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January 9, 2018

These are all the Google Assistant speakers with displays

by John_A


Smart Displays are coming first from JBL, Lenovo, LG, and Sony.

We’ve already seen a lot of cool tech from CES 2018, but if there’s one thing that’s been apparent throughout the show, it’s that Google is betting it all on Google Assistant. The company came at Amazon’s Echo Dot in late 2017 with the Google Home Mini, and now it’s ready to tackle the Echo Show/Echo Spot with its new Smart Displays.

Smart Displays are Google Assistant-powered speakers that also feature screens, and while we likely won’t see a Google Home-branded one until later in the fall, there are already four companies that have announced Smart Displays of their own. Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

Lenovo Smart Display


The first of these gadgets that was announced is the Lenovo Smart Display. You’ll be able to get Lenovo’s Smart Display with either an 8-inch or 10-inch display, and while the 8-inch model opts for a traditional plastic back, the 10-inch unit has a gorgeous bamboo one.

Both models have an odd wedge on the back, and this allows you to position the Lenovo Smart Display either vertically or horizontally. There are buttons for adjusting speaker volume, and there’s even a switch that places a physical lens cover over the front-facing camera that’s used for video calls.

Lenovo will sell the 8-inch Smart Display for $199, and upgrading to the larger 10-inch one will cost you $249.

JBL Link View


JBL’s Smart Display goes by the name of the Link View, and while it serves the same general purpose as the Lenovo Smart Display, its design is quite a bit different. JBL has only announced one version of the Link View so far, and it comes with an 8-inch screen. There’s a 5MP camera above it and a JBL logo at the bottom and both the left and right side are flanked by two 10W stereo speakers that are paired with a passive radiator on the back to enable “rich, deep bass.”

The body as a whole favors an oval shape versus the rectangular nature of the Lenovo Smart Display, and while you won’t find any bamboo back here, it’s arguably the sleeker of the two thanks to the all-black paint job. Along with this, there’s also support for Bluetooth, Google Cast, and IPX4 splash resistance.

Pricing details have yet to be announced, but JBL says the Link View will be available at some point this summer.

LG Smart Display


We know that LG will be releasing a Smart Display, but exact specifications for it are still up in the air. The above render is all that we’ve seen so far, and as you can see, it’s arguably one of the plainest-looking Smart Displays yet. There’s a screen in the middle that’s flanked by two speakers, and a front-facing camera can be found at the top.

LG’s opting for a rectangular design, but unlike what we’ve seen from Lenovo, there doesn’t appear to be any funky wedge on the back.

Whatever Sony’s working on

Google’s confirmed that Sony will be releasing a Smart Display, but we know literally nothing about it. Neither specs or renders for the speaker have been released, and as such, there’s not a whole lot we can say about it right now.

Might Google Assistant and the Lenovo Smart Display be the whole-home hub the Echo Show isn’t?

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