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Tweetbot for Mac currently unavailable from the Mac App Store

Tweetbot for Mac, one of the more popular Twitter apps for OS X, is currently unavailable from the Mac App Store. That’s led to some speculation about what might have happened. Since there’s been no official word from the developer, Tapbots, however, or the service, Twitter, any and all of it remains just that: speculation.

We’ll update if an when more information becomes available. Until then, if you’re trying to buy Tweetbot from the Mac App Store, you’ll just have to sit tight.

Best case it’s just a super annoying glitch somewhere and Tweetbot for Mac be back up and available again soon.


AC editors’ apps of the week: Android Device Manager, StarWatch Watch Face, SyFy Sync and more

More great applications to install and try

Happy app-day Sunday, everyone. We’re back with another list of applications we want to tell you about, because we think they’re pretty darn great and think you will like them, too. We do this because we know how hard it can be to find the best apps when you have well over 1,000,000 of them to dig through.

And as always, we want you to join in the fun. This isn’t just for us to talk about the apps we like, it’s a place where you can share your favorites with everyone, too. Check out our picks, then dive into the comments and share yours. We’re all reading, and always looking out for the best of the best to install on our phones and tablets.


Gearbox’s beautiful ‘Homeworld’ remake reaches PCs on February 25th

Homeworld Remastered

If you’re a long-time PC gamer, you probably have a soft spot for the Homeworld series. Relic’s epic saga was both eye-catching and proof that real-time strategy could work in the void of space. However, time hasn’t been kind to the games — the first came out when 3D graphics cards were relatively new, and THQ’s acquisition of Relic (plus its eventual bankruptcy) made follow-ups difficult. At last, though, you’ll have a way to relive the Mothership’s journey while doing justice to your modern gaming rig. Gearbox, which bought the rights to the series, has revealed that its previously teased Homeworld Remastered Collection will reach the PC on February 25th. The remake spruces up just about every aspect of the two Homeworld games, ranging from much better-looking ship models and effects to reworked cutscenes. You also get a beta multiplayer experience that merges the online modes of both titles.

And what about a truly new game? That’s coming, too. Blackbird Interactive (a studio founded by Homeworld vets) is teaming up with Gearbox to make a prequel, Homeworld Shipbreakers. Nearly everything about the new entry is a mystery since it’s still early in development, but the announcement hints that there will be plenty more to do once you’re done replaying the originals.

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Verizon confirms no data rollover plan

After T-Mobile launched their “Data Stash” rollover program which was quickly followed by another similar program by AT&T, it was expected for Verizon to follow their footsteps instinctively just to avoid losing its large customer base and to create more potential “high-quality” customers. However, it seems that the nation’s largest wireless carrier is not interested in providing any such service.

Verizon Chief Financial Officer, Fran Shammo has opinions about how Verizon aims to tackle the market loss. “We are a leader, not a follower.” he said in an interview. “We did not go to places where we did not financially want to go to save a customer. And there’s going to be certain customers who leave us for price, and we are just not going to compete with that because it doesn’t make financial sense for us to do that.” he added.

It is not news to us that Verizon has never been a fan of trends that go against their business model. Back in 2007 when AT&T offered its Data Rollover plan for voice minutes, Verizon was firm about their position and never really offered any kind of advantage over other carriers. I am not sure if that was a good or a bad thing.

Shammo also has some say about the Google’s wireless service. It’s evident that Google is working closely with T-Mobile and Sprint to offer its own wireless services through their infrastructure in a way that Google becomes a virtual network provider. Verizon has no interest in doing that even. Rather, it’s more like Verizon is trying to stay above the fray. Shammo says that it’s Google’s way of spurring higher internet speeds into the market at low-costs. Some other notable example being Google Fiber and Project Loom. Google probably have no interest in entering the Telecommunications territory either.

No matter what, Verizon won’t be acting as a Google’s wireless reseller. I am not sure what kind of business plan they have but surely it will cost them a hefty market share. Let’s see what action they take in order to tackle that.

Source: CNet

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OneDrive for Windows Phone gets a small update

The OneDrive app for Windows Phone has received a small update. Now standing at version 4.6, you might notice some visual updates when looking at a file’s properties, as well as performance improvements.


Here’s what our readers think of the Moto X (2014)

Moto X (2014)In his review of the second-generation Moto X last September, our Senior Mobile Editor Chris Velazco called it “a huge step forward from last year’s model.” He complimented the seamless feel of the edges and thought its improved OLED screen was “one of the nicest smartphone screens I’ve seen in a while.” But not everything was pure love with the 2014 Moto X. The battery can squeeze out a day at most, and the front camera fails to be “consistently good” and is often slow to focus, with photos full of grain. But in spite of these flaws, Chris felt that the new Moto X “earned itself a spot in the pantheon of smartphone greats.”

That’s a pretty big proclamation to make; how well does it hold up? To find out, we turn to the discerning opinions of our loyal readers, who have taken to the product database page for the 2014 Moto X to share their own experiences with the phone. With a user average of 9.2, it was a definite improvement over the original Moto X (which averaged a score of 8.8), but would they agree with our reviewer’s assessments?

Readers like MrFancyPants certainly liked the way it looks, admiring its “premium feel,” while DownGoesFrazier noticed it “fits perfectly in my hand.” It also slipped into dicenzo‘s pocket quite easily, and WoodyH finds he can’t “go out in public without people wanting to fondle my phone.” Indeed, many users certainly thought it was worth the attention, with pramopu calling it “fabulous,” while WoodyH simply says it’s “the best-looking smartphone.”

Those best-in-class looks certainly extend to the display as well, with guigreg liking its “amazing colors and brightness” and BinZ was pleased to see that the color was “not noticeably oversaturated.” Pramopu says it’s “one of the best available.” The speakers are not too shabby either, with colonelpackage calling the audio quality excellent.

Sure, the phone looks and feels good, but how well does it work on a daily basis? Quite well, in fact, with WoodyH praising its “lightning fast and smooth” operation and useful software features. MrFancyPants likes how you don’t even need to touch the device at all thanks to the new voice commands, and thinks replacing the notification light with Moto Actions was “a great move.”

Unfortunately, not everything was sunshine and roses for our users. They agreed with our assessment of the camera, finding it suitable for instances like taking pictures of roses in the sunshine — but only barely. MrFancyPants says it’s “not good” in low light, and even just “okay” outdoors, while TheRydad found it “quite passable,” but still pretty “meh” overall. The battery life fared a little better, getting WoodyH through a full day “easily” and BinZ says it’s “OK for regular usage,” but DownGoesFrazier says that heavy users might be “better off” with the Droid Turbo.

If you’re not a heavy user, though, you’ll probably be perfectly happy with the Moto X. DownGoesFrazier says it’s a real “pleasure” and colonelpackage just appreciates using it, while TheRydad goes so far as calling it “the best phone I have owned.”

If you’re a Moto X owner, how has your experience been? If you agree — or disagree — with the reviews here, you can always contribute your own by heading over to the product page for the second-generation Moto X. In fact, you can review almost any product you find in the Engadget database, including the iPhone 6 Plus, the Amazon Fire TV or the Microsoft Band.

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Cyanogenmod 12 has a new boot animation

Looks like users of the Cyanogenmod 12 nightlies can expect a new boot animation in the latest version, and it’s gone light.

You can check it out in the below video.

What do you think of the new boot animation for Cyanogenmod 12?

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Android Authority this week

Sonim XP7-29

This week was all about rumors, as a steady stream of details about Samsung’s and HTC’s next flagships trickled out. We have a good idea of what to expect from the One M9/Hima, with key details including a 20MP camera, larger battery, and an iterative design. Samsung did a little better at keeping the Galaxy S6 under wraps, but we still got a few juicy tidbits about the phone’s design and specifications. In other news, the Snapdragon 810 was in the spotlight, WhatsApp launched its first desktop client and banned 3rd party clients, Google’s plan to become a carrier leaked, and Cyanogen’s CEO revealed his vision of a Google-free operating system.

Inside AA HQ

It was a quiet week behind the scenes at AA HQ, with few public-facing changes, but quite a lot of work going on in the background. We’ve made some changes to the AA homepage, replacing the “hero menu” with a carousel showcasing our most recent videos. Our YouTube team is doing such a great job churning out great videos, that we feel this change will bring you more value in the long run.

We’re also ramping up our sister sites and, with more news coverage and featured pieces, and adding some team members to bring you great content. We still have a long way to go with these properties, but we’re confident we can make them reference websites in their respective niches, just like AA is your source for all things Android.

Today, we’re giving out a Nexus 6 in our weekly sweepstakes! Throw your name in the hat here. Good luck!

nexus 6 first impressions (3 of 21)

Friday Debate podcast

The stuff you shouldn’t miss

Here are some interesting posts for your Sunday reading:

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Top news of the week

And here are the top news in the Android world this week:

HTC One M9 rumors

Snapdragon overheating 

Whatsapp news

Galaxy S6 rumors

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Google going wireless

Cyanogen’s fighting words

 cyanogen kirt mcmaster steve kondik

Sound off

We always want to hear your feedback. Whether it’s criticism or praise, feel free to tell us what you think about Android Authority’s content, design, and community. Comment here or get in touch with us on our social channels:

Happy Sunday!


Rocket Cars: 8 tips, hints, and cheats to race faster!

Rocket Cars is a new racing game that lets you play through over 50 tracks in 5 different game modes. Strap rockets to your car or blast dynamite at your opponents in order to conquer each challenge. Along the way you’ll have to decide what equipment and cars to upgrade. To do so you’ll have to use your in-game coins, or shell out some real money to compensate. If the last part just isn’t how you race, follow along for some Rocket Cars tips, hints, and cheats that won’t leave you grabbing for your wallet!

1. Don’t pay for boosts, get them free!

Like so many other games, Rocket Cars is susceptible to the time cheat. When you run out of boosts or want to reload them, just change the time in your Settings app accordingly. Relaunch Rocket Cards and voila, your boosts are all replenished. Just be sure to return the time to normal when you’re done playing or you may run into issues with iMessage.

2. Upgrade speed and boost duration often

The two upgrades you want to make as often as possible are speed and boost duration. Speed is obvious. Boost duration is what makes the difference between inching out the guy in front or behind you. It costs a few more coins than the other upgrades but concentrate on these two first. You’ll be glad you did.

3. Test out tap control

While the default method of swiping to control your car may work, some find it awkward. In settings or before each level, you can switch to tap control. You need to be comfortable to win. So, give it a try and see if you like it better.

4. Hold your finger down to start each level

Instead of tapping the screen to start, hold your finger down so you take off as fast as possible. I made this mistake the first few levels and quickly realized I holding down gives you a jump start.

5. Pay for double coins if you can

Double coins is available as an in-app purchase and if you can, get it. You’ll have it for life and every coin you collect will count as two. Instead of buying coins for upgrades when you need them, pay for double coins once and you shouldn’t need to purchase coin packs ever again (as long as you can exercise a little patience).

6. Blast through unforeseen obstacles

Sometimes rocks or obstacles come tumbling your way and you can’t help it. Swipe back and use boost power if you have any to spare. You’ll blast right through the object instead of being derailed by it.

7. Don’t forget to upgrade your equipment in the store

The Store section of Rocket Cars contains all the equipment upgrades for the weapons you find on the race track. They are super easy to overlook so don’t forget about them.

8. Skip ramps to get ahead

The fastest route from one point to another is a straight line. While it’s always tempting to hit a ramp and spin out into a bunch of neat tricks, sometimes skipping a ramp in favor of inching ahead of the guy in front of you is a better decision.

Your tips, hints, and cheats?

If you’ve been playing Rocket Cars, do you have any useful tips, hints, and cheats? If so, be sure let us know in the comments!


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Inhabitat’s Week in Green: solar-powered planes, bamboo bikes and mud houses

Each week our friends at Inhabitat recap the week’s most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us — it’s the Week in Green.

Inhabitat - The Week in Green

One of America’s most innovative solar power plants officially opened in the Mojave Desert this past week, and it’s expected to provide enough energy to power nearly 90,000 homes. The Mojave Solar Project is a concentrated solar plant that uses parabolic troughs to create steam, which produces energy when passed through a turbine generator. In other renewable energy news, the folks at Solight have developed a compact solar-powered lantern that provides off-grid light to communities that lack electricity. The flat-pack, LED lantern was inspired by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, and it’s designed to replace kerosene lanterns. Swiss aviators Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg are preparing for the first-ever flight around the world in a solar-powered aircraft. With the flight, the two pilots hope to gain broad support for solar energy. On the green transportation front, self-driving cars are widely believed to represent the future of transportation, but scientists at NASA are already looking further into the future. NASA and Nissan are partnering to research how autonomous vehicles could be used not only here on Earth, but also in space. And in Mexico, a company has produced a bamboo bicycle that generates energy as you pedal around town. The BambooTec bike captures and converts the kinetic energy into electricity, using that energy to charge mobile devices. Best of all, the designs are simple enough to be built by hand.

President Barack Obama has no more campaigns to run, so is he finally ready to get tough on the environment? Obama didn’t make any promises in his State of the Union address last week, but he did acknowledge that climate change is the biggest threat we face. In other environmental news, a new report released by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization says that climate change is threatening global food diversity and could cause crop extinctions. A new photo gallery produced by NASA shows just how much climate change is transforming the planet. The 300 photos and satellite images show everything from receding glaciers to shrinking lakes and disappearing forests.

In preparation for increasingly powerful storms that are brought on at least in part by climate change, New York City is taking small steps to implement storm-resilient green infrastructure in lower Manhattan. In other Big Apple news, NYC’s largest wind turbine was recently erected in Brooklyn. The 160-foot-tall turbine is expected to generate up to 100 kilowatts of clean energy for a recycling center in Sunset Park. And in a quest to learn about the many edible plants that surround us, Inhabitat caught up with “Wildman” Steve Brill for a foraging tutorial in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Watch the video to see which medicinal plants, nuts and even edible flowers are hiding in plain sight in your local park.

In another example of nature-inspired ingenuity, designer Massimo Moretti has developed a way to create 3D-printed mud houses, and he hopes to use the technology to produce affordable housing from one of the planet’s most abundant resources. A new 12,000-square-foot mansion in China was recently 3D-printed from recycled stone and construction waste. The printer used to build the house was 20 feet high, and spans 4,000 feet. In other green architecture news, Dutch design firm MVRDV won its bid to design a twisting, hourglass-shaped skyscraper in Vienna. The tower’s unique shape will decrease the effect of shadows on surrounding buildings, and it will connect the building with the plaza below. Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta has been tapped to design the new Le Monde headquarters in Paris. One of the most distinctive new buildings to be unveiled this past week was the Amethyst Hotel, a tower that resembles an enormous amethyst cathedral geode. The shimmering hotel will be built — where else? — on the man-made Ocean Flower Island in China.

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