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May 30, 2014

GO Launcher EX moves to v5 with Complete Overhaul and Prime for Free

by John_A

GO Launcher EXGO Launcher EX has been around for quite a while. While the apps saturation is pretty heavy, 200 million plus users, there are plenty out there that have never seen it, used it or heard of it. Today is your lucky day as the GO Launcher Dev Team has released a substantial update to the home launcher replacement that brings it to version 5.0.

GO Launcher EXIn 5.0 they have started from scratch and built the app from the ground up all over again. That is a great approach when it comes time to bring a whole new version, look and feel to a long standing app. The updated app offers up a new flat style UI, full screen folders with smart card, GO panels, menu redesign and sub-menu modules, simplified app drawer and enhanced accuracy of the auto-folders. That is just what they have listed on the Play Store for what’s new.

GO Launcher EXGO Launcher EXGO Launcher EXIt certainly looks like a great new design to me. To celebrate the launch the GO Launcher Dev Team is kicking out the Prime version of the launcher for free from now through June 1st. Prime is normally $5.99, so this is a deal you might want to take advantage of really quickly. With Prime the ads are removed, you get 6+ more transitions, more gestures and a few other things that make the purchase a good idea. To pick up prime you just need to install the free version of GO Launcher EX. Once installed, head to the Menu > Preferences > About GO launcher EX > Enter Activation Code. You will have two code words to choose from. It doesn’t seem to matter which one you use as they both work. The activation codes are “appsales” and “appszoom“, without the quotation marks of course. hit the link below to go grab the new and improved GO Launcher EX and grab the Prime version while you are at it. Let us know what you think of their update.

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