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January 11, 2018

BrainTap’s headset promises mindful meditation in as little as 20 minutes

by John_A

When life really starts to get busy, it can be difficult to step away from it all and just relax. That’s where BrainTap Technologies comes in. For those people who don’t want to learn or train themselves to meditate, the new BrainTap headset is restful meditation done for you. Using a series of sounds and pulsing lights to distract your brain, BrainTap promises to be a shortcut to deep relaxation.

“If you get home and you’ve got a lot of noise around the house, you can’t really focus,” BrainTap Technologies’ Michael Porter told Digital Trends at CES 2018. “We can shut all that down … and you can get back about your life.”

The Bluetooth-enabled headset is equipped with an LED visor and headphones that help shut out the rest of the world. To use the device, simply load an audio file using the BrainTap app (or download one from their website), place the headset and visor over your head, and close your eyes.

Ten guided visualization sessions are included with the headset via the BrainTap app, and more than 700 audio sessions in 43 categories can be accessed via the on-demand library. Some of the programs are created to specifically help with stress relief, insomnia, and pain management.

Before long you will begin to feel more relaxed, which can lead to healthier sleeping habits and a better quality of life. The BrainTap Headset is available for purchase on BrainTap’s website for $547.

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