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January 9, 2018

BlackBerry Motion is coming to the U.S. Jan 12 for $450

by John_A

The BlackBerry Motion is getting a U.S. release date, but its price may scare some away.

Starting January 12, BlackBerry Mobile fans will be able to purchase the Motion, which until now has been available in Canada and some European, Asian and Middle Eastern markets, on January 12 for $450.


The phone has the same basic bones as the popular KEYone, but lacks the keyboard and tones down some of the higher-end specifications. For instance, its 12MP camera uses a cheaper sensor, so photos aren’t quite as sharp, and the 5.5-inch 1080p display doesn’t have the same color reproduction and viewing angles.

Still, the phone runs BlackBerry’s ultra-secure and super-speedy version of Android 7.1, with an update to Oreo on the way. It also has a massive 4,000mAh battery and is IP67 water and dust resistant, the first for a BlackBerry device.

BlackBerry Motion specs

There’s plenty to like about the Motion, including its interesting design and rugged build. If you’re interested, the phone goes on sale on January 12 at Amazon and Best Buy.

If you’d rather wait for something newer or slightly more upmarket (and don’t want to import one of the beautiful new Bronze Edition KEYones), BlackBerry Mobile is promising at least two new devices in 2018.

See at BlackBerry Mobile

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