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June 27, 2018

The best BlackBerry Key2 cases

by John_A

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Face it — software keyboards aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. If you’re desperate for a physical keyboard, then there’s only ever been one real option for you — BlackBerry. If you’re looking for a new and powerful phone with a physical keyboard, then the BlackBerry Key2 is probably at the top of your list.

But even though the Key2 is likely to be solid, extra physical components generally mean more areas that can break. It’s hard to protect a keyboard fully, but a protective case can go a long way toward making sure your phone doesn’t get damaged by the knocks, bumps, and hazards of everyday life. Here are the best BlackBerry Key2 cases to keep your phone safe.

Avidet Clear Case ($8)

If you want to keep your phone protected, but don’t want to slap on a big, bulky case, then a slim and clear gel case is a must. This one comes from Avidet, a long-established and trusted name in Amazon phone cases. It’s made from TPU, a soft and flexible material that adds a good amount of shock-resistance and grip to keep your phone locked into your hand. The dot pattern on the back of the case prevents unsightly condensation from forming, and, while it’s not the most protective case you can get, Avidet’s clear gel case should provide good protection, while also giving you a completely clear view to BlackBerry’s executive design.

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Olixar Leather-Style Wallet Case ($15)

The BlackBerry Key2 is a phone with a very executive feel, so what better way to complement that than with this extremely business-like wallet case from Olixar? It’s made from synthetic PU leather, which is durable and easy to keep clean, and is almost indistinguishable from real leather in most cases. Your phone is held in place with a shock-absorbent inner TPU core, while PU leather wraps around your phone while not in use, and can be folded back into a stand when in use. The inner lining of the front cover contains slots to hold credit cards, and there’s an inner pocket to hold small documents or spare cash. A great little case that fits in anywhere.

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Mobile Fun

PushImei Soft Touch TPU Case ($8)

Want something a little more protective? TPU can be adapted into a variety of forms, and this case from PushImei showcases one of the most protective. It’s soft, flexible, and shock-absorbent, but it’s also a little stiffer than the variety of TPU you’ll find on clear cases, providing a bit more protection. Extended corners improve shock absorption in those areas, and a raised lip around the camera lenses and the display keep those areas elevated and protected. Finally, the case has a cool sci-fi style with the addition of a brushed metal texture and carbon fiber-style panels at either end.

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Ouba Air Hybrid Bumper Case ($8)

So you want protection, but you also want to show off your Key2’s design? That sounds as if it wouldn’t really be possible, but it is, thanks to this case from Ouba. The back panel of this case is made from hard-wearing polycarbonate (PC) that provides a solid backbone for your phone, and makes it harder for scratches to get through and affect your phone’s body, while also still allowing the phone’s style to shine through. The edge is a softer TPU bumper, which serves to help insulate the Key2 from bumps and shocks. Like other protective cases, there’s a raised edge around the camera lens and display, and the combination of PC and TPU help really elevate the protective qualities of this case.

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Official BlackBerry Genuine Leather FlipCase ($51)

Who better to turn to than BlackBerry itself? BlackBerry has released a couple of cases to fit the Key2 — including a nice, soft shell case — but it’s the genuine leather FlipCase that really caught our eye. Wallet cases are fantastic at protection that also looks good, and they never look out of place in any circumstance, whether that’s in the boardroom, or on the table at a bar. The FlipCase is crafted from 100 percent genuine leather for good looks and great protection, and contains an inner lining of microfiber to make sure your phone is safely nestled within the case. There’s room inside the cover to keep two credit cards, and it’s also NFC friendly. It’s not the cheapest on this list by far, but it’s a great buy if you want the best materials for your Key2.

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Mobile Fun

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