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January 12, 2018

The best mobile accessories at CES 2018, from skin scanners to selfie drones

by John_A

CES never fails to surprise us. From a roll-up television to sleep robots, CES 2018 was no exception. But while CES is best-known for big product launches, there are also tons of accessory manufacturers showing off their newest products. We roamed the halls at CES 2018, looking for the best mobile accessories. Here’s a few of our favorites.

Neutrogena Skin360

From L’Oréal’s wearable that can track UV exposure to Foreo’s high-tech facial masks, beauty tech was a huge trend as CES 2018. However, the Neutrogena Skin360 was the most exciting beauty accessory we saw this year. The Neutrogena Skin360 attaches to your phone to analyze your skin. The Skin360 can keep track of pore size, skin moisture, and skin quality. With the Skin360, you can easily track how small changes, such as drinking more water, have an effect on your skin.  The Neutrogena Skin360 should be available in stores this summer and will be priced at $50.

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If you’re looking to up your selfie game, the Selfly camera drone may be right up your alley. Selfly is a phone case that includes a detachable autonomous camera drone, so you an easily carry the camera drone around all the time and pop it out whenever you want to grab a selfie. You can pre-order the Selfly drone on Indigogo now, with an anticipated ship date of February. Pre-order pricing starts at $109.

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Osmo Mobile 2

The Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal offers plenty of improvements over last year’s model. For starters, battery life is more than tripled on the Osmo Mobile 2, to 15 hours. The Osmo Mobile 2 also offers zoom control, active tracking, and several different modes such as hyperlapse and slow-motion. The best part is the Osmo Mobile 2 is about $50 less expensive than its predescessor, coming in at $130.

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Osmo Mobile 2

Catalyst Case for Apple AirPods

Sometimes it’s the most simplistic mobile accessories that catch our eyes, and the Catalyst Case for Apple AirPods is the perfect example. The Catalyst Case is a drop-proof and waterproof case for your AirPods. The case is made out of a high-grade silicone and features a removable carabiner so you can easily attach it to your backpack.  You can even connect your Lightning connector to the AirPods case through the removable plug in the bottom of the case. The case is only $25, which is much less expensive than replacing a lost or damaged AirPod.

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PopSockets Car Vent Mount

Speaking of simple, it doesn’t get much more easy than the PopSockets Car Vent Mount. This plastic mount connects easily to your car vent, allowing you to use your existing PopSockets phone grip to hang your phone. While there are plenty of car mounts available for your smartphone, they usually don’t work with phone grips like the PopSockets. The PopSockets Car Vent Mount will be available in the coming weeks for $10.

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Don’t let the generic name fool you, the iMate is one of our favorite accessories from CES 2018 because of its versatility. It’s a charger, battery backup, and portable docking system. Since the iMate uses Type-C power delivery, the it can quickly charge your phone, iPad, or MacBook. The iMate even features a mobile charging base for the Apple Watch, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice on any of your devices. Pricing and availability for the iMate will be announced in the future.

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