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May 24, 2014

Recommended Reading:’s Beats payday and bringing The Last of Us to PS4

by John_A

Recommended Reading highlights the best long-form writing on technology and more in print and on the web. Some weeks, you’ll also find short reviews of books that we think are worth your time. We hope you enjoy the read.

Behind the Scenes, a Frontman Awaits a Payday
by Daniel Roberts, Fortune


By now, you’ve heard about all the money that Dr. Dre stands to pocket when the alleged Apple buyout is announced. What you may not know is that another popular musician stands to pocket a handsome sum as well. William Adams, aka, is an equity partner in Beats Electronics and has lent a hand toward the brand’s rise over the last few years. Fortune’s Daniel Roberts takes a look at Mr. Adams’ tech ventures and his relationship with the headphone maker — the latter of which could spell a big payout for the artist/businessman.

The Last of it: Naughty Dog on Bringing The Last of Us to PS4
by Edge Staff, Edge

The Last of Us made its debut on the PS3, built using a custom-tailored engine for that console and with the know-how that Naughty Dog picked up during years of developing for it. That said, bringing a visually improved version of the game to the PlayStation 4 presented a unique set of challenges. Edge takes a look at the process, from tackling a new controller to 1080p and more.

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Michael Jackson Hologram Rocks Billboard Music Awards: Watch & Go Behind the Scenes
by Phil Gallo, Billboard

In case you hadn’t heard, Michael Jackson returned in hologram form last weekend at the Billboard Music Awards. Billboard offers up details on how the performance was produced after several months of development. “We’ve been talking about it for the last five months and while we were talking about it, they were still inventing the process,” said BBMA director and producer Larry Klein.

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Is For-Profit the Future of Non-Profit?
by Amy Schiller, The Atlantic

Companies like Warby Parker and TOMS shoes have been outfitting shoppers with the aim of providing support around the globe for those in need. But at what point does philanthropy become outmatched by consumerism? The Atlantic’s Amy Schiller asks just that, looking to tackle the issue of whether or not “it is our own humanity that gets lost in the process.”

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An Exclusive Look Inside ESPN’s Cutting-Edge New SportsCenter Studio
by Chuck Salter, Fast Company

It took ESPN three years to complete its new SportsCenter studio that’s packed full of all sorts of new tech tools for even more captivating visuals. Just as 2014 FIFA World Cup coverage commences, the network will begin work in its new office, and Fast Company took a look inside.


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