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22 best Android multiplayer games

Android multiplayer games
Gaming on Android is a growing platform. Over the last couple of years we’ve seen a massive evolution from distracting time wasters to console level titles with amazing graphics and stellar game play. Gaming has gotten so good that we now have stable multiplayer in a lot of titles so that people can play games with one another. Like gaming itself was a couple of years ago, multiplier gaming is just now starting to hit its stride. So which ones are the best? That’s the question we’ll answer in our list here of the best Android multiplayer games.

Asphalt 8: Airborne best Android multiplayer gamesAsphalt 8: Airborne

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
We’ll start our list with Asphalt 8: Airborne because it is a pretty competent multiplayer game. Much like the main story, multiplayer involves racing people online in real time with up to 8 participants. There are also ghost challenges where friends can challenge your best time on a track and race a ghost of you without you being required to be there. It’s free with in app purchases so it costs nothing to try and many people enjoy it.
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Asphalt 8: Airborne best Android multiplayer games

Clash of Clans - best Android multiplayer gamesClash of Clans

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Clash of Clans obviously makes this list because it also made our best multiplayer of 2013 award. It’s a very long massively multiplayer online strategy game that lets you build a village, raise an army, and attack foes. The “foes” in this scenario are always other people. The game exists almost solely in multiplayer. You can join clans with friends or random people to help each other out and you will always be attacking (or attacked by) other people. It’s cross platform so you’ll be facing iOS people too. In 2014, the game added clan wars to enhance the multiplayer which has been hailed as a massive improvement.
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clash of clans best android multiplayer games

CSR Racing best android multiplayer gamesCSR Racing

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
CSR Racing is a long time favorite of many Android gamers with over ten million installs to date. It’s a drag racing game where you must compete with the AI and with other players in a quarter mile drag race or a half mile drag race. The campaign is decently long and the developers have added much more since release. The multiplayer revolves around racing other people online and earning rewards that you can then use in the campaign mode of the game. There are a lot of players so there is always someone to race.
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dr driving best android multiplayer gamesDr. Driving

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Dr. Driving is a unique game where you must drive well to get points. No racing, no Grand Theft Auto-style driving where you hit everything. Just some clean city and highway driving. The multiplayer isn’t so in depth here as you get access to leaderboards and achievements. The challenge comes in trying to beat the game, which is very frustrating the longer you go. It’s a fun game and free to play.
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dr driving best android multiplayer games

Dungeon Hunter 4 best Android multiplayer gamesDungeon Hunter 4

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter 4 is a dungeon crawling RPG similar to games like Diablo. It brings with it decent graphics, a long story, and simple, hack-and-slash game play mechanics. The online modes include co-op mode so you can play with friends, PVP mode to fight other people, and you can even team up and compete in deathmatches. There are some classic Gameloft pitfalls (namely in-app purchases) but it still manages to be a lot of fun and a pretty decent RPG as well.
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eternity warriors 2 best android multiplayer gamesEternity Warriors 2

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
If you still want to try a dungeon crawling RPG with online multiplayer but Dungeon Hunter 4 wasn’t your cup of tea, Eternity Warriors 2 is another game with similar mechanics that fits the bill. It features PVP and co-op multiplayer so you can duke it out online or play with a friend if you so choose. The graphics are above average and the game play mechanics are generally well regarded. It is free with in app purchases which will no doubt upset some people, but the game rocks a 4.6 out of 5 rating which means most people don’t mind the pitfalls so much.
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hellfire: the summoning best android multiplayer gamesHellFire: The Summoning

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
HellFire: The Summoning is a card game that kind of mixes Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering. You use cards to summon various creatures which can be upgraded and battled against other creatures. The online component is what you would expect out of a card-style game like this as you dual with other people. However, the developers keep it interesting by offering live events to spice things up a bit. It’s fairly popular so finding opponents shouldn’t be difficult and the game is also very, very long.
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ice age village best android multiplayer gamesIce Age Village

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Ice Age Village is a building sim where you unlock and build a new habitat for the characters of Ice Age the movies. It’s a delightfully lazy game where you don’t have to much you have to do but it’s a good way to waste a few minutes. Thanks to the character and movie references, it’s also a great game for kids. You can connect via Facebook and visit villages that your friends are making and that earns you extra stuff to use on your village. Most games on this list are action packed but this is something for people who want to play with friends but who are also lazy.
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Ingress best android multiplayer gamesIngress

[Price: Free]
Ingress is an augmented reality strategy game that doesn’t take place on a screen, but in the real world. How it works is there are landmarks all over the world and you must either take them or defend them as part of the Resistance or the Enlightened. There is already a worldwide community of Ingress fanatics and unless you live in the middle of nowhere, there are probably portals near you right now. It’s amazingly fun and a great excuse to get out of the house and get some exercise without losing your nerd cred. Ingress also added some new updates in 2014 that allow you to create and take on scavenger hunts which adds another dimension to the multiplayer experience!
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Ingress best android multiplayer games

Minecraft Pocket Edition best Android multiplayer gamesMinecraft – Pocket Edition

[Price: $6.99]
The venerable Minecraft makes this list because, well, it’s Minecraft and everyone loves it. The game doesn’t tout multiplayer on the face of it but with tens of thousands of servers worldwide it’s easy to join up in a server with others and play or you can create your own for just your friends. It’s a never ending where creativity rules the day. It’s been popular for years and it’ll be popular for more. The only potential con is the price tag at $6.99 but it’s really not that bad of a price for a game you can play forever.
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Minecraft Pocket Edition best Android multiplayer games for android

Modern Combat 5 Blackout best android multiplayer gamesModern Combat 5: Blackout

[Price: $6.99]
Modern Combat 5 is the latest iteration of the popular Modern Combat series. Along with a graphical overhaul, Modern Combat 5 also got a new campaign, more weapons, and an enhanced multiplayer mode. Much like the Halo series, some people still prefer Modern Combat 4 over 5 but they are both great online experiences for FPS fans. Along with online play, Modern Combat 5 enlists the help of leaderboards as a ranking system and that helps keep things interesting online.
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Modern Combat 5 Blackout best Android multiplayer games

nba jam best android multiplayer gamesNBA Jam

[Price: $4.99]
A lot of people can remember spending days in their childhood playing NBA Jam. The game is a 2-on-2 basketball game where many of the rules go out the window. It features both local and online multiplayer so you can game it up with your friends in the living room or online. The mechanics are simple enough to understand although it is much easier to play with a gamepad of some sort. It’s a classic and the port to Android seems to have gone more smoothly than expected and it’s even Android TV compatible. Insert exactly one, “He’s on fire!” reference here.
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nba jam best android multiplayer games

order & chaos online best android multiplayer gamesOrder & Chaos Online

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Order & Chaos Online is an MMORPG with a large following and plenty of stuff to do. You can play solo if you want to so there is that option to play alone on days when company just seems tedious. The game boasts hundreds of characters, 1200 quests to perform, mounts, and five races that you can play. There is a PVP mode avaialble along with co-op as you’d expect in an MMO. The game is gigantic and you’ll be playing it for a long time.
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Osmos HD - best android multiplayer gamesOsmos HD

[Price: $2.99]
Osmos HD is quite possibly the best designed Android game period right now and it made our best of 2013 list for best designed game. The multiplayer in this game is much like the regular game wherein you must adsorb smaller motes to become the biggest to win. It’s relaxing, fun and truly one of the best gaming experiences on Android. The graphics are minimal so it should play relatively well even on older and today’s lower end devices. At $2.99 it’s also relatively cheap and worth picking up.
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Osmos HD best android multiplayer games

Pool Break Pro best Android multiplayer gamesPool Break Pro

[Price: $1.99]
Pool Break Pro is one of the time wasters on this list, but the multiplayer is surprisingly good. As the name implies, you play various types of pool in this game on a variety of tables in a variety of colors. Online multiplayer mode is essentially just an extension of that as you’ll play pool against a random opponent or you can sign into Facebook and play against your friends. It’s great for just killing a few minutes with some friends and you can put your device away between turns which is equally good for
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Pool Break Pro best Android multiplayer games

Real Boxing best android multiplayer gamesReal Boxing

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Real Boxing is, as the name implies, a boxing game. It features good graphics, a full career mode, and online multiplayer where you can duke it out with people online. It features a lot of character customization, weekly tournaments, and a social panel where you can manage your social interactions a little bit. Fans of boxing can really get into it which is a nice change from the usual casual fighting games that don’t have a discernible story. Plus, the multiplayer is pretty good too.
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Riptide GP2 best multiplayer games for androidRiptide GP2

[Price: $2.99]
Riptide GP2 is a favorite here at Android Authority as we’ve reviewed the game it’s made a number of our lists, including best games for Android. In this water-laden racer you whip around courses in jet skis while doing tricks to gain an advantage. The multiplayer is like the game, you race random people (up to 4) and like Asphalt 8 you can challenge best times on a track in a ghost race. It’s $2.99 and truly one of the best deals in all of Android gaming. The graphics are awesome and it’s a truly one of a kind racing experience.
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Riptide GP2 best multiplayer games android

battleship 2 best Android multiplayer gamesSea Battle

[Price: Free]
Battleship 2 is a spin-off of the classic board game of the same name. In this very simple game you are just playing some Battleship against your friends. The graphics are cutesy but the game mechanics that made this game a classic are all there. It gives you a myriad of ways to play against people such as via Bluetooth, online using Play Games Services, or you can play against the computer. It’s free to play and an excellent quick multiplayer game.
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battleship 2 best Android multiplayer games

shadowgun deadzone best multiplayer games for androidSHADOWGUN: DeadZone

[Price: Free]
SHADOWGUN: DeadZone is another first person shooter from the makers of Dead Trigger and Dead Trigger 2. The multiplayer in this game is astounding as you can gun it out with up to 12 players total in various online deathmatches. The developers have been really good with fixing bugs and adding new content so there is frequently new things to try out. Did we mention it’s also free? If you’re looking for a cheap FPS, this is the one to go with.
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shadowgun deadzone best multiplayer games android

simcity buildit best android multiplayer gamesSimCity BuildIt

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
If you liked the idea of Ice Age Village but wanted something more adult then SimCity BuiltIt is for you. It’s an official Android release of the classic Sim City style of game. You can build up your city, cause natural disasters, and engage in the same kind of management and simulation that you enjoyed from before with a few changes. There is a social aspect where you can trade resources with other people who play the game which adds a fun aspect not seen in other Sim City games.
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Spaceteam best android multiplayer gamesSpaceteam

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Spaceteam is a different kind of multiplayer game that is on this list by popular demand from our readers. It’s a party game where you must shout random “technobabble” to instruct people on what to do. Think of it like a hilariously convoluted version of Simon Says. You use the various buttons in the game and the sensors on your device (gyroscope, etc) to follow the commands given to you by other players. It’s surprisingly fun and definitely goofy.
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words with friends best multiplayer games for androidWords With Friends

[Price: Free]
Words With Friends is a long time popular multiplayer game where you are essentially just playing Scrabble with people. Like Pool Break Pro, it’s a relaxed, turn-based game that doesn’t take a lot of time so you can play with friends for very long periods of time. It’s simple to play with no time limits so it’s really good to play with people if you’re busy all the time. Zynga has quite a few games like this too, such as Draw Something, Scramble With Friends, and more so if you’re into these kinds of games, there are others to check out too.
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words with friends best multiplayer games android

Wrap up

If we missed any great Android multiplayer games, let us know in the comments!


Xiaomi’s smartphone sales tripled in one year

Xiaomi Redmi 2

It’s no secret that Xiaomi had a banner year in 2014 and became one of the world’s largest smartphone makers, but now we know just how large. The Chinese company has revealed that it sold 61.1 million smartphones in 2014, or more than three times the 18.7 million it managed in 2013. It’s hard to compare that to rivals without getting more hard numbers, but it’s safe to say that this fledgling firm (it was only founded in 2010) is easily outperforming companies that are old hands at the smartphone game, like LG and Sony.

Xiaomi definitely isn’t making much profit on all those extra phones, though. Its sales “merely” jumped 135 percent in 2014, to 74.3 billion yuan ($11.97 billion). While that’s huge for a business that hasn’t even celebrated its fifth birthday, the data shows that the company is leaning on razor-thin profit margins and low-priced devices (such as the Redmi 1S and Redmi Note) to pull ahead. It’s no wonder that Samsung is hurting lately, especially in China — Xiaomi is willing to sacrifice a lot to achieve market domination.

As if to underscore the point, Xiaomi has already unveiled its first phone of the year, the Redmi 2. The 4.7-inch Android handset delivers a 64-bit capable (if low-end) Snapdragon 410 chip, an 8-megapixel rear camera, a 2-megapixel front shooter and dual-SIM LTE data for just 699 yuan, or $112. That’s a lot of phone for the money, folks. It goes on sale in China on January 9th, and there’s a good chance that it’ll be popular both in its homeland as well as Xiaomi’s other big markets, like India. You aren’t at all likely to see the Redmi 2 officially reach Western nations like the UK or US, but it probably won’t have to in order to become a rousing success.

Xiaomi Redmi 2 on its side

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Via: Reuters, TechCrunch, Engadget Chinese

Source: Hugo Barra (Twitter), MIUI


After incredible 2014, Xiaomi gets set to take on the world in 2015


Xiaomi had quite the year in 2014, as summarized in a letter from the CEO Lei Jun.  In 2013, Xiaomi had raised funding to bring their total valuation to $10 billion dollars, and in the last quarter of 2014 Xiaomi again raised more funding, and quadrupled their valuation to over $40 billion dollars.  Their success has come from investing in 20 or so companies to build a strong foundation for growth.  2014 was a banner year for Xiaomi, selling over 61 million Mi phones in just China and 7 other countries.  What makes this even more incredible, is that just 4 years ago, Xiaomi had just opened its doors for business.

2014 was the year Xiaomi entered those 7 other markets, and with a strong foundation they were ready to meet the demand of their affordable phones.  Major smartphone maker Samsung has suffered greatly at the hands of Xiaomi.  Samsung even restructured and laid out plans to streamline their business model to gets their sales numbers back.  Xiaomi posted record sales of 74.3 billion RMB, or roughly $12 billion USD which has put a sizable dent in all Android sales.

I look forward to Xiaomi making a visit to the U.S. which should help bring the prices of phones down for all of us.

Source – MIUI×90.html

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How I pack for a tech conference

If you follow tech news at all, you might be aware of a teensy little event coming up in Las Vegas, requiring the talents of most of the iMore and Mobile Nations staff.

CES is a strange and unique snowflake in the land of tech conferences, to be sure — but when it comes to prepping for it, I actually pack many of the same things I’d pack for any other tech conference or work trip. Having done the whole tech reporter gig for a few years now, I’ve got a pretty good system going for packing efficiently. So here, dear iMore readers, is generally what I take when I travel for work. I wrote this in part so that I remembered to pack everything — but hopefully it’ll also prove entertaining reading for you folks.

How to mentally pack for a tech conference

Step one: Remember that you are but one human, and emergency bags don’t have to contain everything in the world. Pack for what you’re going to do. Are you really going to need that laptop, or can you get everything done on your tablet and phone? Are you expected to take a lot of fancy macro and zoom photography, or can you get away with covering things with a smartphone camera?

Step two: Lay out everything you want to take on a flat surface of some kind, and evaluate. Do you really need that third lightning charger cable? Really?

Step three: If you’ve gone on more than one trip in the past year and said, “shoot, I wish I had [X gadget],” that thing should always go in your bag, no matter what. My personal “gotta have it” item is the Scosche BoomBottle mini — inevitably during any trip I find myself with a need to boost sound from a laptop, iPad, iPhone, you name it, and the BoomBottle is compact, wireless, water-resistant, and holds a charge for ages.

Step four: Don’t forget about the non-tech items that you really should have in your tech bag. Money, identification, and a water bottle are the big three, but also think about your situation: Are you going to be walking around a lot and need energy boosts of some kind? Do you need a nice pair of flats to change into for evening meetings after a day of running around in big hulking sneakers? Are you bad about spilling things on your clothes and need a change of shirts (or a really good Tide Pen)?

What’s in my small bag: For quick reporting and general activities

Backpacks are useful when you want to carry everything you own around a show floor, conference, or work event, but I have a particular fondness for smallish cross-body bags with lots of pockets. They force you to pare down your gadget choices, for one, and end up being a whole lot lighter on the shoulders throughout the day.

My cross-body bag of choice for CES is Kate Spade’s Cobble Hill Mini Carson — it may look tiny, but has a few hidden compartments that make it easy to pack in all that I need for a light day’s roaming.

For CES, the Cobble Hill bag is my go-to for any event where I don’t immediately require a computer on-site. I can write, shoot, and edit most things on my iPhone these days, so for events that don’t absolutely require a computer, I end up just taking a little satchel like this. It does the job of a regular old bag by holding money and identification, of course, but it also packs away a bunch more.

First and most important, I’ve got my iPhone 6 and my new favorite external battery pack, the Anker Astro E4 13000mAh (thanks to The Wirecutter‘s Twitter feed for the recommendation). It holds enough juice to give my phone 4 or 5 full recharges, and it’s sleek enough to fit nicely inside the main compartment of my bag. (Also: It has a built-in flashlight! Best unnecessary feature on a battery pack ever.)

I’ve also got a 5GB thumb drive (in the form of one Red Robot) for any quick file transfer needs, a pair of Sennheiser OCX685i emergency headphones, and my Rayban Wayfarer Folding sunglasses — which are not only cool because they’re essentially Transformers, but they take up very little space in the bag.

I didn’t bring my iPad mini on this journey, but the Cobble Hill’s outer pocket can actually comfortably fit a mini when standing upright; if I’m carrying around a DSLR on my other shoulder, I’ll usually tote the mini along so that I can transfer images to it with a Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader, which then syncs the images to iCloud Photo Library.

I’ve also got a little tiny bottle of hand sanitizer in my bag — because the annual CES plague is not a plague I’d like to catch — along with a couple dozen iMore business cards.

What’s in my big bag: For full-day conference fun and traveling

My backpack of choice, the Osprey Pixel Daypack, was originally purchased on a recommendation from a friend, and I am so glad I did: The lightweight bag uses zippers and clasps to shrink or grow as you need the space, and has a surplus of useful pockets to hide things away. It’s also made by a company that specializes in hiking gear, so it’s ridiculously comfortable on the shoulders even with a full load of gear within it.

Here’s what I’ve got in the big bag:

  • Gear: My iPad Air 2 and 11-inch MacBook Air, both hidden away in one of the Pixel’s side pouches. I rarely travel with both the iPad and the MacBook Air, but CES is a special case. Also, it lets me choose which device I want to use while live-covering the show floor.

  • Camera: My Canon Rebel DSLR and my 40mm pancake lens, along with a 64GB memory card and an EyeFi 16GB X2 card. The EyeFi can be finicky sometimes, but it beats having to carry around SD card readers. For this show, I’m also carrying around an external portable LED light and a secondary lens — the Canon L-Series 24-105mm — for larger shots.

  • Cords: A Magsafe 2 charger, two Lightning cables, a Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter in the event of terrible Wi-Fi, a Belkin Headphone Splitter (you never know when you might need one), a USB to mini-USB cord and a USB to micro-USB cord, a Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter, and one power brick.

  • Audio: The aforementioned Scosche boomBottle mini, along with my trusty pair of cheap-o Sony Stereo Headphones for editing audio on the go. (Traveler’s tip: Don’t bring the fancy headphones to a tech conference. They always break or go missing.) I usually also travel with a small USB mic, but not this time.

  • Munchies: Energy chews, Shot Bloks, and a bunch of single bags of English Breakfast tea. (I don’t drink coffee, and that usually means suffering through Lipton if I want a hot caffeine fix from the CES food vendors. No more!)

  • Clothes: An extra sweater and flats. Las Vegas gets cold at night, and it pays (in warmth) to be prepared.

  • Healthcare: More hand sanitizer. Tissues. Zicam — zinc-based remedies may well be placebos for fighting the common cold, but they work for me. A Bobble filtered water bottle. And a small bottle of Motrin.

  • A tiny little Artoo plush: Because sometimes you need a silly prop when covering a silly tech show.

What do you bring on your work trips?

Now that you’ve gotten a tour of my CES bags, it’s your turn, iMore readers: anything you consider essential to take on a business trip?


VLC media player officially arrives on Windows Phone

Versatile media player VLC is now available publicly for Windows Phone. The app has been in private beta for some time now, but can now be downloaded by all users from the Windows Phone Store.


Say hello to the second generation of Narrative’s wearable camera

It’s been more than a year since the first generation of Narrative’s lifelogging camera made its debut, which means that it’s high time for the company to unveil a sequel. It’s here at CES that we finally get to see what it’s been working on, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that nothing much has changed this time out. Thankfully, the bulk of the changes have been below the surface, so if you’d like to learn more about the imaginatively named Narrative Clip 2, read on.

Sitting down with CEO Martin Källström, it’s clear that the Swedish outfit has taken an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach to the second-generation wearable camera. Instead of opting for a new, smaller chassis and other tweaks, the company has concentrated on addressing the three biggest gripes its customers had with the original. First up in that list is the clip used to attach the unit to your clothes, which has been replaced with a flexible mount that can accommodate lapel pins and even tripods.

Second on the list is image quality, and the 5-megapixel sensor from the original has been replaced with a 90-degree, 8-megapixel unit that the company promises offers much better low-light performance. Finally, whereas the original was a USB-only affair, the new model gains WiFi and Bluetooth, enabling you to sync images with your phone and the company’s online service. Speaking of which, while the original Narrative was very much about supplying images for a private journal, the company is hoping that its new social layer will make everything much more, er, social.

The Narrative Clip 2 will begin shipping in the spring in a choice of black, white or red for $199, but if that’s a little too rich for your blood, the company is keeping the original around, knocking the price down to $149. It’s not just to clear the existing stocks, either, as Källström pledges to continue manufacturing the earlier device for as long as there’s demand.

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Xiaomi announces 61.12 million Mi phones sold in 2014

Xiaomi had a big 2014, and is looking to expand into more countries next year. This helped the company reach revenues of CNY 74.3 billion, or roughly $12.1 billion. In a letter to Xiaomi employees, CEO Lei Jun congratulated the company on 2014, and talked a bit about plans for the future, including overseas expansion.


Nexus 9 International Giveaway #3

Nexus 9-28

Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a cool Android or tech gadget each and every Sunday. Last week’s winner of the OnePlus One  is Shepherd H. (USA), Congratulations Shepherd, enjoy your new OnePlus One. This week we are giving away a Nexus 9 Android tablet.

Nexus 9

How to enter the giveaway

You can earn entry tickets into the giveaway by completing the following tasks in the RaffleCopter widget located below.

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Terms & Conditions

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    • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
  • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
  • You must be age of majority in your Country of residence.
  • We are not responsible for any duties, import taxes that you may incur.
  • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
  • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.

Full terms & conditions and FAQ | Past giveaway winners [Gallery]

Good luck everyone!


Inhabitat’s Week in Green: Transparent canoes, mobile cabins and a tree bark skateboard

Each week our friends at Inhabitat recap the week’s most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us — it’s the Week in Green.

At 2,722 feet, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the planet’s tallest building — and on New Year’s Eve it was transformed into a giant LED screen hosting the world’s largest light show. The show was part of an epic New Year’s celebration in downtown Dubai that featured fireworks, lasers and video projections. As the sun set on 2014, Inhabitat looked back at the year that was in green design, rounding up the year’s top green design stories, the top green tech and science stories, the top news stories, the top green kids design stories and the top wearable tech stories from 2014. And to ring in the new year, we asked an all-star cast of architects, environmental activists, urbanists and journalists to offer their predictions for what 2015 will hold for green design and the environment.

Tesla founder Elon Musk blew some minds last year when he unveiled plans to build a “Hyperloop” train that could transport passengers at speeds of up to 700MPH. Now, it’s beginning to look like Musk’s vision could actually become reality one day. The crowdsourcing platform JumpStartFund just launched a new company that plans to develop a prototype of the Hyperloop within a decade. In other green transportation news, China is building a new high-speed train route that can take people 1,100 miles from Shanghai to Guangzhou in just seven hours. And if you want to get an up-close look at sea life, you could rent some scuba gear — or you could take a ride in this transparent canoe. The one-of-a-kind canoe is made from the same material used for the cockpits of fighter jets, making it practically invisible as it glides through the water. And for the skaters out there, the artist known as Monsieur Plant (aka Christophe Guinet) recently created a skateboard that’s made from a panel of tree bark. The one-off board was designed as a display, but it looks ready for a few ollies and kickflips.

On the tech and science front, Russian scientists are planning to create a “Noah’s Ark” with the DNA of every animal species on the planet. The project would become the world’s first database of its kind, and it’s set to be completed by 2018. Humans tend to think of trees as inanimate objects rather than sentient beings, but new research by scientists in France reveals that trees emit noises when they’re suffering from drought. The “ultrasonic pops” that trees make are 100 times faster than the human ear can hear. And in a major development for 3D printing, designer William Root has combined 3D scanning, printing and modeling software to create custom 3D-printed prosthetic limbs.

Let’s be real: Who among us hasn’t thought about quitting our jobs and living in a van? A former systems engineer did just that, converting a rusty old van that he bought on eBay into a cozy, timber-clad mobile cabin. The van is powered by a solar panel, and it features a working toilet, an extendable bed and a fridge/freezer. In green energy news, the Tarfaya Energy Project in Morocco — Africa’s largest wind farm — finally began producing energy. At full capacity, the wind farm will provide power for 1.5 million homes. In the UK, a revolutionary new project spearheaded by several universities is using algae to clean up an old mine site that is contaminated with heavy metals. The goal of the project is to discover whether it’s possible to rid the water of harmful materials like arsenic and cadmium. Money is burning a hole in the Philadelphia Federal Reserve’s pocket. Faced with the question of what to do with worn-out dollar bills that are being taken out of circulation, the federal bank is sending its beat-up cash to local power plants, where it’s burned for energy. In the continuing quest to create cheaper, more efficient solar panels, researchers at the University of Toronto have unveiled spray-on solar cell technology that could transform just about anything into a solar panel.

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The final days of 2014 were quiet, but 2015 is starting off with a bang. International CES is about to begin in fabulous Las Vegas, and companies are already drumming up their products. In the past week, we went through the finest apps of 2014, learned about the LTE version of the Moto G (2014), got a peek at Samsung’s Lollipop ROM for the Note 3, talked about a longstanding memory bug in Android,  heard rumors about upcoming devices from Samsung, HTC, and Xiaomi, and got the first CES announcements.

Welcome to Android Authority this week.

Video roundup

Here’s Jayce’s video take on the events of the week.

Inside AA HQ

The end of the year is the time to look back, draw the line, and lay the roadmap for the year to come. Android developed dramatically in 2014, extending to wearables, TVs, and cars. It’s been an amazing year for Android Authority as well. Our traffic grew steadily throughout, but really took off over the last few months. On the video side, our YouTube channel hit the one million subscribers milestone and we’re now a top 25 Science & Tech channel. We have 36,000 forum users and almost two million social followers. We added new team members, and several contributors joined full time.

All in all, we’re proud of what we achieved in 2014, and deeply humbled and grateful at the same time. We have lots of things to improve in 2015 and we want to know your opinion on where we need to work first. To give us your feedback, take a minute to fill out our yearend survey here.

As you’re reading this, the AA team is already on the ground in Vegas, attending pre-briefings, talking to manufactures, and working to bring you the best coverage around. Stay tuned for a tons of news and hands-on coverage throughout the week.

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The stuff you shouldn’t miss

Here are some interesting posts for your Sunday reading:

Top news of the week

And here are the top news in the Android world this week:

Moto G 2014 LTE

new moto g first look aa (20 of 46)

Samsung Lollipop

samsung galaxy s5 aa blue logo 3

Lollipop memory leak fix

Samsung rumors

New Xiaomi devices

Redmi 2

HTC Desire tease


Sound off

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Happy Sunday!

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