.” A full list of Apple’s TV shows can be found in our Apple TV roundup.

The first of Apple’s television shows may debut as early as 2019 and while Apple has not clarified how the shows will be distributed, today’s report from The Wall Street Journal suggests Apple is working on a streaming video service to deliver its content.

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Check out these wacky designs in Boeing’s $2 million passenger drone contest

One day, in the not-too-distant future, we could well be zipping about the skies in our very own personal flying machines. It may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but Boeing, a company that knows a thing or two about keeping objects airborne, said in March that electric-powered passenger drones could be on the market within a decade.

Boeing is so confident that urban vehicles are about to transform the city landscape that last year the company sponsored the GoFly design contest to the tune of $2 million.

Aimed at encouraging innovative designs for ultra-compact personal flying vehicles, entries had to be able to take off and land vertically, and fly for at least 20 miles without recharging.

Teams from 30 countries submitted their efforts, and this week the organizers revealed the 10 winners who now have to transform their drawings into real, fully functional aircraft.

Chosen by an international panel of judges that included chief engineers, flight test engineers, pilots, and esteemed academics, the winning designs range from the familiar to the outright wacky.

Take, for example, Texas A&M University’s Harmony, described as a “compact rotorcraft designed to minimize noise and maximize efficiency, safety, reliability, and flight experience.” It’s the only design among the winners where you seem to have to stand upright in a kind of pod, making for a different kind of flying experience.

Aeroxo LV from Latvia came up with the Era Aviabike, which looks like a cross between a plane and a motorbike, while Georgia Tech’s HummingBuzz appears to place the rider directly over one very large rotor blade. A protective grill serves to eliminate the chance of any troublesome decapitations during flight.

The multimillion-dollar prize fund will be handed out gradually over the next year — the 10 winners of this first stage of the contest have each collected $20,000 to help make their designs a reality.

Phase two of the contest, where teams build prototypes, is actually open to newcomers as well, so the winning design could be one we haven’t even seen yet.

The teams behind the best four prototypes will each pick up a further $50,000 next spring, and the overall winner will be announced at the Final Fly-off event in the fall of 2019.

Interest is clearly growing in the idea of small, electric-powered, urban-compatible aircraft that are quieter and easier to handle than a helicopter.

Airbus-backed Vahana, for example, is developing self-piloting air taxi, and you may have already seen the 184 flying machine from Chinese firm EHang. Uber is working on its own aerial vehicle, as are Joby Aviation, Volocopter, and Kitty Hawk.

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Rymek Typewriter Bluetooth Keyboard review: $200 of nerdy goodness

This is not the best keyboard I own, but it is the keyboard I will use until it breaks.



When it comes to keyboards, I am entirely without shame. I like my keyboards loud, comfortable, and unreasonably flashy. I can’t type on most of my keyboards during meetings or podcasts, because there is no way to type on them quietly. Quality mechanical switches are my happy place, and I refuse to apologize.

But there’s usually a disconnect between decent mechanical keyboards and decent Bluetooth keyboards. If I want a keyboard for my phone or tablet to use when I’m travelling, I usually can’t get the same experience I have at my desk. I’m familiar with this sacrifice, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. And when the folks behind the Rymek keyboard promised an experience which worked great for desktops and mobile devices, I had to touch it for myself to see what this fuss was all about.

Oh, and the keyboard itself looks like a typewriter, with levers and knobs and lights which actually serve a purpose. I was hooked immediately, and two weeks later this keyboard now has a permanent place on my desk.

See at Indiegogo

Showing off, but also functional

This keyboard is more flashy gadget than actual keyboard. The keycaps are a matte bronze with backlight-friendly lettering, but the plasticky feel to the caps doesn’t lend itself well to feeling like a quality keyboard. The Cherry Blue switches under those caps work quite well, delivering quality response while typing while also being slightly quieter than most other Cherry switches.


It’s designed to switch back and forth between traditional PC input via USB and up to three different Bluetooth inputs, and to do so with style. I can dock my phone up on the thing that looks like a typewriter paper bar, and when I want to switch between typing on my PC and typing on my phone I just pull the typewriter arm on the left. When I want to control the volume on either my PC or my phone, the turn wheel on the right side of the bar actually rotates for volume controls.

Where you really get the feeling this keyboard is for showing off is the backlights. Rymek includes five different lighting options that are mostly animated. The lights on the keyboard will dance as you type, or light up with each individual button you press, or just stay lit everywhere. The brightness controls are nice and easy to use, but it couldn’t be more clear most of the settings for these lights are for filling your friends and coworkers with envy.

Good luck keeping it clean


This keyboard looks great at a distance, but a week into using this keyboard I started noticing dust and smudges. Everything that isn’t bronze colored is glossy black, and that material makes every speck of dust and every fingerprint show up when you are looking down at it.

Every keyboard gets dust and crumbs and junk in between the keys, but the spacing between these keys makes it very easy to see what lies beneath. As cool as it is for this keyboard to look like a typewriter, in order to keep it looking nice you need to clean it constantly.

The mobile device dock for Rymek is mostly a small rubbery stand, but you have to choose which way you want to prop your device up. Tablets, for example, fit better when tucked in between the stand and the bar. Phones, on the other hand, fit better when leaned against the bar. The difference seems small, but it’s significant when trying to find the right angle for your device to sit at for using alongside a PC monitor. Ideally, the bar on the back of the Rymek would be adjustable to fit a bunch of different sizes, but that’s not an option in the current model.

A little pricey, but so much fun


The Rymek is currently available for $199 via Indiegogo, with some Early Bird specials to get it for closer to $99. Coming from the excellent $150 CODE keyboard, it’s difficult to say Rymek is $50 better. What you are paying for instead is style and something vaguely resembling portability. While you technically can walk around with this keyboard and type on it wherever you are, it’s big and heavy enough to make that unlikely to be something you are going to do.

This is a decent mechanical keyboard, and having Bluetooth available on the same keyboard is excellent, but what you are really paying extra for here is the typewriter look and feel with the flashy lights. And, if I’m being totally honest, it’s worth it for nerds who appreciate this aesthetic.

See at IndieGoGo


How’s your OnePlus 6 battery life?

The phone’s 3,300 mAh battery manages to impress.

It’s hard to not like the OnePlus 6. Although the notch in the screen and glass back were thought to be controversial decisions, the phone ended up being our favorite OnePlus product to-date.


OnePlus makes a big deal about the 6’s power, design, and cameras, but how’s its 3,300 mAh battery working for early adopters?

A few of our forum users recently chimed in with their own experiences, and according to them, the OnePlus 6 is a battery champ.

06-10-2018 12:08 PM

7 hrs sot amolst 24 hours with 19% left


06-10-2018 12:39 PM

I agree, waaaay better than on my Note 8 with same size battery and better than my S9+ with bigger battery


06-10-2018 01:32 PM

That’s the advantages of not having 1 Billion pixels. LOL

Having a solid OS helps too.

I was disappointed with my Samsung Galaxy S9+ battery life which is why I sold it after 2 months. That and I got $1,000 CAN for it. LOL


06-10-2018 11:13 PM

Yeah I’m getting very good battery life so far too. not that good, but I’ve had a few 7 hr screen time days during my regular 16-18 hour days. I’m averaging about 5.5-6.5 hours of screen time during a normal day. Just as good as my pixel 2 XL.


What about you? How’s the battery life on your OnePlus 6?

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Every Limited Edition PlayStation 4 you can buy today

If you don’t want a generic PlayStation 4, then one of these limited editions models is the way to go!


Limited edition PlayStation 4s can be hard to find, but that’s no surprise – they’re limited, after all. These consoles tend to be on tap for the most hardcore of fans who will buy them day one to add them to their collection and ensure themselves a unit.

But if you happened to miss out and you just want yourself a limited edition PS4, you aren’t totally out of luck. Sony still offers a couple of these things at retail, while there are a few others you can snag from third-party merchants if you don’t mind going off the beaten path. Let’s take a look at them!

  • Days of Play
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2
  • God of War
  • Destiny
  • PS4 Slim Gold
  • Call of Duty WW2
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Batman Arkham Knight
  • Uncharted 4
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
  • Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars

Days of Play


This is one of those special PlayStation 4 releases Sony likes to put out “just because.” Days of Play is their celebration of PlayStation gamers. It’s typically celebrated with a nice big corporate sale, but also with a limited edition PlayStation 4 release.

This 1TB base PlayStation 4 costs $299 and has a deep blue finish with PlayStation’s iconic DualShock controller icons in gold lettering on it. There’s also a PlayStation logo on the upper right corner. On the controller, you’ll find a matrix of golden controller icons across the faceplate, but otherwise, it’s a simple recolor.

See at Sony

Star Wars Battlefront 2


The Star Wars Battlefront 2 PS4 Pro is one of a kind with its iconic markings and Star Wars logos. The base of the console is the same Jet Black finish you’d find on an ordinary PS4 Pro, but that’s OK. The controller also gets some love here, with Star Wars-themed markings on the handles, as well as a trippy-looking Star Wars logo matrix on the touchpad.

You can get this 1TB console right now for $398. That figures to be a fantastic deal considering you’re getting a full copy of Star Wars Battlefront 2: Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition to go along with it. If you’re a fan of Star Wars and in need of a 4K gaming machine, this is all you’ll need.

See at Amazon

God of War


Of course the highest-rated game of this console generation has a limited edition model. Kratos leaves his mark on a God of War PS4 Pro that comes in a stunning silver finish. The markings on the console are inspired by the axe he uses throughout the game. The controller also comes in that same silver finish with a God of War-themed insignia and a tricked out trackpad.

While the console is not regularly available from Sony, there are still a few sellers on Amazon offering the 1TB model for $549. This is a $150 markup compared to its launch price, but you’ll be owning one of the coolest consoles and best games ever made.

See at Amazon



While Destiny 2 has taken over as the hot new space shooter to get, the original limited edition Destiny PS4 console is still a hot find. Sony went with a white backdrop here with etchings depicting topographical space map to make it look busy. There’s a nice big Guardians’ banner up front, with a Destiny logo situated in the upper left corner.

This particular model is of the original PlayStation 4 500GB console and not the Slim or Pro models. If you’re OK with that then Amazon has it for a fair price of $329.

See at Amazon

PS4 Slim Gold


This is the only console on this list not associated with any particular game. The golden PS4 Slim goes for a look of sheer elegance. It’s not actual gold, mind you, but the shade used by Sony throughout the console and its controller is just stunning. Put this one beneath an OLED TV to really pull off that rich living room effect.

Amazon has the 1TB model as low as $424.

See at Amazon

Call of Duty WW2


Fans of the armed forces (or those who simply have an unhealthy obsession with camouflage) will love the Call of Duty WW2 PS4 Slim model. The forestry green chassis could sit inside a jungle undetected with how authentic this pattern is. But perhaps it’s better off just looking cool on your entertainment stand.

You’ll get the 1TB console, a solid green controller, and a copy of Call of Duty WW2, all for $365.

See at Amazon

Final Fantasy XV


The design on this limited edition PS4 Slim captures the essence of Final Fantasy XV quite successfully. A full moon blends into the Jet Black chassis of the console, and the Final Fantasy XV logo can be found square in the middle.

Perhaps the coolest thing is the lettering beneath the logo – the names of all four main protagonists. It’s a list that may seem insignificant now, but one that you’ll wholly appreciate by the end of your journey. The controller also has a neat XV logo on it.

The 1TB console costs $449 and comes with a copy of Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition, which itself comes with the animated film KINGSGLAIVE on Blu-Ray, the Royal Raiment in-game outfit, and the Masamune in-game weapon.

See at Amazon

Batman Arkham Knight


You either die a hero, or see yourself live long enough to become the villain. Well, we’re not sure if the few years that the Batman Arkham Knight PS4 has been around can be considered long, but it certainly is no villain. It’s a desirable gaming machine with one of the most iconic comic book characters ever created represented here.

Batman’s shadowy figure is imprinted on the gray finish. The controller takes after that color, but the sheen on it makes it look like more of a silver. Batman fanatics should be in love here. It’s $504 to own the 500GB console.

See at Amazon

Uncharted 4


It’s odd that there aren’t many blue PS4s considering that’s Sony’s signature color. As is always the case, though, Nathan Drake is here to save the day with a pretty interesting “Gray Blue” shade of it on this Uncharted 4 PS4. It features pretty cool silkscreened artwork and the Uncharted logo in gold lettering. The controller doesn’t have any extra etchings on it, but that unique color should make you a happy camper. The console and a copy of the game come bundled for $389.

See at Amazon

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3


This is probably the most striking option yet. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s version of the PS4 goes all in on the Nuk3town orange highlights. The console itself cheekily shows the roman numeral three as it appears on the cover of the game, with other miscellaneous markings on the front edge of the console.

The controller offers a nice contrast of carbon gray and nuclear orange. It’s bound to make someone’s eyes hurt, but if you are in love with the colors, then it may be worth the risk. The console comes bundled with the game and the Nuk3town playable map for $591.

See at Amazon

Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars

Here’s another one for you Star Wars fans out there. This 500GB PS4 is more for those who identify with the Dark Side, with the Disney Infinity 3.0 model showing Darth Vader in all his ominous glory. Even if Disney Infinity isn’t your cup of tea, this is one desirable package as it comes with a few figurines to add to your collection. It’s available today for $429.

See at Amazon

Get one before it’s too late

As we’ve stressed, these are limited edition models, meaning they will someday be hard to find. Collectors or diehard fans will want to get their hands on these before they dry up, so go grab the one you like and game on!

Updated June 2018: Sony’s new Days of Play limited edition PS4 has been added to the list for those who are fans of deep blue and gold.

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AT&T has officially purchased Time Warner for $85 billion

This will allow AT&T to bring a “fresh approach” to the media industry.

Nearly two years after initially proposing its acquisition plans, AT&T announced on June 14, 2018, that it had officially completed the deal to purchase Time Warner for a sum of $85 billion.


AT&T first announced these plans back in October 2016, and soon after, was faced with a tremendous about of backlash from all sectors. The company most recently spent six weeks in court to determine if the acquisition violated any antitrust laws, but Judge Richard Leon told AT&T it could move forward on June 12.

It was expected that AT&T would finalize its purchase of Time Warner on June 20 to give the Justice Department proper time to make an appeal, but either AT&T decided to jump the gun or the Department admitted defeat.

Commenting on the deal, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said:

We’re going to bring a fresh approach to how the media and entertainment industry works for consumers, content creators, distributors, and advertisers.

Now that AT&T owns Time Warner, this also means it’s acquiring the other brands under Time Warner’s belt — including Warner Bros., HBO, and Turner. As part of the deal, Time Warner’s former CEO and Chairman, Jeff Bewkes, will be transitioning to a Senior Advisor position.

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Is Android P Beta 2 safe to use as a daily driver?



Google announced the first Android P Developer Preview build back in March for the Pixels, and at I/O the company expanded the beta program to include devices from seven third-party manufacturers while rolling out Developer Preview 2.

DP2 was the first Android P public beta build (with DP1 considered the alpha build), and earlier this month Google rolled out DP3, the second beta build. DP3 is an important build as it includes final APIs and the SDK for developers to begin compatibility testing and make use of new features baked into Android P. Developers can also start pushing out apps targeted for Android P to devices enrolled in the beta.

While DP3 adds a lot of tools for devs to start building apps for Android P, there’s plenty to like if you’re just looking to try out Android P before it goes official later this year. The first beta build was notable for just how stable it was (considering it was a developer preview), and DP3 builds on that by ironing out lingering bugs from previous builds.

I’ve been using the Beta 2 build on a first-gen Pixel for most of this week, and I haven’t encountered any show-stopping bugs. I wasn’t able to pair Bluetooth accessories with Beta 1, but I had zero issues on that front with Beta 2. That said, there were a few instances where the volume skipped all the way to 100% as soon as I connected my MDR-1000X.

I haven’t faced any problems with calls or texts either, but it looks like there’s an ongoing issue with text messages on Verizon. Third-party app behavior has also been significantly improved, and aside from Alexa, I haven’t noticed any app crashes. I’ve even noticed a slight increase in battery life from Oreo thanks to the AI-assisted battery management tweaks.

Android P Beta 2 irons out the kinks from earlier releases, and is ready for use as a daily driver.

The gesture-based navigation system definitely takes some getting used to though, and the fact that you have to swipe up twice to access the app drawer is irksome. Android P still has a back button that kicks in when you’re in an app, which feels counter-intuitive. I prefer the way OxygenOS and MIUI implement gestures, where you can just swipe up from either edge of the screen to go back in an app.

On the subject of change, I’m still not sold on the idea that the clock is now to the left of the status bar. With the Pixel 3 said to sport a notch, I can understand Google’s reasoning for wanting to free up space for notifications on the status bar, but it feels unnecessary.

Overall, the latest beta build is stable enough to be used as a daily driver. Beta 2 is limited to the Pixels and the Sony Xperia XZ2 for now, but it should be making its way to the rest of the eligible devices shortly.

Looking ahead, Google is set to roll out DP4 — which will be a release candidate build — sometime later this month, followed by the final preview build sometime in July. We’ll likely see the digital wellness features and App Actions introduced in the upcoming build, and the stable Android P build should make its way around August.

How to get Android P on your Pixel or Nexus right now

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Sony says it’s stopping development of its Xperia Home launcher [Update]

Only bug fixes will be added from here on out.

Updated June 15, 2018: Sony’s announcement of ending development for Xperia Home left us wondering what the future would hold, but thanks to a developer for the launcher, Erika Prymus, we now have a better idea as to what’s going on. According to Erika, “The reason for discontinuing new feature development in the current Xperia Home Application is that we are developing a new Home Application.” We don’t know what the new launcher will look like or what features it’ll have, but chances are we’ll get to see it with one of Sony’s next flagships.

Most Android OEMs outfit their phones with their own skin on top of Android, and with that, a custom launcher. Sony’s phones have long come with the Xperia Home launcher, and following the latest update that landed on June 11, development for it will be ending.


As noted by moderator Erika Prymus for the Xperia Home Open Beta on Google+:

A business decision has been taken that our current launcher, Xperia Home should enter maintenance phase.

In this “maintenance phase”, Xperia Home will no longer receive new features. There will still be updates down the road, but they’ll strictly be focused on removing bugs “for as long as deemed necessary.”

Additionally, this transition also means that the Xperia Home Open Beta program will be ending.

The latest update to Xperia Home (11.3.A.0.17) prior to this switch was mostly focused on bug fixes anyways. As noted by Sony, some of the highlights include fixes for widgets not updating, crashes when trying to open a photo from search, and more.

What does this mean for the future of launchers on Sony phones? Although Xperia Home will probably keep on chugging for a while to come, it’s likely that Sony’s either looking to create an all-new experience or just go the Nokia route and mimic the Pixel Launcher. I’d prefer to see the latter of those two things, but only time will tell.

Are you a Sony fan? What do you think about the end of Xperia Home?

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ARK: Survival Evolved is the latest AAA game to land on Android! [GotW]


Update June 15, 2018: ARK: Survival Evolved lets you play out your own dino-adventure right on your smartphone! Can you survive long enough to tame these prehistoric beasts?

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is a vast game set in the Jurassic era that has you playing as a primitive human trying to survive in a harsh and unforgiving world filled with deadly dinosaurs and, if you venture into the online mode, other players for which you can team up or battle against.

The game was originally released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One last August and has just launched for Android and iOS this week. The game is a full port of the original game with optimization for mobile that includes a touchscreen interface and a free-to-play model that lets you play the game for free with ads, or Primal Pass subscriptions (available for $9.99 on a monthly basis or $34.99 for a yearly subscription) that removes all ads, give you a permanent 2x XP boost, and other perks such as access to the best servers along with special updates and perks in the future.

The game boasts a robust world full of prehistoric vegetation and fauna to interact with. The early game is all about foraging for food and supplies and crafting items and tools necessary for survival. There’s a single player mode which has you fending for yourself in a world filled with over 80 different dinosaurs and an expansive map to explore, while the online mode lets you play with up to 50 other players in a massive server where you can join up with a Tribe to share resources and spawn points as you try and tame your own dinosaurs and dominate your opponents.

My first interaction with a predator while playing @survivetheark on mobile. I died. 💩#ArkSurvivalEvolved #Android #dead

— Marc L Lagace (@spacelagace) June 14, 2018

If you’ve never played ARK — or other survival-type games before — prepare to struggle early as you work your way through the opening tutorials of how the crafting system works. If you stray too far into a dangerous area, you’re bound to get mauled to death by a carnivore; swim into too deep of waters and a Megapirahna will take a bite out of you; forget to eat berries and you’ll die of starvation. Isn’t survival fun?

In terms of the hardware requirements, the game takes up nearly 2GB of storage and needs a phone with at least 3GB of RAM to run properly. Based on Google Play Store reviews, people have gotten the game to play well enough on a Samsung Galaxy S6 which would just meet the necessary specs. The game defaults to run on “High” video settings, so if you’re noticing sluggish frame rate you’re best off slipping into the settings and turning that down to “Medium” or “Low”. The “Epic” graphics setting proved to be too much for the Razer Phone — your experience may vary.

It’s a bit early to tell whether ARK is poised to be a hit on mobile — it garnered mixed reviews on PC and console and feels a bit clunky and unfair when you’re first starting out — but it’s free-to-play for mobile so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’ve got the time.

Download: ARK: Survival Evolved (Free w/Ads)

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