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January 15, 2018

Top 5 best writing apps for Android and IOS

by John_A

As the world continues to move towards mobile technology, everybody seems to be looking for an easy way to prepare their documents via their mobile devices. Nowadays, there are several phones and tablets with big screens and great external keyboard supports. These and much other technological advancement has provided an avenue for people to use their mobile phones for writing.

Many certified mobile app developers have offered a great writing papers help. There are now several apps available for writing via mobile. Some of them are free while some are premium. In order to assist you, we have come up with a list of the top 5 best writing apps for Androids and iOS devices.

Each app has its own unique feature and you need to watch out for the app that really suits your need. All in all, all the mobile applications for writing listed below are perfect for your everyday writing needs. You must be eager to check out these apps, isn’t it?

Top 5 best writing apps for Android and IOS

1)    iA Writer (iOS, Android)

iA Writer is a very popular premium writing app among most people for good reasons. It works perfectly on both Android and iOS devices. Although its Android app is still lacking in terms of features, it is still a very good writing app for you.

The iOS app version has additional features ahead of the Android own. These extra features include syntax highlighting which allows you to highlight the nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, or conjunction in a document. What’s more, the iOS app version has a full support for the iOS 9 special features, such as a split screen. The Android version is more of a “Beta” version when compared with the iOS version. All in all, iA writer app is a good writing mobile app.

2)    Microsoft Word (iOS, Android)

Definitely, you must be already familiar with Microsoft Word on your PC and desktop computer. The company has put effort into developing mobile application compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Although it is considered too bloated, its freemium package has made it a top choice for most mobile users.

Microsoft word app integrates the Dropbox feature which allows you to save/backup your document to cloud. This, coupled with other excellent features, make Microsoft word a great mobile app for both Android and iOS users.

3)    Drafts 4 (iOS)

You can use the draft iOS app not only to easily prepare your documents but also to quickly enter your thoughts for safekeeping and immediate future use. Drafts app also allows you to send a text to a number of service and apps. Simply, it can be called a scratch pad for writers.

Plus, it has an Apple Watch app which allows you to access your Drafts inbox and the app also supports split6 screen on iPad. Another exciting feature is that the app has a customizable app at the top which allows you to Markdown shortcuts.

4)    Editorial (iOS)

The editorial mobile app is one of the powerful writing applications available today and the favorite app of WritingJobz freelance writers according to the recent statistics. It has every necessary feature all writing app should have. Plus, it has a support for workflows and a powerful and intuitive user interface.

Furthermore, the editorial app has a strong Dropbox synchronization and an active workflow online community where you can easily explore further options. In short, Editorial is a very good premium app for iOS users.

5)    JotterPad (Android)

Last but not the list o out list is the JotterPad Android writing application. It has a long list of exciting features and one of the few best writing apps available out there. It has an option to export to PDF and DOCX file format.

The app is freemium but has some other premium features. The app is of great use to those looking to write articles, thesis, dissertations and other creative design writing works.


With the increasing trend of mobile technology in the world today, there is even a need for writers to follow the trend. There are many mobile writing applications available for both the Android and iOS devices. However, only a few of them are perfect for you. We have drawn out a list of the top 4 best

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