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May 24, 2014

Recap: 5 Android-related posts you may have missed this week (May 24)

by John_A


Were at the end of another great week in Android and so let’s take a look at some of the awesome articles written by the staff here at AndroidGuys. This is a mix that includes editorial original pieces as well as product reviews that you may have missed during the week. So relax, kick back, and fire up that Samsung device into reading mode because its time for this weeks recap!


Google Stories

To start this week off Google was busy updating some of their core android apps such as G+ and the Photos app. David Martin posted a quick dive into the newly updated Stories and Movies feature. I would make sure to check this out and then head to your device and see what all the fuss is about as its kind of amazing.

Read more- Google+ introduces Stories and Movies feature


Tony McAfee wrote a great peace this week on why he’s trading his Google Nexus 5 in for the upstart Blu and their Life Pure XL. Its a great article and is a great read for those of you out there who are wondering about Blu’s products or buying your devices outright instead of going for the traditional, here in the US, route of carrier subsidized pricing.

Read more-Life Pure XL By Blu, Why I’m Trading In My Nexus 5

tego 2

If you own a device that doesn’t have a removable battery, that’s a win for you Galaxy owners, then you may want to check out Jimmy Westenberg’s review on the Tego Power Grid. The battery pack received high marks for design and performance but fell short on value.

Read more-Tego Power Grid Review


If you are a fan of rooting and placing custom ROM’S on your device have a look at David Martin’s ROM of the week post. This weeks ROM was the popular AOKP, one of my favorites. See what David thinks of this ROM and why you should or should not flash this to your device.

Read more- ROM of the Week: AOKP


Are there too many Samsung Galaxy devices out there_3

Speaking of ROM’s and skins, and if you’re like me and not a big fan of Touchwiz or Samsung phones in general, Kristijan wrote a thorough piece on what he would change if he was running the show. Kristijan lays out the good and the bad from his perspective and makes some very valid points.

Read more-Samsung: Good, bad, and what I’d change

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