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January 9, 2018

The Array smart deadbolt hopes to make fiddling with keys a thing of the past

by John_A

Keys are proving to be a thing of the past at CES 2018, as keyless locks and smart deadbolts prove that they are here to stay. The latest company to jump on the smart lock bandwagon is Hampton Products, the company behind Brinks and Brinks Home Security locks and door hardware. This week, the company announced it would be taking pre-orders for its Array smart deadbolt, a cloud-connected, app-enabled door lock that promises easy installation free of separate hubs and accessories. All you need is your existing Wi-Fi router to connect the deadbolt to the cloud.

Requiring nothing but a single screwdriver to replace your existing deadbolt with the Array, this smart lock features data encryption and two-step authentication so that your lock (as well as your home) is as secure as can be. The deadbolt also boasts a unique power management system that brings a rechargeable lithium polymer battery together with an integrated solar panel to provide supplemental power, meaning you have to charge your battery less frequently.

To actually open an Array-guarded door, users have three options — the Android or iOS app from their smartphone, a tablet or smartwatch, or the LED backlit keypad. Of course, if you’re super old school, you can still use that traditional key, but why do so with so many other options? The companion Array app allows you to lock and unlock the deadbolt remotely, as well as activate geofencing, check your lock status, schedule access via keycodes, and monitor battery status.

Already, the Array is compatible with Amazon Alexa, and more platforms will soon be added. Priced at $249, the deadbolt comes in two styles and three finishes to match your door.

Also making their debut at CES are the new Array Smart Light fixtures, which feature built-in cameras for extra security. Thanks to a custom lens and improved camera firmware, these light fixtures promise “best-in-class images and reduced shadows and distortion.” The camera also leverages artificial intelligence to identify people and differentiate them from animals and tree branches, cutting down on erroneous notifications.

There will be two versions of the lights available — a coach light for front porches, and a dual-head security light for yards and side areas. Pricing information is not yet available, though these products are slated to come out in 2018.

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