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January 10, 2018

Made with metal from illegal firerms, Yevo 1 headphones aim to curb gun violence

by John_A

Your headphones may be more commonly used to shut out conversations rather than start them, but the new Yevo x Humanium Metal headphones are nothing short of a conversation piece about a global problem.

Created in partnership between Yevo Labs, a Stockholm-based innovation lab, and Humanium Metal by IM, which focuses on sourcing valuable metal from firearms, these are some seriously unique earbuds. Heralded as the first product to ever be created from metal melted down from illegal firearms, the headphone makers seek to repurpose violence and serve as the start of a global initiative for peace. Making their debut at CES 2018, Yevo 1 headphones will aid in creating a new source of funding for conflict-torn regions affected by illegal weapons violence.

“Creating Yevo x Humanian Metal, a product that elicits change in such a positive way, is the greatest reward,” said Andrea Vural, the founder of Yevo Labs. “This collaboration is bigger than headphones. It’s part of a global movement that removes illegal firearms from the streets and recycles them into a material that helps move us toward a more peaceful future, all while giving back to those affected by violent crime.”

Humanium Metal will be incorporated into the headphone’s earbuds, as well as the charging case. While there’s little information available about the new earbuds as far as sound quality or battery, images show that they appear to be sleekly designed, fully wireless earbuds. Of course, the real draw will be their backstory.

“For us, it’s of great meaning to be able to work with brands who want to invest in and contribute to a brighter future,” said Josefina Rovan, head of marketing and communications at IM. “By using Humanium Metal in products, [Yevo] can bring awareness and sustainable value to consumers, and at the same time, generate financial support and empower the people living in countries affected by gun violence.”

Be warned, though, these headphones will cost you a pretty penny. Sourcing metal from illegal firearms, after all, can’t be a cheap enterprise, and as such, the headphones will start at $499 when they become available early in 2018. Fifty percent of proceeds, however, will be dedicated to addressing illegal firearms violence.

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